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Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day


1byday has finally added a future update calender so you know whats coming up in the future. Also they added wmv full scene download in hdv 1280 x 720. Also full scene download in divx, flash, and quicktime in high definiton. Nice updates! Also they changed there search options by breast size, pubic hair, uniform, location, hair color. they must of been listening to me. lol. It has a whole new feel to it then a few weeks ago, its awesome.

07-08-07  05:17pm

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Visit All Sites Access

All Sites Access

Cancel Membership

If you cancel your membership. They give you a special offer.

monthly subscription 9.95
1 month cycle subscription 14.95

Great deal! Almost hard to resist

12-23-07  08:53am

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Visit Ariel Jordan

Ariel Jordan


Tania the girl on FTV girls, is Ariel Jordan. They both have 36ddd bust, and they look exactly alike. So I guess If you want a taste of Ariel before you join her site, you would check out FTV girls.

05-24-07  12:41pm

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Visit Aziani



Right now this site has a Special $4.95(Full Access) 3 Days .
Obviously you get this with Rachel azianis site, great deal!

01-25-08  10:41pm

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Visit Barefoot Maniacs

Barefoot Maniacs

Nice Feet

Last update 6/30/2007

Nice videos for people with a foot fetish. All the guys cum on the girls feet, and the girls erotically rub them.

58 exclusive scenes, and 70 non exclusive

Lots of well known stunning porn stars

You cant download videos which sucks because they are very hot!

07-12-07  10:54am

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Visit Big Naturals

Big Naturals

Big Boobs

I have not been a member in a while, but as I recall big naturals was one of the best big natural tit sites. They got some of the best naturals in the business such as my favorite CARMELLA BING, AND AMY REID! as well as gianna michaels, Brandy Taylor, avy scott, ewa sonnet, bea flora, as well as 100's of other hot natural busty babes.

05-27-07  10:00am

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Visit Blind Date Bangers

Blind Date Bangers

No updates

I know TBP already says this. But the updates have stopped since May 11th, 2006 with 30 exclusive episodes and 9 bonus archives. The bonus archive for this sites last update was 8/5/2007 however. Kind of a shame this site is dead, it had some enjoyable content with the whole blind date theme and all.

08-22-07  05:10pm

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Visit Boob Squad

Boob Squad

Miss it

This site's last update was April 29, 2005 which is a shame because I really use to enjoy it. It was a large boob site that was more of an amateur kind of site and really did'nt have many pornstars to speak of ,if any at all. There are only 45 girls on the site, but they all have incredible tits. If you ever do join bangbros check out boobsquad's Jazmin "sorry wrong hole" ,she is gorgeous and the video is great and seemed very real and had no acting or scripts (which is like most of the other videos on the site).

07-29-07  06:25pm

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Visit Boobs Europe

Boobs Europe


This site it really not what I expected. There are only 16 girls. Only about 30 something actual scenes. They are all broken up into small clips which equals around 250. They are all about 2 minutes each. The video scenes are all pretty soft core except for a little lesbian play. As far as extras there is only some puzzles, some desktop pictures, and some other big breast videos with lactation. Pictures are actually pretty big over 1000 x 750. There are many pic sets but there are only about 20 per. Also some of the girls faces are fuzzed out so you can only see the body, Disappointing site.

06-16-08  10:27pm

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Visit Boobs Garden

Boobs Garden

The girls

I could not add this in my review so i will here. If you have a favorite girl on this site I'm going to tell you how many pic sets and video for each girl.

Sathenne Torro ( 5 videos and 5 pic sets), Lea Ticia(7 videos, 8 pic sets) , Lana Cant (5 videos,5 pic sets), Bianka (3 videos,4 pic sets), Aneta Buena(11 videos,12 pic sets), Canddie(1 video, 1 pic set), Anabelle Maya(2 videos,2 pic sets), Carmen( 1 videos, 1 pic set), Arabella(3 videos, 3 pic sets), Bea Flora(3 videos, 3 pic sets), Kora(4 videos 5 pic sets), Wanessa Lilio(10 videos, 11 pic sets), Colette(2 videos, 2 pic sets),Jastin(3 videos 4 pic sets), Extasi(2 videos and 2 pic sets), Marysia(, 1 videos, 1 pic set)Ines Cudna(6 videos, 6 pic sets), and Malina(5 vidoes, 6 pic sets).

