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Visit My Friend's Hot Girl

My Friend's Hot Girl

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Great quality everything on the site is in HD: 1080p, 720p, 480p. There is also lower quality downloads available for the broadband challenged among us.
- they keep your "favorites" saved even if you let your membership laps. It does make is easier for me to reup every few months.
- near constant discounts. If you keep a look out (twitter or their newsletter) you can save about 1/2 on the site/network.
- updates to this site about once a week. For the network (Naughty America) it's 2-3 a day.
- zip downloads available for pix sets
- hot concept with lots of options. One of my gripes against the other sites on the network is a lack of imagination. With more creative freedom this site shines.
- good mix of talent. While you don't find much ethic diversity - you do see a good mix of established stars and up and comers.
- Network almost 5,100 shoots available.
- great organization with every tool you can imagine to help you.
Cons: - cross sells every time I log in. Each day I've got to go past their pop-up ads and say "no thanks" - it's starting to piss me off.
- I'm still disappointed in their decision to stop doing live shows. For the record they have replaced it with a cam network but it's a shadow of it's former self.
- Site is still new so there's only about 40 shoots available.
Bottom Line: A good fun site with lots of power backing it. I look forward to seeing their catalog grow.

I give credit to a site that accomplishes what it sets out to do. They take a concept and run with it while still having enough freedom to make a plot in each episode.

There's plenty to like on this site and in this network. The preview section makes clear what you will get - so you're not surprised. When you buy at discount you can pick this up for about $15. You certainly get your money's worth.

11-29-12  04:54pm

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Visit My First Sex Teacher

My First Sex Teacher

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Over 425 scenes in this site alone; more than 5,000 across the network.
- All kinds of girls (amateur and stars) shoot for Sex Teacher. You've very likely to find some of your favorites
- Archives available of former live shows which were always very good.
- Good navigation with a find my fantasy feature that helps you find just what you're looking for.
- You can save favorite content.
- keywords for acts, model type, star, location and damn near everything else.
- zip for pix available.
- - About 120 shoots are in "standard definition" (not bad for when they were shooting. In 2007 they started offering "DVD Quality" 720X540 3mbps. That means more thank 280 videos are available in that quality.) About 130 videos are in "HD 1080" 3.5mbps. Streaming (.flv) or download .mp4 or .wmv
- they stay to their theme like clockwork. (sometimes that's a bad thing)
Cons: - they stopped the live shows that I loved so much a while ago and replaced it with an amateur network that's not nearly as good.
- most scenes are too predicable with a girls with fake boobs and a facial at the end. I like more variety.
- the models have little diversity. most follow the "porn star look"
Bottom Line: - This is a good site and they often offer the network at a discount (usually between $10-$15) so watch for savings.

With OVER 425 shoots you can find something you like. The preview section allows you to see what you'll get before you buy.

Naughty America runs one of the biggest online companies (and sells DVDs). With that kind of weight to throw around they will almost certainly have something for you. The problem is all the corporate attitude shows up in their work and every has a plastic feel to it.

11-01-12  01:16pm

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Visit Naughty Office

Naughty Office

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - 400+ shoots! There really is more porn here then you can watch. Thankfully they have great navigation with keywords, chronological organization, porn start search, and a "find my fantasy" feature that lets you narrow down what you're looking for.
- About 120 shoots are in "standard definition" (not bad for when they were shooting. In 2007 they started offering "DVD Quality" 720X540 3mbps. That means more thank 280 videos are available in that quality.) About 130 videos are in "HD 1080" 3.5mbps. Streaming (.flv) or download .mp4 or .wmv
- Huge talent range from pro ams like Paris Kennedy, Katie Kox, Felony Foreplay, to stars like Dylan Ryder, Dana Dearmond, Julia Ann, and Krissy Lynn
- zips available for pix
- good quality lighting and sounds you can see and hear all the action (although dialog is little more than moaning)
- sales available if you watch their twitter feed or follow their newsletter.
Cons: - Every shoot tends to look the same. While I applaud them for sticking to their theme. I get a little tired of boob jobs and facials. While it's not every scene it's the vast majority. If you're looking for diversity (either in star or structure) it simply isn't here. If you like anal this site is light on it (maybe 1 in 8 shoots, probably more like 1 in 10).
- Cross sales and ads in members area.
- They took away their live shows which used to be my favorite part of this network (naughty america)
- new live amateur shows (that I'm still trying to figure out) it seem like you have to pay extra to see anything beyond the "commercial". With all the other content available on the network (over 5,000 videos) I haven't had a need to delve into this.
Bottom Line: Naughty America is a great network, and Naughty Office is one of the best sites inside that network. With it's gigantic catalog and continuous updates it's hard to resist. If you have a favorite girls - odds are she's worked with Naught Office, or at least NA.

