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Visit My Pickup Girls

My Pickup Girls

Scenes are shot so real like you are there

Just wanted to say I happened to stumble on this site when I went looking for sites that have

Ioana (aka Tiffany Polie Polly Marmalade Anya Stephanie)

This is definitely the next step forward in terms of shooting raw hardcore for the Eastern European porn industry and demonstrates that with a camera and a beautiful girl (lots of them available in Eastern Europe and Russia) you can make bloody good porn...(aka staged Gonzo, as Real as can be expected considering the girls are professionals, and they do their job well)

I will be reviewing at some point after my New Year Spending Spree...

but in the meantime, content is limited to single scenes with the girls but no doubt some will be back with repeaters.

Most content looks new. Babes: Anya 7, Anya, Masha 13, Nastya 10, Nastya 4, Nastya 9, Katya 2.
(it appears I have a Nastya fetish?)

You know you are onto a winner when girls are just given numbers rather than made up names...

Interesting Site Network... respect to the guys doing the filming as they appear to treat the girls with respect (I hope this is true).

Final note, my favorite is Anya 7, but looking at them alphabetically, we appear to be missing some Anyas, as there are only 1, 2, 4 & 7 listed, which suggests they have a good stockpile of girls and videos to keep the site fresh.

Shot of Anya 7 (Ioana) in her profile is next to a window with glass of wine and cigarette, which is not the pickup scene she is in so I'll wait for this to appear before signing up in full.

Oh yes, and thanks to pat362 who helped with this when he rated me and I went to look at his reviews and found his and this then led me to Anya 7 (sounds like a Jeri Ryan Voyager 7 of 9 moment) 7 of Anya beam me up...

01-01-11  04:09pm

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Visit Amateur Allure

Amateur Allure


You know that feeling when you know spring has arrived...You wake up and have all the enthusiasm in the world...the birds are singing, the air is fresh, the trees are green, flowers are opening up and the skies are blue. Hell, when it rains it smells fresh aswell...it makes you feel like living...

Welcome to the world of amateurallure.com. Every girl gives me the energy to keep on looking and thinking Ding Dong...is the world really this good.

Like maple syrup on freshly cooked pancakes, these girls look so sweet you could get tooth decay just looking...hell, I'm pulling my teeth out now...figuratively speaking off course.

I Love Demi, (can a girl's eyes really sparkle that much with a dick in her mouth? obviously they can, wow)

Grace has a mistaken identity, isn't that Courtney Simpson?

I'd love to put man icing on Kate's cake for her.

This looks like good clean fun and in that classic saying it's what it says it is on the tin, look at the preview pages and you know what to expect...

Love the format and the fact that Thomas has perfected this but the best thing is the quality of the girls...and the fact that I've never seen so many pretty models so happy sucking dick...

Nadia Nadia Nadia...yummy. Helloooo Erica! All these girls are GORGEOUS...I've never seen such a great set of faces looking like glazed doughnuts on one site...

Makes me want to dunk my doughnut every time...Thank you

05-09-08  04:22pm

Replies (0)
Visit ALS Angels

ALS Angels

Beautiful Girls But Lack of Variety in Scenes

There is no denying the girls at ALSANGELS.COM & sister site ALSSCANS.COM are perfect...and quality and quantity of their exclusive content is huge, unique to them and they have managed to be at the top for the best part of 10 years...
Well Done...and without changing the layout of their sites.

Nice introduction of 2 free sites alsbikinis and heartbreaker but the one thing that bothers me about their format is why do most of the shoots, especially the video, never include the build up...where are the shots of the girls (perfect as they are) walking around with beautiful outfits on, doing the sexy thing and stripping down...teasing us...we know they can do this...i've seen the same girls elsewhere but with ALS you just know they would give you the benchmark that all sites like givemepink and clubsandy would like to meet...

instead we are straight into the usual selection of toys or other models fist lubed up and that's it, start the camera, open and cough...very clinical...

this I see is a limitation of ALS sites. It is not a downfall, it's my preference with Girls this beautiful I want to enjoy the pleasure of seeing their beautiful bodies move, dressed in tight lycra etc before we are given the gynaecological tour, which is still wanted but it's like at Xmas...nobody wants to find their presents under the tree without the appealing wrapping to invite us to get excited...the most exciting part is not knowing what's under the wrapping. Do the same for these girls

05-06-08  03:32pm

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Visit Stephanie Swift

Stephanie Swift

Stephanie Swift Will Screw You

Going by shugster22 review this is one of those rare opportunities when you can get screwed by a Pornstar.

