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Visit Stunt Cock Tryouts

Stunt Cock Tryouts

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * HD Vids look really good at 1280x720 - just a warning though they're up to 1 GB in size at that resolution for a 30-35 minute video.

* The main actress "Mandy More" is a great star for the show. Even though this site is more about the guys (and yes I know that sounds odd) than the girl, it wouldn't be nearly as interesting if she wasn't a good performer.

* Very realistic presentation. It has been a while since I wondered about the legitimacy of the reality angle on a site, but in this one it seems real. I haven't seen these guys before, and some of them are adequately in over their head. I found myself watching the interview portion as much as the action, which is rare.

* Pics are available in zip files and look good at 1200x800 or so resolution.

* Access to entire network of 5 sites is granted though they didn't particularly interest me.

* Extensive library of non-exclusive content
Cons: * Some vids on tour haven't been released yet, but they're listed in the "coming soon" area with dates, so there is incentive to keep your membership going if you like the site.

* I would have liked a lower-res wmv version of some of the vids - there are 5 different formats, including Flash, Quicktime, MP4, WMV-low, and WMV-high, but the WMV low versions were still 600 MB+ at times. Minor quibble for sure.

* Download speeds could have been better - I got 200-250 KB/s most of the time.
Bottom Line: I liked this site a lot. I discovered it a while back and made a mental note that it looked worthy of a join, but then I lost the link. Thankfully I re-discovered it recently and joined up the same day, and I wasn't disappointed. The quality of the pics and vids is top notch, and the content in the episodes was engaging and interesting. If you find Mandy hot, you'll enjoy the action, and if you like your reality porn to be truly realistic, you'll enjoy the rest of the action.

My only caution would be to go in knowing that it's not all fun and games for the guys in these vids. Some fail miserably at their "audition", and while I found it all to be entertaining and fun to watch, some people will certainly be disappointed and uninterested.

This isn't a site for those who like their porn straightforward and predictable. For those people, I would encourage them to check out the 4 other sites in the network, or even the vast amounts of non-exclusive content they offer, which includes 1807 pages of 12 vids apiece as of today, all searchable by studio or performer and all available in 5 formats. However, I would encourage you to check out Wittyguy's review of the network for more comments on those vids, as I didn't really spend much time going through those.

Bottom line - I had a lot of fun here, and if they can keep the content coming, I'll probably be back in the future.

01-02-09  07:52pm

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Visit Lacey Little

Lacey Little

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * New site, but seems to have launched with an acceptable amount of content.

* Very helpful tour tells you how many pics/vids are on the site - and it's not lying!

* Cute model from somewhere in England it sounds like who does everything from tease sets to hardcore b/g.

* Picsets look good and there are plenty of pics in each set.

* Vids are offered in two quality levels and the lower quality actually looks decent. The high-res sets look better than their 640x480 resolution IMO.

* Access to 8 total sites with your membership
Cons: * No zip files for the picsets.

* Some surfers may be looking for more video options. Right now WMV is all there is, which is fine for me.

* Price is $5-10 too high. I'm usually happy to pay $24-29 for a site, and when that's what 90% of the other sites (networks too) out there are charging, it just seems hard to convince myself to spend the extra $5.

* Site is kind of basic and doesn't have much in the way of interaction. No blog, forum, chats, or anything like that right now.
Bottom Line: Nice! That was my first thought when I signed in for the first time. Really it's the first solo model site I've been very pleased with purchasing in a while. There is enough content to keep me interested for a while even though the site appears to be brand new. The main model and all her friends are hot. The vids and pics all look pretty good. The site shows signs of updating. The tour is honest - things aren't being advertised as "super HD quality" only to find something subpar inside.

Really an 85 is a pretty good score from me, and this one could be even higher if they add a few interactive features and drop the price $5. All in all I'm pleased, and I would recommend this site to anyone who finds Lacey and her friends as hot as I do.

12-01-08  09:01pm

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Visit Rookie Slut Search

Rookie Slut Search

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Access to other sites (and you don't have to log in to each one of them)

* Plenty of "feeds" for those who like those extras

* Pictures are well shot

* Cheap full-access trial and PU full-month discount

* Offers streaming and download. 5 speed levels for streaming.
Cons: * Pictures are split into galleries of like 25-30 pics apiece. While there are 14 pages of galleries with 9 per page, each page might be only 1 model.

* No way to save pictures easily (zipsets or direct picture links).

* Videos advertised as HD-quality, and while the resolution of the biggest file is ramped up to 960x720, the 640x480 file optimized for "T1" speeds looks exactly the same. I don't think the source video here was shot in HD, so they're artificially boosting the resolution because HD is all the rage these days.

* Navigation is kind of sloppy. The homepage lists EVERYTHING you have access to - including all the feeds.

* No visible update schedule.
Bottom Line: I'm giving this one a pretty low score, but it really didn't do everything wrong, and it fit my needs pretty perfectly. I'm on a search for every Jessica Valentino video ever made, and I found this site had one and had a 5-buck full access trial so I was all over it. Sadly (and it's a matter of taste), I couldn't find anything else on the site I wanted, so I'm very glad that I didn't have plunge into a full membership. Plus, I can't tell whether the site is updating or not, which is usually a bad sign.

If I had a wish list for this site, I'd have them clean up the home page, removing all the feed-related stuff. Consolidate the galleries so that each one contains one shoot for one model. Stop advertising HD videos since they don't really have them, and make sure to post updates. The combination of all those factors makes for a poor site right now, but it's not stuff that can't be fixed.

