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Visit Flower Tucci

Flower Tucci

All sites access

Its awesome that flower tucci has joined the reality kings. Its still small and currently Flowertucci's site only has 20 updates since 1/24/07. But she is updating weekly with nice quality full videos with her friends, and yes she squirts up a storm like always.

Follow-Up - 08-20-07:

If anyone reads this I'd like to make a comment. I downloaded one of her videos today and she gets fucked 37 straight minutes, then in the last minute he cums after jacking off for another minute. Then he cums and 2 little clear spurts come out on her face. What the fuck, he just got done fucking this girl in the ass for 20 minutes and thats all the comes out. I can jack off for 5 minutes and get 13 spurts, something is wrong with that video.

06-19-07  12:40pm

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Visit FTV Girls

FTV Girls

Jamie Returns also HD

On October 8th- finally jamie lynn returns with some squirting action.

Updates seem to be pretty consistent now. Every 6 days.

FTV girls will have HD videos starting in December.

10-02-07  09:06am

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Visit Fucked Up Facials

Fucked Up Facials


Is it just me or is the jizz on this site all fake. Looking at the previews the cumshots these guys give, the cum shoots out like a super soaker. Check out one of the preview videos to see what I mean. Definitely some fucked up facials here for sure. The sister site fucked up hand jobs looks real and pretty hot though.

I don’t know if I could take watching huge! fake loads, that look like white paint, could you?

01-25-08  08:56pm

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Visit Gina DePalma 40DDD

Gina DePalma 40DDD


There are 55 videos now. You can only download in wmv, and the quality is poor especially on the streams. There are 13 picture sets with around 70 pics per set, and the pictures are also pretty poor quality. Don't let that amazing rack fool you, because you will be disappointed inside.

10-27-07  12:41pm

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Visit Girlie's Cam

Girlie's Cam


Only 30 videos and they are basically all from her old web cams. The quality of the videos are bad! Its a shame to she didn't do more with her site, as she has huge boobs. She is similar to Rachel Aziani, but Rachel knows how to run a site. She doesnt really do
any videos anymore, like 3 a year. However she does still blog every 5 days. 96 pic sets, but they are very small sets. Occasionally does cam show, last one was December 10th. The site is pretty much dead.

12-28-07  06:53pm

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Visit Gyno X

Gyno X


I watched a video from this site today, and this stuff looks as real as it gets. It seems to be done very professional. I just wish I understood what these girls were saying.

I watched the video with carol in it. She is really sexy, and has huge naturals. If you are into this site, and decide to join, be sure to download her video!

01-08-08  01:08pm

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Visit Homemade Paysite

Homemade Paysite

Discounted price

When you cancel a subscription for the site you get this message:

As a thank you for your past membership to this site, we would like to offer you a discount for continuing your subscription at this time.

Now, you can continue to be a member for the Discounted rate of $14.95 should you choose to stay!*

10-16-07  11:13am

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Visit Hometown Holly

Hometown Holly


I know a friend who joined this site. There are only 8 very small videos and they are not good quality. She rarely does a cam show. She has only updated once in 2007. There are 37 picture sets. Also it is all non nude content

05-18-07  06:57pm

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Visit Hot Haley

Hot Haley

facts update

There are now 16 clips. 4 of them are lesbian videos. The others are masturbation. There is still 45 pic sets.

The videos are fuzzy, and the pics are not great.

12-10-07  09:29am

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Visit Hot Wife Rio

Hot Wife Rio

I've been eyeing this site

I've been eyeing this site for a while now and it looks great. I've watched every free video clip there is. But I cant really find a review on this site anywhere. Is there any plans to get a review for this site. During her clips it seems theres music playing through them, I am not sure if there is music playing during every video on the site. I cant stand that. I would of joined already regardless, but the high 29.99 a month price has put me on hold, because I know these kinds of sites are risky. If anyone knows some information on this site would love to hear it. Thanks :-)

06-20-07  10:13am

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Visit Housewife Kelly

Housewife Kelly

___Labor Day Sale___

For Labor day you can join for 9.99 which is 60% off the regular monthly price.

