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Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day

American Girls ...

in non-exclusive content!

I just stopped by to see what's hap's at good ol' 1byday. In Feb., they've added sets of Amy Reid, Cassia Riley, and Joey Hart (aka Adele Miller/Sharp/Rox, etc). But I've seen these at other sites. I guess they're in 2000px sizes, which of course would be good.

But I wonder why they've decided to do this?

02-27-10  04:01am

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Visit David Nudes

David Nudes

Navigating the Visitors Area

The home page shows two updates each for photos and videos. So I go to "photos" which aren't only photos but also videos "current daily updates" which seems kind of redundant and stuff at the bottom I'm not sure what it is and so I click "models" which shows 42 models which I don't think is all of the models 'cause "Riyeesa" is not there for example I wonder how many more models there might be but I don't know I wish I could see them so I could make a decision and then I see a link at the bottom of the models page "Meet the Sexy Girls of DN" I click it and it's the same page linking to itself which is like sneezing coffee into your own cup and then I start to wonder just how difficult it would be to navigate this site as a paying user it's so incoherent and I view some of the sample pics some look good nice sizes advertised but some are so dark (!) you know you only get detail when there's enough light you could get "6000 pixels" of darkness by closing your eyes in a cave and besides they're only a "random selection" of the model's galleries so how can I know what I'd be getting dammit it's frustrating fuck this I click the "X" at the top left of the window Bye!

02-20-10  12:54pm

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Visit Morey Studio

Morey Studio

Seems to Be an LSG Models Clone

Compare the offerings at this site and LSG Models. Looks like the same photographer and a lot of the same content. I wonder if there is much difference other than that LSG Models also has videos.

02-13-10  06:25am

Replies (2)


Get It Ready Before You Announce It

FemJoy continues to post updates before they're ready. You think the new ones for the day are there, then you go in and instead they've got a default gallery of Corinna showing.

Would you leave home without getting dressed? Would you say, "Dinner time!" before the meal is ready?

I just think it's common sense to post for what IS posted (ready), and not for what is not.

Update Feb. 11th: They've been fine for the past few days since I posted the above comment. Hopefully it was just a temporary thing.

02-06-10  03:20am

Replies (2)
Visit We Are Hairy

We Are Hairy

Full Thumb Previews of Galleries

This site has something going for it: As a visitor, you can see thumbs of all of the pics in each gallery. They also make clear which go up to 1600 px and which go further, to 3000.

It's still kinda small now, but worth keeping an eye on.

One model in particular there, their "Lucy G" (aka "Leni" at Zemani"), is really cute! Nice butt, too!

The TBP review is positive about the site, and I can see why.

02-03-10  01:55pm

Replies (2)
Visit VIP Area

VIP Area

"Most Content is Exclusive"???

This site just got listed, and that's what TBP says. Have a look, seasoned pic lovers.

It's NOT.

01-31-10  09:43am

Replies (0)
Visit Explicite Art

Explicite Art

Special Offer AGAIN not working

Both paysitediscounts and TBP have a special price of $24.95 listed for this site, but repeated attempts from different links from those sites always bring up a join page with ccbill that lists $29.95.

What's the deal? (I mean, if there really is one ...)

UPDATE: Thanks to Khan stepping in for my not-so-computer-savvy-this-morning brain, I got the problem fixed and the discount.

01-23-10  04:59am

Replies (7)
Visit Club Jana Cova

Club Jana Cova

Nominate for a New Review

Jana is still active, and still HOT. She's appeared very recently at TorridArt and also Art-Lingerie. I've nominated her site for a new review. Anyone care to join in and get a fresh look at her site from our friends at TBP?

01-21-10  01:58am

Replies (14)
Visit Euro Pornstars

Euro Pornstars

Hi-Ho The Derry-O ...

... a recycling we will go!

Here's another recycling "gotcha." Today they had a set of Laura Stevens that I thought I'd seen somewhere before. I checked my stash ... Well, I'd actually gotten some time before. A couple of years ago.

From this very site.

And the links from that time, around February 2007 on their calendar, are now empty.

Might we expect more of the same?

01-11-10  01:35pm

Replies (1)
Visit MPL Studios

MPL Studios

About the Anya "Collector's Cut"

MPL Studios just released its first "Collector's Cut" series of Anya. This is what they've been saying about it in the member's area:

"Each 3000 res photo series will be created using photos previously not published with the set's initial release.

These "held back" photos are not rejects. They were intentionally set aside for future release. Editing techniques have improved in the last two years as well so the timing is perfect to now release these older, previously unpublished photos at 3000 resolution, now our standard release size."

