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Visit MPL Studios

MPL Studios
Reply of RLane's Reply

I think MPL Studios is a good site.
But I also don't think it's a better value than Femjoy or Metart, both of which currently offer a 1 month membership at $19.95/month.

Different people, different tastes.
But my favorite of the 3 sites is Metart.
Then MPL Studios.
Then Femjoy.

But if Metart is priced at $19.95/month, the other sites should be priced about the same.

Of course, these prices go up and down, at different times, but it's worth waiting for a special price.
And if you sign up for a newsletter, you can sometimes get a nice discount for joining.

I know I've saved money on joining Metart Network sites because I signed up for their newsletter.

09-17-13  05:36pm

Visit MPL Studios

MPL Studios

Recent price increase at MPL Studios?

PU/TBP link to join MPL Studios leads to $24.95/month recurring, not $19.95/month recurring that is shown at PU/TBP.

09-15-13  11:57pm

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Visit Team Skeet

Team Skeet

Former members check your email box for special offer of $9.87 for 1 month.

Former members check your email box for special offer of $9.87 for 1 month.

$17.87/month recurring with PU discount.

08-27-13  02:04pm

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Visit ALS Scan

ALS Scan

ALS Scan appears to have a summer special of $14.99.

The regular price for ALS Scan site is $29.99/month.

Go to the ALS Scan site directly, hit the join page, and you should see the join price as $14.99/month, recurring.

If you use the PU/TBP link to go to the ALS Scan site, the join page site will show $19.99/month, recurring.

If you are a member of the MetArt network, the price to join ALS Scan site is $19/month, recurring, offered through their membership discount.

So the cheapest way to join ALS Scan currently, is to join directly through their site.

08-21-13  01:48pm

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Visit X-Art

Reply of metem's Review

Very nice review. Agree with all the points you made, I even gave the site the same score you did, in my own review.

X-Art is my favorite glamcore site.

08-20-13  05:42pm

Visit Michael Ninn

Michael Ninn
Reply of Nasos's Review

An excellent review. Easy to read, gives lots of details on the site, lots of your personal impressions. Covers both the inner details of the site, and the overall structure, as well.

For a first review, or a hundredth review, this is really impressive.

Hope to read a lot more of your reviews in the future.

Welcome, to PU.

08-16-13  09:03am

Visit The Life Erotic

The Life Erotic

Not all content is exclusive.

I saw one video of Meddie and Stacy, titled "Afternoon Orgasms", posted 2012-11-09, that is a shortened version of the same video posted at Beauty Angels (part of the Teen Mega World network). Meddie is called Meddie at TMW, but the other model is named Stasy. That video was posted 2012-04-16.

Very good video, 2 attractive models, nice lesbian scene.

08-16-13  08:49am

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Visit ALS Scan

ALS Scan
Reply of elephant's Comment

I live in the US.

I got the same email, advertising ALS Scan for $14.99, but when I click on the link, and then the join page, the price is $29.99.

So it's probably a bad link, that should have directed to a $14.99/month signup page.

But I agree that regional pricing seems to be unfair. And bad business, because of all the resentment that it creates.

08-10-13  09:14pm

Visit Met Art

Met Art
Reply of TheAcct's Comment

When Grigori Galitsin got into trouble in Russia and went to jail, MetArt removed all of his sets. He was one of the earliest photographers who contributed to MetArt (at the time MetArt was called Most Erotic Teens, which is where the M(ost) E(rotic) T(eens), or Met, came from.

But I have no idea why MetArt has been removing the sets of models recently.

I agree that Berengere A is a great-looking model. She used to have a lot of sets at HegreArt, but I believe they were removed as well.

Sometimes, if a model asks for her sets to be removed, the site will agree. Even though in many cases the site owns the rights to the photosets. I believe they do it out of respect for the model's wishes. Which seems like a nice gesture.

But I have no information on why Berengere's sets were removed.

08-10-13  09:03pm

Visit X-Art

Reply of Nasos's Reply

I'm not currently a member of x art.
When I was a member, I never encountered any download limits or problems. I have a 2.3 MB/sec download speed, and when I first joined, I downloaded a lot of their content in the first few days, and was never blocked.
At a different site, that had a download limit of 10 GB/day, I was blocked, because their system was faulty, and it blocked me after downloading about 3 GB. That happened a few times, being blocked for 24 hours. But it never happened at x art.

The price for each site (with PU discount):
x art $24.95

passion hd $17.95

fantasy hd $17.95

x art has over 300 videos. The videos are short. Many are only around 10-14 minutes in length.
fantasy is small site. Less than 40 videos. The videos run around 30 minutes.
passion hd has over 200 videos. The videos run around 30 minutes.

All three sites are glamcore style. Very attractive models. No gonzo sex (rough, violent, abusive to the women).

