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N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

To me, POV is an in-camera SFX (like a lens flare or forced perspective). Used sparingly it can be good. Used exclusively it becomes boring for several reasons. The camera angles are very limited. If the performance is enthusiastic, the camera shakes. It doesn't come close to simulating "this is happening to you" which is supposed to be one of its selling points. POV is popular because it's inexpensive to make. A lot of POV comes across as a porn guy penis selfie.

10-03-15  08:50am

Visit The GF Network

The GF Network
Reply of skippy's Comment

I'll confirm some of Skippy's observations with this informal review. This site is little more than a subscription tube site - with mostly amateurish content. I've not had a problem with spam (yet).

When I want a break from the usual "Pro" shenanigans, I'll subscribe to an amateur site.

I read TBP GF Network review so I went in knowing it wasn't going to be great. Even with low expectations, it was pretty disappointing. I signed up to Oral Girlfriends which is part of the GF Network.

The site is called AmaLand and it claims to be a network which consists of 20 (or so) "girl friend" sites. A site has both photos and clips (it wouldn't be fair to call the videos "scenes"). The photos and clips are unrelated to each other. A photo does not tie back to a clip and vice versa.

Since many clips have multiple site tags, the clips are duplicated across sites and in some cases a clip will show up several times on the same site. Some sites have a few hundred clips/photos, some have thousands of clips/photos.

Clips have static watermarks or crawls: "As seen on AmaLand". The video quality of the content is poor. Many clips are 320 x 240 screen size with low bit rate (300 to 600 kpbs). Some are of better resolution/bit rate. Most clips are around 4-10 minutes long. Some are in the 15-20 minute range. There are some webcam clips that are more than an hour long.

Much of the content is amateurish because the photography and lighting are of very low quality. Most of the clips are shot POV and are very shaky (i.e., many clips look like they were shot lights-out during an earthquake). Many of the clips are unedited. You'll see clips presented sideways and even upside down. Clips will begin with lots of camera thrashing and end abruptly.

I consider sites like Wifey's World, Jenny and Joey, Asian Deepthroat and Home Grown Video to be quality amateur sites. AmaLand can't hold a candle to them.

Speaking of which, I saw what looks to be a JnJ scene and a Wifey clip on AmaLand. I also spotted a scene from the old Seymore Butts "Blow Me" compilation (scene 9). That made me wonder where the content actually comes from.

Steaming is done via JWPlayer. When I tried to scrub ahead on the timeline the clip would stop playing with a "media loading error" and the streaming would halt. I was able to use a download manager (IDM) however I found that if I did D/Ls with more than one connection, the speed dropped to 1/2 or 1/3 speed.

On any given page you get 4 or 5 ads for affiliated sites.

y opinion is the subscription is not worth $28/month. When I went to cancel I was offered a "special discount rate" of $1.12 recurring every 30 days. For what you get, even that discounted rate is too steep.

The CC processor is Vendo and both sign-up and cancellation were painless.

08-14-15  08:23pm

N/A Reply of pinkerton's Poll

Dick slapping is just another insipid stunt. At best, it's distracting filler; at worst, an indication of how jaded the stunt cocks (on both sides of the camera) have become.

10-19-14  06:17pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Scenes have mostly gotten way too male-centric for my taste and the cameraman talking is a symptom. The talking cameraguy might have been an interesting gimmick in the early days of gonzo - but not anymore. The talking cameraman is a very unwelcome cliché and yet another form of male scenery chewing.

10-08-14  05:31pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Mocking and ridiculing the women performers is bad. It is one of the main reasons for muting the scene audio. Seems like it is just another form of male "talent" faux-bravado.

10-02-14  10:15am

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

I dislike BTS stuff - it's filler/padding.

08-12-13  04:46pm

N/A Reply of surferman's Poll

Setting is important assuming that includes lighting, background colors, props and set dressing. Scenario a bit less important, though a scene (e.g., Obedience School Part 1, Scene #02) with a nice story line makes for a much better scene.