The preview area does a good job of showing you what's inside and the persistent availability of discounts means you should check NA out for your self and see what you think.

I find that the repetitive shoots don't hold my attention long - but I seem to come back every few month anyway to see who else they've been working with.

10-31-12  07:18pm

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Visit I Have A Wife

I Have A Wife

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Great girls like Faye Reagan, Allie Haze, Riley Reid, Lily LaBeau, Dylan Ryder, Sarah Shevron, and MANY more.
- Huge catalog about 250 scenes
- pix available as zip downloads (although there is little editing to pick out repetitive shots, so you'll get 20 pix of the girl taking off her top)
- Over 30 sites focused on just about every mainstream fantasy you can think of.
- Great talent pool. I sometime see if I can find a girls that hasn't shot for this network (Naughty America) and it can be hard.
- Ability to save scenes you like (even works if your membership has lapsed.
- "find my fantasy" will search the entire network of over 5,000 shoots to find the exact type of shoot you want to see.
- great quality (up to 1080p 3.5mbps) for more than 160 scenes. Even the oldest shoots offer "DVD Quality" (720X540 3mbps)
Cons: - Bad directing almost every shoot is the same. While it's great to stay true to the fantasy there are so many possibilities that are just left untouched. Never every shoot follows a basic formula: little bit of dialog as start, BJ, eat out, Sex in 3-4 positions, facial.
I know their appealing to a mainstream audience but when you do over 200 shoots (more than 5,000 in whole network) for god sake mix it up a little.
- My long standing complaint: they stopped doing their live shows which was the best part of the network (because it broke from the formulas they set up). On the plus side the archive is still active and you download previous shows.
Bottom Line: I have a wife is part of a large network (one of the biggest really)

They have a twitter feed and email news letter that often offers discounts, so if you're interested keep and eye on that.

This site in particular is great. It has A LOT of shoots so you;ll probably find a girl you like. The navigation is simple and allows for serendipitous discovery.

10-31-12  06:44pm

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Visit Neighbor Affair

Neighbor Affair

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Big network with over 30 sites
- over 150 shoots in this site alone (more than 5,000 across the network)
- quality shoots: good lighting, good sound, hot girls - while they over-represent the "porn star type" they also mix it up with a lot of different types of girls (very little interracial though, if that's your think it's really not here)
- focus on fantasies with covering just about every (main stream) one you can think of.
- Pretty much every day bring a new update (most days more than 1)
- Mobile site included
- standard definition for limited bandwidth members as well as 480p, 720p, and 1080p 3 mbps downloads in .mp4 (.wmv also available)
- zip pix available (over 100 per set)
- Good organization including a "my fantasy" search where you can find pretty much anything you're looking for (as long as you are looking for anything too exotic)
- Preview does a nice job of showing you what you get
Cons: - While the sex is hot, the same concept played out again and again gets a little boring.
- sub-par direction. I've seen a lot of the talent in other things, so I think this is a case where we can blame the director - as a general statement this network lacks imagination.
- Not every site in the network is still updating.
- They used to have really great live show - but have stopped.
- most girls here have fake tits (not a problem for me, but I know for some it's a deal breaker)
Bottom Line: It's a nice site. They bring in top talent, up and comers, and even hire in girls that have their own solo sites. I was happy to find Gabby Quintos, Brandi Love, and Paris Kennedy here.

There's so much here at Naughty America and they often run specials that you really have to check them out at least once, with 5,000 shoots and so much talent there's bound to be enough here for you that you'll get your money's worth.

Bottom Bottom Line: The repetitive scenes keep me from staying around too long, but the great talent, and HUGE pool keep me coming back periodically.

10-25-12  06:45pm

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Visit Naughty Bookworms

Naughty Bookworms

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Great Quality 1080p, 720p, and lower quality (in case you're still on dial up)
- multiple uploads a week (across the network there is about one a day)
- zip downloads for pix (over 100 per set)
- archived live shows 9in this genre). I think this is the best part of the site- with regular guys calling the action the girls are dirtier and more fun.
- Hot girls who ever your favorite is odds are she's shot for NA. If you like up and comers they shoot plenty of them too.
- Mobile version of site (see my review of that too)
- newsletter/twitter account often sends out specials where you can save 50% or more off a membership
- over 30 sites included (some dead sites)
- some softer ("girlfriend friendly") shoots (although most pop shots are facials)
Cons: - I keep getting an error message saying my account is inactive and I have to reset it. It only takes a minute or two but it's getting really annoying to have to do this over and over again.
- cross sells, every time I have to go through the above process I have to decline memberships to other sites, again this is really annoying when I have to do this several times a week (sometime multiple times in the same day.
- repetitive scenario can get a little tired.
Bottom Line: My biggest knock on NA is they discontinued the live shows which I was a huge fan of. The other down side is with every site in the network focused on a different fantasy it gets very repetitive very quickly.