My point here is that they DO look like rejects, aka "outtakes." You see lovely Anya not at her best. She squints and frowns a lot. (The poodle mutt that appears as well in some of the pics seems more content than Anya does.) Out of the 60 pics in this first series, I kept only 22. And I'm quite a fan.

Hopefully, future "cuts" will be better, but we'll see.

01-09-10  05:19am

Replies (0)
Visit Babelicious



Earlier this month, I got one of their emails to rejoin for $10 per month, so I did, expecting the usual photo sizes of at least 2000px, and often 3-4000px.

But for the past several weeks, most of the stuff posted has been a pitiful 1000px and no larger.

So I've cancelled and that's that. I don't know why they've decided to go this route, but it's a huge mistake if you ask me.

This used to be a favorite site of mine. I'd given it a very positive review. Oh, well. I'm out $10.

Now they're left to just screw themselves. They're already off to a great start.

12-28-09  09:38pm

Replies (9)
Visit Just Teen Site

Just Teen Site


They've recently posted a Christmas gallery of Larissa ("Natusik" to them). I thought to myself, "Haven't I seen that before at some other site?" After all, their days of all-exclusive material have been long gone for some time.

Nope, it wasn't from another site. It was from THEIR site, two years ago!

And they've recently reposted a gallery twice of Natasha Marley, too, the one where she's sexing up the lorry.

You got SERVED, sucka!

12-28-09  07:44am

Replies (6)
Visit Art-Lingerie


What's the Difference?

This site looks attractive, but I wonder what distinguishes it from the other "only" sites that this same company puts out. The tour isn't nearly as good as at OnlyTease, for instance. Sure, it looks good, but it lacks the important details about image dimensions, zips, and so on.

Don't they'd think that people would want such details?

12-19-09  05:06am

Replies (7)
Visit Nakedby


Everyone's Gone to the Movies ...

Yeah, that's from a song. Anyone else remember that one, or am I just that much closer to my grave? (Hint: Chevy Chase played drums for them at an early stage.)

Nakedby has a new design! And when they post videos or photosets, they're put in the section called "Articles"! How very intuitive!

But they're on a big video streak. Photos seem to be getting pushed off the page, as it were. Man, that's messed up!

12-16-09  03:49am

Replies (1)
Visit Showcase Eufrat

Showcase Eufrat

Help Nominate Showcase Eufrat

Yes, I'm on a campaign. Sure, the site had domain name problems, but it's been sticking around and I'd like to see TBP do a review. So far, it's been nominated for one by two parties, myself included.

Please, kind sir, would you help a potentially interesting site with a little handup? Just go to the site's page at TPB, click the nominate box and add your vote.

I want to see if it's really worth joining! Eufrat is very popular, need I say!

12-05-09  02:47am

Replies (15)
Visit Petites Parisiennes

Petites Parisiennes

Que c'est dommage!

My card got rejected by the billing company for this site. What a shame! They've got a 24-hour full trial for 6 euro, but alas, it is not for me!

Anybody else getting this? Anybody? ;)

11-29-09  02:40am

Replies (2)
Visit My Glamour Site

My Glamour Site

Interesting Comparisons

On this site, the Crissy Moran set "Breathe On Me" looked familiar. Yes, I'd first gotten it at least three years ago at FinestWomen, which has since become FinestModels.

But the set at My Glamour Site is better! It has 147 pics at 3000px; the FinestWomen version had 68 at 1024px long end. And the watermark at My Glamour is not as obvious.

Finally, when FinestModels would occasionally -- and much more recently -- redo a photoset in larger dimensions on their own site, the results were often blurry (yech) and, let's face it, just plain worthless. Not so at MyGlamour.

Funny how the original site has had such lower standards and that the quality of the content gets "rescued" by another.

I do look forward to more reduxes of FinestWomen at MyGlamourSite!

11-22-09  01:08am

Replies (1)
Visit Cosmid.net


Non-Nude Nude

So many of the girls are listed here as "non-nude," yet the primary category at TBP for this site is "Nude Photography."

Maybe some of the older PU members will remember the Jethro Tull album "Thick as a Brick" with the mock newspaper inside. It had TV listings such as "The Wonderful World of Colour.*"

*Not colour

11-21-09  05:29am

Replies (13)
Visit FM Teens

FM Teens

Improved Design

FM Teens has finally gotten it together and come up with a better design. Now you can browse through all sets sequentially, forwards or backwards. What's more, the model's name is right there with her, too on every page of her galleries, so you can't possibly miss it.

