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Visit 21Sextury.com


Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Wide variety of content

Video quality - Current videos are 1080P with a choice of MP4 or WMV. Video quality is progressivly worse as you go back through the updates but the quality is always amoung the best for the time period.

Good looking girls

Main sites have exclusive content

Download speed - Maxes out my 100mbit connection

Great value - only $10 a month after you have been a member for 3 months
Cons: Occasional major drops in download speed (not happened in 2 months)

Site stability (not happened in 2 months)

"Upgraded" videos quality is variable

Picture resolution - only 1280 x 850

Bonus site access scheme is very confusing. Depending on which site in the network you join, you have access to different bonus sites at different times. Newly added network sites do not seem to be accessable to existing members.
Bottom Line: I actually joined AnalTeenAngels.com but as my comments are valid for the whole network, I thought it best to place my review here. This is the second time I have been a member of the network, the first time being from Sept - Nov 2009. A special offer email tempted me to join again now (Mar 2010), the offer is actually the same that is available on this site ($20 a month)

A lot has changed since I was first a member. Most notably the interface. Reading reviews here I see there are mixed feelings on this, I personally like it but I using only very basic features. I find the interface allows me to quickly queue up for download all videos and photo zips for a whole site to download. My only wish would be to have direct links to download the whole video scene and zip picture pack at the top of the scenes page.

The download speeds are generally excellent, I have a 100mbps connection and 90% of the time I can download a 2 GB scene in just under 3 minutes. Other times the download speed drops to a crawl and I am lucky to get 20KB a second. Thankfully these slow download periods only seem to last for a short period and them pick back up again.

UPDATE - The slow download speeds seem to be a thing of a past. I can now reliably download videos at 5 megabytes/sec using DownThemAll. Downloading 3 files at a time maxes my connection.

In addition to the periods of slow downloads, there have also been times when the site has been down completely. I have only been a member for 3 days but in that time there have been 3 periods of 2 - 3 hours where the site completely refused to work or would work for a minute and then die with all sorts of nasty errors. They were server errors (database timeouts mainly) so the problem was definitely not at my end. Funny thing is, the non member pages were working OK when the members area was having issues so they must be hosted separately, smart but sneaky move.

UPDATE - This has not happened in the last 2 months, it looks like whatever was causing these issues have been solved.

I also notice since my last membership they have been upgrading a lot of the older videos (.mpg, .mp4) to wmv. Having downloaded several of these new upgraded scenes I have to say that the quality is noticeably WORSE than the original files. The new high quality WMV files are lower resolution, lower bitrate and have completely washed out colours when compared to the original file. So don't waste your time "upgrading" your collection.

UPDATE - I have now downloaded more of the updated videos. On some sites the quality is actually quite a bit of an improvement but on others its worse as noted above.

I promissed to come back and give this site a 90 if they sorted out the download and site stabilty issues. They seem to have done just that, the last 2 months have been pretty much problem free. For the price of the membership (only $10 a month after 3 months) and the quality of the content, this site is just about as good as it gets.

03-05-10  02:15am

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Visit Pornstars Punishment

Pornstars Punishment

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: + Great looking models, lots of big names
+ 126 exclusive 1080P HD scenes @ 12mbps
+ All scenes are available in HD
+ Scenes can be downloaded in low mobile res, SD, 720P and 1080P. Small clips can be downloaded in SD or mobile resolutions.
+ Consistent weekly updates
+ Easy to use site with search, model index and searchable tags
+ Decent length scenes, usually about 30 mins, with little fluff to get in the way of the action.
+ Multiple quality streaming options available including full scene or small clip options.
+ Very, very nice crisp and clean video quality with scenes professionally lit and shot
+ Most scenes support DXVA
+ Every scene has a matching high quality picture set at 1650x2500
+ Access to the rest of the Brazzers network
+ Very fast downloads, maxes out my 100mbit connection.
+ Download manager supported
+ No limits or DRM
Cons: - Early HD scenes are BROKEN. Trying to jump forward in the scene will freeze media player/mpc. Use VLC for these.
Bottom Line: Let me start by saying that this for me is a almost perfect site. I love harder, rougher action and usually I get my fix of that type of content from the sites using Russian or Hungarian models. That is a very good thing as the models are usually gorgeous and are will to do the nastiest things. While those sites are generally great most of them struggle to match the quality that Brazzers are regularly producing. Add to that the fact that all the models on this site are able to speak English, which for this type of niche is quite important, and I am in hardcore heaven.

Being a Brazzers site you will however get the stereotype pornstar look. The thing is for this type of very hardcore content that look is actually quite fresh, you can see the girl next door or some lovely Russian teen involved in content this rough in plenty of places. Seeing a mega super pornstar getting some seriously rough treatment is a little more rare.

The professional nature of the site is not only limited to the content. The site itself is very easy to use and has most things I would need from a interface covered off. There is a model index, search by type of model (milf, teen, big tits etc), search by type of action, related scenes, comments, sortable scene lists and much more. One recent addition to the interface that I like is the timeline tool when streaming the video. The timeline highlights the different scene content so you can easily see when the, for example, deep throat action takes place and jump right to it.

While the only real downside to the site are the broken early HD scenes there are a few other minor issues. For one the
HD formats are a bit of a mix. The first scenes HD scenes are available only as WMV, later HD can be downloaded as either AVC MP4 or WMV and now the very latest can only be downloaded as AVC MP4. Could be a pain if your setup is geared towards one format but as I said this is a very minor gripe. While not really problems I would also like to point out that if you were to download all the 1080P HD scenes from this site you would need close to 400GB free hard drive space. When you consider how much other HD content you have access to on the network and the fact that this is one of the smaller sites I would guess you would need close to 10 Terrabytes for it all. Lastly, if you have any FAT32 formatted drives you should also watch out as quite a few scenes are over 4GB in size and cannot be stored on that filesystem. I will stop nitpicking now.

A membership to this site combined with one to 21sextury could quite possibly cover all of my porn needs, good news for my wallet as well as my porn lust.

04-15-12  05:57am

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Visit Throated


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Later updates have very nice quality video and truly excellent photo sets.
- 99% of scenes have a matching photo set which are available as zips or as a browsable gallery
- Very fast download speeds maxes my 100mbit connection
- Download manager supported, multiple concurrent downloads are no problems
- Aside from a few issues the interface is simple yet effective
- Access to a decent size network with exclusive content.
- Newer videos have a wide range of download options from 1080P WMV or MP4 down to MPG1 and mobile formats.
- 100% exclusive content
- No regional pricing
- No download limits
- No DRM
- Updates dated
Cons: - The oldest videos are of unwatchable quality
- Some of the early models are downright nasty
- Navigation needs some work, all updates page is a little hidden away
- Little variation in the action
- Generally the ugliness of the girl seems to be proportional to her ability (or willingness to try) to get balls deep.
Bottom Line: I was in 2 minds about posting this review mainly because my views are a similar to those expressed by mbaya in his excellent review below me. On balance I thought I can add at least some additional info so here we are.