That said the deals (a lot of time you can grab a membership for between $10 and $15) and the great quality and talent means I usually re-up every couple of months. The preview section is rather generous and gives you a good idea of the content (there's no surprised once you've joined.

There is now a NA Live section where you can see amateurs being naughty, but it seems like everyone I'm interested in is an additional charge. :(

10-21-12  04:11pm

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Visit Brandi Love

Brandi Love

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Hot girls with lots of variety of shoots
- Great interaction. Someone in the comment section noted that no one does more to promote (in a good an appropriate way) than Brandi. You can find her on everything from Howard Stern to Naught America.
- Pix available as zips
- Huge backlog more than 360 videos with a good variety (lots of blow job vids, good hardcore and some 3-way action, some anal)
- great set up for social networking in site - easy interactions
- Live shows 1 per week
- Hot MILF if you looking for that genre Brandi is one of the best examples of a MILF on the net!
- She accomplishes what she sets to do (which is more than I can say for a lot of the pro-ams out there)
- content share with other hot girls so you do get to see some other talent on the site
- Cool feature where videos you get suggestions for other videos you might like.
Cons: - I'm an old fashion guy who like plot with my porn (I know I'm the minority) and Brandi's more an all action kinda girl.
- Working with old equipment most of her videos are 640X480 shoots, it's just time to upgrade
- no network brandi is the only girl you get to enjoy
Bottom Line: Brandi is great, but I couldn't find enough to stay around for more than a month. She's hot no doubt about it, I just felt like every shoot was the same.

She is great about social networking and you can find her on twitter with everything from football picks to what she up to that week in terms of shoot for others.

The bottom bottom line. It's a good site to check out, but you may not be compelled to stick around long.

I enjoyed my time on the site and will go back. Brandi's got a fun personality and puts herself into the site. It's a lot of fun and good time. She enjoys what she does so it's easy to get into the hot scenes!

10-09-12  01:52pm

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Visit Lust Couple

Lust Couple

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Lots of fun in the cuckold/hot wife category. MMF, FFM, interracial, rimming, strap on with hubby, bi-sex with MMF action (rather rare so if that's your thing this is one of the only sites, especially amateur sites that will have it)
- Good video quality for the equipment their working with. Lighting is good 640X480 2.3 mbps
- AnnysXXX, AlexaBrooke and NaughtyLori are also in the Network
- Great price at $20 this site is a steal
- .mov, .wmv, iPod friendly (most videos)
- Natural tits (if not they fooled me)
Cons: - Leslie is great, if I could give any constructive feedback it would be to hear more about her. The videos start right in with the action there's no plot (great if that's your thing) - I guess I'm an old fashion romantic - I like some plot :)
- Nuts and bolts site: there webcam (can't download previous shows), pictures, and video. Leslie keeps a blog, but it's sporadically updated (single digit updates per year)
- While I was a member, the updates were sporadic. There's a good back log to keep you busy
- Not a lot of fan interaction - would be great if there was a forum or some other place for fans to gather.
- Most shoots are stationary camera
Bottom Line: It's been a while since I was a member, so i'm really glad I cam across her stuff on my hard drive. I've got to renew my membership. This was a great site. $20 for 3 good sites is unheard of these days, most of their competitors charge $30.

This site has a good mix of straight up action and naughty kinkiness. There's plenty of personality and the couple has good chemistry between themselves (obviously) as well as with the lovers they invite onto camera.

Bottom Bottom Line: If you like the cuckold, hotwife or Bi-male genre you'll like this site. The stationary camera is a bit of a drag, but I think that's a small price to pay for hot amateures! And that's what this couple is

10-06-12  06:15pm

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Visit Lady Sonia

Lady Sonia

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: Great video qualtity (HD)
Downloadable zip pix
Hot MILF body!
variety of fetishes covered
HUGE back catalog
Cons: "unique" editing (to each his own - in many videos the sequence jumps around or LS will cut in and add dialog, sometimes it's hot sometimes its distracting)

no more m/domination. Gil (real name)has decided she doesn't want to do it any more and is at a stage where she only does what she wants. Good for her, bad for you if it's your thing
Bottom Line: Great site, a little expensive, but has good quality. The site is exactly what it says it is, so you won't be surprised. There's plenty of material in the preview area so you can check it out for yourself. You can also find her on twitter where she posts a lot and can give you a sense if this is the site you're looking for.

