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N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I don't use the word hate because it's not the kind of word that I think should ever be used except in very rare situation so let's just say that I really dislike them. Luckily only a few sites do that. Bangbros being the one that comes to mind.

Fuck me but you already have my money. Why would you annoy me with useless crap that will make me not want to come back.

02-12-15  03:07pm

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

Porn is fantasy. If you do like Dorothy and look behind the curtain than you to will discover that the magic is just a smoke show. That`s why I don`t look behind the curtain and I dare anyone to prove to me that they know for certain that a performer is straight, a lesbian, bi or gay for pay. Even if you read about it in an interview doesn`t mean that what they said is the truth. In fact it`s probably better for them to lie as much as possible because a porn performer is not a real person anymore than a movie actor or actress is a real person. There is a real person behind the mask but most of us never get to see it and frankly that is probably for the best.

The only performer that I feel moderately safe in saying was not bi, a lesbian or even gay for pay is Taylor rain. I can`t remember where I read it but she made it clear that she was into dicks first, second and third. I think she did two lesbian scene but only one would really classify as a true lesbian scene as at no point does she kiss the other women, go down on them or even gets eaten out by the other two women. There is some touching and Jenna haze licks Taylor`s pussy for a couple of minutes and the rest of the time Taylor is fucked with dildos and strap-ons.

02-10-15  06:33pm

N/A Reply of LPee23's Reply

Thanks. I'm actually enjoying my The Classic porn membership. They have an amazing mix of Euro and American stuff which is what I'm looking for.

02-09-15  05:52pm

N/A Reply of Jay G's Reply

You are looking for new stuff and I'm doing the opposite because my quest these days is to find any movies that were made prior to the 90's. I'll gladly take some less well known movies made in the 90's if it was one that I enjoyed but those are usually either completely impossible to find or easily found on a few places.

02-08-15  05:39pm

Visit Simon Scans

Simon Scans
Reply of MargulisAZ's Comment

I guess the same thing that has or will happen to many other sites. Maybe they had financial trouble prior to the world market crash of 2008 and when that happened then they more or less died but may not have said anything to try and squeeze as much money out of unsuspecting customers. I expect you've noticed that TBP/PU no longer does business with them and that's all I need to know.

02-08-15  09:09am

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

I am very picky on what I download so no I never download a sites entire content.

02-08-15  08:50am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Although I tend to always join the same sites. My main goal is always to find sites that offer the kind of porn that will stimulate me. The sad part is that so few manage to do a decent job that I'm stuck at relying on those that are average.

02-04-15  05:44pm

N/A Reply of pornwatcher's Poll

I picked it depends but what my choice is that I want both. I think a scene is not complete unless both the guy and the girl go down on each other.
Preferable the guy goes first on his lady and then she returns the favor.

02-02-15  10:04am

N/A Reply of LPee23's Poll

I picked no because as far as I know DRM is the kind of technology that means you can't view videos unless you have the access code which is always held by the producer. That means that you can't view any porn offline as you need the codes to see the videos and the producers can prevent you from viewing content you downloaded years ago at any time.

01-31-15  09:46am

Visit Passion HD

Passion HD
Reply of PinkPanther's Comment

It's been my experience that certain TBP reviewers aren't very good at identifying whether a porn scene is exclusive or leased material and by default often say that a site has exclusive content when the opposite is true. In the case of Passion HD. The review doesn't mention that the content is exclusive. Only that it is in HD. Now I think that it would have been nice to mention in the cons that the content is not exclusive and porn pro members should be careful as they may already own many of the videos available on this site but they didn't and the great thing about PU is that people like you can inform others on that little bit on important info.

01-30-15  05:34pm

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

Exactly what rear said. In most cases I never know and more importantly don't care.

01-29-15  05:28pm

N/A Reply of jberryl69's Poll

There are two reasons but only one was named. Mind you in either case it essentially boils down to the same thing. I usually stop watching a performer that alters her appearance be it with plastic surgery or the adding or body art. The first is often the more common but I've stopped watching some performers who decided to accumulate tattoos like pair of shoes.

01-27-15  06:45pm

N/A Reply of LPee23's Reply

I guess that is part of the appeal but there are some thing in porn that I simply don't want to watch because I find them degrading to the women. Spitting, Slapping, Facials, pee are all things that I avoid because I find that it's a degrading act being perpetrated against the women and therefore a turn off for me. I don't judge them impartially because I'm unable to be impartial on those subjects.

I'm sure you view pee scenes with a very different eye than me and more power to you if you can find such scenes. They aren't that rare but they are still a fringe item that is getting much harder to find. At least new stuff.