While there is a lot of content on the site, unfortunately of the 360 or so videos, about 75 are 320x240 res at a low bit rate. These are pretty much unwatchabl low quality and the matching pictures sets seem to be a mix of a few snaps from a poor camera and video caps. I have written these off and not bothered to download any more due to the quality. Also it seems the cameraman and the photographer are the same person as a lot of the sets contain a few snaps of the model on her own then jump to her with a load on her face skipping over the act itself.

The next 170 videos are 640x480 which are average quality but at least watchable and the quality of the photos also drastically improved. That leaves over 100 videos that are full HD which is a good solid amount.

This is a great site no doubt about it. A membership here will not leave the average punter disappointed. Disregarding the older content, the quality is great, the models look good and usually the action does not disappoint. As others have said, don't come here expecting rough face fucking and you will be happy. But 'Frosty you mean bastard', I here you cry, 'if its a such a great site, why did you only give it a 82!!!??!!'. Well I'm glad you asked. For me it ticks all the boxes but does not have that certain 'je ne sais quoi' that turns a great site into a excellent site. That is not to say I don't recommend it, I do, I just don't think it does anything extra special.

08-13-11  02:21am

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Visit No Rest Network

No Rest Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Approx 340 videos across the network with 99% having a matching photoset.
+ 90% of videos are 720P or better
+ Multiple video formats are available for download on most updates including IPod MP4, SD WMV and HD WMV
+ High quality photos, mixture of resolutions e.g. 1280 x 853, 3000 x 2000, 1920 x 1280
+ Zipped photosets
+ Interface is basic but effective. Easy to browse all videos or by site, browse models, search, see latest or highest rated updates and comment on videos
+ No DRM.
+ No download limits
+ Decent download speeds
+ Supports download managers and multiple concurrent downloads
+ Models are mostly very attractive young Russians. Style of makeup and clothing leaning towards "super slut" which gives some of the familiar faces I know from other sites a totally different look.
+ Very extreme content of differing niches
Cons: - REGIONAL PRICING!!!!! For me it cost 32,95 EUR which is about 43,50 USD vs the 32,95 USD that US residents pay.

- 1080P videos use a bitrate of only 7 Mbps which does not look as good as it should. The 720P have a high bitrate of 5 Mbps so I don't think it's worth the bandwidth and disk space to grab the 1080P versions.

- The update schedule is erratic at best. Sites would get updated weekly, then no updates for months, then bi-weekly updates then nothing for another 6 months. Really is all over the place.

- Early content on a lot of the sites looks like its licensed. Not a huge amount, less than 10%, but it sticks out like a sore thumb due to the different style.
Bottom Line: I am torn. I would love to give this network my highest rating so far but I just can't bring myself to do it.

On one hand I LOVE it. The content is superb, exactly the sort of stuff that I like. As mentioned above, the models are quite familiar and quite a few where already on my favorites list but these guys seem to be able to push them a little further than I have seen elsewhere. I love the style, the differing niches, the dirtiness of it all, the no holds barred straight down to business approach, everything!

32,95 EUR for access to all of this content is really bargain, I don't regret for one second spending the money.

And therein lies the rub, although 32.95 EUR for me is fantastic value I still can't help but feel that I have just been fucked as brutally as the models when I know that if I lived a few thousand kilometers to the west, I would be getting exactly the same but paying 30% less for it.

So in conclusion, most of the cons are very minor, there is a good amount of very well made exclusive content and the models are just great. But then they went and fucked it all up by gouging us Europeans with the pricing policy. If you are more forgiving about shitty billing practices, you can add 10 to the score, if not then 82 is fair.

10-21-10  07:11am

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Visit Brazzers


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Recent 1080P videos are EXCELLENT Quality
+ Photo sets with 99% of scenes
+ Great value yearly membership
+ Zipped photo sets
+ Multiple video quality download options
+ Mostly very good download speeds
+ Download manager compatible
+ Clean easy to use interface with filter and search options
+ Great looking models
+ High production values
+ 29 sites included in membership (Not all updating)
+ Approx 4000 scenes, all scenes from last 2 years available in Full HD, 12 mbit 1080P.
+ No regional pricing
+ Monthly live shows
Cons: - 1080P only available for elite members
- Not much variety in content
- First years worth of 1080P content is badly BROKEN
- Download speeds not consistent
Bottom Line: Before reading the rest of the review, answer me these questions three:

Hate fake boobs?
Hate overuse of makeup?
Hate over-produced commercial porn?
Deduct 50 from the score, move along nothing here to see.

Still reading? OK, good you will very much like this network.

After my extremely positive first look (See my comment), some cracks are starting to show. The download speeds, while generally excellent, are very erratic. As I write, I have 2 files downloading which are struggling to go above total 500 Kbps. A few days ago using the same connection, downloading 2 files from the same site I was getting total speeds of 10,000 Kbps. The speeds have been bad for the last 24 hours, looking at their forums this is a recurring problem that rears its ugly head every couple of weeks.

My second big issue is with the 1080P videos. It seems they screwed up big time with the encoding profile. What this means is that for all 1080P videos on the site from early 2009 to mid 2010 (That's a LOT of videos) you cannot play them at all in Windows Media Player and in MPC-HC you cannot seek (jump to different parts of the video). Playing them in VLC seems to work OK but the problem for me is that I watch all my grot on my big living room TV. Attached to this TV is a ultra low power HTPC, which thanks to DXVA, can normally play high bitrate 1080P videos without a problem. VLC does not support DXVA and without it my PC is not powerful enough to play them. I could fix the files but as a purist I like my videos as downloaded from the site, pure and unsullied.

Those are really my only issues with the network. The download speeds I am willing to forgive as long as it doesn't get worse. The broken videos are what knocked a good 15 points of the score, turning it from a truly excellent site to merely a great one.

02-17-11  02:50am

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Visit Nubile Girls HD

Nubile Girls HD

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Very attractive young ladies.

Good quality video (8 are 1080P @ ~7mbits/sec, rest 720P @ 4mbits/sec) and photos (3000 x 2000, some even better)

Photos are zipped

Decent amount of content (72 videos with picture sets plus network access)

Very good download speeds. Downloading a couple of videos at once with DownThemAll maxed my 100mbit connection.

No DRM, no download limits, download managers work, no regional pricing, Reputable billing through Epoch or Segpay
Cons: Photo sets do not always match the video

Some photo sets are just hi-res screen caps

Basic interface, no search or model index and little to no information about the videos.

