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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

Be careful if adding other sites

This is one of those learn from my mistake posts. Bang Bros are now offering more than 10 different addon packs, but you can only add them for the special prices once you're inside the members area of Bang Bros. Their biller, while not real well known, has never given me a problem and the biller itself replies to any problems with 24 hours from my experience. I had signed up for Bang Bros then added the Super Pack. When I went to cancel, I canceled "Bang Bros" from the support page. That didn't fully work. It canceled the Super Pack, but not the Bang Bros membership. After I went back and looked, after an email to their biller, there was a second membership listed on my account, which was Bang Bros itself. I hadn't canceled it. They could do better with this by listing the Super Pack as Super Pack and not Bang Bros, but I could have clicked the drop down box to see two accounts too.

So if you add anything besides Bang Bros, be sure when canceling to use the drop down menu to see the other accounts so you can cancel them too. In a way, I felt like this is misleading, but in another way, I can see how maybe someone would just want to cancel the addons, but keep Bang Bros, so it's iffy as to how you take this practice.

04-16-12  02:49pm

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Visit ATK Petites

ATK Petites

The not too special offer, Firefox problems

I noticed in my confirmation for subscription email that this was at the bottom, "As a special THANK YOU for joining, we want to give you something FREE! No catch, no strings, no additional charges whatsoever. 110% FREE for you to try." I didn't put the rest since it has a code in it and link. It's for a free account on ATK Movies. I thought I would give it a shot. Filled out the email info, created a username and password, never received the email it said I needed to click on a link from. I would guess from the wording that the link takes you to a screen where you can put in your free access code that came with the confirmation email. I've checked my inbox, my spam box, but have nothing about it.

The other problem is one that other members have mentioned, the site is glitchy. I would estimate at least 40 models cannot be clicked on. Their thumbnail picture is missing, as is the line under their name which you can usually alternately click on.

I'm posting this part because it works for me. Some of the models that weren't clickable have large collections, including one that has 20+ photo sets.

In Firefox, if the thumbnail is not there, you cannot click the model or get to her content.

In the newest version of Internet Explorer, the thumbnails are still missing on some, but you can click on them and get their content.

One last part, continuing on my previous comment, the exclusivity is being pushed. I had first noticed the ATK Exotics sets showing up on ATK Petites, I can tell you they also have some ATK Galleria sets and ATK Premium sets here on ATK Petites.

03-22-12  12:34pm

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Visit Wicked Pictures Mobile

Wicked Pictures Mobile

Going to assume

The current poll question piqued my interest in Wicked Pictures again since I keep putting a membership off because of the lack of a preview with a full model list. The new preview is actually worse than the old one. I'm under the assumption that these mobile sites are the same as the full sites just made to be viewed on a phone or tablet. When I went to Wicked Pictures Mobile they have a full model list. I only needed to go so far to see 11 scenes of April Flowers, who is easily one of my all-time top 5 stars.

So I will post this here for now in case anyone else is looking for a model list for Wicked Pictures full site. I can't guarantee it's the same, but the other mobile sites are the same as the full sites as far I know. Give me a week or two and I will get a review or comment up to tell whether this list on Wicked Pictures Mobile is the same as the Wicked Pictures website.

03-19-12  08:02pm

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Visit DDF Network

DDF Network

Which is it?

I was going to join based mostly on the inclusion of Eve Angel Official to get the 30-40 updates from it that I don't have, but before joining, I see this contradiction on the "sites" area in the preview.

At the top of the page, "NEW! We added a new website to the network pass in December 2011 - EVEANGEL OFFICIAL"

On down the page, it says, "(note: Eve Angel Official is not part of the DDFProd Network)"

I may be being overly cautious since the first one says "NEW" but it looks like if you're going to edit in the new addition of a site, you would take the time to remove the note on down the page that contradicts it. I'll never understand these sites that spend all the money they do in programming and leave something this contradictory and basic on a site.

Any current members that can tell me if Eve's site does come with DDF Network?

03-11-12  07:13pm

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Visit ATK Petites

ATK Petites

One note that I had missed

I've been on an ATK tour lately and put Petites last since, I admit, I was waiting on a promo email, but didn't get one. So I joined it anyway and want to point something out that the other reviewers have, but I don't know if I wasn't paying attention or what.

