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N/A Reply of yote78's Poll

I'd be surprised if I hadn't been here so long and gotten to everybody here. Most people would assume that most of us porn watching perverts would be into anything. You'd expect to get the results that we have in this poll if someone asked if we liked it when our SO tongued our assholes.

Anyway. For me, not in real life. But in porn sure.

01-16-11  02:31pm

Visit Pornstar Network

Pornstar Network
Reply of martinlongbow's Comment

It probably gets high marks because it has a very big library.

01-14-11  12:38am

N/A Reply of graymane's Poll

I only suffer from the porn viewing one, but the ones with the serious chemical dependencies have to be the toughest.

01-14-11  12:35am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

yes. Makes my life easier to queue up downloads.

I'm to the point where if a site doesn't allow them I end up not getting everything I want due to sheer laziness.

01-06-11  04:04am

Visit TS Bailey Jay

TS Bailey Jay
Reply of GCode's Reply

yeah you do get access to sarina with the multipass.
She has about 28 photosets and 17 vids. Similar to all the others in style.

I haven't got a chance to check her out yet but she is hot.
Damn 4gb daily limit.

01-06-11  04:02am

Visit Nerd Hard

Nerd Hard

Question for anybody who has joined or any twistys member

Does it give you access to twistys member's site or does joining twisty's give you access?
Have they added more content?

01-06-11  03:56am

Replies (5)
Visit TS Bailey Jay

TS Bailey Jay

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - I believe the content is exclusive. There may have been some non-exclusive stuff, but the majority was definitely exclusive.
- Decent video quality and resolution. The POV vids could be shot and lit better though.
- She looks great in the glamor photos and the photography is good.
- If you join the network you get access to 17 other solo sites for $35.
- No DRM
- Zip files for photos
- Variety of video options.
Cons: - Not much content right now, but it is still a new site. Needs more hardcore as well as stuff in empty categories.
- 4 GB daily download limit, which I find to be unacceptable in this day and age.
- I think $20 a month is overpriced for single site. You'd be a fool not to join the network.
- This site could benefit from more interaction between Bailey jay and the fans.
- I'd like to see updates be twice as frequent.
Bottom Line: Baily Jay is the new hot thing in TS porn. People familiar with 4chan might recognize her as "Line Trap" the girl who had them all confused for months. She's also been featured on Shemale Yum a few times. Now she has her own site. What can I say, the camera loves this girl. She's a good performer too. She seems to enjoy what she's doing right now, (in one scene she was able to cum twice). I can see why she's so popular, she's super-cute with a bubbly personality.

The majority of photos are nude glamor shoots of her in different outfits. Surprisingly not that boring. She seems to have a thing for Japanese culture and that is reflected in her photos. Photo res is 1600×1067 with zip downloads.

Of the hardcore videos, about half of them are Bailey Jay with another Tranny and the rest are POV with the camera man. Hopefully when this site expands she can do a few different types of scenes in order to appeal to different tastes.
Top quality videos are 1280x720 4000kbps wmv. There are also 2 smaller sizes of wmv as well as mp4, mov and streaming.

There is one photo update a week and one video update every other week. I think they can do better than that. The site doesn't seem to follow a regular update schedule.

All content is organized in the following categories with the number I have listed being the quantity:

Toys -4
Softcore -40
Hardcore -3
Non-Nude -0

Toys -4
Softcore -7
Hardcore -9
Candids -1
Non-Nude -1

There's real potential in this site if she sticks with it and doesn't fade away or get burnt out. The site needs to grow and they should think about offering 1080p rez videos soon. Oh and they have to drop the daily download limit.

My recommendation is to hold off for awhile and don't subscribe to this site alone until it grows. If you can't wait, join the whole network for the extra content.

01-04-11  06:57am

Replies (2)
Visit Wendy 4

Wendy 4
Reply of BadMrFrosty's Comment

It looks to me like she doesn't do nudes.
Just like that Denise Miliani or whatever, huge jugs but doesn't want to share them with the world.

10-19-10  12:09pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Only to those who rightfully earned the rating. And I don't think many people here are handing them out the undeserved.

The problem is you will quickly run out of people to give a Trust vote to who actually deserve it. I know I've probably missed a few people who have earned a "YES", but if they are active I'll see their names pop up.