Model names do not match with the rest of the network (see rant below)

A lot of the network sites are no longer updating

No update schedule, last update was 10 days ago.
Bottom Line: The thing about this site that annoys me the most is the seemingly random model naming. There are a few quite well known faces on this site (Sasha Rose, Nessa Devil, Mandi Dee) but none of them have their correct names. To make matters worse, a large percentage of the models also feature in other sites on the network, again under completely different names. I don't know if its laziness or maybe their system randomly assigns Russian sounding names when new scenes are uploaded but its bloody annoying!

This one was quite hard to rate. While everything about the site is generally good, it is just such a mish mash. Some hardcore, some soft-core. Some solo, some lesbian. Some 1080P videos, some 720P.

It seems like they either found a bunch of clips that were not used on their other sites or licensed it. Although the site is new, not all of the content is. When I compare the models on here to other scenes from 2008 / 2009 they seem to be about the same age.

I would not recommend going out of your way to join this site but as the network includes some decent sites (gag-n-gape being a good one) I don't think it will be money wasted.

05-13-10  05:37am

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Visit Only Big Melons

Only Big Melons

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Approx 185 videos on this site plus network access to a couple of other boobie sites.
+ Solid weekly updates with almost no missed weeks.
+ Zipped screenshots
+ No DRM.
+ No download limits
+ Decent download speeds (upwards of 40mbit sec)
+ Supports download managers and multiple concurrent downloads
+ Good mix of models from European to American, known faces to newbie's, teens to milfs. All generally very attractive.
+ Decent value and NO regional pricing.
Cons: - Site is blocked for me in the Czech Republic, have to download my server elsewhere.

- Videos are 640 x 480 MPG or WMV (~1mbit/sec) which is not at all good by today's standards. I downloaded several scenes in both formats to compare. MPG is twice the file size than WMV and both look almost identical to my eyes. Stick to the WMV.

- Vast majority of the scenes do not have photosets, just screen caps. I have browsed the first half of the available content and found only 2 picture sets.

- Most scenes are under 10 mins in length
Bottom Line: This site can be summed up pretty easily with one word.


While there are no major issues with the site they really don't excel at anything either. Yes there is plenty of content but hardly any picture sets and the video quality for 2010 is not good. In fact they have been using exactly the same video format since the site launched in 2007.

There is a mix match of soft and hard action but no way to filter on either and in some cases you can't tell without downloading the scene. Usually the scene length is a bit of a giveaway, soft scenes usually run only 8 - 10 minutes while the hardcore scenes are closer to 30 mins.

The price is reasonable, the content plentiful and exclusive, models attractive I don't regret purchasing a membership. If they were to improve the video quality and provide picture sets they might be able to compete in the busty market. As it stands I find no reason to recommend them over someone like DDFBusty who do everything so much better than these guys.

12-14-10  05:18am

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Visit Filthy And Fisting

Filthy And Fisting

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: Good quality 720P video on some scenes

Large number of videos

Membership includes 8 sites of different niches (Fisting, teens, lesbo, dildo, milf, pissing, pussy pump)

The included pussy pump website features pretty unique content

Nice looking Russian and EE babes

Decent download speeds
Cons: It looks like at least some of the video has been upscaled from DVD to 720P and at low bitrate.

Quite a bit of non-exclusive content (Mainly from Sweet Pictures Rough & Beyond and Shameless series of DVD's as far as I can tell)

Average of only 10 pictures per scene and no zips

Near nonexistent description of most scenes. 80% of scenes don't even give the actress name.

Only 1 - 2 updates per week


Audio on some scenes seems to be overdubbed in English. Other scenes have Czech or German dialog.
Bottom Line: OK, I will admit it, the only reason I joined was because Super Mega Extreme Gaporama Babe "Alysa" stars in 4 scenes. For me that alone was worth every penny of the membership fee. Once I had downloaded those 4 scenes and started looking at the rest of what was on offer I find it hard to recommend for long term membership.

The content is mostly good but if you own DVD's from Sweet Pictures, you will see a lot of recycled content. Although the network contains 8 sites (plus 1 streaming site), the individual sites don't really have much of an identity with a lot of cross-over between them.

I didn't put this in the pro / con section as it is too subjective, but a lot of the content is pretty extreme even by Dutch / German standards.

03-05-10  04:45am

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Visit Teen Core Club

Teen Core Club

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Loads of content
+ Great looking fresh teen models, normally without the OTT pornstar look. Lots of Russian stars can be seen in some of their first videos on these sites.
+ The video while not HD (except Defiled18.com) is very nice quality with great vibrant colors. ~85% of the videos are 960x540 VC-1 WMV @ ~3mbps.
+ 99% of videos come with a great photo set. Exclusive videos usually come with at least 500 pictures at 1280x853.
+ Decent download speeds, I usually get ~15mbps
+ Download manager supported
+ Daily download limits are in place but the limit must be very, very high as I have only ever hit it once or twice.
+ Videos can be downloaded as clips in high or low quality or as a full scene in high quality.
+ No DRM
Cons: - Very little variety in action or models.
- $50 a month is expensive for long term membership
- Full scenes can only be downloaded in 1 format - WMV
- Very, very basic interface. No model list, no search, no streaming. Just page after page of videos.
- Have to log into each site seperatly
- Updates are not dated
- No zips for pictures
- Same couple of male actors in almost every scene.
Bottom Line: Here I will try and break down what sites are included and indicate if they are alive or dead. There are a handful of other bonus sites but they are long dead with pretty crappy content so are not mentioned here.

**Still updating**

TryTeens.com - Exclusive - ~200 videos + picsets - Updates every ~2 weeks
This site seems to have taken the ideas of most of the other exclusive sites and merged them into one so here you will see DP, anal, deep throating all in one place.

HardcoreYouth.com - Non exclusive - 85 videos + picsets - 1 update per week
The content on here has become so generic I am loosing count of how many sites I have seen the same stuff on.

Defiled18.com - Exclusive - 15 videos + picsets - 1 Update per month
The latest site on the network and the one which showed the most promise. Its the only site with 1080P video and uses the same natural looking models but with harder action. Unfortunatly the updates come very slow and the lastest update looks like its not exclusive.

**Not updating**

WhiteTeensBlackCocks.com - Exclusive - 141 videos + picsets - No updates in the last month.

DoubleTeamedTeens.com - Exclusive - 75 videos + picsets - No updates in months - Similar updates are now on TryTeens.com

AssTeenMouth.com - Exclusive - 111 videos + picsets - No updates in months - Similar updates are now on TryTeens.com

YoungThroats.com - Exclusive - 165 videos + picsets - No updates in months - Similar updates are now on TryTeens.com

GirlsGotCream.com - Exclusive - 179 videos + picsets - No updates in years - Similar updates are now on TryTeens.com

TeachMyAss.com - Exclusive - 74 videos + picsets - No updates in years - Similar updates are now on TryTeens.com

Spermantino.com - Exclusive - 18 videos + picsets - No updates in years

MakeTeenGape.com - Exclusive - 26 videos + picsets - No updates in years - Similar updates are now on TryTeens.com

Cumaholicteens.com - Exclusive - 20 videos + picsets - No updates in years - Similar updates are now on TryTeens.com

LittleHellCat.com - Exclusive - 16 videos + picsets - No updates in years

Seductive18.com - Exclusive - 29 videos + picsets - No updates in years

Analyzedgirls.com - Non Exclusive - 28 videos + picsets - No updates in years - Content same as norestnetworks.

