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Visit Ann Angel XXX

Ann Angel XXX

Photo Downloading...Grrrrrrr

The biggest pain in the butt with this site is the lack of zipped photo content and the speed of the page loads isn't good enough to use the online galleries. So..I wrote a program to download the photos (and videos actually) automatically. You just leave it running and it'll download everything into dated folders on your PC in the background. It happens to support all sorts of other sites too. If you're interested drop me a pm

03-14-13  06:09pm

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Visit Ann Angel XXX

Ann Angel XXX

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Updated: 05-09-13  07:27am  (Update History)
Reason: Some errors in my original review plus additional thoughts after a few months of membership
Pros: Ann is damn near perfect if slightly off her prime
Excellent image quality
HD Video quality
Cons: Not much content yet
Updating is a little inconsistant
web cam shows are always the same time (no good for the UK!)
Only zips for the first 10 image galleries
Bottom Line: I've been a big fan of Anna's for years. Hers was the only "tease" site I have ever had a membership to way back in the days when seeing one of her nipples was a rare occurrence. I guess she was playing the long game as she's gradually been showing more and more over the years and guys like me just keep coming back for more.

I wanted to update this based on a few months of membership.

First off the video quality is much better than I initially stated. Downloads are full hd rather than the low BW streamed ones.

But - the hardcore video is pretty poor as it's all shot by either locked off cameras or handheld iphones. So the action is either low qulity or missed altogether. I mean - she's still got a sweet body but if you want great HardCore this is not the place to go.

The photo shoots are dropping their quality a little too. Almost all outdoors and voyeur style recently and updates are not that regular.

So...if you're a big time Ann fan - still go for it (even if she's not QUITE as hot as he was 10 years ago!!) but....be a little wary.

I left her annangel.com site a while back when the frankly ridiculous piracy protection ruined it. It was a real shame as Anna was putting out some wonderful videos and getting closer and closer to hardcore.

So...I was VERY interested to see the new xxx site but was wary of joining in case the same draconian download restrictions were in place. But - having just joined up I'm pleased to say that all content is downloadable (although only the older galleries have zips).
The site is pretty simple - you can either jump straight to gallery updates, video updates or the blog list which includes both plus some nice little extra comments on photos by the godess herself.

The site is a little too reliant on WordPress so if you want to comment on any posts etc. you have to be logged into both the site AND wordpress.

Overall - this is just all about Anna. She's had once of the hotest bodies on the internet since around 2004 and she's still got it...in spades. With a bit more work the site could be worthy of her...it's just not quite there yet.

01-23-13  03:05am

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N/A Reply of GCode's Poll

I tend not to believe any of it on most sites but some are obviously more acurate (FTVGirls is a perfect example). If the girl is one of my favourites I tend to at least investigate her real name, age and where she comes from.

I agree with the others - who cares what her favourite colour is as long as she can take three dicks at once?!

08-26-09  03:46pm

Visit CD Girls

CD Girls
Reply of doomsday's Review

Thanks Doomsday - I've been thinking about rejoining CDGirls as I was a member about 2 years ago. When did the video quality get better and what's res/format these days?

08-20-09  11:21am

N/A Reply of Ace DDF's Reply

How would the re-billing work with this based on a 3 month sign-up?

08-20-09  11:18am

N/A Reply of Duante Amorculo's Poll

I don't think that I could handle the thought of my mates going home and whacking one off over her videos and pictures. No....I'd keep it to myself.

08-20-09  11:14am

Visit Twistys


Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: + Huge amount of content
+ Gorgeous girls (on the whole)
+ Nice simple site navigation
+ Super quick downloads
+ All photosets zipped
+ Vid content available as whole or part files in multiple formats
+ Nice model of the month feature
Cons: - form based login with OCR causes havoc with scheduled download managers
- Implants everywhere (not really the site's fault but...)
- Some content can be a little too "soft" (but the hard stuff makes up for it.
Bottom Line: This is a great site one of THE great porn sites of the last ten years. Updates are consistant and many - usually 3 photosets and 2 at least 2 videos a day.
The models are usually American, often European, and (even better IMHO) occassionally British.
The photo quality is good if not perfect (the hi res sets are not in the league of MetArt but are excellent none the less). Video quality is as you would expect these days - archive stuff is low res and the recent updates are amazing - true HD 720p and available in multiple formats.
The site is quick and really easy to navigate with voting, comments, model directory, recent updates, archive....etc, etc, etc.
One reallynice feature is a monthly "treat". This girl is featured for a month with additional sets, interviews, extra bio info. Currently it's Sasha Grey (who appears to be startlingly intelligent!!!) but we've even had Peach (my absolute favorite) and somenewer girls like Alexis Texas (her arse being worth a months subscription fee alone!).
So - it's a classic site. Everyone should have been a member at some point if onlyto get all the archived material of your favorite girls. That said - theday I cancel will be a verydark one indeed!

