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N/A REPLY TO #26 from asmith12: (exotics4me's Reply)

> When anyone who has surfed porn for
> even a relatively short time goes to a site, say like, Teen Dreams,
> they know there are models that are not 18 and 19.
Right. But IF the site says "we're using only teen models on our site", or "we're using only gay models on our site", it becomes verifiable and objective statement. "Mature" on the other hand is still subjective. Why? I don't know and don't care.

> Your monitor example did nothing but strengthen what I said. They
> said their monitors were 17 inches, but the viewable area was only
> 15.8 inches. That is specific.
Exactly. And that's exactly why they've got beaten pretty hard for doing it.

> The definitions I used were relevant in the discussion, as it
> showed that the word Teen does have definitions in different
> languages that mean a time of life.
There is no way how German translation can affect an ad in English, but I won't argue with you on it anymore, because I hope that it's already very obvious to anybody else, and persuading you is obviously impossible.

> You really believe "brutal" means hot and innovative?
Nope, and I've never said it. It is as subjective as those two, that's it.

08-20-09  05:57am

N/A REPLY TO #22 from asmith12: (exotics4me's Reply)

> Honestly, I have no idea what the first half of your post is saying.
It basically says that reference to "how the word 'teen' is translated into German" is completely irrelevant to the question of honesty in advertising, see also below.

> I felt like I used the correct contextual definitions
Once again: if the word you've mentioned for German, is not STRICTLY EQUIVALENT to "teen models" within the adult site context, it's not a correct translation of "teen" (by definition of correct translation) and therefore is irrelevant. If it IS strictly equivalent, then I don't see any potential point which applies to "teen models" discussion (therefore, I see it as irrelevant too).

> I said if the sites got together and defined teen as 18-19 year old
> models, there would be a possibility of fraud. As it stands now,
> there is no clear definition of "teen" model.
Here you have a point, BUT here such a thing as user perception and expectation comes into play. Do you remember the case with advertised size of CRT monitors (which if I remember correctly ended up with penalties AND requirement to show monitor viewable size to the end-users)? It happened because when end-user have seen ad with "17"-monitor", he was reasonably expecting 17" of VIEWABLE area. The very same logic IMHO applies to "teen models".

> They advertise brutal leg scissors.
"Brutal" in my books is in the same league as words like "hot", "innovative", "attractive", "industry leader" and so on and so on; it's a very standard ad practice to use words which are essentially unverifiable subjective claims (with key words being UNVERIFIABLE and SUBJECTIVE, therefore it's up to ad writer if he thinks it's indeed "attractive", "industry leader", or "brutal"). It is BTW is VERY different from saying "award-winning" (which can be verified and therefore requires to be substantiated to be honest; which award it was is another story, but SOME award is indeed necessary to qualify as honest).

> They also advertise "unscripted" then say "3 tags per round" in the > tag team matches. That's scripted!
Nope. Per their rules, 3 tags per round are only ALLOWED for each of competing teams to be exercised (and they USUALLY happen, as they're very beneficial for the team), but are not required. Therefore, I don't see any false advertisement here either.

Overall, the only potential argument I see about "teen models", is if "teen models" claim is in the same league that '17"-monitor' and "award-winning" (opposed to "hot" and "innovative"). IMHO "teen models" is a verifiable and non-subjective claim, therefore I interpret deviating from this claim as false advertisement.

08-20-09  12:03am

N/A REPLY TO #16 from lk2fireone: (exotics4me's Reply)

I thought I was reading a James Bond parody when I read your reply of brutal leg scissors, the dreaded nipple twister, the pussy grind aided face sit and the 3 finger jammer-slammer.

Would even James Bond be able to stand up to female opponents using these dreaded techniques?


08-19-09  05:55am

N/A REPLY TO #14 from asmith12: (exotics4me's Reply)

> For example, the German word for teen is "jugendlich",
Assuming that your further interpretation of this word is correct, it means that it is NOT a correct translation for "teen" in this context, as correct translation by definition is the one which preserves meaning, and this word doesn't. "Teen models" in English-speaking adult-only world means exactly as you've said, "18 and 19 year old models", and it is a job of translator to provide the same meaning when translating it into other languages (even if it will mean translating short English "Teen" into several words in German).