SheGotSix.com - Non Exclusive - 15 videos + picsets - No updates in years

Final thoughts:

There are really only a few problems with this network, the biggest being the price and it seems they are winding down as updates have slowed to a crawl. The repetition in the content can get a little annoying after a while as you will be able to predict exactly how a scene will play out based on what site it was posted on but as the models are generally super cute I can normally look past that.

If you have never been a member then I can highly recommend joining for a month or 2 and grabbing the great exclusive content. As you can see from the numbers above you will get a load of great teen porn for you money. If, like me, you have been a member before then I leave it up to your own judgement to decide if its worth rejoining. The content is basically the same as its always been but its coming a lot less regularly. For me joining every so often is worthwhile but I probably wont bother joining the network again as if I had joined Defiled18.com I would have had access to all the sites that I needed updates for and saved $20.00, live and learn!

A once great network that is way past its heyday.

04-19-12  02:28am

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Visit Anal Pantyhose

Anal Pantyhose

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Approx 150 video sets and 200 photo sets
+ All exclusive content
+ Zip downloads for photos
+ No DRM, no download limits
+ On the whole video quality is great, the first 100 videos are only 640x480 but look good. The last 50 are HD 720P but dont look as crisp as they should (see con)
+ Download managers supported and should be used to get good speeds (~300kbps without, ~1mbps with)
+ Latest image sets are 1500x1000 and look nice. Older sets are 1024x768 and are average
+ ~75 photos per set all focusing on anal action with pantyhose
+ Great looking Russians, some famous faces but are hard to spot due to the very unique and natural style of clothing, sets and makeup.
Cons: - Short scenes ~15 min long each
- Large watermarks. Worse on the older 640x480 clips
- HD videos use too low a bitrate (3mbps) resulting in noticeable artifacts and graininess.
- No choice of download formats, just one full clip in wmv for each scene
- No streaming
- Photo sets are separate from the video even if they are shot at same time and obviously the same scene
- Some videos waste a lot of bandwidth on unnecessarily high bitrate audio at 320kbps.
- The site has a update log but not all content is listed. On the video and picture update pages the content is not dated making it hard to see how often the site is updated
- Very basic interface. No search, no model index, no scene description, only a single scene thumbnail, no streaming. Basically no real way to see what you get before downloading the video.
Bottom Line: Here we have another classic example of a group of people that know how to choose the models, how to dress a set, direct the action, get the best angles, choose sexy clothing and makeup etc but have no idea how to wrap a usable website around it. I am not a massive fan of the analogy but I do feel a couple are apt when summing up this type of site which, unfortunately, I tend to see a awful lot. Would you set up shop selling a Bugatti Veyron other super cars in a dealership that looks like it used to be a McDonalds? Or design the packaging of a new all singing, all dancing smart phone to resemble a tin of Tesco value beans? In a market that is overflowing with porn it is hard to choose to stay a member of a website that makes it hard to consume its, admittedly good, content. Given a single (tiny) thumbnail and the generic model names, I have no way of knowing if I like the model or scene setup without downloading the whole scene. And when I do find a model I like I have no way of searching for more of her scenes.

Bottom line: Plenty of sites polish turds. This site wraps a diamond in a natural unpolished turd. I wouldn't mind the diamond but I am not too keen on getting my hands dirty in order to get it.

11-15-11  02:55am

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Visit Lys Xtreme

Lys Xtreme

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + 70 videos average 25 mins in length
+ New updates are 720P HD
+ 17 Photo sets
+ Good extreme anal action
+ Attractive model who seems to enjoy what she does
+ Wide range of costumes, lingerie and massive toys
+ Does not say much but when she does damn that French accent is sexy
+ No DRM
+ No download limits
+ No regional pricing
+ Very fast download speeds (50mbit/sec+)
+ Supports download managers
Cons: - Photo sets are not zipped
- Photo sets have had a proper update in 1 year. Last set is 6 months old and from another site
- Content no longer dated (See bottom line)
- High price for the limited amount of content
- Very basic members area design
- Videos available in only 1 format: wmv
Bottom Line: Firstly, the model has silicon tits and a number of large tattoos. If either of those majorly bother you you wont find much here. Personally I like her tits but am not fond of the tattoos but not enough to put me off the site.

The video quality for the fist 60 or so video is pretty good at 1000 x 750 ~2mbits/sec. While not HD it is still decent enough quality and not too big file sizes. The last 10 videos are 720P HD at the same bit rate and look very nice due to decent encoding.

My main gripe (well my only deal breaking gripe) is the fact that she has removed the dates from all of her video updates. When I was last a member back in March 2010, every video and photo was dated which obviously meant that I could very easily see how much content was added and how often. Sometime between then and now the dates were removed meaning I no longer know how frequently she updates. Using deductive logic, I know there where 49 videos in March 2010, now in April 2011 there are 70 meaning that in the ~60 weeks 21 videos were added or one every 3 weeks. Or it could mean she didn't update for a year and then dumped 20 videos onto the site, who knows. Either way, for $30 a month it does not represent good value for money.

I guess I should mention that she advertises a nightly live show but I have not taken that into consideration in my review for 2 reasons. Firstly, I don't like streaming video, live or otherwise and secondly I am never around when the show is broadcast meaning I have never seen it. If she had offered downloads of the all live shows recordings it would make a huge difference to the score but she doesn't so it didn't.

Bottom line: I like the model, I like the action, I don't like the price and I don't like not knowing the update schedule and frequency. Had the content still been dated, showed weekly updates and been 10 bucks cheaper I would have given the site 85. As it stands I enjoyed the months membership and may join again in a year or so to grab any further updates.

04-21-11  05:31am

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Visit Love Your Tits

Love Your Tits

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - 145 scenes mostly with matching photo sets
- Zipped pictures
- Video and picture quality is generally good
- 100% exclusive content featuring most of the well known big tit models and also some new (to me) faces
- Mixture of big ol fakies and natural breasts
- Interface allows scenes searched by model, listed by date, most popular, highest rated etc. For the most part simple but effective
- Most videos can be downloaded in a wide range of formats including wmv, mp4, flash, mpeg and iPhone
- Access to a good network with almost all exclusive content
- No regional pricing
- No download limits
- Download manager supported
- No DRM
- Updates are dated
Cons: - Videos from before around June 2006 are really bad quality, for me unwatchably so
- No long updating. The last update is dated March 2011
- Very few HD updates
- Server time-outs and occasional slowness can be annoying
Bottom Line: This site (and the rest of the network as far as I can tell) has gone through a 3 stage evolution. In its easiest incarnation, lasting from when the site went live in early 2005 until mid 2006, it was pretty grim. The Models were generally not too good, the production quality of the videos and photos were very amateurish and the 320x240 videos awful. Luckily only the first 29 updates fell into this category.