Right now, I would recommend that potential members take a look at the tour. If you like everything, go ahead and get a membership, but if just a couple of episodes catch your eye, you can definitely get what you need with a trial. Drive by surfers - you can find better elsewhere.

10-12-08  08:51am

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Visit Liberty Valentine

Liberty Valentine

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: * Model appears to be active in site, which is a good sign for longevity

* Good quality 720x480 vids with decent number available considering the relatively new age of the site

* Sexy British accent!

* Performs camshows on occasion
Cons: * Very teasy content - really mostly topless. Nothing pink to see yet (unless you buy an extra-cost zipset). This will be fine for some folks, but meant I was a bit bored.

* Extra-cost zipsets only available to members, which means if I decide I want to buy it in a couple of months, I'd have to join the site again

* Site is young, and at the current rate it will take a few months to build up content

* Pictures not zipped for easy download
Bottom Line: I gave this site a 79, which puts it in the "does some things good, some things poor", though I don't know that it really does anything poorly. I mean sure $24.95 seems a bit much right now for the 20ish vids and picsets that are available (an estimate - I was a member about a month ago and 16 were available), but the pics look good, the vids look good, and Libi looks great. There's just not a lot here just yet. It would be nice to see archived camshows, some longer and more revealing vids (with less of them being photoshoot vids), zip files for the picsets, and altogether just more sets of everything and this would be a pretty good site!

All in all, Liberty is a hottie, and her site appears to be in good working order for the time being. If she continues to build up content, I could see her site gaining popularity in the coming months. Hopefully she doesn't go the way of so many other solo models and stops updating before the site has a chance to be great.

My one big gripe would be the extra-cost zipsets. These are always disappointing to me because it usually means that you're not likely to see content in her paysite that is more revealing than what is in the zipset. I know a lot of models probably make some good cash off of that trick (the "spunky" and phil-flash sites sure have enough of them that they must be profitable), but my porn budget, while probably above average, still doesn't usually allow me the luxury of a $39.99 charge for what usually amounts to a single set of photos with usually a short vid attached. Peachez is a good example of a model who has established a pattern with her site's normal content, but sprinkles in some wilder stuff on occasion. She has resisted the urge to go the zipset route, and her fans still clamor desperately for her next wild video to come out. Liberty Valentine could do the same, and I think her site would catch my interest a little more. As it stands, I have to recommend that you wait a month or two to let some content build up before you join, and know ahead of time that the content is going to be pretty soft, with expensive upsells to the more interesting stuff. If you're ok with that, you just might love Liberty Valentine.

08-04-08  07:09pm

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Visit GND Cali

GND Cali

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Decent number of picture sets (43 so far) at good resolution.

* Zip files for all photo sets in both low and high resolution options.

* The videos that are there look pretty good at 640x480.

* Cali is pretty hot, and she does appear to be somewhat active in the site. She posts blogs and will allegedly be doing camshows soon, but we've all heard that before (from other models).
Cons: * Video content is very slim so far - just 4 vids - one is an interview and another is her doing her toenails (boring!) A screencap on her tour showed the filename was set39.avi - unfortunately that didn't mean there were 39 vids like I assumed!

* Several non-nude sets sprinkled in to the mix, not to mention that none of the content really goes beyond topless. I hate when a tour doesn't tell you that!

* Only other feature of note (if you subscribe to JUST cali's site) is access to the forums, which I'm not bothering to join (they want you to email them with your username and real name - what's wrong with registration?).

* Pet peeve - can't choose your own login info. It becomes more of a problem if you subscribe to the multi-site option since it asks you for a password somewhere between a billion and a zillion times as you change sites.
Bottom Line: This site isn't all bad, though I definitely think I focused more on the bad than the good. I paid the extra 10 bucks to get the multi-site access, and I kind of regret that I did, because the story here is the story throughout all of the sites. Content is non-nude to topless in all but a few cases, and only the solo girls have videos (I'll probably review 1-2 of the others at least). Once I joined, I realized it wasn't really the type of site I really care for. It's overly tease-oriented and picture-focused. I much prefer a video-focused softcore-hardcore type of site.

I hate randomly generated user/pass combos. That means I have to write it down or store it someplace I can easily look it up and copy/paste into the login form (I don't like using the browser to memorize passwords if possible). That's annoying.

The theme of this network of sites is girl-next-door types of models who submit their own content to the webmaster to post on their behalf. Thus it will only be as good as the models who are submitting content. It looks like they just got on their feet, so that's an explanation for why the content level is so low so far. That excuse won't work for too long though. I'd wait a couple of months to check this site (and its sister sites) out unless you really like Cali's look and prefer soft/topless content.

07-25-08  12:14pm

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Visit Love Abbie

Love Abbie

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Abbie looks good on camera - picsets in general are well done, especially in high-res.

* Vids are high-quality and look pretty good for the most part.

* Semi-regular updates appear to be happening.

* Access to 4 other sites (though this one seems to be the only one updating lately).
Cons: * No camshows or forum interaction from Abbie since February, indicating that Abbie might not be involved much anymore.

* Too many of the vids seem to start mid-action, with her already naked and playing with herself, or right before she's about to start a bj.

* Lots of links to other paysites all over the place.

* Abbie's inconspicuous absence from the site means the only real usable sections are "pictures" and "videos" You can't get much use out of "live cam" or "forums" or "contact" without someone around to be on the other side.
Bottom Line: This site does some things pretty well, but following the pattern of other sites in this network, it just seems lazy and neglected in several ways.