There is content on here from the other ATK sites. It's definitely not all of it though. There is a good amount of exclusive sets here, but I was downloading one model and noticed 5 photo sets I already had from ATK Exotics. I could be a little off on this since I know some sites will release separate sets in the same outfit, same setting, but there's one that really stood out to me since it was a favorite from ATK Exotics and it looked to be the exact same set.

Not really disappointed since these sites are at least doing everything else right. I just hope ATK isn't going to become like DDF and say because they have a network now, anything on their sites can be shared and still be called exclusive. On a positive note, it looks like most of the shared sets were in the earlier months of the site's life so maybe they were just trying to flesh the site out in its early stages. Still worth mentioning though. Really good picture sets as always with ATK.

03-02-12  06:06pm

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Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings

No DL limit for me, but the cancel hijinks are back

This probably isn't any different than the comment posted a few days ago about cancellation problems with Brazzers. Reality Kings likes to make canceling a pain too. I can at least say that I didn't hit a download limit and topped 10 GB per day each day of my membership. And I did sign-up through the promo discounted email if that possibly could make a difference. That's the sort of good news. Then there's the bad news. I'm going to post this just in case anyone joins and isn't familiar with the trick cancellation process. It may be unfair to call it a trick, but it's just as bad as cross-sales, which by the way, like another PU posted, I have joined RK many times, never missed the cross-sale until this time and it got me. Kind of strange they got both of us, but hadn't before. So watch out for that one since it seems to be working for them.

Okay, when you go to cancel, you enter two of the possible four things they ask for. It will locate your account and give you this message.

Are you sure you don't want to stay?
You answer "No thanks"

Another screen opens with a special offer price and asks if you want the special offer.
You answer "No thanks"

Third screen opens to confirm one more time. The options are.
Yes and
No, I've changed my mind.

Come on RK, that's just wrong. After clicking two no answers in a row then wording the third one so the person would click no again? Which would stop the cancellation? None of this would be so bad if they didn't use very poor grammar on the first question to make it where you click "no thanks" to get you in the motion of clicking no.

Luckily, I had been through this process with Brazzers before and I bitched about that one too. So maybe RK will drop this stupid cancellation process like Brazzers did. It's bad enough the missed cross-sale canceled out the $5 I was saving by joining through the promo email and even worse that a more than dozen time member has to watch every word to cancel. It will probably be another year now before I join again. How's that for marketing strategy?

And hopefully others will read about the cancellation process and be aware of it.

02-13-12  10:52pm

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Visit Cuban Kings

Cuban Kings

Either broken site or no access trial

I had been wanting to try this site out since they have 3 scenes I wanted so I signed up for the trial, mainly because it was through ccbill. Once inside and signed in, I can't do anything. There's no way to download a scene because the icons for downloads are not clickable. If you right click and "save as" you receive an "index" file. They have added a second bonus site called Argentinian Porno, but it only has 8 scenes on it. The two sites combined have a total of 42 scenes.

I'm guessing they have removed the full-access from the trial or it could be a problem with the site too though since it doesn't even recognize me as being signed in. The two options that I can click are, "Purchase scene" which is $15.99 to buy one scene and it says, "YOU DO NOT have to be a site member to purchase an individual video/ scene. Please click on "Pay with credit card" button to proceed with the purchase. Every Full video/scene is $ 15.99"

The other option that I can click, "Create a new account". Just to make sure, I cleared out my cookies and tried it again with both IE and Firefox, but I still get the same result where the site looks broken or the trial is equal to no access since you can only view a 2 minute trailer, which most free previews let you do.

01-18-12  12:47pm

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Visit VideoBox


Joining has changed

I went to join Videobox a few days ago, going through the TBP link, I am seeing the $12 price slategrey mentioned, but when I went to pay there was no option to add Vivid and Evil Angel like before. So I tried it going straight to it and reverting to the "old site" there was the option of joining Vivid for $10 and Evil Angel for $10, which I had planned on joining both.