The next stage, which lasted from mid 2006 until March 2010, fared a lot better. It introduced far more professionally shot content which made for some decent videos and very nice photo sets. It was also at this stage that the huge range of video download formats were introduced and the quality was upped to 640x480. 110 updates fell into this category which accounts for the lions share of the content.

Just as the site entered the last stage of its evolution it ventured into the HD era. It could have presented a great source of HD big tit action but for some reason the updates suddenly stopped with only 6 being available in 1080P. Maybe it was competition from other sites like Brazzers, who provide very similar content with the same models, took the jump to HD almost a year earlier that caused them to loose members and fall behind. Whatever the reason for the sudden end its a same to see it happen.

If you are a fan of big tits and big tits alone then I find it hard to recommend this site as it no longer updates and Brazzers or RK has far more content of this type. If, however, big tits are only one facet to your porn addition then this site is worth a look as the network does feature a reasonably broad range of themes.

09-10-12  07:28am

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Visit Dirty Masseur

Dirty Masseur

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Its a Brazzers site
+ Baby Oil!!!
+ 28 updates with matching HD video + photo set
+ Video quality is fantastic @ 12 mbps AVC (mp4)
+ High quality photo sets @ approx 1650 x 2500 pix
+ Multiple download and stream options for video from mobile to SD upto HD 720P and 1080P
+ Weekly updates
+ Massage theme allows a greater range of models than some other Brazzers sites.
+ No DRM
+ No regional pricing
+ No download limits
+ Download manager supported giving superfast speeds
Cons: - Its a Brazzers site
- 28 scenes is too low

These are very minor cons:

- While the 720P videos do support DXVA, the 1080P ones where you actually need it do not.
- Not much variety in scene content
Bottom Line: First things first, this is a Brazzers site and I am sure most of us are aware of what that entails. There will be silicon. There will be lots of silicon. Now thats out of the way lets get down to it.

In the last couple of years more and more porn massage sites have been cropping up. To me this is a great trend as mixing a tight pornstar body with lashings of baby oil is simply divine. Brazzers have jumped onto the massage bandwagon by adding this site to the network at no extra charge, how nice of them. Being a Brazzers site and aside from the aforementioned boob upgrades, the site lives up to the very high standards of video quality, production and models that I have come to expect from them.

The scene setup is fairly standard, each time starting with a girl getting a nice oily massage before the masseurs hands start to wander, turning the scene into a standard hardcore fuck. Usually the massage portion takes up about the first half of the scene which is quite a long time as these are mostly 45min plus long. It is this first half that is most interesting to me with some really great lighting and camera work zooming in and focusing on the interesting bits allowing you to see every baby oil soaked bit in intimate detail. The second half of the scene has equally good production and the oily fuck is good to watch but that kind of action is viewable on many other Brazzers sites.

Most of the other Brazzers sites tend to be themed around with model with sites focusing on teens, MILFs, big tits, MILFs with big tits, teens with big tits etc. As this site is about the act of massage rather than the age or size of the models boobs there is a little more variation. While there still is a emphasise on big tits, silicon or otherwise, I would say may 1/4 of the scenes feature more natural ladies. Admittedly that is not a high number of scenes as there are only 28 in total.

This site also seems to have marked the demise of HD WMV videos from the Brazzers network. On the other sites, 720P and 1080P videos were offered in both WMV and MP4 formats with the WMV videos usually being a good 20% larger in file size but with very similar (excellent) quality. All of the HD videos on this site are only available as AVC encoded MP4 files. I also noticed that recent updates for the other sites have also dropped the WMV option. This is great news for those of us who are suckers for the highest quality possible but are also running out of hard drive space.

To come up with my final score here I have ignored the fact that by joining this site you also have access to literally thousands of other videos on the rest of the Brazzers network. My score is based on my thoughts on this site alone which is why some may feel its rather low. Really the only major negative is the low number of scenes available but if the weekly updates continue and the model selection stays varied then in a couple of months this may turn out to be one of the better Brazzers sites.

04-09-12  01:10am

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Visit Defiled 18

Defiled 18

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + First TeenCoreClub site to offer true HD video, 1080P @ ~6.5Mbps video bit rate
+ Very, very nice quality video
+ Video is DXVA compliant meaning it can take advantage of hardware assisted playback
+ 100% exclusive content
+ Each scene comes with matching picture set of ~500 images.
+ No regional pricing
+ No download limits
+ No DRM
+ Very fast download speeds. Maxed out my 100mbits
+ Download manager compatible
Cons: - Only 10 scenes
- $30 is too high a price
- Scenes keep being re-ordered making it hard to see whats new
- Same very basic interface as other company sites.
- Have to log into each network site individually
- Picture quality still average at 1280 x 853
- No zipped picture sets
- Updates not dated
- Full scenes can only be downloaded in one format, 1080P which are large (~2GB)
Bottom Line: This new site does have the potential to blossom into something great. A lot of us will know the models, none of them are newbies. What we get with this site is familiar faces engaged in a little harder action. Most scenes start with a little bondage and spanking, followed by a caging and ending with some pretty intense pounding. All topped off with the male model wearing a executioners mask the whole time, talk about innovation!

TeenCoreClub have been churning out the same stuff for years and its generally very good at what it does. Each of its flagship sites follow a very strict formula for each of its scenes, little seems to be changing here. They were already able to produce great quality video at sub HD resolutions, here with the bump to 1080P the quality is truly excellent. One side of me thinks that seeing some of my fave models in this type of crisp clear detail will be worth the price of admission on its own. They tend to film a lot of the up-and-coming Russian starlets in a fresh faced form before they get infected by the standard porn star look.

I find it hard to recommend the site due to the limited number of scenes for which they want you to fork out $30 for. However, I tend to join TeenCoreClub every 3 or 4 months for just a single months membership to grab all of the new scenes. This site is included in a membership and while it is expensive you do get at least a lot of content for the money. This site is certainly not a revolution but if it sees updates at the same rate as the other network sites I would say with a confident level of certainty that this will become a great addition in 6 months time. Until then if you love the models its worth a look but if you just have a passing interest I would recommend checking back later.

07-08-11  06:13am

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Visit Unlimited MILFs

Unlimited MILFs

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Approx 130 videos each with a zipped picture set plus network access

+Full network access costs only 15$ per month

+Updates used to be 2 per week, now slowed to 1 per week. Over the whole network you will be getting daily updates but maybe not the sort of content you are interested in.