08-18-09  02:58am

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N/A Reply of GCode's Poll

If a website says exclusively teens then yes - it really should only feature 18-19 yr olds. Personally I'm not bothered and am very happy look any girl naked as long as she's hot.

08-18-09  02:38am

Visit Teen Models

Teen Models
Reply of TeenModels's Reply

Briliant - cheers Mike.

Excellent work and raelly appreciate being kept in the loop via PU. Yes - had hoped you'd add some form of cookie preference system to the pages. I look forward to doing a glowing review real soon.

08-17-09  10:50am

Visit Teen Models

Teen Models
Reply of TeenModels's Reply

It is indeed shaping up to be a truly excellent site.

Is there any chance of looking into a couple of my frustrations regarding the website before I post my own review?

1. The update pages are automatically categorised - e.g. you go to updates and have to click on all videos before you see the new videos as the site automatically takes you to "most popular" updates. Surely the default should be "all". This is true for video and photo updates. The "naughty" section is also frustrating as it defaults to the "teen" category. Again - shouldn't this be "all" by default?

2. An overall "updates" section would be useful holding all the updates including picture, video, extras and "naughty" content. That way one could see exacty what's been added since your last visit.

3. A way to request models for updates?

4. The login timeout is frustrating. I like to cue up my downloads during the day and let a download manager schedule the download at night when mybandwidth utilisation isn't monitored. This isn't possible with the current login procedure as the form based login times out.

I sound like I'm complaining - I'm not. It's an awseome site already and looks like it can only get better. My review might not hit the giddy heights of a 99 bu it will be well up there especially if you can fix the few minor niggles I've got.

08-17-09  06:15am

N/A Reply of GCode's Poll

Porn should be about appreciating the female form. Implants ruin the natural line of a woman's body and yes...it also shows a lack of confidence in ones own body and low self-esteem. Both a big turn-off.

08-15-09  11:28am

Visit Karup's PC

Karup's PC

Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: + A lot of girls, most with multiple picture sets and many with video. Many girsl I've not seean elsewhere as well as the usual suspects.
+ Almost all exclusive content
+ An increasing number of HD quality vids
+ Nice easy site navigation and good server speed
+ Comprehensive model index
+ HUGE 10 year archive
+ Nice search engine
+ no problems with download managers and no download limits
+ simple zip downloads for photo sets (choice of two resolutions)
+ single or mulitple video downloads for each update
+ Did I mention there are a lot of girls in here?
Cons: - Some video posted is still low res
- Doesn't update every day
- Nothing very "different" about either vid or photo sets
Bottom Line: The main strentgh of Karups is the size of it's back catalogue. I'm not convinced there are girls in Eastern Europe who aren't featured somewhere in the archive. Certainly, if a girl has taken all her clothes off in the Czech Republic she'll be somewhere in the Karups model index!

Personaly I find the video the most compelling download here but the photo sets are also excellent if not quite up to the hires standard of some other sites. All sets are availble in standard or hires zips.

Video res can be a bit hit and miss. Most of the archive is pretty low (640x480) but this is to be expected really when the archive goes back so far. Most recent video is stated as HD - although even this can vary from 960x540 to 1280x720. The vid content though is good - most of the videos take a standard strip -> masterbation format and the girls get naked pretty quick and are never shy about showing the lot! Hardcore videos are also common and are usually pretty standard: clothed, she sucks him, she gets naked, he licks her out, he fucks her, he comes on her face/tits, end. You know where you are and there are few suprises. The BIG plus is lots of the girls are exclusive - never seen a lot of them elsewhere and that's no mean feat comming from someone with over 10Tb of porn.

Karups doesn't upload every day but there are always areound 4 or 5 updates a week with 6 pic sets and 2 or 3 videos and amongst these there's nearly always a winner!

