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Visit Teen Stars Only

Teen Stars Only
Reply of spazlabz's Reply

Hi There,

Could you confirm if the TBP site review page for TSO is correct, in that, joining via TSO, you get access to the other 2 new sites..... NGHD and Home Teens, but not the 13 sites that are avaialble via any other site.

If you join via NGHD for example, you get access to 13 of the TMW sites, but not either of the 2 other new sites... !

All getting rather confusing !

11-11-09  09:43am

Visit Lovely Teen Movs

Lovely Teen Movs
Reply of ace of aces's Comment

This looks very like TeenMegaWorld to me. They are bringing out new "sub-sites" every month. I may be wrong......

11-11-09  08:32am

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

Well it was easy for me - To give head.....I am 100% hetero, so that, for me, would be extremely diificult. Wish everything in life was so cut and dry !

10-26-09  03:42pm

Visit 1Pondo.tv

Reply of monty2222's Reply

Try clicking on the categoris on the left of the home page and you can download some previews.

Probably won't be long before I join to be honest....!!! Just saving the pennies.

10-26-09  03:39pm

Visit All Teen Rev Pass

All Teen Rev Pass
Reply of OneMan's Comment


This is what I received from the Credit Card company that services the site:

"The charge of $9.95 is only a pre-authorization to ensure that the credit card
used is valid and there is room on the card if ever the membership is upgraded.
But we assure you that this is not an actual charge but just a temporary hold on
the funds that will usually fall off your bank within 72 hours once the membership
has been canceled."

Now, as far as I'm concerned, this is rubbish. I have never seen anyone take more than $1 from a credit card to check iD etc.

Besides, what the firm did not do, is to tell me that I was given access to a 3 day trial which would be rebilled at $9.99 unless I cancelled.

Unfortunately, I had no idea that I had been signed-up to it and so would not have cancelled it anyway !

But, taking $9.99 from on'es account without authorisation is 'not on', in my book !

However they dress it up, it is dodgy practice at best.

I really wanted to try out Tiny Tyler, but I no longer wish to patronise this company...on principle, if nothing else. At worst, sufring the member area which is full of instant upselling links, is not my idea of fun, as I have found to my cost in the past !

These sites that use dodgy practices should be named and shamed.
I still maintain that instant upsells are not legal...at least in the UK, Contract Law requires clear offer and acceptance.....credit card practice should not allow it...at least ethically if not legally. Disgraceful.

10-26-09  10:39am

Visit Little April

Little April
Reply of lurifax's Comment

If you do, be VERY careful.

See my comments here about allteenrevpass..... tiny teen pass etc.

They make charges even when you have un-checked the cross-sell boxes and avoided all the instant up-selling links.

Especially beware of the trial offers.....they will sign you up for a 3 day trial of a dvd site (bogus) and charge you $10 and not even tell you that you have joined. There is NO EMAIL to tell you that this trial has been paid for and that you will be rebilled after 3 days for $40.

They send an email that you have joined AllTeenRevPass and can cancel before 2 days is up, but do NOT email you about the other trial they have charged you for.

This is CLEARLY fradulent, as you will be rebilled without even knowing about it.


10-24-09  06:30am

Visit Idols 69

Idols 69
Reply of WeeWillyWinky's Comment

The submissive, almost ashamed attitude shown by japanese girls, is actually quite realistic and natural. You will not find many vids where they are laughing and joking, and even fewer where they take control.

A few sites do appear to be cropping up where many of the vids are very different - such as the one I mention above which I am probably going to take a look at. There, some are starting to show girls that are a lot less submissive and you don't get the feeling that they are being raped. In fact, some even shave their pubic hair, which is lmost unheard of in japanese girls, presumably, acting like a security blanket.

So, to be honest, the feeling you get form those videos, is not the girls faking or acting....quite the opposite in fact.

10-23-09  02:32pm

Visit Gloryhole Girlz

Gloryhole Girlz
Reply of mbaya's Review

Did you notice if th videos were stuttury ? The samples I saw, had a framerate of 15 fps.....25 fps is the minimum standard rate.

Also, they are now using Netcash......byt it is still $15 if you hit the back button after going to the join page.

10-13-09  05:45am

Visit Gloryhole.com

Reply of fortherecord777's Comment

Shouldn't the review be updated to reflect the fact that vids are "now shot in HD" ???

However, ALL the vids have this stamped on them, altohugh they cannot all be HD...so it obvioly begs the question....how many are ??? !!!