With all the videos you get, the 10 dollars is quite the bargain.

09-03-12  07:02am

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Visit In Focus Girls

In Focus Girls

Not sure

Can anyone help me out and tell me which is better infocusgirls or onlycuties. They both look great, but I can not decide. If you had a choice between the two, what would you choose?

11-23-07  09:47pm

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Visit In Shadow

In Shadow

facts update

There are 116 pic sets ( usually over 25 pics a set, good quality)

There are 38 videos ( 8 minutes long on average) There is music in the background on some videos. You can only download videos in wmv.

Overall some nice bondage content here, with a few really hot chicks.

08-11-07  06:40pm

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Visit Incredible Pass

Incredible Pass


-Coedslovebigdicks stop updating April 12, 2007. Daddyimawhote stoped April 5, 2007. Im not sure if they will continue to update or not, but it seems like it will not.

-Latin Booty Girls updates every Thursday
-Arab street hookers Updates Every Wednesday
-Big tits curvy asses Updates Every Wednesday
-the Boss XXX Updates Every Monday.
-The Amputee every Tuesday
-Cumbrushers Sunday and Wednesday
-Momsacheater every Friday
-humantotiletbowls every Sunday
-Midgetcum every Tuesday
-IloveblackBlackcum every Monday
sidenote: apparently a girl name Zezabelle Sparks is in her first xxx scenes in her life on this site. She is pretty hott 2
-Overall tons of content, mostly ethic girls, very hardcore, but some of the videos are fuzzy.

06-13-07  04:23pm

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Visit Kristen Cameron

Kristen Cameron

Good but to many clips!

Since there is noting on this site anywhere, I thought I would share. Yes it is an amateur site, and all videos are very amateurish in quality. The videos are actually quite good, with some nice orgasms and some good prego videos. However the biggest fault is that all videos are broken up into 2 minute clips with the exception of 1. However might change. Updates are fairly good. Yes there is cam shows.
40 hardcore videos
6 My friends videos
19 Kinky videos
22 solo videos
8 girl-girl vidoes, and group sex videos
88 pic sets ( image dimensions vary, found up to 1024px × 768px)

10-24-08  06:29pm

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Visit Latin Adultery

Latin Adultery


78 scenes

4/04/07 is when this site transferred to the new improved naughty America vip format of normal , high, dvd, mpeg, apple, and ipod video download. Also the high and low res zip download pics. You couldn’t download pics in zip format until 07-21-2005 which was 25 scenes into it.

I love this site it has some of the hottest Latinas on the net. You got Daisy, Jenaveve, Haley Page, Mason Storm, Alexis Love, Olivia O’ Lovely, Sativa Rose, Shy Love, Adrianna Ferrera, Paola Rey, Luccia Reyes and many more.

Updates every 3 days – 2 weeks like most other naughty America sites.

07-10-07  11:23am

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Visit Little Mutt

Little Mutt

Familiar and Not So familiar

-some familiar faces like Carli Banks, new porn star Meggan Malone, Faye Reagan, Peaches, Sarah Blake, Sadie Sweet, Sandy Summers, Micah Moore, Nikki Nine and Amber Rayne. But even they seem to be very natural in the videos, or in the beginning of there porn career. But most of the other girls are new faces to me.

05-22-08  09:59pm

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Visit Meat Holes

Meat Holes


This site has some of the worst navigation I have ever seen . There are over 100 scenes and the only way to get to see more is to click next page over and over viewing 3 -5 girls per page. Its a real annoyance and they should fix it. Especially since this is meat members best and largest site. Lots of very hardcore content similar to fucking abuse, but maybe not as extreme. But you do get the rim jobs, hardcore gagging, and the girls getting treated like meat. The only difference is I have'nt seen any girl puke on a cock.

-Also another problem with the site is no full scene download and some scenes are missing clips!!!

08-05-07  10:57pm

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Visit Mike in Brazil

Mike in Brazil

Yes they do have full scene downloads

full scene downloads since 7-20-2006 so basically 59 scenes are full scene download.