08-19-09  01:29am

N/A REPLY TO #22 from careylowell: (exotics4me's Reply)

"Of course you aren't going to argue my 2nd post, you would prefer [i]playing flame wars like we were in the 5th grade."

I did not argue your second post 'cause I am not interested in flame wars. The guy who yacks on for 30 lines complains that the dude who type in all of 100 words is out to breach the peace.

07-12-09  04:23pm

N/A REPLY TO #14 from Drooler: (exotics4me's Reply)

Thanks for getting back on Club Sandy. I really like Cindy/Hope with the jet black hair. Seems to go better with her fine Eurasian looks. There's some nice stuff of her at EvasGarden, for instance. She helps that site more than it helps itself, as it's generally kind of boring to me.

06-22-09  03:32am

N/A REPLY TO #8 from Drooler: (exotics4me's Reply)

Thought I'd seen her with bigger boobies, too. Maybe it was at a recent preview at Mikes Apartment. Glad she didn't go overboard, as did another sleek, slim beauty -- Klara/Zoe. (Seems she's at least on her second set.)

Not that Cindy/Hope ever needed it, anyway. She has a body and a face that both speak volumes. Ah, well, I guess she's outta here at ALS Scans for any new shoots.

BTW, and I know I keep asking you, is Club Sandy still doing only 1280 px photos? Thx.

06-21-09  06:31am

N/A REPLY TO #10 from badandy400: (exotics4me's Reply)

I knew I could get you with that Exotics.

I like network sites usually because I can get so much for my money. If the content style is good on one site it can be expected that all of them will just as good.

04-08-09  12:31pm

N/A REPLY TO #4 from Jay G: (exotics4me's Reply)

Good point about the security...I hadn't thought of that.

03-27-09  05:00am

N/A REPLY TO #18 from careylowell: (exotics4me's Reply)

You have posted hundreds of replies (Not all worthy of a Demosthenes)to the cts of others, yet my single sentence reply draws a heavy-handed response. You're the only one on PU permitted to be a bastard?
Let's keep this in perspective:
I was not advocating the free distribution of heroin in schools
nor roasting babies in a furnace. I could argue your 2nd post but that's rewarding posts that are over-wrought.

03-26-09  11:51am

N/A REPLY TO #17 from Toadsith: (exotics4me's Reply)

If isn't clear why there is gender separation, then doesn't that argue that it should be eradicated entirely? If an institution is going to force its members to cleanse themselves in a group setting, then it shouldn't put different rules upon those members due to different sexuality, gender, race, religion, et cetera. The point of such activities is generally to emphasize the group and deemphasize the individual. By segregating a group based on individual attributes, it is sabotaging the agenda of the institution. In the future the military may imitate Paul Verhoeven's co-ed showers in Starship Troopers (1997).

03-26-09  06:51am

N/A REPLY TO #8 from careylowell: (exotics4me's Reply)

It caused problems, and though I don't think most people would look at the situation and think anything about it, it is much different when put in that position. I remember one of the straight players even saying, "Would I be allowed to shower with the female cheerleaders?" and he had a good point. That would be seeing your sexual preference nude.

He didn't have a good point as showers are seperated by gender not sexual preference.

03-25-09  04:19pm

N/A REPLY TO #13 from lk2fireone: (exotics4me's Reply)

"We see people wearing funny sexual shirts all the time. This girl was buying some gas, when I noticed her bumper sticker, 'My other car is a Sybian'".

That would be considered an inside joke. I believe very few people would have any idea what a Sybian is. Obviously some kind of foreign car, Korean or what not.

03-12-09  09:46am

N/A REPLY TO #35 from Pinche Kankun: (exotics4me's Reply)


In that case, I like the TRIBBING that doesn't include dildos or rubber dicks!!

Seeing 2 young teen tight bodied hot girls tribe like that is... OOOOHH MY GOOOOSH!! :D :D

You wanna know who I wanna see tribe?!! ALEXIS LOVE AND RILEY MASON!!

12-06-08  06:15pm

N/A REPLY TO #6 from badandy400: (exotics4me's Reply)

Are you trying to make everyone jealous Exotics? My girlfriend does not mind watching porn, even sometimes suggests it. She does not put on that she likes it as much as she does because she is trying to slow me down a bit on my addiction. She feels that if she shows more openly that she does not mind and even likes some of it that it would be like throwing gas on an already out of control fire.