I was a satisfied member. ;)

07-17-12  06:10am

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Visit Rebecca's Office

Rebecca's Office

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Sexy Milf who enjoys making content.
- A real woman with curves and large breasts
- vocal sex, threre's nothing sexier then listening to a woman lose control while orgasming
- almost exclusively inter-racial
- about 100 videos (range from 10-20 minutes)
- Over 300 photo sets (about 20 pictures per set)
- picture sets have great set up with a hot sexy story for each set.
- Older material is 640X480 1.17 mbps. Newer material is HD
720X400 3.2 mbps.
- variety: gg, gangbangs, groups, bj, anal, hardcore.
- dreamnet.com network with dozens of other models included.
Cons: - most photos are not available as zips (the newest are zipped)
- navigation is lacking
- for a site with more than a decade of business there's not that much content.
- some pictures are taken out of focus. Most are just fine.
- More than a few videos have lighting problems, either dark room, or night vision, or over exposure. I know I'm buying an amateur site, but some of it could have been easily fixed.
- videos have no set up and no lead in - straight to the action
Bottom Line: I'm enjoying this site more than I thought I would. Rebecca keeps a blog and I found it very erotic to read about this naughty businesswoman.

I wish the updates were a little more often and that she'd put up more video updates, but all in all a good value. I would rejoin this site and recommend it.

03-20-15  04:23pm

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Visit Sharing My Wife

Sharing My Wife

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Stays true to it's premise
- hot ladies
- fun cuckold site (seems to be a new trend for porn)
- Even though it's the same premise with each video they do a bunch of different takes so it's fun. - There's no strict formula to get bored with.
- for a cuckolding site it's not a raunchy site as others (cum eating cuckolds for examples); also not a campy as others - (like please bang my wife) - Don't know if this is a "pro" or not
Cons: - Site hasn't been updated in a while seems like it's been abandoned.
- Video quality was good at the time but is now sub-par. Not HD
- Claims exclusive content but it's shared within the network of sites

- No Zip files for pix
Bottom Line: Look at the previews and see if there's some girls there you like. The scenes are defiantly hot. I was happy joining just for Felony Foreplay (who they call Amy), who with Rayvaness were enough to justify a 1 month subscription.

To me I looked at the site and said: "If that were a DVD I'd buy it" - just don't expect any updates - cause they're not coming.

For $30 you see some great content. I wish they were still updating - I'd go right back to them!

07-26-12  10:54am

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Visit VideoBox


Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Great value. I you join through PU you can grab this site for $12/month. I've also seen deals for as low as $8.
- 1,000s of videos and shoots.
- Good organization. There are keywords, stars, niche, and channels including content from KINK, Elegant Angel, Evil Angel.
- Roku support (although I didn't try this myself)
- Flow mode combines selected material into one viewing mode.
- Newer material is in HD
- New material everyday.
- Lots of variety you can find pretty much anything here. Although maybe not enough of it to make you happy.
- With all of this content you're sure to find your favorite girl.
Cons: - Some content gets added multiple times because it appeared on multiple DVDs.
- all material is non-exclusive
- While they have a lot of content most of it is mainstream, if you're looking for the more niche material, you'll find it; but maybe not enough (see pro)
- some of the quality is really poor - there are some films that look like 70s 8mm
- no pix.
Bottom Line: Great bang for your buck. To have access to this much material for about the cost of a movie ticket is stunning.
The organization is good enough that you can find what you want. I sort of had a hard time limiting myself down to a manageable list of want to sees, because of how much is here.

VB is one of the giants. If you've never joined it's well worth the cost to take a look. There will certainly be enough here that you'll get your money's worth. For me I join every few months to check things out, but don't stay around very long because it's just too much effort to find something to watch. It's like having a TV with 1000s of choices - it gets to be overwhelming.

01-01-13  01:14pm

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Visit My Sister's Hot Friend

My Sister's Hot Friend

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Often updates: 4-5 times a month. As a member of the Naughty America network, there is an update every day (usually 2-3)
- With about 8 years of backlog: there are almost 500 scenes. Added to the almost 5,100 shoots on the network means you'll never run out of content here!
- The best organization. Whichever you're favorite way to search you can use it here: chronology, star, search bar, key words, "fantasy finder" they make it easy to find something you'll like.
- looks like about 250 girls have shot for this site alone and lord knows how many across the network. They shoot a variety of upcoming talent and vets.
- HD quality for the new stuff (1080p, 720p, 480p), mid 2007 starts the "DVD quality" 720X540 3mbps. Before that it's mostly 640X480 512 kbps. They did a good job of keeping up with technology and shooting with good lighting/sound
- good execution. This "fantasy" is broad enough that you get a good enough mix of scenarios.
Cons: - Focus on mainstream means there's a lot of sameness:
- most girls have boob jobs
- almost every shoot ends in facial
- if you're looking for ethnic diversity there isn't much here (although they did put a focus on Latinas for some of there sites, so that is an exception)
- There's not much to complain about here other than the sameness - I hate to say this about porn... but it can get boring. They need to spark some imagination. More recent scenes are better, but still true as a general statement.
Bottom Line: My Sister's Hot Friend is a sold site with a huge network behind it. They often run deal so join their news letter to save some money.