+Fast download speeds, averaged at 20 mbits sec per file and multiple concurrent downloads supported (using DownThemAll)

+No regional pricing

+Signup page does contain a cross sell but it is not pre-checked
Cons: -95% of the models are sporting after market "upgrades"

-All content is non exclusive. Lesbian scenes come from "Milfs Lovin Milfs" series of DVDs, straight scenes mainly come from "My Wife Went Black", "Milfs Who Love Black Cock", "Moms Cream Pie", "Cheating Wives Tales", "Milf Fantasy POV", "Milf Date" series.

-Video quality average at best, a mixture of 888 x 480 WS and 640 x 480 FS WMV at a average bitrate of 1400 kbps.

-Photo quality is also average at 1024 x 681.

-The picture sets do not always match the video. Yes the same model is usually present but they could be in a completely different setting wearing different clothes.

-Site navigation is extremely basic. Hardly any search options, really all you have is pages of updates with links to the video / pic sets.
Bottom Line: I don't want to be overly harsh in my review of this site mainly because of the reasonable monthly membership prices. If I would have joined at 30$ per month I would have been a lot more disappointed as the site (and network) is little more than a DVD dump. While I find it hard to recommend, there is little harm in joining for a month if there are a couple of scenes that you are interested in.

The bottom line is this site does not really do anything that wrong but it also does not excel in any area. Average in every way.

04-20-10  06:32am

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Visit Femanic


Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: If this were a normal porn site I would think the models are very attractive, the thing that makes this site so amazing is that these beautiful women do the nastiest things.

Content is great for those that are into this sort of fetish. Pissing, food play and puking are the main themes.

Membership includes access to their sister site. As the site is not listed here and the content is controversial I won't mention it in this review. I have listed it as a pro because it doubles the amount of content available.

The technical aspect of the content is pretty good but not normally HD. There are 1 or 2 720P MP4's on the site but they are not regularly updating in HD although the quality of the 480P videos is still good.
Cons: Download limits. Having a limit per 24 hours is bad enough but also having an hourly limit makes it a real chore to download the content.

Updates used to be a full scene once or twice a week. Recently a update counts as a 5 minute clip from a scene. They are usually posting clips from several scenes at once so it can take weeks for a full scene to be available.

Older content is not only poor quality technically (looks like it was transferred from VHS) but also very old. Some of the scenes are from the mid 90's and haven't aged at all well.

Scenes are not accompanied by photo sets.

In some of the scenes the ladies seem to have downed a couple of bottles of vodka beforehand, I don't know why but that makes me feel kind of uneasy.
Bottom Line: There are 2 things that would instantly get this site a score of 80 from me:

1. Get rid of the download limits.
2. Update complete scenes

The (newer) content itself is excellent, I don't know of any other sites that have this sort of quality of women pissing and throwing up over each other, it's like a car crash, you know you shouldn't look but something makes you anyway :)

If this is the sort of content you are into it is worth a membership but beware, beware, beware the download limits.

Did I mention the download limits??!?!!?

03-09-10  07:59am

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Visit First Anal Quest

First Anal Quest

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: 65 high quality 720P videos
Zipped picture sets
Decent download speeds
No fuss navigation
Exclusive content
Cons: Not all scenes have picture sets
Male actors hit and miss. Some seem amateur
Female quality could be better
No network access. Yes you get access to a DVD archive but that's hardly exclusive content
Bottom Line: The main problem with this site is that you will see the same girls doing anal on other sites and usually with far cheaper memberships and/or with decent network access. e.g. AnalTeenAngels.com features much the same girls (and some of the guys) but costs only $20 for 70 HD scenes plus network access. That alone makes this site hard to recommend.

Secondly, the director seems to have instructed the girls to act shocked and in pain while taking this "first anal" which is silly for a couple of reasons.

1. If teen anal movies are your thing you would have already seen the girl quite happily take one for the team without the play acting.

2. The girls are not at all convincing in their "performance"

This makes a lot of the scenes seem completely unnatural.

That said there are a couple of scenes featuring either genuine pain or good acting. If that's a pro or a con I will leave up to the reader to decide.

03-05-10  06:29am

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Visit Double View Casting

Double View Casting

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Nice video quality 720P WMV @ 4Mbits / Sec

Quite a novel idea of multiple viewing angles of the same scene.


No download limits

No regional pricing

Reputable billing through Epoch
Cons: Although your 30$ gets you access to firstanalquest.com as well, there are much bigger networks featuring many of the same models for lower price.

Only 25 videos but they do come with matching photo sets

Photos are quite low res at 1024 x 682 but mysteriously are quite large file sizes (~300KB)

No choice of quality, 720P is all you get. For me personally this is not a con, as I always go for the highest video quality but I know a lot of people have limited bandwidth.

To get the gimmick of the site, twice as much video data needs to be downloaded, one wmv file for each of the camera angles which are usually about 800 MB each.

Very slow download speeds. Using a download manager I can get about 500kbps when downloading multiple files. Using their player program it took almost 15 mins to download 20 MB.

Very, very similar content style and models available on many other sites.

The software required to watch the multiple angles is very basic and does not want to work half the time.
Bottom Line: As the name of the site suggests, the idea behind DoubleViewCastings.com is to give you multiple viewing angles (well 2) of the same scene and allow you to switch between them at will.

This is possible by downloading and installing the special player software from the website. How this all works is very basic, as is their player software. From the player it is possible to browse the updates available and upon clicking "play" the scene will be downloaded to your PC. As the download speed is downright awful, you could be waiting a while before the video actually plays, never thought I would say it but streaming would have seemed like a better choice.

Once the video has downloaded and starts to play, you can switch between the viewing angles by pressing F1 and F2. Essentially all this is doing is playing one wmv, when you press the button to switch opens the 2nd wmv and seeks to the same position.

I would have much preferred it if they would have used a standard video container format that supports multiple video streams, for example MKV, which would have allowed me to use the player of my choice. That would have also reduced the download size by a little as the same audio stream could have been shared between the 2 video streams. However the video files you download either via the website or from the software are standard wmv files which can be played in your usual media player but obviously the ability to switch angles is lost.

Also the "DoublePlayer" does not want to work half the time. Sometimes scenes that I have already downloaded wont start to play and other times it will play with sound only and no video

As the download speed using the provided player is so god awful, I would recommend downloading the wmv's from the main site and then putting them in the correct place.

On Windows Vista, the player downloads and expects to find its videos in:


Just download the 2 wmv's, rename them to zzint1.wmv and zzint2.wmv and put them in a folder matching the models name. If you start up the player in offline mode, it will find the videos and allow you to play them.

While the content is not really anything new and different, it was quite novel to be able to have a small amount of interactivity with the scene. If you like this style of content it is worth joining. If not, the gimmick won't change your mind.

09-06-10  09:21am

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Visit Make Teen Gape

Make Teen Gape

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Cute natural looking teens engaged in hard anal and sometimes quite brutal deep throat action.