01-27-15  06:41pm

N/A Reply of LPee23's Reply

The problem you seem to want to overlook is that pee is not actually water. It is waste material in the same vain that shit is except that urine's main component is still water and therefore ingesting it is unlikely to cause any ill effect but you don't see people drink their piss or play with it because instinctively we know it's not meant for consumption.

I think that is why having an open mind is not going to change any of what I wrote. In fact it's likely to have the opposite effect as you consider the implication of someone pissing on somebody else.
Mind you I get the feeling that you don't see it the same way as I do but that's alright.

01-26-15  06:23pm

N/A Reply of LPee23's Reply

So unless I'm reading you wrong than basically watersport sites have for the most part all had issues with CC processor. I could believe it because pee is and always was a less than defensible part of the porn industry which is why most producers over the years have avoided shooting it or at least they found loopholes to shoot it. Why do you think you saw so much squirting.

I know Brazzer had to remove most if not all of their P/P content or face a loss of cc processors but frankly I never really believed the reasons they offered because their stuff wasn't any worse than the stuff Kink was shooting at the same time and still does today. I think there may have been other factors which we may hear about one day.

01-25-15  05:28pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

The content is the first thing that influences my decision. The other is price. Price has never stopped me from joining a site but it does stop me from staying long term or joining often.

01-25-15  10:40am

N/A Reply of LPee23's Reply

The only thing I can think of that is now censored and not available (except maybe on illegal sites) is underage porn. I'm not talking about always illegal underage porn so much as now illegal porn. I believe the legal age for doing porn is some European Countries used to be 16 and there are a couple of under 18 teenagers who did porn. Their stuff is no longer available because the legal age changed over the years and their stuff became illegal to own when once upon a time it was legal.

01-25-15  10:35am

Visit Club Seventeen

Club Seventeen
Reply of CaloNord's Comment

I don't know how knowledgeable you are about porn in general so maybe you already know this but CS is now a dead site. I mean you still see updates but a person like me recognizes that most of them are leased material available on multiple sites all over the net. The days when CS only updated with their own content must be long gone now. I don't think they were able to survive the recession of 2008.
Not that they are alone as many sites were already starting to have problems with tube and torrent sites and the crash simply killed them.

Of course that doesn't mean that you shouldn't join them because their join price is ridiculously low but regular members of Eastern European porn sites should be careful because they could join this site only to realise that they already have all of their content.

01-24-15  07:23am

N/A Reply of LPee23's Reply

The two biggest stumbling blocks for what you are talking about are availability and money. Finding the original master for those older videos is going to be a really hard because they may no longer exist or they belong to too many different people that finding and dealing with all of them will be next to impossible. I mean there must be a digital versions of most if not all older videos somewhere on the net but quality is usually on the poor side. That's where the money stumbling block comes in to play. I mean the technology is likely already here but paying someone to clean up older videos is going to cost way more than you can ever hope to make back and sadly now that people are salivating over the arrival of 4K videos then I don't know how big the market for videos that will be significantly lower will really be. I know I'd join in a second but I think I'm now part of the minority in regard t older porn.

01-24-15  07:14am

N/A Reply of LPee23's Poll

I always do because it reminds me of all the porn I saw when I was younger and which no longer exist anywhere except in my imagination.

01-23-15  05:22pm

N/A Reply of asmith12's Poll

Of course a special price will entice me to join but it won't mean a better score as I rarely use cost in how I score or review a site. There are some exceptions where I have given a better or worse score because of the join price but I usually give the reason why I gave the score.

01-11-15  09:51am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

When I hear the word parody than I think of movies like Spaceball, Airplane and the more recent Scary Movies. I guess some people are different than me because these seem to be popular but I don't want to sit through what is essentially a long joke with sex scenes mixed in. There may be a lot of things that cross my mind when I think of porn but comedy is not one of them.

I think mediocre porn producer hit on the idea of doing parodies because they saw they were popular in mainstream media and thought they could import that to porn with the same success. Not sure if it has worked as a business plan but they keep making them so what do I know...Expect that I'd rather watch paint dry than look at a porn parody.

01-05-15  03:05pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I like variety in my porn but since I can join more than one site than I'm quite fine if the site I join concentrates on only one thing.

01-03-15  09:10am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

No because I don't think this is a good time to make any kind of life changing decisions. You are on holiday so enjoy them because sooner than later you have to go back to work.

01-01-15  06:01pm

Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network
Reply of uscue's Reply

You must some kind of glitch because it's still 14.95$.

01-01-15  07:05am

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