With this much content, and great production value. You really can't go wrong. If you have a favorite porn star, odds are she's shot for naughty america (and quite possibly MSHF).

The preview section does a good job of showing you what you'll get (without giving away the farm). If the preview passes you're gut check, I recommend joining. You get you're money's worth.

11-27-12  07:45pm

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Visit Housewife Kelly

Housewife Kelly

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - I love Kelly. She has personality, she's hot, she has the girl you knew in high school sexiness, and she can talk real dirty and nasty; my favorite thing :)
- Over 250 movies (for a solo site I think that's damn impressive)
- screenshots available for videos
- pix available as zip downloads
- Diverse camera: Kelly runs the site with her husband; sometimes he shoots POV sometimes he films her with
their friends :)
- FUN kelly is having fun. This is not someone just collecting a check and looking at the clock. There's a good variety of role play and setups. Kelly does group sex, cuckolding, girl/girl, handjobs, and lots of BJs, and quite a bit of foot stuff (she also runs a foot fetish site that is NOT included with membership to housewife).
- updates about 1/week
- newer material is 740X400 10 mbps (looks like .mp4 only for that quality)
- live shows 1/week through the Vette Network.
- bonus content and content swaps so you see other girls; most aren't as good as Kelly.
Cons: - navigation could use a reset. There's really no effective search capability. Files are ordered chronologically
- Some material (especially early stuff) looks like it was done just for them and then released when they started up their site. As a result the lighting and sound is not as good as it could be [also an understandable "flaw"]
-Older Material is at 640X480 3 mbps.
- Few options for interact with Kelly. It would be nice to be able to comment on scenes or have a forum of some kind for fans.
Bottom Line: I love Kelly's site. There's plenty here to keep you busy. She has great personality and puts out a quality product (do they have all the resources of a pornvalley production studio - no. But, that's what makes them, them; and I don't knock a site for being what it tries to be. This site is a good solo amateur with a hot girl and a lot of fun.

It would be great if she cleaned up the organization structure and allowed for a fan page - but these are small gripes in a very good am site.

Bottom Bottom Line: If you like the hotwife/swingers sites or like BJ/foot sites this site will satisfy you. This is the 2nd time I've had a membership and I will definitely be back. She runs a very good site for a fair price. I'm certainly a happy customer!

11-26-12  08:13pm

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Visit Dylan Ryder

Dylan Ryder

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - It's DYLAN RYDER. I'm a big fan of hers if you haven't checker her out you should. There's enough in her preview area to give you a good idea of how hot she is!
- Big network (15 sites included with stars like: Puma Swede, Monica Mayhem, Devon Lee, and the fantastic Ashley Fires)
- Good (not over the top like Lelu Love) fan interaction (more about this in the bottom line section).
- Tailored content to the site. Exclusive BTS and pix of her day.
- HD versions of videos.
- Many different options for downloading including iOS and PSP.
- zip download of picture sets sets
- Nice "favorites" ability. You can select content that you want to be able to find again by making it a "favorite"
Cons: - Ads included in member site (I don't care, but have seen some complaints form others)
- Only updated monthly
- Organization could be improved. Site is organized chronologically, with only broad categories to help (for example: g/g, hardcore, solo).
- Not exclusive material (some of it may be but others of it certainly is not)
- About 60 movies in the site; About 112 picture sets. I expect more than that for a $30 site - then again with 15 different sites included I shouldn't complain.
Bottom Line: Does it's job well. This is a site for fans of Dylan Ryder. If you're looking for just a great porn site - you should move on. If you love Dylan Ryder this site does a great job of presenting her. There's unique goodies like pix and videos from her day and a good level of interaction with her.

While not all of her material is here (how could it be?). If you looking to collect a lot of her scenes this might be the perfect way to do it. Her stuff from Bonnie and Clyde and Cuckold Club are here (looks like a lot of her stuff from Bluebird films) But other things she's done are not (imagine the obtaining the rights would be a nightmare)

She has a nice ask me a question feature which I took advantage of. Here's the conversation:

marcdc2112 asks: Hi Dylan, I thought I saw on your twitter that you're retired. But, obviously there are new updates here. Can you explain. Is dylanryder.com for re-releasing previous stuff? Are you only shooting for this site now? Or do I have everything all wrong? Thanks for a great site!?