Reasonable quality videos, a mix of 640x480 (Full screen) and 960x540 (Widescreen) at an average bitrate of 3 mbit/sec. Each scene is an average of 30 mins long.

Well lit and professional looking photos accompany each scene, usually around 600 per set.

No regional pricing, DRM, download limits or slow speeds.

No messing about, scene starts and within a minute the guy is balls deep in the models mouth.
Cons: Color on the videos seems very dull and lacking in contrast.

Pictures are quite low res (1280 x 860) and can sometimes have runs of 10 - 20 pictures that are almost identical with only very slight movement from the last. Also the picture sets are not zipped.

Poor value for money (15 scenes for $30 per month membership)

Although this is a new site, it seems like the content maybe up to 2 years old. Either that or the models haven't aged a day since doing their scenes for the other network sites (doubleteamedteens.com, assteenmouth.com)
Bottom Line: It is impossible to recommend the site as ALL of the models can be seen doing almost identical scenes on the other network sites. For example AssTeenMouth features the exact same models, actors, sets, director, scene content, stupid stuffed animals and also costs the same 30$ to join but has 5 times the content. There is really no reason for this site to even exist. Why these scenes were placed on a new site and not on one of the other more established sites is beyond me.

I do like the content but it is just far too similar in both action and style to the stuff I downloaded over a year ago from other TeenCore sites. The site just fails to define its own identity and seems like just an excuse to get rid of some old videos and make you cough up 30$ for the privilege.

03-11-10  06:53am

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Visit Brutal Fisting

Brutal Fisting

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Reasonably good 1080P high def video
+ Multiple choice video quality downloads
+ Very good download speeds
+ No regional pricing
+ No DRM
+ Content dated
+ Exclusive content
+ Very attractive girls
+ Each update comes with matching picture set
+ Network access
+ Zipped pictures
Cons: - Interface is very basic, again just pages of videos
- Only 12 videos, totaling approx 4 hours 45 mins of video
- Video quality could be better
Bottom Line: Another tough one for me to rate was this. The fact that only 12 videos are available is pretty awful and negatively impacts the score but then you are given network access to other great sites such as extremekream.com, brutaldildos.com, analdildolesbians.com and others which brings the score back up again. But I have been a member of other network sites a few times in the past so I have already got a lot of the content on my hard drives, score back down again. But I do like the girls on this site and the content itself is great, female double anal fisting is not something you see very often. You guessed it, score back up. Next influencing factor is the video quality, while it is 1080P HD at 8mbit/sec bitrate it has been poorly encoded giving a lot of scenes grainy artifacts and not the crisp quality that networks like 21sextury can produce, even at lower bitrates. Points back off. The last big influence on the score is the updates, or should I say lack of updates. After a short floury during early February when all of the 12 videos were added a few days apart there have been no updates whatsoever. That's almost 2 months without a single video being added. Lots of points off for that one.

I feel I am going to have to put some caveats on the final score and again provide some alternate scores for different situations. If you have never been a member of the network, I would give the site a solid 75. The score is still on the low side because by joining a fisting site you obviously want to see fisting videos. The fact that only 12 are available cannot be escaped even though the amount and quality of content from the other network sites is generally very good. If, however, like me you have already tasted what the network has to offer then the content it provides does not add enough value. If they regularly update the site it will definitely be worth joining in maybe six months time but unfortunately as mentioned above, regular updates are not forthcoming. As it stands I find it hard to recommend except to newcomers to the network.

04-03-11  06:31am

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Visit Beshine


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Very nice technical video quality 1080P WMV @ 8Mbits / Sec.

"Iphone" quality video 320 * 180 MP4 AVC @ ~1Mbit Sec.

50 videos with matching photo sets.

16 diary entries with photo sets.

Good members forum where Beshine takes an active role.

I love the design of the site, very elegant and intuitive. A lot of "big" sites could learn some lessons here.

No DRM, no download limits, no regional pricing, multiple payment processors including CCbill.
Cons: Expensive at $30 per month.

The video encoding profile used is NOT DXVA compliant meaning you will need a beefy CPU to decode the 1080P video without frame drops.

Photo sets contain on average only 50 photos.

Photo sets are not zipped.

Videos are on average only 3 minutes long.

Photos and video very amateur.

REALLY lacking in variety of the content.

Very, very, very soft-core. Topless only.
Bottom Line: Karasek did a good job with his review so I was in 2 minds about posting this. While I am of pretty much the same opinion as him, I believe my review adds some worthwhile details so I decided to post it.

The 2 things that really bring the score down are the variety of the content and the ability of the photographer.

80% of the videos / photosets just start with Beshine wearing a certain piece of tight clothing while pottering around outside. If it wasn't for the couple of topless shots at the end of each set I would think I was looking at someone's holiday snaps. The variety in the later updates seems to have improved a lot, hopefully it will stay that way.

Adding to the holiday snap feel, the photos are very badly framed and some of the outdoor scenes are majorly underexposed. They are better in some of the later updates, maybe the photographer/cameraman has just been on a course.

There are a lot of things to like here if you are into freakishly large tities. Even in the short time the site has been live it is possible to see the size of those boobs grow from "back breakingly large" to "so big they are visible from space". If it appeals to follow a girl on her quest to have the largest breasts in the world then it is worth joining for that alone. My 2 main issues with the content itself seems to have improved in the later updates, I think once she has found her feet this could be a must for big boob lovers.

I really don't see the content getting more hardcore, she doesn't seem to be that type of gal. As I'm usually into harder stuff my final score reflects this. If you are into soft-core, it would be fair to add 5 points to the score.

06-01-10  03:44am

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Visit Busty Cafe

Busty Cafe

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Close to 400 videos.
+ Huge range of models including todays stars as well as stars going back to the 80's
+ Videos can be downloaded as clips or as a full scene.
+ Almost 1700 picture sets
+ Picture sets are available zipped
+ Later picture sets are very nice quality at 1660x2500
+ Regular updates but unpredictable. On average 1 video and 2 photo sets are added per week.
+ Download managers and concurrent downloads supported
+ Basic but functional interface with model index, the ability to sort updates by date, model or rating.
+ No download limits
+ No DRM
+ No regional pricing (Unless its in favour of us Euros as I paid $24.95 instead of the $29.95 listed on TBP)
Cons: - The network is a total, utter and complete shambles
- I would say 99% of the content is not exclusive
- Video quality is unpredictable, one update would be 640x480 and the next 720P.
- Single download streams are hard limited to ~5mbit/sec
- No search. This problem is compounded by the fact so much content is available.
Bottom Line: At first glance you seem to get 12 sites included in your membership. For me, being a lover of the boob, having access to "Busty Cafe", "Busty Milly" and "Honey Chest" seemed to be great value. The cracks start to show as you explore what is available. "Busty Milly" and "Honey Chest" were a lot smaller content wise and also seemed to feature more of my favourite models so I started by downloading everything from those 2 sites. As I then began looking at the other sites I started to get a sense of Deja Vu. Looking at "Hungarian Honeys" I noticed scenes that looked familiar. If the model was Hungarian and owning of a large pair tits, the same video/photoset would appear on "Busty Cafe", "Honey Chest" and "Hungarian Honeys". I then thought, Milly Morris from the ""Busty Milly" site has big tits, I wonder if she is on multiple sites too. Low and behold, I discovered that the boobie content is duplicated all over the place with "Busty Cafe" seeming to contain all the big boob material from the other sites. Not only that, the vintage themed sites duplicate each other, the handjob themed sites duplicate each other and the "Babes Cartel" seems to duplicate absolutely everything. So if a scene featured a 80's porn star with big tits giving a handjob, the same scene could appear on 6 or 7 separate sites!