I like the selection of models at x art. And the videos and photos. They models are some of the most attractive teens and early-twenties models in porn, and the photographers and video-makers try to present the models as attractively as possible. X-art is my favorite glamcore site, along with the Diesel Access network.

But passion hd also seems like a good site. Not as nice as X Art, which is top-of-the-line. But worth visiting at least once, if you like glamcore style.

But fantasy hd is too small. You can download the entire site in a few days, and then there's nothing else to get.

08-07-13  05:30pm

Visit Rylsky Art

Rylsky Art

The older I get, the less I know.

There's a new photoset at Rylsky Art featuring a model named Jeff Milton.
In spite of her boyish name, she's a knockout.
I wonder where they get the names they use for these models?

Rylsky Art is a new site, started last year. So the site contents are still small.
But Rylsky is a fine photograph, featured at Met Art.
And he has an eye for attractive young teens.
As the site adds more content, it will be worth more.
I wouldn't recommend joining the site, unless you have a favorite model that is featured here. Or you got a steep discount from the $29.99/month regular price.
The style is basically Met-Art softcore approach, with just a touch more harder edge.
But no hardcore that I've seen. No boys at this this site. Just solo girl, or soft girl-girl.

08-04-13  07:02pm

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Visit Young Legal Porn

Young Legal Porn
Reply of pat362's Review

Excellent review, as usual.
There is some duplication of material at TMW and the Diesel Network. But the duplicated material is offered at higher definition at the Diesel network. And I think the same videos are, at least in my opinion, better quality (brighter colors, whatever). So I didn't mind the duplication.
They eliminated a few of the dead sites a while back, the ones that had the least value (very poor quality of videos).
The main draw for me is large number of really attractive models the site offers. I realize many of same models are at other sites (TMW, whatever), but Diesel offers nice videos and photosets of lovely girls in softcore and hardcore.
If you are interested in searching for the material offered on a particular model, a site such as:
might be useful.
It's not as easy as using a better search box at Diesel, but it offers you the chance to see what sites the model appears at, for both videos and photosets.
And you can also search by specific sites, using the Website list hot-link, that lists the models that have appeared at individual sites.

08-04-13  06:12pm

Visit Digital Desire

Digital Desire
Reply of rearadmiral's Reply

Yes, the problem was temporary. Both links (PU/TBP) work fine now.

I don't have iPad, but I have a Samsung Galaxy 3.

I will have to learn how to surf the net with it.

That will be a new experience, learning to squint (poor eyesight) while viewing naked girls.

08-04-13  10:03am

Visit Digital Desire

Digital Desire
Reply of Khan's Reply

I think it was just a temporary problem.
I tried both PU and TBP hot links, and neither one worked.

But now I try those links, and the home site comes up.
So it wasn't a bad cookie, because I didn't clear my cookie cache.

I'm guessing it was their server that was the problem.

08-04-13  10:00am

Visit Digital Desire

Digital Desire

Problems at Digital Desire?

I hope it's temporary, but clicking on the hot link to Digital Desire at PU or TBP, the page takes a long time to load, and finally a page loads with the message:

There was an error.
An error occurred and has blocked you from viewing this page. We're very sorry; please try again later.

Click here to go back to the homepage.

Clicking on the homepage link apparently does not work, because the home page does not load.

Digital Desire is not my favorite site, but it features a lot of stunning models in mostly softcore. The photography is very bland, but very sharp.

I hope the problems are temporary. A nice site. J. Stephen Hicks, their main photographer, died in February of 2013.

08-04-13  06:36am

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Visit ALS Angels

ALS Angels
Reply of Drooler's Comment

That's a problem common to all the sites in the Met Art network.

Years ago, before Met Art became a network, I could look at the thumbnails of the covers and see what the models looked like.

Now, I have to open each gallery individually, to get a clear idea of what the model looks like.

Not as convenient, takes much more time and effort.

07-22-13  05:29am

Visit Met Art

Met Art
Reply of Denner's Comment

So what are the details of the free offer?

You get free access to what sites, for how long?
And after the free access, which I assume ends in a short while, your free membership, which can be cancelled, I assume, then turns into a paid membership at what price?

There are sites in the Met Art network I would like to visit, if the free membership is for a week or more.

But 1-day memberships are too short for me. I'm not that efficient that I can explore a site in 1 day very well.

I'm currently a member of several sites in the Met Art network, and there's not enough hours in a day to do them justice.

07-21-13  12:35pm

Visit Teen Mega World

Teen Mega World

Captcha sometimes required.

TMW now sometimes requires you to enter a captcha to gain access to the site, in addition to a username and password.
Also, the login process can be slower than before.
When I was a member before, once I entered the site for the day, any time I re-entered the site that same day, I didn't have to re-enter my username and password.

But now, a popup window asks for my username and password, every time I enter the site. And sometimes it asks for a captcha, as well. The captcha is usually easy to read, but sometimes I make a mistake, and have to re-enter a new captcha.