Dylan Says: Yes I am retired! There are still plenty of updates to come on my site....Lots of never before seen stuff updating monthly!

So I don't know where these updates come from but you can be assured from her herself, that there will be monthly updates consistently.

BOTTOM LINE: It is what it is:
a) A great site for fans of Dylan Ryder to get her content and have some interactions with her.
b) A great network of hot girls. For $30/month there's plenty to explore and enjoy. I'm happy I joined.

08-09-12  06:46am

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Visit Amateur Allure

Amateur Allure

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: - great production value. He uses a wireless mic on the girls and tons of lighting so you can see everything.
- A unique light is used which makes a model's eyes "pop" it's very drawing and striking.
- giant catalog with over 500 videos
- great quality 1440X1080 7.5 mbps
- .wmv and .mp4 available
- all exclusive content
- pictures available with zips
Cons: - Every shoot follows the same linear progression. The girls may be smokin' hot - but even I have to say it gets boring.
- some anal, 3ways, handjobs etc. but there really is no variety to speak of.
- Girls shoot under different names for this site. So you may have a favorite and won't be able to find her.
- Pricy especially considering there's no partnering sites.
- preview section is a highlight reel. I like to see inside a few scenes to get a better sense of the action. I CAN NOT say I was in any way deceived. This is a quality site.
Bottom Line: Each shoot has the same routine. Hot girl in a nice dress (like what she wore to the prom or something). She blows him, he takes her in a couple o f different positions. She takes is load in her mouth. They go at it again; he usually finishes with a facial.

The quality on this site is top notch - but the same thing over and over is dull.

This is a good site. They could sure mix it up a little bit, or reach out so some partners so there's more variety.

Every shoot is a winner, (but here you quickly get the feeling "seen one seen them all")

05-27-13  05:05pm

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Visit Michelle's Bedroom

Michelle's Bedroom

No Review.
02-23-13  08:44pm

Visit Mandy Tyler

Mandy Tyler

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Hot MILF (says she's in her 50! - my god she looks better than some of the "pros" in their 20s)
- "Mom and Pop" run site with good camera work (mostly by husband)
- Nice variety FFM, MMF, Solo, MF. Good amount of interracial if that's your thing.
- videos quality ranges from 720X480 1.6 mbps to 720X480 2 mbps. What's that mean? The videos are good quality but not your socks of I can see the flaws in her makeup HD.
- A little under 100 videos available to stream (.flv) or download (.mp4) videos are between 10-30 minutes long most in that sweet spot of 20.
- Summary scenarios for each scene to let you know if it's your thing or not. A little plot and then plenty of action :)
- Barbi Sinclair, interracialsex, cuckold.com, call your husband, and dark caravan all included with network.
- There are live shows but I wasn't able to catch any of them :(
Cons: - Update schedule is a little lacking. In a week and a half there's been 1 update. Not back, but I like to see and update a week.
- Navigation is hurting there's no search capacity at all, no keyword search or categories - nothing.
- previous cam shows can not be watch/downloaded
- nav of pictures is a little clunky for 2012 - it's more like early 2000s in terms of experience - there no slideshow mode for example. (I don't really care - I download what I like, but I know I'm not everyone)
- What I like about amateur sites is they usually have more fan interaction - other than twitter, there's really no device for doing that
Bottom Line: Great site

Mandy Tyler sets out to do what she says she's gonna do have a fun site. She describes herself as a cum queen and there's plenty of cum shots and cum play to satisfy those fans.

Other than her doing fan requested video and updating more often I can't think of any improvements she could make. Her site says she's been online 13+ hears and doesn't plan to stop anytime soon. Thank goodness is all I can say!

09-22-12  03:57pm

Replies (2)
Visit Sex With Stephanie

Sex With Stephanie

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: First thing to know about me as a reviewer is I'm very generous so while I was generally disappointed I scored it at an 87 for the price and because I didn't try to contact the admin with my issues.

- mobile site is a plus especially for a solo site like this
- hot girl (she is got a lot of tats in her newer stuff if you don't like that you need to know it)
- good chemistry with her and male talent (husband)
- $15 a month tough to say no to (I couldn't)
- Lots of backlog to explore
- Live shows
- Frequent updates (about 1 per week)
- Content swaps with other hot girls
Cons: - Not always the best filming (lighting/sound sometimes a problem - I could get over it, but I know some people can't
- Not a lot of imagination with setting or roleplaying. The videos are hot, but its basically - "you look hot, let's fuck",
- Not as interactive as most solo sites (no twitter, blog, etc.)
- Organization needs improvement. Titling of videos is also not very telling ("shoot your load" for example is a great video - but how do I know it's what I'm looking for until I watch it?)
- Mobil site is great to have but it's still tough to navigate. I don't have enough experience with these things to offer constructive feedback but the current setup is painful.
Bottom Line: My biggest complaint is the site had some sort of malfunction about a week into my membership and I couldn't access it (I hadn't been thrilled with everything in that week and decided to cancel my membership thinking they shut down. A little while later they site came back up but I was closed out of my membership even though we weren't through the moth yet. I'm certainly partly to blame for never contacting them about this issue - but there it is non the less).