I dont understand why they would do this as it makes organising your collection a complete nightmare and figuring out what you have already downloaded a chore. Its not exactly like they are lacking in content, with hundreds of videos and well over a thousand picture sets, it looks like they maybe started with 2 sites and wanted to create a network without actually creating any more content. If they had created new sites and split up the content so that it was all unique to one site then I could have lived with it. The fact that I didn't notice the duplication until later meant I had wasted god knows how much of both mine and their bandwidth and my time downloading loads of stuff twice or more times. I knocked 10 points off the score for this mess of content duplication and wont be joining again because of it. Being a collector, any site that goes out of its way to make organising my collection more difficult than it should be goes onto my blacklist.

Its a shame that I had to have this frustraiting experience as the content is decent and very plentiful but the network management is just awful. If you are not a collector and just want to look at boobies then I'm sure you will like this but for me I just hate having my time wasted. For that reason I wont be coming back to this site, this network or any of the other networks managed by this company.

04-29-12  03:35am

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Visit Ero Berlin

Ero Berlin

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: + ~250 HD videos
+ ~200 matching photo sets
+ 720P video at a bitrate of 5000kbps VC-1 codec
+ Lots of variation in scene locations.
+ Good number of models wear very sexy latex/fetish gear
+ Mostly solo/masturbation but also a couple of lez scenes and 1(!) hardcore scene
+ Latter photo sets are upto 3500px and look great
+ No DRM
+ No regional pricing
+ No download limits
+ Download manager supported
+ Great speeds of 30mbit plus
Cons: - Expensive at $30 per month
- Very little variation of models. Nearly all slim teen clones
- Bad members area with little to no user interface
- Holiday snaps feel
- No bonus sites or network access
- Updates come at inconsistant times.
- Not all videos come with photo sets
- ~50 of the videos are less than 10 minutes long.
- ~50 photo sets contain less than 50 photos
- Latter videos are badly encoded and don't support DXVA enabled playback
Bottom Line: This is a classic example of a site that needs to put in just a little bit more effort if they want to satisfy us demanding porn users. Besides feeling a little amateur, they don't do anything really all that wrong content wise. Unfortunately there is always someone out there doing it better. The majority of the models are on other softcore/nude sites where both the technical quality of the video and photos are better as well as having a more professional style to the photography. The last thing I want to do when a friend or relative returns from holiday is to sit through their photos of the same tree from multiple angles. Unfortunately that is what a lot of the scenes on this site feel like. This level of amateurishness also rears its ugly head with the user interface design of the members area. I use the word design as loosely as possible as the only design that has gone on here is to decide to use some purty colors. When all, and yes I do mean all ~250 updates are on a single 3 mile long index page with no search or any other usability features you can spend a fair amount of time just waiting for that page to load. I feel sorry for anyone on a slower connection as you might as well take the dog for a walk while its loading.

In my opinion softcore sites are all about appreciation of the female form in as much detail as possible. When sites like Femjoy offer far, far more content, more varied models, better shot content at higher quality AND at a cheaper price I see no reason for a membership here unless you specifically want the more amateur feel. At half the price its worth a put for a month but for $30 I feel the money is far better spent elsewhere.

12-12-11  02:42am

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Visit Subverted Teens

Subverted Teens

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Only $20
+ One time payment, no subscriptions to remember to cancel
+ 48 720P HD videos @ 4 mbps
+ 2 1080P HD videos @ 4 mbps
+ Decent download speeds
+ No regional pricing
+ Supports download managers but limited to 2 simutainous connections
+ No DRM
Cons: - Very basic members area, just a list of videos
- No picture sets
- Not all models are named
- Same girls can appear in many videos with the same actor
- Not exclusive content
Bottom Line: This is a budget site, no doubt about it. They went off and licensed 50 videos, whacked them on a webpage and charge you $20 to download them. When you look at how basic everything is, it's obvious they put in the least amount of effort possible when setting up the site. From the site design and navigation to the content selection and presentation it all screams low rent.

There is really no pretence that they will ever update the site, they don't promise it and judging by the fact that there are no subscription options, I don't think there will be any updates.

To score this site was really tough, 50 HD videos for $20 is not a bad deal. The models are generally very attractive, the action is dirty and the quality is good. The 2 things that negatively impacted on my opinion, thus on the score, were as follows.

High level of model repetition. In a site with only 50 videos it's easy to spot the same faces. Here, the unattractive "Susanna" and her same "boyfriend" are in 4 videos and the skinny skank "Susane" and her same "boyfriend are in 5 videos. Five points off.

Secondly, I would estimate at least a quarter of the videos I have had on my hard drive for a few years. I recognized about 5 scenes from the early days of FirstAnalQuest.com, and load more from the pornxn network of sites. Five points off.

But both of these negatives are quite personal to me. If you were never a member of those other sites and/or find the repeated models attractive the score would for you would be higher.

Do I recommend this site? In a word, yes. For my $20 I did get several rather good scenes and dont feel cheated by false promises. I didnt expect the world and was not upset when they didnt deliver it.

03-10-11  05:53am

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Visit Latex Angel

Latex Angel

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: Lots of videos (~210) each being on average 10 minutes long.

Very fast download speeds, when downloading 10 files simultainiously my 100mbps connection is maxed.

No download limits, no DRM, all exclusive content

Very extreme fisting, dildo, piss, deep throat, fruit n veg, enemas etc
Cons: Low res (512x384), low bitrate (~800kbps) videos. In these HD times that just doesnt cut it.

Very repetative. After you have seen 10 or so videos there is nothing new.

Only 2 - 3 updates per week. This is maybe a Pro given the Con above.

Bottom Line: The site has been around for years. When it first started, this sort of extreme content was not that widespread and, when it was available, was performed by the same sort of average (at best) looking women.

Nowadays fisting and large toy sites are ten a penny, often featuring very attractive to beautiful women who seem to be actually into it. Unfortunately Ms Angel seems to be mute, incapable of smiling and gives no indication whatsoever that she is actually enjoying what she is doing.

03-05-10  08:26am

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