The content certainly looks good when it comes to technical statistics. Abbie looks amazing in the picsets in particular. The vids would also be great I think, but they seem to start in the middle sometimes. It's almost like walking into a movie theatre 15 minutes late in that you miss all the preliminary stuff. This won't bother some people, but it kills the suspense for me. A lot of the best solo girl sites know exactly how to prolong the tease before getting down to business. This isn't one of them.

There's a lot of animosity on the forums towards a lack of updates or participation from webmaster or model. Judging by the news, there *have* been updates, but I question the validity of the dates based on what I've read in the forums. Certainly the site could benefit from a regular update schedule and better-produced videos. With those two things taken care of, I could see myself checking back every few months to see what's up, but I would suggest approaching this site with caution at the present time.

05-31-08  04:03pm

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Visit Ashlee Exposed

Ashlee Exposed

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Ashlee has been a well-known softcore model for a few years - she finally puts out some hardcore stuff in this website, though it's all just BJ's!

* The content that is available looks good in high-resolution.

* Access to 4 other sites with a membership to this one.
Cons: * Ads for other websites all over the place

* Pet peeve of mine - all 5-6 of the BJ vids start abruptly with no build-up or talking or anything at all. They're all POV too.

* One picset and one video update since 11/07.

* Vids are short.
Bottom Line: This was a disappointing site for me. I had seen Ashlee in several of her previous sites (allashlee.com, ashleeandserena.com, hdbadgirls.com, etc) and was excited to see she was putting out a site with some hardcore stuff. Unfortunately, it's the most basic, easy to shoot hardcore you can find. The vids start with her already on her knees, sometimes already in the act. And since they're all in POV style, there's just no variety. Her other non-bj vids look a lot better, and feel a bit more complete, but I still felt like I expected more. Her previous sites all had a lot more personality to them. This one is just very basic and bland.

As for the content - 21 high res picsets, 6 picsets of vidcaps, 22 vids (although several of them are part1 or part2 of one episode - probably about 15 total different scenes).

The site isn't updated anymore, and I can't really recommend it unless you're a big fan of Ashlee who really wants to see her on her knees or just wants to complete your Ashlee archive. Sadly, you'll get a lot more Ashlee for your money with a trip to allashlee.com.

05-31-08  03:43pm

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Visit I Dream Of Erica

I Dream Of Erica

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Erica is super-hot and has a cute southern accent!

* High-res pictures look good

* Vids offered in several bitrates, and they look pretty good for the most part!

* Cam shows are archived (though there's only 5 so far)

* As of 5/30, you get access to 4 other sites as well (Barely18barbie, youreroticparadise, love-abbie, and ashleexposed).
Cons: * Not a lot of vids and they're pretty short and tame in some cases.

* Update schedule is sketchy - just one update since 5/13 (about 17 days ago) - for a newer site that is worrysome.

* According to forums, Erica has been a no-show for several scheduled camshows, which is also a bad sign.
Bottom Line: Erica's site currently has 5 webcam archives, 6 "cam" vids, and 11 high-def vids. For picsets, 14 cam sets, 11 high-res photoshoots, and 3 sets of candids. It's not a lot of content, but what is there certainly looks good. The majority of the content is soft nude stuff, with only a couple of the vids having any real solo-play action. Personally, I like my solo-girl sites to be a little harder, but it will cater well to those who like their softcore stuff to be more on the teasy side.

The biggest problem I see is that the site is already showing signs of neglect. Honestly, I've been a member of several of the webmaster's other sites in the past, and they all seem to build up a little bit of content, then they're done forever. A quick look around at some of the other sites you get access to will show the same, as none of them seem to have gotten much bigger than erica's site is currently. Hopefully I'm wrong, because I think Erica is absolutely beautiful, and after going through all the content that's currently there, I'm dying to see more. Unfortunately, given the track record of other sites from this company, I just don't expect much. I recommend it only if you're dying to see what content Erica has up currently or are interested in a couple of the other sites you get access to.

05-31-08  03:20pm

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Visit Minxxx Studios

Minxxx Studios

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Some unique content from Canadian hotties you might recognize from other sites.

* Nice looking vids in several of the sites (though calling them "high-def" is a little bit of a stretch sometimes)

* Good variety - 3 hardcore single model sites, 1 group sex site, 1 solo scene site, 1 lesbian site, 1 mobile video site, and 2 general teen hardcore sites are all featured in the network.

* Simple design makes everything easy to find

* Trial is full-access
Cons: * Some content repeats across multiple sites, reducing the total amount of content available

* Network is still small - hopefully it has plans for growth still.

* Pictures, where available are not easy to download. There are no zipfiles here.

* Scene previews in a lot of cases are limited to just 1-2 screenshots, which sometimes doesn't help you figure out whether or not you'll actually like the scene.
Bottom Line: Considering the size, simple design, and jumbled quality I saw throughout these sites, I might have ranked the network a little high at 80 (very good), but some of the content made up for it for me. I recognized several of the girls from their appearances on other solo model sites or networks - Gwen from privategwen.com is featured in several movies on highdefteenmovies.com and barely9teen.com. Angie from cuteangie.com is featured on highdefteenmovies, in a hardcore scene nonetheless (first one I've seen her in!). I also spotted Julie from tastyjulie.com in a couple of scenes, though they were repeats from her own site. Plus I enjoyed the content at the solo model sites and was able to find several young hotties I liked scattered throughout the network, so the content was a big plus for me. The sites just need some work to fix up the rest of it.