This is where I'm confused. Since I know the Kink channel is only available through the new format VB3, if you join through the old site, I know you can switch to VB3 during membership, but does it still allow you to add the VB3 only channels? Though I still prefer the old site, I think this confusion could be a sign that it's time to either revert back and stay back on the easier to use old site or go ahead and move forward with VB3 only.

Different options from one format to the other is just asking for this type of confusion. The other reason this is confusing is VB has sent me promo offers during active memberships that say, "Add Evil Angel for $15" or "Add Vivid for $15". If I join through the old site, I can add each of those for $10 each, from the beginning of the membership.

01-09-12  04:42pm

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Visit ATK Exotics

ATK Exotics

New format

I had noticed the comments about the ATK sites receiving overhauls and the Santa Claus of porn sent me a promo offer to rejoin so I was a bit, happily, surprised at the new changes. Everything now looks nice and colorful, easy on the eyes too. It doesn't feel like I'm looking at a site that hasn't been changed since 1998. So the initial appearance of the new format gets an A. The models are improving too, in my opinion, I have already found a couple I hadn't seen anywhere before, that have over 2,000 photos each already.

The update schedule is now much clearer and easier to find. By my count they are updating with 7 photo sets per day on Monday-Saturday and 10 videos on Sunday.

That's an impressive update count, 42 photo sets and 10 videos per week.

The newest pictures, tried 3 different sets from 3 different studios, seem to be coming in at a consistent 3000 long end resolution.

The newer videos have an HD option that is 1280x720 and they do run very smoothly. I had been having some problems with HD videos causing odd color blotches during playback.

Very impressed overall so far with this longtime favorite that I've had my share of complaints about over the years. The site is finally catching up to the models. I may even give Galleria a try after several years of being away since this one has impressed me this much with its changes.

12-26-11  08:04pm

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Visit Eve Angel Official

Eve Angel Official

Now included in DDF Network, no new updates

No idea what happened here, but everything has changed. There were new updates, but I don't know if they have moved them to the DDF Network or what. This site itself is rotating old content if you look at the calender. Also noticed Eve's wiki page has been stripped down to hardly no information. The single site join price has dropped a couple dollars to $22.95, but gives you a nice heads up that you can get the site with the DDF Network now. I don't know if that means Eve has retired or what, though her performance quality had really been suffering in the newest sets I have seen of her so I would rather her retire then stick around and be boring.

I think this is a really good add to their network since it was selling by itself for $25 and I personally had joined it multiple times over the last year.

12-11-11  01:34am

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Visit The Life Erotic

The Life Erotic

Not for sure what's going on

I had joined this site after a promo email from Met-Art. The content, while mostly exclusive, isn't exclusive as a whole. I couldn't put a number on the amount of exclusive scenes since I don't collect all these models, but I can give some examples that may explain why the one member review here talks about technical issues with the photo and video quality.

On Eve Angel's content here on The Life Erotic, at least 6 of the 12 sets they have of Eve are from the old Eve Angel site, including a set, Eve drinking milk and pouring it on her body, that dates back to 2004. That photo and video set and the old stairs set (listed as Stairway to Heaven on Eve's old site) from Eve's site were released as exclusive on The Life Erotic. And both were released on The Life Erotic in 2011. Both of these sets are 6-7 years old.

They are posted as HD, where as the original ones were on Eve's site in 640x480 resolution. That could be where the problems with the video is coming from that the previous reviewer noticed.

So, check the model list and the available sets before thinking you're going to get content of a favorite model that you don't have. Overall, the site's not bad at all. They do have some really nice models I haven't seen before, but there was a letdown when I went to get some "new" Eve content only to find out it's up to 7 years old, repackaged as new and exclusive. This would be easier to look over if they didn't have a banner across the top of those sets that says "Exclusive".

12-10-11  05:01pm

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Visit Wicked Pictures

Wicked Pictures

Preview needs to be expanded

I have really liked the content I have seen from Wicked and as someone who thinks Brazzers has really turned their network around, I find myself willing to give most any site they are involved with a try. It has a good price so I will probably join it anyway, but they really could benefit from a better tour. My main thing when considering joining a site I've never joined is to be able to see the models they have. Wicked Pictures tour shows maybe 12-16 models and tells how much content they have of those models, but when you click the model list to see the other models, it takes you to a join page instead of the model list.