07-26-07  10:47am

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Visit Boobs XL

Boobs XL


pretty much all large girls here.
-Categories consist of: professional photographs, SM- Games,
Sports,Swinging/bouncing,Dressing scenes, massage,Breastperformance, & Public scenes
- 13 girls on site
- 245 videos, 2,710 pictures, 144 galleries.
- only wmv and mpeg downloads, older video had .mov
-first video 2006-09-17 , last 2007-06-03
--With membership you get Special Offer to try out
sabrina-meloni or gigantischebrueste for 2.95 for 2 days.

06-06-07  09:44pm

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Visit Bruno B

Bruno B

No updates

Last update was 2/20/2007. Most the videos are short and split up into parts. The pictures are not any good either. There is 161 videos but they are not that good, and the quality lacks. Just a little warning if you somehow decide to join this site. Also some of the videos are cut off and you don't get to see the ending( money shot).

10-06-07  10:59am

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Visit Busty Amateurs Is Back

Busty Amateurs Is Back

No amateur girls

"Real natural titties YES, real busty amateurs girls NO...that's what you'll find here!"

I am sorry but any site that has Amy Ried, Sara Stone, Natasha Nice, Whitney Stevens, Gianna, & Brandy Taylor should be banned from being called amateur.

The site should be called "Another Busty Pornstar"

08-25-10  11:34am

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Visit Cassandra Calogera

Cassandra Calogera


Is this site a clone of ArielJordan, although there seems to be alot more hardcore and content on this site. This site has some great free video clips. She has been appearing all over the internet , on ftv, bignaturals,nublies,mattsmodels, and welivetogether. If someone joins this site, Id love to read your review. Im thinking about joining.

05-31-07  08:20pm

Replies (2)
Visit Clips 4 Sale

Clips 4 Sale


I recently ran into this site a few weeks ago. Some of the sites on here are incredibly hot. To bad these sites don't have thier own website. The only way to see the videos is to buy each one at a time for like a dollar a minute which is ridiculous. You buy 3 videos and thats enough to join a good paysite. The site has mostly fetish material. Each site on here is called a studio or store. My favorites are Bound Christina which is studio 9478, jerky girls studio 2511 , and many more. But the best thing on here is store 2119 which is Mistress Taylor other known as Taylor St. Claire. Her videos are unlike anything I ever saw before. She has Tease and denial ruined and forced orgasms. She plays with a guys dick until hes gonna cum then stops, goes and stops. Eventually when he cums she puts her finger on his piss hole and squeezes hard so the cum wont shoot out as the guy screams in agony. She also does spit humiliation, smothering, trampling, ass and breast worship, and all kinds of humiliation. Theres something so hot about her when she does these things with her huge natural tits, and sexy eyes. Check it out. Since i cant use hyperlinks, just type in www dot clips4sale dot com / store / 2119.

07-24-07  10:57am

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Visit Coeds Love Big Dicks

Coeds Love Big Dicks

updates once a week on Wed.

Apparently that is not the case anymore. The last update was April 12, 2007. There is no update log anymore for this site. I'm pretty sure they are not going to be making new videos for this site anymore.

06-11-07  01:20pm

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Visit Cute Rain

Cute Rain

High quality site/ but little updates

21 video updates as of now, also they are rather short Video updates come very slowly. They update approximately every 1st and 15th of every month. Really only a soft-core site, no sex. A few light lesbian scenes. Whats really spectacular about this site is the video quality. 1920 x 1080 high def. Also 1280 x 720 high quality, 800 x 450 medium quality, also ipod. Pics are a very nice 1280 x 850.

Face wise she’s not really that pretty( kind of looks like would be Roger Federers sister), but she has a very hot young body.

Site also comes with fuckyoupaul

01-25-08  08:49pm

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Visit Denise Milani

Denise Milani


Denise Milani was officially nominated by askmen.