Unfortunately under the wrong circumstances...there's a shame...

I like Stephanie Swift..small frame reminds me of an American version of Eurobabe Angelina Crow...

She is fit, pretty and looks tight...

So to continue with the analogy, not only will you get screwed when you becomes a member, you will experience how tight she is, when you try to get your money back...

All I can say is be thankful she uses CCBILL...ever reliable...

I've managed to get refunds from sites like this where I've relied on CCBILL...

Anyway back to Stephanie...Look forward to them getting this sorted. Thanks to shugster22 for the heads up...

She deserves a 2nd chance so will be keeping an eye out for this site...the other concern looking at the associated Company profile, no webmaster listed so these comments/reviews will land on deaf ears in that respect...

PUs be warned...

05-02-08  05:37pm

Replies (5)
Visit Spear My Pussy

Spear My Pussy


tehlupy1 HOW BIG ARE THE FILES, please.

Having read tehlupy1's review I just wanted to say that these girls look amazingly fit, especially
Victoria (although I'm not sure how she's managed to get nipples lighter color than her tits, she looks like she sunbathes with nipples caps on?)
Ashley (if anyone knows any other sites she's on, TELL ME PLEASE)
Samantha (I've seen her somewhere else)
Emma (Love that Rabbit Caught in the Headlights Look)
Vikki (Dirty Looking Girl...Hmmm)
Emily (Pillow face)
Sarah (Delightful and so happy with Cum in her mouth)
Sydney (I did it because they told me to)
Karen (Lovely star of darkness, me like)
Isabella (redhead version of Paris Hilton)

all allegedly HD VIDEO...most Anal...18 and ready to prove it...It will be a rip off but I know at some stage I will join to get these.

04-21-08  01:52pm

Replies (3)
Visit College Uniform

College Uniform

Its hard to tell whether this Site include Full Nude

the answer is NO. It is a BOOB Nude, but does stick to the fetish School Uniforms line.

I agreed with wowo BECAUSE I clicked to preview and the Girls are gorgeous, Samantha Buxton, YES, Rachael-B, YES, Gemma, YES, Brooke Lee, YES, Lilly S, YES, Jewel, YES...but you run out of previews quite quickly...which I see as a bad signal.
based on my surfing Porn for over 12 years, that normally means limited content...but that is only an assumption based on other sites and real experiences.

From the previews, the girls are dressed and act just like six formers which is hot. My preference would be for the girls to make themselves available to other sites like 1byday so we can see Full Nude 1byday type layouts.

I think the site should be clear about being SEMI-NUDE (topless) to avoid disappointing people like me.

The webmaster is upset because I have commented on his site...but I haven't. I'm not a member...I was looking at the
preview pages and reading the reviews and commented on the preview pages.

Khan (PU) remove my comment if you want I don't mind. the point I was trying to make was that YES, I have not become a member because I read wowo review and it clarified for me that this is a Fetish Site TRUE to this and that the bulk of what they offer is the Girls (and I will say it again, the Girls ARE gorgeous) wearing the Uniforms, so they do cater for the members that they have...so on that count... Sam Jordan, webmaster of College-Uniform.com is quite correct..

04-21-08  11:06am

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Visit Nasty Makeup

Nasty Makeup


Okay this is a link up to those that will find this a driver for joining two sites that would at face value have little in common...
I've been trawling the inner recesses of previous posts and reviews and something came up...no pun intended.
from Toadsith : a review on Nasty Makeup, pornusers.com/out.php?id=15494
his review was good and I went and had a look. The Ding Dong for me was Sofia...HELLOOOO! and Mora...Yummy!
so then I go off looking around the forum and click on the post: Your Favorite Site, and under Toadsith entry (top reply in my book), I find a link to Argentina Triple X, aka pornusers.com/review/argentinatriplex/

So looking at the title, I'm thinking, I'll ave a BIT OF THAT!and when I click on it, i find another bloody good recommendation by Toadsith, site looks squeezilicous...