I don't know if this is something they are maybe working on, but being able to see a full list of the models would have made me join already. Plus all their other sites have full tours, so I don't really understand why Wicked Pictures doesn't. One model in particular has become a "reason to join" but she may not be on here, Jynx Maze. And if it's not something they're working on, maybe a little nudge to consider it? Everything looks good with the site, content, price, would be a shame to possibly lose potential customers because of a lack of preview options to view available models.

12-05-11  01:19pm

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Visit Team Skeet

Team Skeet

One of the hidden gems

When I first joined this network a few years ago it wasn't even listed as a network. It was three main sites, Oye Loca, Solo Interviews and Innocent High with one newer site, at the time, The Real Workout just starting to update. I rated that group of sites pretty high.

I really wasn't for sure if they could keep up their pace though. How many amateur Latina models can you keep finding in South America? No, seriously, send me and I'll let you know! I will write a review over the next week or two with more opinions in it, but thought I would post the overall number of scenes, how often sites are being updated and so on. There are new sites that have been added and now you can sign in on the Team Skeet homepage and search across the network from it.

Sites now

Innocent High - 308 scenes
Oye Loca - 139 scenes
Her Freshman Year - 20 scenes
The Real Workout - 46 scenes
Titty Attack - 38 scenes
POV Life - 32 scenes
Solo Interviews - 79 scenes
This Girl Sucks - 53 scenes
Self Desire - 13 scenes
Team Skeet Extras - 13 scenes
She's New - 8 scenes

The update schedule could be clearer, but I can see that they update M-F each day. Each day looks to be a different site updating and from looking at the content numbers, I would say some of these only update every other week, some may only be monthly. I can't say for sure since they don't put dates on their updates, but you do get 5 updates per week and all the current updates ate available in HD with picture and screencap zips too. They have a good thing going with Innocent High especially if you are into the schoolgirl fetish since all the sets in it are schoolgirl.

Worth joining just for Gigi Rivera in a schoolgirl outfit. Overall, the models are as good as any site. Besides getting a lot of the major stars, Oye Loca especially has amateur Latina models. Many of them you'll never see on another site even. Still very impressed overall and think it will score high as a network.

11-28-11  06:59pm

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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

Now has package deal and more format changes

Bang Bros won't stop trying to improve their site long enough for my comments to be still valid.

Not that I'm complaining. They seem to have completed their move to a completely new format, maybe the one I had seen several months ago was a beta version?

The new format is even more of an improvement. Now when you click on a scene every single option is right there on that scene's page. There's no need to click to go to pictures or screencaps, it's all together. Maybe they have a programmer who is as OCDC as I am and decided to make everything neatly laid out. You can from the scene's page, download the full scene in different formats, these do vary some from scene to scene but the general formats are high (WMV), medium (MP4), small (MP4) and Mobile. The newer scenes add an HD option as well.

These are all accessed from a drop-down menu when you click download. Over from the movie download link is a pictures drop down box that lets you either view or download the pictures and screencaps.

Now leave it alone lol! It's perfect like Rebecca Linares butt.

Also I know it has been asked if they still have the 30 or more parts for individual download, the answer is yes, but you have to click on "chapters" to get to those.

They also now offer an add-on package. This is similar to Videobox having the "channels". This add-on they offer includes these sites, Dancing Bear, College Rules, My GF and CFNM Show. These sites do pretty good as standalone sites, but you can now add them into your membership for $24.95. I don't know any other way to get those 4 sites for this price, but it does look a really good deal if you are interested in those sites.

11-21-11  03:05pm

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Visit Zero Tolerance On Demand

Zero Tolerance On Demand

Some changes, improvements

I noticed at the first of my current membership to ZTOD that they now have grouped their three studios, ZTOD, Black Ice and 3rd Movies, into one site. So now when you search for, lets say, Carmel Moore, it now shows the results from all 3 studios, instead of the old way of having to sign in on each studio's site and checking for each model. That's a big improvement in my opinion. One that I think I may have mentioned in a previous review while wondering just how hard it would be to integrate the three studios into one search engine.