Is it worth it? If you're not much into the canadian chicks you've seen around the net, probably not. There are some good scenes here, but I might suggest holding off a couple of months to let some more content build up before dropping $30. However, the trial is a perfect option if you just want a couple of scenes. It is a full access trial.

04-18-08  08:02pm

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Visit Dream Taylor

Dream Taylor

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Cute girl who doesn't tease you to death - there are some nice full sex scenes here

* Some of the vids are decent resolution at 1000kbps+ and 720x480.

* Despite its relative newness, there is a decent amount of content at 8 video scenes (4 of which feature boy-girl action) and 13 photosets.

* You get access to all of the sites in the Minxxx Studios network.

* 2-day trial is full access.
Cons: * Photos are only medium resolution (800x600 or so) and there are no zip files to be found here.

* Site organization didn't seem to be a priority. Everything is linked from the front page. There aren't separate sections for picsets or videos. If the site grows large (I hope!), it will get cumbersome to navigate.

* Video format isn't uniform throughout the site - there are a few that are lower-res mpg only. Also, some are offered as a full download while others must be grabbed in parts. Some offer both options. Really a mixed bag. Almost looks like the site was put together with content that was already shot and used elsewhere.
Bottom Line: Dream Taylor has a look that I like, and when I see one of these new sites pop up with a young hottie like her, I usually can't resist taking a look. All in all I was pleased with the content, knowing it's a pretty new site. If it (and the rest of the sites on the network) keeps growing, then I think it will be a pretty worthwhile purchase for someone who is into solo teen sites.

As it stands, there wasn't a lot to complain about the site, but there wasn't a lot that was worthy of excessive praise, so I thought a 75 (Average) score pretty much describes it perfectly. With a little TLC and some growth, I could see the score increasing significantly. The network isn't great, but I'll be keeping my eye on it and watching for some general improvements.

04-18-08  07:42pm

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Visit Brooke Marks

Brooke Marks

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: * Personality abounds here - some very "entertaining" content

* Decent number high-res videos up that look pretty good

* Updates fairly often, though seemingly not on any set schedule.

* You get access to camshows by several other models (including Misty Gates and Blue-eyed Cass among others)
Cons: * Content is 99.8% non-nude minus the very occasional nip-slip - but as long as you know that going in it shouldn't count against her much.

* Pics aren't easy to download - you have to right-click each one to save it.
Bottom Line: Brooke's site is very easy to like if you're into the super-hot non-nude model thing. It's not usually my favorite style of site, but occasionally I find one that looks good, and in this case, it worked out. Brooke is as hot as they come, and her site is full of her silly personality. She takes nothing very seriously here, except the quality of her site. You can tell she has taken the time to put together some funny stuff, and it gives you a pretty good insight into her personality. At the same time, there's still plenty of the normal stripteases, dances, and teasing going on here. A lot of her camshows have been archived into her video section, which is always a nice bonus.

I'm guessing her site may have been more active at one time. Updates do still happen from week to week in the form of a picset or video, but camshows seem to be fairly rare unfortunately. However, it's definitely not a neglected site, and that is a very welcome thing these days.

Bottom line - I give it an 85 based on Brooke's hotness, her silly personality which bleeds throughout her site, and the high-quality pic and video sets which make up the bulk of her content. If you are looking for a good non-nude solo-model site, this one should be high on your list!

03-23-08  08:11pm

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Visit Cute Tanya

Cute Tanya

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Access to other sites in the network
* A few video options (full vid mpeg, clips in wmv, etc)
* Bleh I can't even think of a third.
Cons: * Content on the tour is not found in the site. The tour implies that there are 9 vids available, while there are only 5.
* The content that is found in the site (only 5 vids) is weak and low quality.
* 51 pages of un-galleried pics makes for very un-friendly usage.
* Does not appear to be updating (at least not in the 3 weeks that I have been a member).
Bottom Line: Yet another site in this network that just appears to be severely misrepresented by its tour. Site is accessed after logging in by clicking on her site's thumbnail from the network's portal site. From there, you are offered her 5 video sets, which consist of her mostly fully clothed dancing around and doing some teasing. The tour shows a screenshot of a vid titled "My BF Pops" which looks like the uh...end of a lapdance, but the vid isn't on the site. It's stuff like this that just frustrates me to no end on some sites. Add to this the fact that there have been no changes to the site since I've joined and it's not a good formula. Oh and if you're a pic fan, you're probably going to be just as frustrated in that section, as there are no easy ways to download any of the pics. You have to click on the thumb of the pic, then right-click/download, which is annoying enough when the pics are all in a single gallery. When you have 51 pages of 20 pics apiece that aren't organized into galleries, it's even worse.

I don't recommend this site unless you just wanna pop in for a quick look while visiting one of the other sites on the network. Don't let the tour fool you!

12-10-07  09:28pm

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Visit Kelli Young

Kelli Young

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Videos are fairly decent at 1600kbps and 640x480
* Very cute girl with lots of photoshoot vids
* Plenty of photosets (120+)
* Access to a bunch of network sites - though none are really superb.
Cons: * Very basic members area - just a section for pics and one for vids.
* Site no longer updates - last date is Oct 23, 06
* No options to easily download pics. Must click on each and right click/download.
* All of the content - both vids and pics is nothing but Kelli posing for photoshoots. It gets pretty boring, but she is a cutie so it helps a bit.
* Very softcore - just some topless stuff here, nothing more explicit
Bottom Line: Kelli Young is a hottie with an average-sized archive of photoshoot pics and vids available. Unfortunately, that's about all there is to say. She's definitely a hottie, but the site doesn't give you an opportunity to learn anything about her or see her in any environment other than the confines of an apartment with a photographer. Thankfully, you do get access to a bunch of other sites, because I would be surprised if someone didn't get bored with most of the content here within a day or two.