08-06-13  08:52am

N/A Reply of Monahan's Poll

Currently, four sites. A couple of days ago it was five.

08-01-13  09:53pm

Visit 21Sextury.com

Reply of martinlongbow's Comment

I recently canceled after six months on 21Sextury. The women are usually quite good looking and the photography, lighting and sets are generally very good.

As Pat mentions: many of the scenes seem pretty much the same. It's as if 21S has 20 (or so) canned scenarios and most of the scenes are based on those scenarios.

Shortly after joining I did a little analysis: of the 21 sites (on 21Sextury), 10 of them were no longer updating and of the 18 bonus sites, 16 were no longer updating. I think 21S added a new bonus site: 'The Best Of' which consists of compilations.

I'm guessing the decline in volume and quality is happening on many sites - not just 21S. The European and US economies are still in bad shape, there seems to be a renewed 'war on porn', and the proliferation of 'free' tube sites doesn't help matters either.

These factors probably drive producers and directors to compete based on imitation and cost (rather than originality and quality).

08-01-13  07:36pm

Visit Evil Angel

Evil Angel
Reply of qvtta's Reply

No problems here. I clicked the 'support' link at the bottom of the Evil Angel main page, got pushed over to the FameSupport website, and clicked on the 'Cancel Membership' icon.

Had to supply username, ORIGINAL password, and e-mail address + answer a captcha challenge. Done deal.

(I had need to change my PW about a month ago. The cancel process did not work with the new PW.)

Except: they offered to renew me at $11.65/mnth (three month deal) and I took the offer ;-). I'll report back if things don't work out with the reduced rate offer.

08-01-13  06:15pm

N/A Reply of Vegas Ken's Poll

Huge turn-off for me. I can understand why they are used. You'd think there would be some kind of post-production process to digitally remove them.

07-31-13  03:14pm

Visit Throated

Reply of jberryl69's Comment

Hi JB,
I just ran across your thoughts on Throated. About a week before your post, Throated (and all of myXXXpass) got a Gamma 'facelift'. Curious if you decided to renew or not? I've been a member at myXXXpass since early 2013 and am still trying to decide if I like the change.

When you mention the new content is 'not getting very good reviews' are you refering to the internal scene ratings? Or external reviews? One thing I've noticed is that the scene view counts are relatively small for the new 'post-Gamma' content (not a good sign). This suggests scene ratings/votes carry more weight on the newer scenes. I miss the old UI (even though it's the content that counts) - it gave the site a certain uniqueness. I also miss the comments subsystem and the ability to download sub-sections of the scenes.

Scott Hancock was indeed 'The Guy' - hopefully he did a nice clean exit and is enjoying himself.

07-10-13  06:56pm

Visit My XXX Pass

My XXX Pass
Reply of HardXJ's Reply

Hi Lexis,

Looks like the 2013 content is back and new updates are happening.

Scene run length is fixed on the network site. The hours are still truncated on the Immoral Live site.

Comment subsystem is still missing.

NginX still raising a '403 forbidden' error when trying to navigate back to the network site from a niche site.

Happy to see the 2013 content is recovered and updates are happening - thank you for that ;-)

05-30-13  04:24pm

Visit 21Sextury.com

Reply of lk2fireone's Review

This is a very good review, lk2. I've been a member for over 3 months and your observations are accurate.

Regarding the keyword search: I agree - it's kind of dodgy. From the 21Sextury Network site, I got the same results as you did in searching for "Mia Malkova" - no hits. But Mia does show up under 'Models' - with two scenes. I tried to do a search on the Mia's scene titles, but got no hits.

One thing I like about 21S is you can use firefox (even in private browsing mode) with no problems - which suggests 21S doesn't drop cookies.

Another nice feature: 21S is very up-front about how much time left on your membership.