Tony, Dino, Anselmo tour Brazil to find the hottest Brazilian chicks.

Sites been around since 2004-03-22. It updates every Sunday. These brazilian chicks are fine as hell.

Part of the reality kinds website, check it out.

08-20-07  11:05am

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Visit Monica Erotica Altimate Fantasy

Monica Erotica Altimate Fantasy

Dont bother with this site!

Yes its only $8.95 (7 days, recurs $19.99/mo.) full trial access. However, Last picture set was 4/01/06. Last video update was November 26, 2005 and there are only 26 video clips with some masturbation, titty torture, and fucking. The quality isn't very good and they are very short around 3 minutes. 41 galleries decent picture quality. comes with amateur and private camz. also you can buy a dvd on her site and there about 20 dollars for 15 minutes. Overall its a poor site and not even worth reviewing.

08-05-07  05:36pm

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Visit My Naughty Latin Maid

My Naughty Latin Maid


-I counted 55 scenes
-some hot models like daisy marie, and they are all latin
-Only the last 16 picture sets are downloadable
-All models talk in a Spanish accent
-Not sure if they update anymore, no log or dates
-unlike most other Naughty America sites, there are many amateurs here
-newest set up like this:
Full Vids: 512k - 1000k - 2000k - MPEG
iPod – QuickTime- 512k Clip1 Clip2 Clip3 Clip4 Clip5 - 2000k Clip1 Clip2 Clip3 Clip4 Clip5 - QT Clip1 Clip2 Clip3 Clip4 Clip5 - MPEG Clip1 Clip2 Clip3 Clip4 Clip5
Picture Gallery
|Low Res Gallery|
|High Res Gallery|
|Download Gallery|

06-05-07  07:50pm

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Visit My Sister's Hot Friend

My Sister's Hot Friend


-Consistent updates every 3- 8 days since 12-27-2004 which was the Isabella Soprano scene.

-I counted 120 scenes, all pornstars here

-Now after 2-25-07 every scene has this set up:

-Normal, High , DVD , MPEG, Apple & Ipod. All which have 5 clips and a full scene. Below it is a high res & low res pic download or view.

-the girls are all hot, and the video quality is excellent.

06-05-07  07:43pm

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Visit Natalie Sparks

Natalie Sparks


Natalie Sparks has made a new website "wildnatalie.com" . This site will be much more hardcore than her old site which contained even very little masturbation videos. This site looks like its worth a look for sure. The site is set to open in May.

04-27-09  07:17am

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Visit Naughty Office

Naughty Office


You can download the newer videos in normal, high, dvd, mpeg, apple,and ipod. There are 136 videos now on the site. The DVD and high look especially great.

The pics are in high and low res zip files.

06-01-07  11:25am

Replies (2)
Visit Next Door Nikki

Next Door Nikki

More important information.

I recently visited her myspace webpage and she just got married July 22nd. She also writes on July 24th:

" “*** IMPORTANT*** NextDoorNikki is no more......
Hey guys, im sorry to inform you that I will no longer be working for Phil Flash or be associated with the site NextDoorNikki.com. Some of you may already know the reason why, some may have just heard rumors as to why, and as much as I'd like to say what happened, at this point I cant. Since I will not be working for that site anymore, there will be no more pic updates, journals or webcam shows on nextdoornikki.com so there's no point for you to still be a paying member, besides the fact that the site will eventually be archived to Phil-Flash.com.” The point of this blog is to let you all know that i'm still not going anywhere :) it's not that easy to get rid of me even if I am pregnant, lol. I will be starting a new site soon called Nikki Sims and Mumblez and I started a new forum called Nikkis Forum since I wont be posting on NNBoards anymore. You can also find me on Cass's Forum (Previously known as Princess Blueyez)."

Well you read it, so this site will receive no more updates and we will just have to wait for her new website. Hopefully the new one will have some nudity ,possibly SEX!! But I doubt it as she said she would'nt on her "old site".

07-26-07  10:49pm

Replies (2)

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