10-18-10  11:47pm

N/A Reply of graymane's Poll

Sex with some random chick isn't worth the $ amount for a months rent. Maybe you could do the arrangement once, but it's just bad business.

I knew a guy/landlord who did tried that. Only the woman wasn't very attractive. I don't know how many times he traded, but he ended up evicting her.

10-13-10  06:41pm

N/A Reply of graymane's Poll

I don't believe in premature ejaculation.

To quote Dave Chappelle:
"If I cum man, it was right on time! As far as I'm concerned I can't cum fast enough."

09-28-10  11:13pm

Visit Watch You Jerk

Watch You Jerk

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Exclusive content
- Bonus access to around 10 sites
- Zip downloads for photos
- No download limit or DRM.
Cons: - For the price there could be more content. Only 125 videos and 15 photosets
- Updates can be slow and irregular
- Some of scenes aren't very good. Often there's no setup and not enough talk/encouragement.
- Video quality is sub-par. 640x480 1400kbps
- Lack video format options. The only offer wmv, however a few of the newer ones have flash as well.
- Some of the videos are very short. I'm talking 2-3 minutes.
- If you like photos there aren't many.
Bottom Line: This is a dirty talking or jerkoff encouragement site. I think elonlybuster made a good comparison to phonesex. I did see a few scenes in which the lady was giving a lap dance and in at least one the sucked and got fucked, but other than that it solo. Not much masturbation, mostly teasing. The models tend to be younger, probably like early 20's as opposed to 18-19. At least that's what they look like. I'm no expert on jerkoff encouragement sites, but some of the scenes didn't deliver. Don't get me wrong some of them were on point, but too many were just short teases focusing on a part of the woman's body with little talk. Sometimes they didn't get naked, sometimes you didn't get to see her face. It's like they shot them on a tripod. Again some were too short to get me going.

Updates seem to come every 7-10 days but looking back there have been times when it was a month between updates. I counted 125 videos by 40 models. That's an average of about 3 vids per model. Personally I would have liked a larger variety of models, but maybe that's because I didn't find any of the models to be truly stunning. There are only 15 photosets which I guess is acceptable because the focus of this site is jerk off encouragement. They haven't added a photoset since 2009 which probably means they are done with pic. So if you're into photos or just wanted photos a particular model this site won't help you.

Photos come in 3 sizes 1024, 1500 and 2000. Each number being the number of pixels in the largest dimension. You'll find zip downloads and slideshows for each resolution.

Videos are all wmv's at 640x480 1400Kbps, which isn't good enough by today's standards. You'll find a few with a flash option. All videos have full scene and split clips. Most of the videos are small enough or short enough to make clip downloading unnecessary.

A below average site in my opinion. I'd imagine there are better dirty talk or jerkoff encouragement sites out there. You do get access to a network of sites that have unrelated content, so it's closer to being worth the $30. I would not recommend this site.

08-09-10  12:57am

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Visit All Reality Pass

All Reality Pass
Reply of MiztaBlu's Comment

If you ask me this network/site needs to be exposed and shamed as much as possible.

Poor quality and ridiculous download limit.

07-31-10  12:02am

Visit Naughty America

Naughty America
Reply of pat362's Comment

thanks for pointing this out.
I only join when it's $10, even though $15 is also a good deal.

It seems the joining from PU doesn't give me the sale price. Maybe the staff here can get in on the offer for people referred by PU and TBP.

07-13-10  01:42am

N/A Reply of williamj's Poll

Interesting way of phrasing a poll.

Never tried one here, but I would. I just don't really feel like I need one so I've never seriously considered purchasing one. I still have two hands.

I would like to try a real doll someday. They're just to expensive and I'd imagine they are hard to hide and dispose of.

07-12-10  06:57am

Visit Big Tit Hooker

Big Tit Hooker

They don't update, they just redate the videos

This site has been recycling the same 30 or so scenes for the past two years and making them look like new updates. I was wondering why a site that has been around for 2 years and updates every week has so little content. I checked out what the site was like on archive.org in 2008 and I see the same updates that the site claims were released in 2010. I assume this is the case for all of the loyalty bonus sites you get for joining the score network. Whatever you do, don't pay for any of these sites.

07-11-10  12:06am

Replies (1)
N/A Reply of BabyGetReal's Poll

I have over 3 TB if you include stuff on DVD and older HDs that might not work.