As far as a recommendation - I'd give it a look if you are a member of one of the other sites on the network, but there's not really enough content or enough variety to make it worth an individual membership.

12-10-07  09:14pm

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Visit Jenni Apples

Jenni Apples

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Jenni is hot - resembles porn star Addison Rose kinda
* Access granted to additional sites
* A few video options (full vid mpeg, clips in wmv, etc)
Cons: Where to start...
* Only 5 vids, of which none are great and all are low quality (570k? Come on this is 2007!)
* Vids from tour are left out of site
* Picture section is the least convenient I've ever seen - 44 pages of 20 pics apiece, not divided into sets.
* No updates in the 3 weeks since I've joined
* Action seems cut short in all of the vids on the site, and unfortunately it's before much good happens.
Bottom Line: This is the kind of site that just makes you angry when you join. It's another case of a beautiful girl with an attractive tour who probably has nothing to do with how her content is presented to the public. As a result, you get a tiny, disorganized site, with very few redeeming qualities. I literally can't imagine anyone joining this site and feeling like they got their money's worth.

Upon joining, you'll be taken to a portal page to access all of the company's sites (including other solo girls like Kelli Young and Mandy Michaels). I'll warn you though - many of those sites are just like this one, with 5 sets and no organization among the picture galleries. I may be wrong, but I would not expect this site to ever update beyond what is out there now.

One other thing to note - I had horrible problems with the site accepting my login for the first few days. I could navigate to 2-3 pages in a row, then another login box would pop up, and my correct info would fail. Finally after a few days it worked itself out, but it was highly frustrating.

Bottom line - don't join this site unless you've got a super hard-on for Jenni Apples. There's just not enough content, and not enough effort put into the site to make it worth the cash.

12-10-07  09:01pm

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Visit Chloe 18

Chloe 18

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: * As with most of the sites in this network - super-hot, shy-acting, young-looking teen who likes to masturbate a lot on camera
* Decent number of scenes for a site the doesn't update anymore (about 33)
* Well-shot photos with a lot of varied poses
* Seems to really get into her scenes and forget the camera is there - makes for some hot action
Cons: * No more updates
* Low quality vids by today's standards (768kbps)
* Vids split into 6 clips, even though most are only 7-8 minutes once joined (and they don't seem to join very well for whatever reason).
* Fairly useless extras
Bottom Line: I feel like I'm repeating myself in my reviews of most of these solo-girl sites. I've joined them all several times to pick up any updates I didn't have, so there's obviously things about these girls I really like. I love sites with cute young girls masturbating - and that's what this is. Chloe's site, like the others, is all about being cute and teenish. Her site is one of my favorites because she really seems to get into the action in her scenes.

The main negatives would be that it's an archive site (and has been for over a year) and the vids are low quality. I've often wondered why webmasters to sites like these don't go back to their original masters and redo the vids at a higher bitrate. I know I'd be there day 1 to get the new high-quality versions of these vids. Seems it would be a good marketing tool, but instead they seem to like advertising these sites as if they were still living-breathing-updating sites.

As far as recommendations go - I wouldn't, unless you're taking advantage of http://www.allteenrevpass.com and getting access to all of the sites in this network. None of them are updating anymore, so they're all really just good for a month's membership. I happen to think it would be money decently spent, as long as you don't expect updates or HD-vids.

11-11-07  07:48pm

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Visit Little April

Little April

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: * April does the "young and innocent" thing very well.
* Decent amount of content for a site that has stopped updating (49 episodes available at the moment)
* Picsets, though short, have nice variety and are well-shot.
Cons: * Vids are a bit overacted - a bit hard to believe that we're gonna watch her spontaneously switch from playing a video game to masturbation
* Inexplicably has rotated vids for the last couple of years - it's an archive site...just put them all out there!
* Obviously - it's not updating anymore
* Vids are poor quality for this day and age (768kbps) and aren't available in full scenes
Bottom Line: Little April was the first solo-girl site I ever joined, and I think I actually joined the first day I stumbled across her site. She's super-hot and just had something about her that drew me in. Unfortunately though, by the time I joined, the "new" updates were already over and the site's operators were rotating the scenes out. I *think* my collection is about 55-60 scenes total, but the site has never had more than 40-45 of them up at one time. That could be an annoyance to anyone trying to complete a collection.

The scenes are also somewhat overacted sometimes. Seriously - we know the girl is 18, and she acts ridiculously young in some of the scenes, much like her network-mate Teen Topanga. The vids are nice in content, but a little lacking in variety, and definitely lacking in quality by today's standards. Most are in 6 1-2 minute clips, though some are only 3 clips. They come in 5 different quality ranges, but the highest quality is only 768kbps, which is not great.

As far as recommendations go, I don't usually recommend sites that don't update anymore, but if you're getting access to all of the sites in the network (join from here - http://www.allteenrevpass.com ) then it's worth a look. None of those sites stand up well on their own since none are updating, but as a package, you can get a lot of fairly decent stuff for a decent price.