Who's listed with a big dick between her lips (on her face), Sofi.aka SOFIA...RESULT...and ANGELES (She looks like Teri Hatcher but filthier)

Catch it while you can...She is serious Ball Draining DING DONG.

The kind of girl who asks you for a testicle and you pass her the scissors...Probably not. I'm getting carried away now... Bollocks, sorry guys...they say once you've got sex on the brain you can't think. At the bottom of both sites is the link to the other site...I feel like a plank...Apologies to Toadsith coz I went back and read his review again and he states it in there...time to go to bed me thinks...with my tail between my legs...top sites mind. I've now JOINED

04-11-08  04:18pm

Replies (3)
Visit Water Bondage

Water Bondage

Guilty Pleasure should be washed off regularly to stay fresh

I remember watching a movie called 8mm with Nicholas Cage...it was about the darker side of the Porn Industry and the extremes that people need to take themselves to get off...that kind is not the same as the content on this site.

This is not sick stuff...It is its own art form. If you imagine that when you are thirsty you need to drink, water or something similar, and like that, general Porn is the same, it quenches your thirst...so why do you sometimes drink Whisky...it's not because you are thirsty it is because you enjoy the taste...

In my opinion, this type of site acts as a safety value for those who have a fetish or curiousity for this kind of thing...want to taste the Whisky, it is an acquired taste, aka fascinating to watch, as rearadmiral (great nick) points out.

What I find amazing about these sites is that because they don't typically appeal to the masses, how come they can do such a good job in terms of layout content and quality...

...because they are passionate and have a carnal desire to achieve perfection in this niche area because actually it is the achievement of this utimate standard that is the biggest turn on...let me ask you (all PU and TBP users) of all the porn you download what percentage do you watch from start to finish...I bet you those who are members of this site will watch every frame because they are passionate about it...

So wet your taste buds and pour yourself a shot of Whisky...it will catch your breath the first time.

04-11-08  11:53am

Replies (2)
Visit VideoBox


VideoBox is my Hot Water Bottle When Other Sites Make Me Cold


I've been a member of VideoBox on and off 5 times now, and one run lasted for 4 months and of my 2.3 Terabytes of Bottom Drawer Porn I guess at least 1/5 is from VideoBox...

They are the out of town PORN SUPERMARKET...where every vegetable is on display, fresh, ready to weigh, buy and eat..where every milk product is cartoned up, ready to scan, squeeze and pour...where every piece of meat in any colour is freshly cut, wrapped and offers itself to be tenderised to a succulent palette busting mouth watering hunger satisfying taste to meet any diners appetite...but...

I'd like to be able to walk down the Classics isle and not find 1/2 empty shelves and leftovers going stale...

Whilst they have a focus on ensuring as new titles become available they have their cut on VideoBox...it would be nice to see them looking at filling the shelves in the Classics isle, what about the Buttman Series...what about the Ginger Lynns and Amber Lynns and Bobbi and Savannah and Alicyn Sterling and Candy Evans and Tami Monroe...

VideoBox, don't forget that the Baby Boomers are the Cash Rich generation and has needs...

Please try to fill our shelves as well...

Having said that though, I will continue to rely on doing my Big Buy Porn Shopping at the best Porn Supermarket there is...VideoBox.com

04-11-08  11:19am

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Visit Cum On Candi

Cum On Candi

Candi without the Candy

I have to say...if this is candy...I wont need to worry about going to the Dentist...

sorry, love, I know that some guys like that relaxed let yourself go a bit...but seriously I like my girls tight and light...

Get down the gym please...you've got a pretty face...and in the meantime keep to the BJs...

I prefere another Candy...from givemepink.com...Ding Dong. Now I'd be quite happy to take out a Dental Plan for her

04-10-08  01:36pm

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Visit Little Lupe

Little Lupe

Little Lupe - the silent slut

I just wanted to pick up something that OneMan mentioned in his review of LittleLupe.com

token note. she is only 4ft 11 and 88 lb (40 kg).

little Lupe (Zuleidy) doesn't speak...WHY NOT...one of the cardinal rules of Porn for Girls...when a bloke is sticking his MeatBat to you, please moan and groan (believably) and tell him how big it is, how tight you are, how wet you are, the subtle hints like...DEEPER DEEPER, FASTER FASTER, HARDER HARDER and finally I WANT YOU TO CUM ON MY FACE or if its the 2nd date, CUM IN MY MOUTH...