And so I've found my "mystery blond"! Her name is Olga.

To get the zip of a set, you click this little rectangle thingy on the bottom left, which takes you to the page with the link for the zip (yes, still a bit clunky, but not too bad).

And they have a model's index that makes sense now! Finally!!!

One more plus is that they seem to be less into covering the girls in flowers and beads and having them balance knick-knacks on their formidable fannies.

And formidable they are! The angles in the pics are suggestive sometimes of ground-zero viewer proximity.

And the lighting is consistently better, too.

But I do have a gripe. The pic sizes. They're still in the 15's on the long end. Why? Why not get into at least past the 2000px mark, as does NuDolls, which seems to have the same modeling agency on the most finger-worn card in their Rolodex?

11-15-09  12:37pm

Replies (0)
Visit Glam And Art

Glam And Art

They Fixed the Sandra Shine Links

My first comment stated that several of the links to sets of Sandra Shine were not working. That's been fixed. There are now 44 exclusive photosets on the site that can be accessed (was 35 when those links were broken).

11-07-09  03:06pm

Replies (0)
Visit Blue Fantasies

Blue Fantasies

2 updates in October

Just read the latest TBP review, which noted the recent slowdown in updates, and I'll add that only two (count 'em) two updates appeared in October at Blue Fantasies.

I'm still a fan of the main site, Twistys, since they've been regularly, if not always, adding 3000 px zips. But you don't get those at Blue Fantasies, either.

Twistys has a lot of pots on the stove, so to speak. I guess it's hard to keep everything simmering along.

11-01-09  05:16am

Replies (2)
Visit Viv Thomas

Viv Thomas

Has "relaunched" but ...

Viv Thomas has just come out in a new site design. I thought that might also entail photos larger than 1280 pixels. After all, 1280 is on the small side these days, and there is VT content available at some other sites in much larger dimensions.

But all I see is 1280 as the max size in the new site tour. Too bad.

10-29-09  03:13am

Replies (4)
Visit Glam And Art

Glam And Art

A Nice but Flawed Extra

People who join Cruising Girls or Sandra Shine Live for the "4 for 1" deal get this site as part of it. GlamAndArt has only 35 working, exclusive photosets (several of Sandra Shine have dead links). No videos have been posted at all.

The site still stands out, IMHO, because it is so unlike the other sites in the package (Cruising Girls, Sandra Shine Live, and Sandra Shine Bonus). GlamAndArt has no toy play, and the photos are available in both 1500 pixels and a much larger 3500 pixels to nearly 5000 pixels, depending on the photoset. What's more, the watermarks are barely noticeable, which isn't true of the other sites (though those are thankfully less obvious than they used to be). Another big difference is that most of the GlamAndArt shoots are outdoors.

There is one thing in common with the other sites: no thumbs of photos. You have to download the zips to see the pics.

GlamAndArt has only 12 models. The finest is Bambi, with four photosets shot outdoors. There's also Angel Kiss, Anita Pearl, Klaudia (Cindy Hope), Regina Moon, Conny Ferrara, the brunette Jamie (who hasn't been on the scene in long time! She's at ALS Scans), Sandra Shine, and 4 lesser known models.

I know this is sounding like a review, but I just thought I'd give a heads up since visitors to the site can't see much of what they'd be getting. The photo quality is really good. I just hope that the site starts growing again in the future, as it's not presently updating.

10-18-09  10:02am

Replies (0)
Visit Teen Models

Teen Models

Don't Forget the Butt Shots!

This site has a lot going for it in image quality, but there aren't enough good butt shots. Why not have them as often as the toy play and pussy fiddling? (Like, in just about every gallery!)

I've found a scant few that ARE good at this site:
Sandra DeMarco, "Abstract" 2576890.JPG
Veronika Fasterova "Little Bo Peep" 2266784.jpg
Cherry Jul "Paradise" 2438698.JPG

In all of them, you can at least see some of the girl's face, and her rear is nice and evenly displayed. The one of Sandra DeMarco is especially riveting.

Toys AND ass. Can they co-exist for a change? Please???

10-18-09  08:39am

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Visit Teen Dreams

Teen Dreams

Gallery Thumb Previews for Visitors!

The webmaster got in touch with me about a problem they were having during a revision of the site (see replies). I thought that they had decided to discontinue previews of the gallery thumbs for visitors -- a great feature that I wish more sites had. Turns out that hasn't changed. Hurray!

10-15-09  12:42pm

Replies (4)

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