09-03-08  05:05pm

N/A REPLY TO #6 from Drooler: (exotics4me's Reply)

I'm especially looking forward to the enhancements coming to PixAndVideo and ClubSandy. I occasionally drop in as a visitor just to see if they've done it yet. No, no yet, but it takes time, especially to do it right.

This discussion reminds me of a book I read in the '80's, The Third Wave by the futurist Alvin Toffler. He predicted the rise of the "prosumer" (a blend of producer and consumer) saying that "the split between the producer and consumer ... is now being blurred." He meant in manufacturing. And now indeed we can, for example, order an automobile to our own specfications from a home computer.

But in another way we've become prosumers. PU has made it possible for us here to have a direct effect on the content and design of at least the websites that pay attention to us, such as the ones you've mentioned.

All I have to do is think back to the dark days not so long ago when I would get frustrated with a website and email them and nothing would happen. And that still happens sometimes, but the days are still much brighter than they used to be now that we can speak together more with a stronger voice which we know can be heard.

08-24-08  05:39pm

N/A REPLY TO #12 from Drooler: (exotics4me's Reply)

Hey, Exotics, thanks for the info about porn.com. I was recently a member of another site where the user had to rename every file, picking each one like they're a la carte sushi.

New Sensations is actually a network of many sites. Some update regularly and some have stopped. There are link problems sometimes there, too. If a video link doesn't work, just click for it to stream and from that point you can also download. I found some nice new content (to me, anyway) of girls like Daisy Marie, Addison Rose, etc. Not a bad deal for the discount price, which I think is about $15, but not the greatest browsing experience, either. It's easy to lose one's way and experience PNSDS: Porn Network Site Disorientation Syndrome.

(Thought you mind find that amusing since you're a psychologist. ;-)

Thanks again for all of the info. Until the next ...

08-17-08  04:16am

N/A REPLY TO #10 from Drooler: (exotics4me's Reply)

FYI I was looking around (my interest rekindled) and noticed that there's stuff of her at NewSensations, too.

I think I'll have to join that porn.com sometime. Sounds like a good site, as you've said.

08-16-08  08:52am

N/A REPLY TO #8 from Drooler: (exotics4me's Reply)

Exotics4me, I've got the answer for you. Check out TorridArt's Lindsey. You can't see that round tat on her right thigh in the previews, but I looked into the member's area and the Part 2 "Fireplace" gallery had it showing clearly.

Here's more: She's Lindsey Meadows as shown at SportyOne.

Yes, that video is great. You could hook her up to an ice cream maker and have something to enjoy post coitus.

08-16-08  04:58am

N/A REPLY TO #5 from MargulisAZ: (exotics4me's Reply)

Nothing worse than seeing something in a preview area and then it not being in the member area, well, if it's something you want to see at least. I've had that happen more than once, and a few of those times the scene or scenes that weren't there were the main reason I joined the site in the first place. Extremely frustrating when that happens.

08-15-08  06:22pm

N/A REPLY TO #10 from Drooler: (exotics4me's Reply)

Actually, there was a hardcore scene or two of Aria Giovanni, because I saw it somewhere years ago. It was of her and a guy on a blanket outdoors. Trouble is, I've never been a been a fan and have kept practically nothing of her.

But it seemed to say one thing: This chick is not cut out to do hardcore. It was really "awkward" and uninspired.

08-14-08  11:24am

N/A REPLY TO #18 from Wittyguy: (exotics4me's Reply)

Man, the college football season starts in a few weeks how can you have forgotten :) All I can say is go Pac 10.

08-11-08  11:50am

N/A REPLY TO #16 from Jay G: (exotics4me's Reply)


08-11-08  06:02am

N/A REPLY TO #16 from MargulisAZ: (exotics4me's Reply)

That's not a bad idea either.

08-08-08  10:46pm

N/A REPLY TO #2 from Jay G: (exotics4me's Reply)

Good point. I enjoy the fact that most gangbang guys (especially when the numbers are big) don't look like the steroid workout kings that fill the rest of porn. Sometimes they're even short, fat, balding, older guys who get some action. Yes, in my fantasies, I bet she "would let me." That girl likes sex and isn't judging me.

08-05-08  03:37am

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