As of now, you can vote for Denice Milani on askmen's top 99 most desirable women for 2008. Shes located under celebrity models.

I'm not promoting you to vote for her or anything, but I personally find her perfect. All natural 32 DDD's, come on! :-)

11-29-07  01:47pm

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Visit Denise Milani

Denise Milani


I use to be a member of beautiful Denise but now that site is no longer running. This woman is beyond beautiful, and is personally one of the most gorgeous woman I ever saw. She has enormous natural breast on a skinny frame, perfect skin and body shape. I am assuming her new site is similiar to her last site with more content. Her old site had 29 photo sets (around 20 pics per) and 24 snapshot photo sets ( around 30 pics per) with 19 videos and many download options. Her pics were breathtaking. It seems like she uses many of the videos and pics from her last site. With that being said you will experience some videos with music playing through them, well actually, most. The price monthly is only 14.95 which isnt to bad. There doesnt seem to be a great amount of content, but just to see this beauty is worth the price itself. It is a very softcore site though, with only a few see through shirts worn. If this girl could starting putting out masturbation videos this site would be spellbinding. But she is a very classy model. I advise you check her out

06-16-07  09:53am

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Visit Device Bondage

Device Bondage

A little overpriced?

This site is 55 dollars for a month. Yes 55 dollars!

The site looks really hot, with some never before devices being used on some very hot woman.

But, 55 dollars is the highest priced site for a month I have ever seen!

12-11-07  11:24am

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Visit Diary Of A Nanny

Diary Of A Nanny

some info

-New site since (02-20-07)
-Weekly updates
-24 scenes as of now
-13 of the videos download in the new imprved naughty America Format: normal, high, dvd, mpeg, apple, ipod.
-High res and low re spic zip downloads
-Porstars like penny lame, Julia bond, kylie wild, lexi love
-All videos and pictures on site high quality
-Older format which is for 11 videos is like this:
Full Video (DSL) (56K) (700k) (Mpeg) (Ipod)
Video (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)
700k (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)
Mpegs (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)
Picture Gallery (High) (Zip) (Low)

06-26-07  09:46pm

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Visit Elle Hayes

Elle Hayes

waste of money

Just stay away from this site. It is 29.95 a month first of all. There is only 1 video with 2 parts (80.27 mb and 78.45 mb) of her playing bad mitten nude. There is only 24 pic sets to, however they are very high quality. When you click extras , all there is, is a wallpaper or her. Also as of march 29th 2006 there are no more updates. STAY AWAY!!

06-04-07  05:39pm

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Visit Eva Loves Cum

Eva Loves Cum

To bad

To bad this site only has about 4 updates a month( every monday). There are some good quality amateur videos on here. She has pretty big tits to. There are only 25 videos as of now. But the site is stil new, and has only been around since august 2007. The pic sets are fairly small to. About 4 sex videos, the rest are blowjob only.

03-09-08  11:18pm

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Visit Extreme Naturals

Extreme Naturals

Big boobs

This site along with some other huge breast sites I noticed, seem to make the breast appear larger on the preview pages then in the members area. It looks like they boost the size of the breast or use funky camera angles to get you to join, and then when you do, your pleasantly surprised that they are actually smaller then they appear. For instance go to page 2 of the preview page and look at giana, your telling me her breast are that big? I know they are big but they are not that big. I use to be a member a while back with this site and I remember the breast not being as big. So yeah just a little info, let me know if you agree.....

06-22-07  09:02am

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Visit Fire Girls

Fire Girls


I recently joined there trial offer of "5 Day Trial
Subscription" for $4.99. They got some decent material, and the quality of the last 3 years of updates are a huge improvement over there old stuff. But this site still isnt worth joining as there are not enough updates yearly to make you join on a monthy basis( think there were like 15-20 a year). I say its worth 5 dollars to join and cancel and get all the videos. The girls are really not that hott at all, but you get some nice real amateur orgasms. There are a few videos I say that worth 5 bucks alone. The anal training series is pretty good.

06-26-09  07:25pm

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