It's a bargain site and I'd still say you get what you pay for. It's half the price of most of it's competitors and that is a big plus. (I may even give them another try someday).

For me the bottom line was it just wasn't worth it. There are plenty of great sites out there and this just didn't live up to my expectations. If you join, know that you're getting a $15 site, don't expect a $30 site for $15. This is what it is.

07-30-12  12:34pm

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Visit Naughty Hillary

Naughty Hillary

No Review.
02-23-13  08:44pm

Visit Naughty America Mobile

Naughty America Mobile

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Good organization (tough to do on a mobile device) - you get tabs for finding your fantasy, the different sites in the network, stars,
- over 500 scenes
- focus on fantasy (teacher, hot wife, milf, darn near anything you can think of)
- tons of talent all the big names you can think of (Krissy Lynn, Mackenzee Pierce, India Summer, Lisa Ann)
Cons: - Streaming only
- Ads inside members area
- captcha to enter on login (can be real difficult on a small screen)
- There's a Live Girls section (but there are additional fees for some of these chats - I didn't bother with the free chats: nothing looked appealing)
Bottom Line: Reviewed on my iPhone. That may be important to know if you are using a different device.

While I haven't looked at too many mobile sites I will say this is the best one I've seen. You can easily find what you're looking for if you want something specific, or you can browse around till you come across something you want.

Bottom Bottom Line: I haven't found too many times when I want porn on my phone but when I do it's kinda cool they support it. As another closing note for iOS devices I found a app that allows you to - easily - down load movies to your phone - AZUL. The caveat is you have to navigate through the main site via Azul's built in browser.

10-18-12  07:33pm

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Visit Latin Sandra

Latin Sandra

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Sandra is sexy as hell. She points to her ass as being her best feature. For sure she has a great rear end, but she is the complete deal with a fantastic body. Fans of long nipples will find her's poppin'
- Great original content. Sandra is a born performer and constructs a variety of situations. In each shoot she stays in "character" and delivers lines with easy. Some fall apart and begin to giggle - she keeps it fun and sex.
- BIG photo content. Over 100 galleries. The solo content has about 60 pix per set. The hardcore stuff averages 200.
- "Latina" does not mean bi-lingual. Very little of the action is in spanish. So if English is your only language you can enjoy all the great dirty talk.
- Un-cut male talent for those that find that important.
Cons: - Viewing on. You can't download the videos and there are no zips available for the pix. You can "save as" each of the pix - but that's a pain.
- Only access to 35 videos at a time. Content is rotated in and out
- Only shoots with her husband (I'm not upset by it but know some like diverse male talent.
- Little interaction with Sandra. There's a brief bio, and you get her email address, but that's about it. I email her with some questions, she was very sweet and professional.
- No cam shows/live feed/bonus content (non was advertised so I didn't let that detract from my review.)
Bottom Line: I liked the site and planned to stick around for a few months. But all restrictions made me a one time member only.

I like the original content. I think Sandra could really build this site into something amazing if she would reach out. I want to make this site one of my stable go back to's but can't justify it with how hemmed in it is at the moment.

If you find Sandra sexy I think you may be more satisfied by buying ala carte via her clipstore. Sadly this on is a don't recommend, at this time (I really hope that changes).

07-29-14  04:00pm

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Visit Puma Swede

Puma Swede

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Puma is hot as hell and knows how to make dirty nasty videos (good about of dirty talk which is always my favorite)
- site really shows off how hot Puma can be. many of the scenes are ffm, and include some specialty videos (rough play, feet, etc)
- weekly cam show with archives available (in flash)
- Julia Ann, Deauxma, Filthy Cute Online, Francesca, Charlee Chase, Sara Jay, Curious Gabby, Bobbi Eden, Carmen Valentine, Vickyathome, Angelina Castro, Nikki Benz sites all included in membership (I think that's a good deal for the $25/month)
- site includes forum and blog - but I haven't found these compelling.
- pictures are also included; can be downloaded as zips :). Over 100 pix per set. About 200 sets available.
- weekly live shows are the highlight of the site.
Cons: - Basic organization - for example only organization for videos is by broad category: g/g bt, solo, boy/girl.
- those who don't like fake boobs, will be unhappy with the surgery Puma had
- The content stretches back to 2007 with about 200 videos available. Maybe my expectations are too high, but I think there should be more. To be fair the $25/month price tag is a little lower than some competitors.
- Range of quality from 1280 at 1 mbps to 860X480 at 2.5 mbps to 640X480 1.5 mbps quality. (really in this day and age I expect more.
Bottom Line: - I like Puma. She's not one of my favorites, but every time I come across content with her, I'm pleasantly surprised buy how she focusing on making great content. She knows how to be dirty without being raunchy.