But as far as stuff that is in my regular rotatino 1-3 TB.

07-10-10  10:54am

Visit I Love Lupe

I Love Lupe

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Video resolution is decent. 1280x720 6000kbps
- Even with the new boobs, she still very sexy and a good performer. Nice pussy too.
- No DRM and I also didn't experience a daily limit.
- No zip downloads for photos.
- Video updates have slowed down. There were no videos added in June.
- The majority of the movies (34/49) are old movies from her old site.
- Her look has changed. She's added a pair of bolt-on implants and often does her hair and makeup like a porn star now. This may be a con for some.
- Cam shows aren't archived on the site.
- A little expensive for the amount of content on this new site.
- She need to do more hardcore. I like the solo and G/G stuff, but more hardcore.
Bottom Line: I mentioned it before, and everyone knows by now that she got breast implants. When I first heard about this months ago I had the same reaction as most people. She may have gone hollywood, but I still think she looks good. You just need to get used to her new look.

At the time of the review there are 80 photo sets and 49 videos. Before June the site was updating every day, but it just dropped off. This week an update was added, but there was about a month without updates which happened to be when I was subscribing. The photos are new, but most videos are from her old site. Let me be clear, the site doesn't have all of her old stuff, just enough to round out the content. And the older videos have lower resolution. The good news is that they are pre-implant.

Most of the content is solo, which might be bad news for some. There is a good bit of girl/girl scenes and very few hardcore. The solo stuff is typical, you know in her "bedroom" in some outfit and then eventually masturbating with a toy. Not bad though.

The videos are good in their highest quality. The best they offer is 1280x720 6000kbps wmv and then they have 2 mobile formats, mp4 and wmv. Also you can stream in browser with flash. I found the watermark on the HQ videos to be annoying. It's in the bottom right corner, but sometimes there's a shaded bar across the bottom of the video.

All images are 1600x1067 with no zip downloads. I didn't bother with photographs much because of this, which is a shame because she photographs pretty well.

This site could be decent someday. If they keep updating and give us more hardcore it might almost be worth it. My opinion is that solo sites belong on a network of other solo sites, so she should partner with some other young ladies. Anyway, right now you're not getting enough new content to justify joining, but big fans of Lupe may want to join in a few months. Not as good as her old site, but not terrible.

07-06-10  04:49am

Replies (2)
N/A Reply of Gazette Risque's Poll

I've been known to do the impulse thing now and again. And I usually regret doing so very quickly.

But sometimes I'll spend a few weeks coming back to a site every other day almost joining because I'm not sure.

06-29-10  06:05am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I always factor in the price. I think of it more in terms of value than absolute cost. Also how it compares to other sites' prices. For me it doesn't change the score too much, but is listed as a pro or con.

But I haven't really thought about it. Maybe it shouldn't affect a site's score. I'd like to hear what more people say.

06-26-10  12:48pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I normally hate as and AdBlocker is my best friend. But I have to admit that ads sometimes do introduce you to a new site.

Inside a members area though, I say keep it to a minimum. It might be true that membership fees don't pay all the bills theses days so I understand if webmasters but an ad or two in the members area.

Just don't trick us into thinking ad for external sites are content. And no annoying/persistent ads or video.

06-25-10  12:13am

Visit Big Tits Paradise

Big Tits Paradise

not updating anymore but still decent

They quit adding updates in February, 2010 and it's a bit pricey, but I recommend this site. It features mainly Eastern European chicks and they stick to the niche well. 83 scenes and I didn't see any (noticeable) breast implants.

If you factor in Only Big Melons and Busty Britain, which are both still updating, this site/network is definitely worth a join for big natural boob lovers.

06-13-10  12:07am

Replies (0)
N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I probably should do so more but I don't. The problem was before I came to PU, you never knew if it was a full trial or not.

I think I'd prefer to just pay for a full month and then download everything at my convenience. You gotta believe that sites wouldn't offer trials if they weren't profiting from them. Most people probably stay or forget to cancel after the trial period, which means a few extra dollars + the monthly subscription.

06-12-10  06:24am

N/A Reply of badandy400's Reply


Yeah, I'm with you. In porn the asshole should be "entrance only." Just the opposite of what people expect in everyday life.

06-11-10  11:39am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Porn is a private thing. And being a member of PU is even more private.

06-08-10  04:23am

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