Download speeds are still not that great, but I have noticed that if you download more than one file/scene/photo set at a time, it does effectively double your download speed.

Overall, I still think this is a premier DVD site. For one, you still have some exclusivity here since not all of their videos are available on the other DVD sites and two, they have a nice selection of pictures, which is rare for DVD sites. Not all scenes have pictures, but most of the models I have downloaded seem to have about a 50% ratio of scenes with photos.

Here are some numbers and it's the biggest reason I think they are one of the top 2-3 DVD sites.

6,373 scenes total
2,742 of those scenes are available in 1080p, full HD
4,059 zipped photo sets

I could be wrong, but I don't know of any of the DVD sites that have nearly 3,000 1080p scenes. And I'm almost positive that none have over 4,000 zipped photo sets too.

The only real complaints I have here, the tagging system is still not accurate. It is on some tags, but I searched lesbian MILF and 6 scenes showed up. While they have numerous DVDs that have lesbian MILF content. So I know it's more than 6.

Again, download speed is still frustrating with just one connection, but with more than one it downloads pretty fast.

Still prefer the niches here since they have a black site which is actually about half Hispanic, South American women, lots of Brazil models. And I think they cover the niches as good as anyone does with their own handjob series even. Pleased again with this membership, may even let it recur.

11-03-11  11:15pm

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Visit Next Door Lana

Next Door Lana

A download limit

After probably a few years of debate on whether to join this site, I finally did, knowing it isn't updating and that the overall size of it is underwhelming.

But it's Lana Lopez.

So I get into the underwhelming amount of content and figure I will download the entire site in a day or two and be satisfied with the addition to my Lana collection since she doesn't have a ton of content out there.

After downloading 21 what I would call "small" zip files of photos, I got this comment, "Your daily download limit of zips has expired".

I have the exact numbers and can even link a screenshot of what I have downloaded to reach this limit.

21 zips, total size = 362 mb = "Your daily limit on download zips has been expired!"

It's probably not that big of a deal since this was one full page of her picture sets and there are only 4.5 pages, so I will go back tomorrow and download 21, then 21 the next day and so on, but what's the purpose of a download limit on what is an archive site? I haven't tried the videos yet, but those too may have a download limit on them as well. I will get back to a review later this week since I should have everything downloaded by then. Just thought I would throw this early warning in on the download limit on photo set zips.

10-17-11  03:07pm

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Visit Puba


Never debated a join this long

For about 4 months, I have clicked on this network, considered, re-considered. My original interest in the network is the inclusion of two of my favorites, Charley Chase and London Keyes, but things still seem to be a bit different. I was thinking there was a discount before, but could be wrong. I also notice that they now offer a 5 day trial for $5 instead of the $1 trial, since there seemed to be some confusion over the trial earlier, this makes it more confusing!

I have really started to like watching the webcam shows, but I can't ever see one live since they seem to have them about an hour before I get home from work.

My first question is, does this network include archive videos of the webcam shows? I found that feature really nice on a few other similar network of solo sites.

Second question is, does anyone know if the $5 trial is full access since the $1 one wasn't? I very rarely use trials, but with the $30 price and having been burnt with the last few sites I joined, it would be nice to know what I'm getting into before getting into it.

Third, this download limit that I noticed on Charley's site info. Is that daily limit cumulative across all the sites or is it a limit per site per day?

10-10-11  04:24pm

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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

More sites that I hadn't seen, updated design

At first, I wasn't too happy with the new design at Bang Bros. It worked really good, makes the site less cluttered, but the screenshot sips and part of the photo zips were not downloading. In their defense, they did have a note up that they knew everything wasn't working right and it would be fixed shortly. It was fixed within 24 hours. So now, they have really improved the functionality of their site.

The other good news, may just be for me, the model some of us know as Abella Anderson, one of the few models I have recommended to other members on here, once had a solo site called Living with Anna.

I don't know when Bang Bros added it to their network, it is just an archive site now, but this is some really great content of her with some of it coming before her implants. The amount of content of her on it isn't that great, but the totals are: 35 videos, 35 photo sets, 35 screenshot zips.