Now, I'd be more than happy to listen to LittleLupe saying these things while some guy tries to split her in two...even if it was in Spanish...hey I'd even learn a little just to appreciate her performance more...

Ding Dong, and thanks to OneMan for pointing this out to me.

04-09-08  02:41pm

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Visit Zero Tolerance On Demand

Zero Tolerance On Demand

1 week update on ZTOD service


I joined ZTOD a week ago...and decided I need to provide a couple of comments to highlight some issues...

download rates are painful...34.5KB/Sec...569MB file, estimated time left : 4 hr 27 min.

This is like eating your vegetables. I know its good for me but I don't enjoy it.

Why can't I have Fast Food ? 4 hrs is too long.

I hope that the webmasters can do something about this...your competition videobox.com takes approx. 23 minutes for a similar file, similar quality.

And what's up with the grainy vids. i like my girls clean except when they're dirty...

Now I've got that off my chest, I still love the site...and will persevere because I need my vitamins...


04-09-08  12:11pm

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Visit Killer Gram

Killer Gram

Okay...I've had to cum home because I have Delta Fever

I lost count today...the number was 7324 times...the number of times I thought about Killergram, and Delta White...

This has to be my last comment now otherwise I'm going to get into trouble, and if Khan (PU webmaster) tells me off, I'm sorry...I am no longer in control of my senses...

I have had a Delta Labotomy...and it was LOVELY.

She says she wants to be bigger than Jenna Jameson and Tera Patrick...

Listen Delta. Do What You Do Now...although I would be happy to provide any guidance on Wardrobe or storylines and dialogue...

You are in a different league to these girls and others...

If I were worthy of rating you...you'd be in my top 5...

to TBP and PU users, seriously guys, this site is the standard to use as a benchmark for future websites...Yes it has flaws but that's expected...If it didn't have some things to fix it would go stale...look at other sites like HegreArt which were setting the standard, well move over guys cos Killergram just rewrote the standard and it's HIGH....

Get em Girl...and Delta Rocks...

Have to go now. I have to make more room on my hard drive to download some more vids.

04-09-08  11:28am

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Visit Killer Gram

Killer Gram

Other Good Things about Killergram.com

I know I've just written a review but because I've been blown away by this site, I hope it's okay to add a comment as well.

I want to mention that on the site there are a few real GEMS. There's one girl on there who is a really dirty looking version of the Big Brother girl, Aisleyne, called funnily enough Alysha Leigh, and I have to say, I'd rather shag Alysha, she's a cracker,

also, there is some Sahar Knight, Carmel Moore.

I did think there was some Michelle Thorne but haven't found it yet.

These girls need to be workshipped, and on that note I'm late for midnight mass, confession and 'Hole My Communion' with Delta White...

04-08-08  04:35pm

Replies (0)
Visit CL Pass

CL Pass

Pornusers take note.

I mentioned this site to webmaster on Saturday 06 April 2008.

He has already listed the site along with the associated sister sites, so I could review it.

Now that is FAST...and the record on TBP (thebestporn) is spot on.

Wow, You'd da Man. Thanks Khan. I will do a review in the next few days...

In the interim, as a taster, this membership gave me access to 4 sites. The video is always the same, cute gymnast, dressed accordingly, same studios (maybe 4 at the most), two chairs, a gym ladder and a camera...Action...the girls stretch themselves accordingly. Not a lot of dance type movement, no music, no talking, lots of unsure shyness by the girls, especially when the camera is probably about 6 inches away from heaven and the girl is balancing in the splits across two chairs. The last thing the girls are thinking of is being sexy...more to follow in the review.

04-06-08  10:20am

Replies (2)
Visit Paul Markham Teens

Paul Markham Teens

Had a Reply from the Site Webmaster

Just to let everyone know that the site webmaster replied to my review and indicated that there is a new site being launched in the next month (or so) called Astral Blue, which is intended to pick up the older content and act as an archive for paulmarkhamteens.com. This says to me that they must have a whole stock of new stuff for the main site (this one), waiting in the wings to soak up everyone's bandwidth.

Can't wait. I have been a member, in the last 2 months, and will be a member again.

Thanks paulmarkhamteens.com

04-06-08  06:47am

Replies (11)

Shown : 1-16 of 16  

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