Still seems a little repetitive though.....same format, same cock......same old, same old.....? !!! And, TOO expensive. Halve the price and I may join.

The other "free" sites are not of the same genre and most people wouldn't find them of any interest.

10-07-09  01:58pm

Visit Peter North DVD

Peter North DVD
Reply of lk2fireone's Reply

I didn't make any comment about the Peter North site.

I merely commented about Videobox's regional pricing.

I think you are confused........

I was going to comment on the use of the words "nice".....but then saw later on, that you had been more specific about resolutions etc.

I could find no way of "deleting" my comment, so merely removed the text.

10-07-09  04:29am

Visit Peter North DVD

Peter North DVD
Reply of lk2fireone's Review

Sorry - error.

10-06-09  11:52am

Visit Hustler HD

Hustler HD
Reply of insomniacxxx's Reply

Also, why is it called "Hustler HD", but the video rates per TBP, are around 1500 k ????

Bear in mind, that Hustler have such a massive income from DVD/Blu-Ray sales in the states, they will NEVER allow even DVD quality DVDs to be accessed for $30 per month....NEVER !

10-06-09  10:50am

Visit Young Models

Young Models
Reply of BabyGetReal's Comment

That's great news. Some webmasters are honest, and mistakes DO happen of course.

Some, unfortunately, are not so scrupulous....I had one guy in South America, whose "independent merchant" ripped off some of his customers - including me - and disappeared. Did we receive any compensation ? No....nada....not even an apology....just procrastination and "wo is me!!" bs.

Fair play to you, for pointing out that this site is run by a decent guy. maybe we should have a section devoted to publicising decent sites in terms of customer service ? It's all too easy to criticise, but we are less likely to take the time to commend and recommend !

10-03-09  03:09pm

Visit VideoBox

Reply of barnlol's Comment

I too have very poor speeds in the UK. In fact, I have a problem with many sites in the US.

This ipartly why I prefer the euro-based stuff. I reckon it has to do with the trans-atlantic shared networks.......not necessarily your specific ISP.

But, yes, I feel your pain !

Is it possible to use a D/Load Manager ? that way, just leave your lappy on all night.

10-03-09  09:54am

Visit Teen Stars Only

Teen Stars Only
Reply of spazlabz's Reply

Okay, thnx for the clarification. I will be joining and reporting back in my review which sites are avaialble. Maybe you could list them on the TSO site ? It is rather confusing as to which sites are avaialble from which joining point...you do have a lot of sites !


09-30-09  08:29am

Visit Teen Sex Movs

Teen Sex Movs
Reply of BabyGetReal's Comment

I think its a little unfair to expect people to list specific video titles. It is after all, very subjective.

Also, a site like this, has 1000's of videos, and they often have nothing but general titles: like: video 400b.wmv, for example or high23.wmv.

These generic titles are actually a bad point of this network, as you need to download to different folders for each of the sub-sites, or you end up with multiple videos with the same name !

So, for example, in TeensSexMovs.com, there will be a title high3.wmv, but you will also find a different video in Teen3Somes.com, with the same title ! So, you need to be on the ball, or you will be over-writing already downloaded videos.

09-30-09  05:47am

Visit Hardcore Max

Hardcore Max
Reply of Wittyguy's Comment

Old Maxwell should seek the help of someone.....he needs it. Yuk.

07-24-09  11:43am

Visit Mega Site Pass

Mega Site Pass
Reply of Netsirk's Reply

I am sure that if you sort out the site, so it does "what it says on the tin"......someone from TheBestporn.com, may take another look at it and comment accordingly.

I am just so utterly confused by it all, it's time for me to move on.

I don't like upsells......they suck. You dare not click on any other link on the site, for fear of being charged again!

Being a member of a site, means you should feel free to explore......can you see why this may be ?

It's wrong.....very wrong.

07-23-09  02:45pm

Visit Download Porn

Download Porn
Reply of OneMan's Review

It appears that these may be downloadable, depending on how you access the site. If you see the comments re my review on the sister site: megasites.com, it looks as though, if you join from megasites.com, you only get access to streaming versions.

Given that access to both sites, when joining from TBP.com, is the same - $9.99 or 9.99 euros if in Europe - I can't see the logic to be honest.

Both sites "upsell" to the other site, at the same price. You work it out....!!!????

07-23-09  02:41pm

Visit Mega Site Pass

Mega Site Pass
Reply of Netsirk's Reply

Hello Kris,

I do not like to get into futile arguments, but will reply once, to a few of your comments.