Up until now I had only been able to find 1-2 scenes of her on different sites and only had a total of 18 scenes, so this site being thrown in to the Bangbros Network, added a big boost for me since it nearly doubled my entire collection of her content.

A few other sites I hadn't seen on here before. Ava Spice. This is a tiny site with only 5 videos, 5 photo sets, 5 screencap sets, but this is yet another site where it looks like Bang Bros adds these no longer updating solo sites to their network as a nice little bonus.

Also there is a Bang Bros Remastered site that has 15-20 remastered sets from the early days of the Bang Bus.

I had first noticed Bang Bros doing this adding of sites that had gone out of business when they added the archived content from The Penny Show. Considering they are still adding new updates to their regular sites and with the much improved navigation in the new site design, it's still easily recommended and even more so if you like finding content like the Living With Anna content.

09-06-11  11:37am

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Visit Regan Reese

Regan Reese

A few notes to consider, has a network now

In my attempt to find more content of Regan Reese, I stumbled across this site, this is an update to the information.

There's not a lot of content of Regan still. There are only 7 videos, but there is a good collection of photos, over 4,000 total. My main interest in Regan's content are the photos since it's not that hard to find videos of her on the usual DVD sites like Videobox.

The problem with the photo sets, they are not very big photos. I think the biggest I've seen is 1200 long end and there are no zips. I used an image downloader, which worked well since there are 90 photos on each page. Regan gives off the artsy vibe and these picture sets are artsy, but explicit as well. That's not that common to see those two combined.

After downloading all the Regan content, I noticed a link for "bonus sites". There are 19 other sites that comes with Regan's site! These sites are all very similar to Regan's. Mostly well-known porn stars solo sites, Jenaveve Jolie, Eva Angelina, Alexis Amore, Daisy Marie, Nautica Thorn, 11 others also have these solo sites on here and there are 2-3 sites that are more into the hardcore genre, may be licensed content.

What could make these sites interesting is the collectible factor. Most of the models on here also double as exotic dancers and there are videos and photos of their exotic dancing performances. This stuff looks very rare. It looks like all of these sites were probably trying to run as standalone sites, stopped updating and someone put them all together in one package.

Since I don't mind digging around for rare content, this made this site/network pretty good for me. I don't like having to use an image downloader software, but it's better than the sites that put programming in that won't even let you do that. As a collector of Jenaveve Jolie videos, I can say that of the 30ish videos I downloaded from her site that none look familiar and it should be noted that most are trademarked, Club Jenaveve Jolie, which the Club sites were sort of a fad in porn a few years ago where a hardcore star would have a solo site showing her in more softcore videos and photo sets. The video quality from all the sites is around average. I consider DVD quality to be average, the ones I have checked are 640 high end but they are watchable. I think Jenaveve's exotic dance video at a club in Texas may be worth the price alone.

A warning, the sites are moody. I've clicked sign in with my sign in info saved only to see it reject the sign in, click it again and it opens. These sites do look old and plain in design, but overall, I thought it was a good join for $20 for all the sites. Some of the models, Jenaveve comes to mind, looks to have upwards of 10,000 photos.

If I were scoring just this site of Regan, I would go with an 80 just for the photos, she's very photogenic. Add another 5 points for the bonus sites. If someone took all this content, added zips, this would be a very good join for collectors.

09-05-11  05:44pm

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Visit Club Regan Reese

Club Regan Reese

Continuing on my review and recycling thought

Edit: In all fairness, this webmaster seems genuinely honest. Some of the content is recycled, I'm sure there is a fine line between what is dishonest and what is just a difference in subjective definitions. I'm removing the dishonest part with the thought that maybe future members will read the review and see that it doesn't have as much content as expected.

08-22-11  02:27pm

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Visit Teen Dreams

Teen Dreams

An old favorite throws a curveball

Somehow I have completely missed the model, Zulfija. Happened to see her on Met-Art and decided to see if I could find any other content of her. I found some on Domai and Domai's sister site Goddess Nudes, then found a thread on a forum that said she was on Teen Dreams. I go to Teen Dreams and see her in the featured models section, click it and it says, "We have 4 exclusive series of Zulfija inside our members area!"