Overall I'd recommend Karups if you're not after imaginitive photoshots and video. If you like pretty girls you've not come across (haha) elsewhere to simply take of their clothes and show you their "all" then you won't go too far wrong here. Nothing earth shattering but good quality reliable updates backup up by a simple and fast site.

08-14-09  04:19pm

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Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day
Reply of Ace DDF's Reply

Thanks Endre - good to know it's not a permanent thing. Looking forward to HD eye candy!!

08-14-09  03:40pm

Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day

Lower res videos

Disturbing trend over the last week or so - video quality has dropped considerably.

Since adding the backstage vids the type of video offered has changed. At present the best is advertised as HD quality 720p but in practice the new vids are blocky, 4:3 and only available as mp4 mov files. Far far far from HD. Not a patch on the old (earlier than 1st August) mp4 avi files.

Maybe it's me as GSopt can't even render the files to tell me exactly what they are but I've never had a problem with mov files before...

OK - they're half then size but who wouldn't choose quality over quantity? I know I wouldn't. Very disapointing trend.

08-13-09  12:59pm

Replies (4)
Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day
Reply of dracken's Reply

Thanks Draken. Please be aware that the rolback server is now off - for good. But a site admin commenting here in PornUsers has stated that the timout issue regarding download managers IS being looked into...so....watch this space.

The updates are currently still only 1 per day although there are occasionally secondary photo only sets from a sister site. A welcome addition recently is also a backstage video in addition to the main video but this is only available in relatively low-res wmv format.


08-10-09  04:32pm

N/A Reply of messmer's Poll

I chose other - simply because I like anywhere except outdoor scenes generally. This is because I tend to find outdoor scenes not to be lit as well. Massive generalisation but I certainly find it's often the case that the clearest, sharpest videos are made on an indoor specifically lit set.

Once you're inside - I don't care where it is as long as the titties bound and the lips get spread :-P

08-08-09  04:23pm

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

I'm going through a war movie phase at the moment but otherwise - all the above.

08-06-09  09:47am

N/A Reply of Drooler's Reply

hehe - OK...to be slightly more lucid:

I never look at the jpg content of a site online if I can help it. In fact - I often turn off image display in my browser to speed up pages and keep my cache nice and clean. Simply download the zips and look ath thumbnails using ACDSee. As the meercat wouldsay - "simples" (sorry - it's a UK thing)!

08-05-09  06:44am

N/A Reply of atrapat's Poll

There are things I care about less but...right now I just can't think of any

08-04-09  03:53pm

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

I've a feeling this will be a resounding NO. What's the point?

Maybe some webmasters will read this and learn from it.

07-19-09  01:29am

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

I joined suzenet back in 1995 (ish...I think). Can't say I've gone back there and looked recently though to be honest.

07-09-09  07:23am

Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day
Reply of Ace DDF's Reply

Great news that you're trying to fix it. That really would be a great example of web admins listening to their userbase - very impressed.

Don't suppose there's anyway of having the rolback server back until you'vegot a fix is there?!?!?

07-07-09  04:11am

Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day
Reply of Ace DDF's Reply

Thanks for the response Endre,

The use of the download manager isn't really the problem. The issue is with being able to schedule downloads. FDM still works fine to multithread download and resume from 1byday.

I (like many I suspect) are limited by our ISP's to certain download limits. My ISP lifts those limits between midnight and 8am. If I was always awake at these times there'd be no problem. I've used managers to schedule downloads to get around this issue.

The use of session timeouts and more importantly the web form requiring a physical presence at a PC breaks the scheduled downloads.

I've spent the day looking at various download managers and can find none that auto login to your site unless you have already used a browser to pass the web login form.

Please - if you've got any advice on how to get GetRight, DTA or any other manager working with sessions and web forms I (and I'm sure many others here) would love to hear. Until then I still believe form based login sites are to be avoided.

07-06-09  08:37am

Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day

No more rollback access

Looks like 1BD have turned off the rollback server. This means you can no longer set up downloads using a manager such as FDM and schedule them to download overnight. Plus you now have to use the really clunky and ugly "improved" web interface. Urrgh..horrible.

I, for one, won't be renewing.

06-30-09  07:28am

Replies (5)
N/A Reply of fortherecord777's Reply

Woah - 65"!!! I didn't know you could get LCD that big! Man I'd love to see some of those MetArt girls on that! You're a lucky man!

06-19-09  04:58pm

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