11-11-07  07:26pm

Replies (1)
Visit Trixie Teen

Trixie Teen

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: * Shy-looking beautiful girl
* Well-shot photos - nice variety from shot to shot
* Site well optimized for those with low bandwidth (I'm searching for good things to say obviously)
* Access to a bunch of feeds from the teensforcash network.
Cons: * Dishonest claims inside members area ("My site is constantly updated with new content!")
* Vids are tame - only faux-masturbation here
* Vids are low-quality at 800kbps and a pain in the neck to download unless you want the mpg version.
* Site hasn't updated in a loooong time
* Only 10 vids and 26 picsets
Bottom Line: Honesty doesn't exactly run rampant among porn sites. One of my biggest pet peeves about sites is when they don't even attempt to meet the claims they make about how often they update. I've joined this network of sites 3-4 times since they launched, and I don't believe I've ever seen an update to Trixie's site. I know they've had to look at it to add all the ads for their other sites, so it makes my wonder why they refuse to remove the nice big banner that says the site is "constantly updated".

Trixie is definitely a hottie, but her site is unfortunately long since neglected and is probably no better than a bonus site anymore. Unfortunately that seems to be the case with all of the solo girl sites in the "teenrevenue" package of sites.

Trixie does get full-nude and does show all the goods, but don't expect any penetration or toy-play here. The site is surprisingly tame when you compare it to the others on this network. With so little content and no update schedule, I really wouldn't recommend joining unless you're looking for access to the other sites in this network.

11-11-07  07:07pm

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Visit Brandi Belle

Brandi Belle

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: * Lots of variety - Brandi is good at changing the "theme" of each encounter

* Always interesting when she brings her "friends" in for an episode, as many of the guests are pretty hot.

* She's not your typical porn-star and more than any hardcore site, this one really does feel kinda girl-next door.

* The vids look good, and they arrive faithfully every week, meaning there's now a lot of content to be seen here (around 100 episodes I'd say)
Cons: * Very penis-oriented, with several updates featuring penis-measuring or guessing contests...kinda wierd, but will surely float someone's boat.

* Brandi isn't the most enthusiastic sexual performer. She doesn't seem like the porno-type, and sometimes seems a little lost in the action.

* Also not a very great actress - lots of opportunity on this site to show personality, but it falls flat sometimes, though it is still cute.

* A few too many handjob movies
Bottom Line: The look of this site is a dead giveaway that it is a bangbros-produced site, and it kinda shows in the high quality. They've obviously done things write with their popular Oxpass network, and so they've carried a lot of the production values and layout over to Brandi's site, and it makes for a very easy navigation. Plus you can always count on updates to continue coming each week.

One more negative to add to my list above - there's not a direct download link for her vids. I'd like to be able to right-click and "save as" but it doesn't work that way here, at least not in Firefox.

I don't know if she really writes the text that go along with her updates, but it really adds to the theme of the site, which is a girl-next-door and her sexual adventures. As I mentioned above, Brandi isn't always the most enthusiastic girl during sex, but her vids are done in a way that there's almost always something new to see in every vid. Her tour is great - I think it shows you exactly what to expect when you buy a membership, and once you're in, it doesn't disappoint. This site is about as good as you're going to get if you're looking for a single-model site of a young girl who actually does boy-girl scenes. I highly recommend it if you fit that bill, but take a look at the tour first to make sure it's up your alley.

10-07-07  04:05pm

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Visit Zoey Zane

Zoey Zane

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Decent amount of content for a brand new site (15 vids, about 20 picsets)

* Vid quality is good, despite negatives to be mentioned later...

* Full-access trial

* Good variety in content - not just the same vid done over and over again in a different room, which is too common among solo-girl sites

* Some extra features that benefit a streaming-only site like saving a list of your highest rated sets
Cons: * Streaming only - I can't stress enough how big of a negative this is for me - I canceled almost immediately. I don't wanna wait for buffering while I'm uh...watching the vids.

* No convenience features for picsets like zip files or direct picture links.

* There's a place for camshow archives, but nothing there yet and no shows scheduled. However, site is so new I'm willing to give it a pass on this one.
Bottom Line: I saw this site was done by the same people who did hayleehunter.com, which I checked out about a month ago (and reviewed). I expected to see the same negatives here, but Zoey is a hottie and I was banking on a full-access trial to check it all out for sure. So I wasn't overly surprised when I saw that you couldn't save the vids and that the picsets were equally annoying to snag.

I suppose there are people out there who don't mind joining a site, seeing what it has to offer, and moving on after their month is up. Personally, however, I am a packrat. I want to keep the content, and a site that doesn't let me just isn't appealing.

As for the content - It's actually pretty nice here. The vids range from her dancing around in various states of undress or getting down with her favorite vibrator. There are a couple of girl-girl picture sets, but none too explicit beyond some mild touching and kissing. Most of the picsets are around 100 pics, but there's a good amount of repetition with a lot of the pics looking alike.

I guess I could recommend this site for someone who likes Zoey's look and doesn't mind the streaming only content. I would bet that there are more people out there like me though, who would see a lot more positive here if the content was theirs to keep.

10-01-07  07:11pm

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Visit Teen Topanga

Teen Topanga

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Hot hot hot - Topanga is hot, and she takes her name (presumably) from the old TV show Boy Meets World. If you like sites that focus on young girls playing with themselves, you'll probably like this one.

* The pics are really well done. They may not be the highest resolution, but they definitely make her look good.

* Decent amount of content (27 vids, 46 picsets) makes it worth a membership, especially if you have multi-site access.
Cons: * Navigation sucks - you get little pop up windows for vids that have the download links

* Vids are split into 6 parts except for the large mpeg version (which unfortunately doesn't look better than the 768kbps wmv files)

* No zip files for pic galleries. Thankfully they are direct picture links so there are tools you can use to get them easily.