I had the same problem you did with streaming certain content. I found that by installing the VLC Web Plugin I was able to stream the .wmv scenes.

Generally, the photography is top notch. As you mention: good lighting, nice set colors (especially background colors), the male talent is well coached (i.e., they are generally under control and don't try to upstage the ladies) and the women are beautiful.

21Sextury is certainly a site well worth checking out.

05-27-13  10:36pm

Visit Evil Angel

Evil Angel
Reply of jberryl69's Reply

Hi jberryl69 - be glad to mention a few names (observations below based on personal opinion and taste).

Stuck in a rut:
Mr. Adriano - His scenes are good but seem too boilerplated. He does 'tune' the scenes so you'll see incremental changes over time.
Mr. Darko - An excellent director and photographer, but overuses POV (IMO). Given the limitations of POV, many of his scenes have a certain 'sameness'. I think his non-POV work is superior.

Both of these directors' work is very popular, so we'll probably see no big formula/technique changes until the market says otherwise.

Guy-specific, self-aggrandizing:
Mr. Siffredi - When he directs and acts (in the same scene), the scene seems more about him than the pretty ladies. The scenes where he only directs are more enjoyable.
Mr. Ferrera - For my taste, he uses too many tricks to upstage the women and focus attention on himself.
Mr. Vidal - His scenes seem to be more about his prowess than about the women.

Mr. Cristian - He uses too many distracting camera stunts (fast zooms, whip pans, etc.). The camera work gets too frenetic.
Ms. Belladonna - A lot of scenes that deal with the creation of the scene itself (reflexive). Some scenes border on performance art. Great stuff if you're and insider and 'get it'; if your not an insider, kind of a whoosh.

05-23-13  07:55am

Visit Evil Angel

Evil Angel
Reply of jberryl69's Review

A well done and accurate review. Had a good chuckle over your observation on the commenting system. I've had an account for several months and have spotted a grand total of two comments (both of the 'glowing' variety).

The info on EA's 'privacy policy' is good to know.

There is indeed great variety in the movies and scenes, though a couple of the directors seem to be stuck in a rut. But I guess you can't argue against market success ;-)

A number of the directors make scenes that are a bit too 'guy-specific' for my tastes (I prefer to watch scenes featuring the pretty ladies in action). I.E., the directors will act in their own scenes - so the scenes tend to aggrandize the guys and downplay the women.

A few of the directors make scenes that seem deliberately idiosyncratic. I suspect an attempt to convince the viewer he/she is watching the work of an auteur.

One downside: the scenes, as you mention, are anal about anal. If you're big on anal scenes, you'll be happy. If anal doesn't turn your crank, you'll have to spend some time digging through the scenes to find ones that aren't anal overboard.

It's certainly a site worth checking out.

05-22-13  08:30pm

Visit My XXX Pass

My XXX Pass
Reply of HardXJ's Reply

Hi Lexis250 and thank you for taking the time to explain what's going on at MyXXXPass.

It sounds like the site cutover ran into some unexpected problems.

In addition to missing content and missing features, the errors I encountered were:

1. When navigating back to the MyXXXPass site from any of the Niche Sites by using the 'Your Bonus Sites' drop down list box, NginX would raise a '403 Forbidden' error. Which sounds like config error. Maybe bad sub-dir permissions or a missing index. The workaround is to use the browser back button.

2. The 'Your Bonus Sites' dropdown list box would sometimes become transparent. You can see the box outlines but the item list is missing and whatever background is behind the box is visible. At this point clicking in the box does nothing. Workaround is to use the browser back button or directly plug the URL into the browser. Later in the session, the box would often instantiate correctly and work as expected.

3. On the Immoral Live site, the object that presents the scene run time has a display width that is too narrow. I.E., we should see '01:30:10' (one hour, 30 minutes, 10 seconds) but instead see ':30:10' - which, at first blush, can fool one into thinking the scene is 30 minutes long.

Thanks again for the update.

05-21-13  05:13pm

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