Since I knew they had a preview members area I clicked it just to make sure it's not sets I already have. When I go to her model page, she has ONE set. This becomes further confusing when she happens to be the feature model on the main page. It says they have five sets, 500 photos, 2250px of her. Right now, in my porn rut, she's a deal breaker. What I'm wondering, since Teen Dreams is known for the use of quite a few aliases for models, is she maybe listed under a different name? I've never known Teen Dreams to be a dishonest site, so I want to believe it's explainable, but as said above, it's a deal breaker. Does anyone know how much content there is of Zulfija on Teen Dreams?

08-21-11  11:05pm

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Visit Yanks.com


Frustration with billing/cancel (Resolved)

Edit: Just wanted to edit to say the webmaster helped me get canceled, but will leave the rest of the comment in case it happens to a future member so they can reference it.

Going to take a few points off my review for the frustrating cancellation process. Here's the steps and mind you, I still have NOT been able to cancel my account.

First, they have four different billing processors, netbilling, ccbill, epoch and netcash. I don't know if certain ones are used based on the country you are in, but my account was processed by netbilling, who I have used a time or two in the past.

In my subscription confirmation email there is no link to cancel. I go to netbilling's homepage, have a member ID, but there is nowhere on netbilling's homepage to cancel. Went to Yanks support, clicked "cancel" it asked which biller I used. Clicked on netbilling. It tells me to put my username and password in. I do this and click "cancel account".

Well, the browser sits there with a working spinner going, "Connecting..." I go outside, take the trash out, come back and still is working and saying, "connecting". It finally pops up and says, "Cannot find account". I'll never understand why a biller gives a customer a "member ID number" but doesn't have a place to enter that when canceling.

I'll never understand why a site would hire a biller that doesn't allow direct cancel on the biller's homepage. You're just asking for dissatisfied customers.

And this is not just a one-time thing. I've tried it 3 nights in a row. There is an option to email the site's support with any cancellation problems, so I guess I'm going to have to do that. Whether fast reply or not, I don't think I should have to email the site to cancel when they have a cancellation system in place. It goes back to, I didn't have to email the site to JOIN the site so why should I have to email the site to cancel it? Go back to my review and see the part about my main frustration with the site itself being that it could be much better than it is if some time and effort was put into updating the way the site itself works. Looks like that carried right over into the billing too.

08-12-11  06:48pm

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Visit Naughty Mag

Naughty Mag

Anybody been here lately? Sasha Bleu

A model I had found on a very few sites, Sasha Bleu, seems to go by several variations of aliases, all starting with Sasha. I've seen several preview sets of her that have this Naughty Mag watermark on them. I'm not real familiar with the Score Group except that I know they usually are focused on big boobs. TBP review looks pretty good on it, but no recent reviews or comments, so I'm just curious if anyone has tried it recently. Not being a huge fan of big boobs, I don't know if it's worth a membership just to get the Sasha content or not.

08-06-11  02:22pm

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Visit Parody Pass

Parody Pass

TV fans should check the preview out

I don't watch a lot of tv these days, but got a promo special offer in email for this site from New Sensations. Thought I would take a look and have to say, while I don't know a few of these shows in their real form, the ones I do are pretty impressive when it comes to finding porn stars that resemble the real cast of these shows. I noticed though on the TBP facts that there are no downloads for the videos. Still worth a preview visit to see the similarities.

08-02-11  07:13pm

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Visit Ashley Fires

Ashley Fires

A nice network, but not exclusive

This network, not really for sure what the name of it is, but it has 14 sites included in it, all but one are solo models sites. I joined for Ashley Fires after seeing her content on In the Crack. There are some very good sites on this network including a medium sized solo site for Aaliyah Love. The network works well too and nice to see the sites each having zip files for the photo sets.

So the number of overall sites have changed since the TBP review, was listed as 9 included with each. The other difference between now and the TBP review, a large amount of this content is not exclusive. Nineteen of the last 22 photo sets have been from other sites that shot Ashley, mostly Kink.com sites. Still checkout the models with small to medium sized sites here. It's really not a bad deal at all when taking into consideration the TBP discount.

07-28-11  10:33pm

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