* As with many of the other sites in this network, it's no longer updating (a tragedy indeed).
Bottom Line: This network of sites had so many incredibly hot solo-model sites. It's a shame nearly all of them (little Summer/April, Trixie Teen, Chloe18) have moved on to other things and left their sites to serve as mostly archives of their material.

As such, you can't expect interactive extras. There won't be camshows or chats. Your emails probably won't be answered (at least not by the "real" Topanga).

What you can expect is a nice set of playful solo masturbation pics and vids, with the occasional girl-girl set thrown in for good measure. Topanga isn't afraid to ham it up onscreen and play the young girl angle, so it can seem overacted at times (what...you mean girls don't suddenly get the urge to just start playing with themselves while watching cartoons on the couch?), but she's definitely a hottie. If you don't mind a site that doesn't update anymore, but has a decent amount of decent quality content, you'll probably enjoy the site for a little while. Recommended to visit if you've a) never been a member or b) if you're taking advantage of a multi-site access deal (I got access by joining College Fuck Fest, which is run by the same company). However, if you've been here before, there's probably nothing new that you haven't seen.

08-28-07  07:47pm

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Visit Little Summer

Little Summer

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Summer is a great actress - great body and personality that seems to fit the young theme of the site.

* Action varies between girl-girl scenes and solo, but things never seem to get too repetitive.

* Several vid formats to fit your needs.

* Enough content that it doesn't feel like a rip-off for a month of membership (seems to be rare these days)
Cons: * #1 negative would be that the site doesn't update anymore. I was last a member 6 months ago, and there haven't been any new sets since then.

* The best quality vids are the wmv files at only 1000k. It would be nice if they'd recode some of these vids at a higher bitrate like they've done with collegefuckfest (same company).

* The theme is very "acted". The girls in the vids seem to be a little over the top when it comes to theatrics. We know they're not really daddy's little angels.
Bottom Line: Summer has always been one of my favorite internet models. You can get access to her site (and some of her friends) through a membership to collegefuckfest, so even if you're missing just a few of her vids, you might be able to take advantage of the deal to get more content out of it.

As it is - she finished up with 40 picsets, 47 vids, and about 8-10 archived camshows (which have disappeared from the site - no clue why). If you've been a member before and already have all or most of her stuff, I can't really recommend spending another month here since there's nothing new.

Even when it was updating, the interactivity level wasn't great. Sure you could join her for a camz-hosted camshow (with maybe 1000 of her closest friends there to share the moment with you!) or perhaps you could send her an email (and who knows who you'll get a reply from?), but that's all gone now.

Really all that's left is an archive of Summer's content, and if you haven't seen it and like her look, I highly suggest giving the site a month's membership. You'll see some great solo and girl-girl scenes (no pulling punches - her and her friends get fully nude and lez out with each other). Just don't expect much in the way of extras.

Tip - Join through collegefuckfest and also get access to Little April, Chloe18, Teen Topanga, and Trixie Teen, in addition to the other Triple-X network sites.

08-28-07  07:23pm

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Visit College Fuck Fest

College Fuck Fest

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Site is (or at least used to be) fairly unique in that you have a lot of sex that happens in front of a crowd of rowdy drunken college students.

* They've gone back through their catalog and updated the vids to meet today's bitrate standards(2000k, 400x300 - yes the resolution is lacking a bit but they do look good).

* For a couple of years, there wasn't much new coming from this site, but lately they're adding new content once again and it fits right in with the old.
Cons: * Vids contain a lot of party footage in addition to the sex, so they can be kind of large (500-700 MB sometimes), but this really isn't a big negative.

* Pics are just screencaps, but honestly they're obviously not the focus here.

* Not all of their old content has survived - some of the older stuff has disappeared. Seems like there has always been right around 60 scenes available for download.
Bottom Line: The "reality-porn" genre isn't really my reviewing specialty, but since I do join these sites on occasion, I thought I'd pass my observations along.

I *think* this was the first paysite I ever joined several years ago, and really not a lot has changed here. While some networks have steadily added more content often at the rate of 1 scene a week, this one has always had about 60 episodes. If you joined several years ago, there will be new stuff here, but not a whole lot of it. Thankfully, they are updating with new stuff once again, but a lot of the girls are ones you may recognize from 4-5 years ago. Like most reality sites, the girls are actually professionals like you might see on a Bangbros site or Realitykings, but they do add a bit of reality by filming the scenes in a party setting, which does feel pretty genuine and makes things a bit more interesting at times. The production values are fine and the content looks good, so there's not a lot to complain about, other than the lack of growth. If you ask me, it's definitely worth a look if you've never joined before and are interested in the genre. You do get access to the rest of the sites on the network, which is a great bonus, although many of the bonus sites either no longer update or are simply scenes ripped from DVDs.

08-26-07  09:17pm

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Visit Haylee Hunter

Haylee Hunter

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Nice looking blondie here, and she isn't afraid to drop her drawers and show off the good stuff. However you should note that you're not (yet) going to see a lot of solo play here - mostly tease.

* Trial is full access as far as I can tell

* Images are fairly high-res (1500x1000 or so)

* Site includes camshows, forum, live show archive, extra (useless) feeds, wishlist, bio - all the stuff you would expect in a solo site.
Cons: * You can't download the vids - they're streaming only. And to top it off, they're fairly low res

* Site is new, so not a lot of content up yet (8 vids, 1 camshow archive, 30 galleries).