".......We're in the process of upgrading our high-def videos, and unfortunately that means that some H264 encoded MP4 files are being used in place of the HD files while they're being processed......."

Well, my review is based on what I've seen, not what may happen in the future. I have searched your entire site, and found not one video, in a bitrate higher than 1100 kbps.......very average even 3 years ago. It is frustrating......even infuriating, when so many of your 'sites', purport to be in Hi Def.......some at "1080p !"......when none are. Even the individual videos are labeled as such. But, they are not.

"......These files are not distorted - try using Quicktime or VLC player and they will work fine......."

Most people have probably never heard of VLC, although I agree it is the best media player, and yes, I use it.
But..Many of the h264 videos have a size of 1400x426 (see my review for exact dimensions): this is unique.....I have NEVER seen this size before, and I need to "tell" VLC to auto-play in 4x3 for them to show properly. The problem with over-riding auto-sensing, is that if I then play a widescreen video, I need to manually change it back.....again !

As for Quicktime......Hmmm......no thanks!

Videos should be pretty standard...and if they were encoded correctly, they would run just fine in any media player.

"...I'm not sure who you emailed but please email me directly and let me know how I can help. It sounds like there was a problem with your upgrade - it should have allowed you to download, and I can check/fix your login if you let me...

Well, I emailed using the links and webmail to both the webmaster of the sites, and your card processing company. If you do not have the correct email links on your site...it begs a number of question...doesn't it ?

Also, I was not sent an email confirming my cancellation...nor was I ereplied to when I "queried" if my cancellation for both sites, had indeed been successful.

"...The membership you originally purchased did not include downloading full videos..."

Now, this is where it gets very annoying for me. You see, the whole "upselling" thing for me, is very distasteful. It smacks of stealthy dishonesty...regardless of how you mean it to look. It should be banned...and it was not clear "what" I was getting if I clicked on the list. I have never payed for access to "streaming" so I wouldn't have agreed to pay more for streaming vids...I rest my case.

"...From your comment you didn't receive download access which is unfortunate and I can imagine quite frustrating..."

Well, which is it...you said above that my subscription "did not include access to downloadable videos".......???

07-23-09  02:22pm

Visit Tranny Boss

Tranny Boss
Reply of GCode's Reply

Hi GCode,
Yes I agree, there is, to a degree, already built-in to the system, protection against spurious/devious websites. BUT, at long as the information about the spurious nature of sites is retained, so it can be seen by potential members when browsing the BP site.

ie. don't delete all the stuff about the site from the BP servers. We need to know "Who" the offenders are.

But, so as not to give the site any undeserved publicity, having a link next to the name of the site that directs the user to the "Named and Shamed" Page....instead of the reviews page, would ensure that everyone is warned. A selection of comments could be retained so the user gets the picture about the site.


07-20-09  02:37am

Visit Tranny Boss

Tranny Boss
Reply of GCode's Comment

Yes, this does happen apparently.
See my comments and review on Mega Site pass...I had a very similar problem with "stealth instant upsells".....utterly disgraceful.

A member of a site, should feel free to explore the site and click on links without fear of signing himself up to other sites, services etc.

I reckon we should have a page on this site for naming and shaming sites that do this type of thing.....

07-19-09  03:45am

Visit P Video.eu

P Video.eu
Reply of Pvideoeu's Reply

No problem; we like to keep you on your toes...8-)

That sounds about right.


06-21-09  09:30am

Visit Teen Core Club

Teen Core Club
Reply of Wittyguy's Reply

Also, 4 sites have been reviewed with low scores....while the one he is "promoting" has been given a high score along with comparisons to the others.....this site is the "best on the net".

Note the dates of the other 4 reviews. All on the same day......

Sorry, this person has an agenda...it is blindingly obvious and should be ignored.

As more evidence, after the review had been posted, an unfavourable review appears, and this person then adds another "review" under the comment section.....even longer than his original review.

This is blatent defence of a site, in which he clearly has an interest.

Dmander6, clearly has an interest in Teen Core Club, and his reviews and comments should be removed. you don't need to be Columbo to see this.

06-16-09  12:39pm

Visit Teen Sleepover

Teen Sleepover
Reply of ace of aces's Review

What is it with so many sites nowadays, going live with just a dozen short videos ?

And, why are so many more still making videos around 800-1000kbps ?

This is just a joke........

05-31-09  03:39pm

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