Puma is a hot MILF, getting to the other side of MILF, and still hot as hell. I don't think I'd grab her site on her own, but it's a big plus in deciding to join the rest of the network. The live shows she does are out of this world - some of her best stuff is in the live section.

The lack of high quality scenes and the still growing catalog kept me from moving this site into the 90s. Everything here is good, I just feel like there isn't enough of it for the A+ score. But let me be clear - the stuff that is here is great work - just a little flawed.

01-07-13  04:16pm

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Visit Naughty Athletics

Naughty Athletics

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - About 140 shoots in this site; more than 5,100 across the Naughty America network.
- great quality 1080p, 720p, 480p .mp4 format for newer content. Approximately 80 of the current 140 are available in the lower "DVD Quality" (720X540 3mbps) (.wmv)
- good range of talent - they shoot up and comers as well as established stars. You never know who you'll see next, and if you have a favorite she's probably worked for the network at some point.
- pix available as zip downloads more than 150 pix per shoot.
- great organization I've never seen another site bring this level of easy of navigation. I think they use ever tool in the business- keywords galore!
- good customer service. On the rare occasion that I found a dead link they work quick and responsive in fixing it.
- you can save scenes for later - they're even held if you membership lapses
- great 5 minute on the go feature serves as great preview/highlight reel.
- over 30 sites across the whole network
Cons: - plots tend to be repetitive, that said naught athlelitics is better, than some of the other sites on the network, at providing variety.
The used to have awesome live shows with member interaction, unfortunately they cut them
- target audience is mainstream porn. So almost ever scene ends in facial, and almost ever scene follows same cookie-cutter pattern. Variety is the spice of life, unfortunately things in Naughty America land are all vanilla
- really annoying cross sells- every single time you log back in.
Bottom Line: A recent redesign of the video section makes it even easier to interact with the website.

Near constant promos in their newsletter and twitter feed. You can usually pick up the whole network for between $8-$15. It's a steal for all the content you get.

Naughty America is one of the giant's in the business and Naughty Athletics is one of the better sites on their network. The flexibility of the theme lends itself to more variety (something that's lacking in NA as a generalization).

I like to rejoin ever few month to catch up on the best new additions. That said I'm having such a good time with the current updates and with the $10/month they offered when I went to cancel, I've stayed a member for 3-4 months straight!

12-14-12  12:22pm

Replies (2)
Visit Housewife 1 On 1

Housewife 1 On 1

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Large site with over 300 scenes on this site and over 5,100 across the naughty america network.
- up and coming talent and established stars
- 5 minutes "trailers" give you a good idea of the whole scene before you waste bandwidth & serve as a highlight reel.
- great quality post-late2009 1080p, 720p,480 3 mbps is available (about 90 shoots) after early 2007 "dvd" quality 720X540 2mbps is available (about 120 shoots) oldest quality is 480X360 512 kbps (about 80)
- pix available as zip files (over 150 pix per shoot)
- clean easy to use organization. Every tool I've ever seen for keeping things organized is available here.
- recent shoots (last year or so) have been a better representation of the starts talents (there's more dirty talk and "passion" between talent)
- an favorites you store are held if you let your membership laps
Cons: - annoying cross sells every time you log in
- ethnic mix is better than many other site - still rather limited if that's important to you you may be disappointed
- almost every shoot ends in a facial.
- formulaic mainstream focus (set-up, bj, eat her, missionary, doggy, cowgirl, wildcard, facial) the formula is too rigid. Not saying I'm looking for a clown or anything just saying variety is the spice of life.
Bottom Line: This is a solid site on a great network. There's enough openness in the fantasy of a hot wife that there's more variety in the setups here than on other sites in the network. The do a great job of booking hot girls with a variety of body types

They often run sales you can typically grab this site for between $10-15. Watch their newsletter and their twitter feed.

Bottom bottom line: you get a lot of bang for your buck. The preview section gives you a fair representation of what you'll get so check that out before you buy. If you like the previews there's plenty here to like. I rejoined figuring I'd give them a month and check out the new stuff, I've now spent 3 months as as a member

12-05-12  05:40pm

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