* No zipsets or direct links to images, meaning you have to click each picture to get a link to save it with.
Bottom Line: I like to believe that webmasters do their research before designing a site. I can't imagine that cheesy tactics like making vids stream-only or making pics hard to save end up making people stay as members longer. Personally - as soon as I see those types of things, I start looking for a cancel link.

I'd give more info on the 8 vids currently on the site, but they pop up in their own window with right click disabled and they weren't worth playing with any longer to figure it out. I've got a lot of methods and programs I've figured out over the years on how to save a streaming video, but try as I might, I couldn't snag these. As a personal "policy", I don't join sites that don't let me keep the content, so I canceled my trial here pretty quickly. Thankfully, the trial was full-access, so I could see what I was potentially getting into.

Despite these site-killing negatives (for me at least), Haylee is a hottie! The action can be a little tame, but I checked out her 30-minute camshow in the archives, and things were a little hotter in there. If she turns up the heat a bit in her future content and lets members save her vids, this could be a pretty hot site. However, I don't want to have to wait for buffering every time I skip ahead in a vid, so the streaming-only thing just kills this site for me. Not recommended for someone like me, but I'm sure it will more than suffice for some.

08-26-07  08:58pm

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Visit Princess Presley

Princess Presley

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Presley is drop-dead gorgeous. Of course for a solo-girl site, that's important.

* The 13 vids on the site look decent, despite relatively low bitrates.

* Zip files are available for all 37 picsets currently offered (this seems to be very rare for solo girl sites)

* Forum allows Presley to interact with members (can be good and bad)
Cons: * Site makes claims it can't meet - 3 updates a week ain't happening here. Vids seemed to come regularly until June 13, but none since. I hate when a site does that.

* Content is lacking - there aren't a lot of vids or picsets really, and the lack of updates isn't going to help.

* Most of the content is pretty tame (save for 1 totally hot girl-girl vid)

* No cam shows or indications that one is coming.

* Vid quality needs to step up - 500-700k isn't good anymore.
Bottom Line: This site is rescued a bit for me by its extremely super-hot starlet. However, it's got a lot of room to improve. As I mentioned, the action is pretty tame for most of it (and actually non-nude in a couple of vids), but it has gotten a little more risque as the sets have progressed, and she does get totally down and dirty with a friend in one vid (which made the whole membership worth it for me - but I doubt it would be that way for everyone).

The site's price is high for the amount of content when you consider the rocky update schedule. It really should be in the $19-24.95 range rather than $29.95. Her forum is a great idea, but it works a lot better when you have a regularly updating site. There doesn't seem to be a lot of activity at this site, and some of the disgruntled posts in her forum reflect that.

There are a couple of "attention to detail" issues with the site too - most vids are in both wmv and .mov formats, but some are one or the other. The zipped picsets unzip oddly, extracting into multiple folders, one with nothing in it.

All things aside - I wouldn't recommend this site if you need lots of content to be happy or like things to be pretty explicit in your sets. However, if you're drawn to incredibly cute girls like Presley, you'll find a thing or two here to like for sure. I'll have my eye on this site for the next few months, since I know it is new, and hopefully things pick up the pace.

Of all the solo girl sites I've joined, Presley would be in the top 3 hottest girls. Unfortunately, after 2 months of membership, I can't recommend the site. Updates of any sort just aren't happening. I kinda feel bad for the team in charge of this site, cuz they're getting roasted on her forum, but there is NOT enough updating, and NOT enough content to justify even 1 month of membership. Stay away until things change here!

07-09-07  03:19pm

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Visit Little Lara

Little Lara

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Site is pretty new (I think) but has a good amount of content at 18 scenes, ranging from solo to lesbian and hardcore.

* I personally rejoiced when I saw "Lexi" (formerly known as "Kimmy" at littlesummer.com) back in action.

* Vids look good at 2000k and 640x480 (though at that bitrate, I would have expected slightly better).
Cons: * Have to do an extra click to download the .wmv versions, though mpev and ipod videos are on the main video download page.

* Picsets are small, and split into "photos" and "pics". Pics = screenshots (12 sets), Photos = photosets (only 3 sets).

* Diary goes back to December and stops in May - if this site has really been around for 7 months (which I doubt) and they've already stopped updating it, that's not a good sign.

* Extras are the same useless feeds you see everywhere.
Bottom Line: I like this site, and I would have rated it higher if it wasn't so one-dimensional. The content focus here is definitely the videos - and those are hot. The 18 sets currently on the site consist of 6 solo vids (1 peeing), 10 lesbian, 1 bj, and 1 boy-girl-girl hardcore scene. Apart from those, there's not much else to spend your time on here. There is a chat link, but it's basically a note that says she isn't brave enough to put up a webcam yet (for fear that her mom might find out...uh huh).

If you've ever joined Little Summer, Teen Topanga, or any of the sites in that family before, you'll recognize the interface here, as it's almost a direct copy. That's not a complaint - just an observation. This site appears to be run by a different webmaster.

As mentioned in my pros section - Kimmy is back, and shares the screen with Laura in several lesbian scenes, and I believe is behind the camera in a few others, just like she did at littlesummer.com, and it also appears she will soon have her own site called lillexy.com. I'll be watching for that one daily!

Overall - I liked this site. The solo scenes didn't do much for me, which is unusual for me when joining a solo-girl-based site, but the focus on this one is more about her getting down and dirty with other guys and girls. Updates haven't been real impressive (only one in the 15 days I've been a member), but if they can get on a better schedule and keep the action coming, this will end up a pretty good site.

06-30-07  06:54pm

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