Is a captcha really needed?

The old way, where the site stored a cookie to recognize me to make re-entry automatic, was really nice.

But asking me to re-enter my user name and password every time is just an added step, that is annoying.

And for some reason, when my PC saves the username and password, in a popup window, and I click on the window to gain access to TMW, that does not work. The server does not accept my username and password from the popup window.

I have to close the popup window with my username and password, then click on the hot link for "Current Member Login Here", and then, without entering my username or password, I then enter the site.

Otherwise, I can click the OK button on the popup window with my username and password, which makes the popup window with the username and password disappear momentarily before reappearing, and I can click on the popup window all day, going through a senseless routine of watching the popup window disappear and reappear.

Somebody told me that computers, over time, were supposed to be easier to use.

Was that the same kind of advice that told me that all good Republicans are going to heaven? And all those Democrats are going to hell?

07-21-13  08:20am

Replies (2)
N/A Reply of Randyman's Poll

Pat brought up a good point. Does viewing or visiting PU/TBP count as viewing porn?

What if I post a message on the Upcoming Movie Thread about a movie that is non-porn?

Does that mean the movie now has a pornographic aspect to it, because it was mentioned on a porn site?

07-21-13  07:35am

Visit Met Art

Met Art
Reply of PinkPanther's Reply

I don't really follow Met Art blog that closely.

I didn't even know Watch 4 Beauty was going to be part of their network.
It seems that are adding new sites at a rapid pace. Some of the sites are older, established sites, other sites are apparently completely new.

PU has a link to join Watch $ Beauty for $14.95/month.

Like you, I wish Met Art had kept the discount link to join other sites in the network for $10/month.

Maybe, just hoping, if one of the Met Art web masters looks at the PU comments, they might bring it back. Or not.

07-17-13  07:25am

Visit Met Art

Met Art

More changes to MetArt discount plan.

It used to be that if you were a member of one of the MetArt sites, you could join any of the other sites for $10/month.

Then, about a month ago, I posted a comment that maybe that discount was disappearing. Because sometimes I could find the link to the discount page, and sometimes it seemed to disappear.

This last week I couldn't find that link for $10 memberships, but found a new link to a $20/month membership to join any other site in the MetArt network.

Now it appear that link is gone, and the only links I can find are offers to join any of the other MetArt sites for $30/month, which is the regular price. No discount.

However, if you search around, and are lucky, you can find some links to join one of the MetArt sites for a discounted price, of $20 or less.

OK. I found a link to subscribe to one of the sites for $9.99/month (SexArt). And during the sign-up process, they offered me choices to sign up to any of the other sites in the MetArt network for $10/month. I signed up to Rylsky Art and The Life Erotic. It's only money. Too many sites, not enough time to go through them. But the price is cheap enough, and I'm tired of hunting for discount links to join these sites.

PS: I know many of the models at Rylsky Art are also at MetArt, but I'm falling in love again. Many of these models are incredibly gorgeous.

Rylsky Art is softcore, like Met Art. If you don't like softcore, these sites are not for you. But Met Art is probably one of the finest, certainly the largest, softcore teen glamor site on the internet.

07-16-13  11:44pm

Replies (2)
Visit Met Art

Met Art

Metart discount plan changing?

About a month ago I posted a comment that the upgrade plan for members of the Metart network might be changing.

I wrote that, as a member of one of the Metart network sites, you could sometimes find the page that offered a discounted $10 per month membership to any of the other sites in the network, and other times, that offer seemed to be unavailable.

Now I see that there is a different offer being made at the site, where a current Metart member (a member of the Metart network) can now join one of the other sites for $19 monthly.

So I assume that the $10 monthly plan is no longer being offered. Or if it is still being offered, I can't find it.

I wish that Metart would post a note explaining that these offers will be changing, before they change them.

07-10-13  02:32am

Replies (0)
Visit Hegre Art

Hegre Art

Special $14.97/month offer for former members.

Former members check for $14.97/month (rebills at $14.97/month) from Hegre Art offer in your email.
This offer good for 1 week.

07-08-13  12:54am

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Visit 18 Only Girls

18 Only Girls
Reply of Xearoleet's Reply

I've asked Dieselman (the webmaster at the Diesel Access Network) to clearly explain the rules governing how membership works in giving access to the different sites.

I asked him in an eamil or post at the Diesel Access site, and at the Porn Users site.

But I haven't gotten any explanation of what the rules are.

Maybe you would have better luck, if you posted a question at the Diesel Access site bulletin board.

Or you can ask at the site, if you can switch your membership, to Wow Girls, without paying any extra fee.

But I don't know what the rules are.

Sorry I couldn't be more help.

07-04-13  12:13am

Visit Met Art

Met Art

Lower price for first month of $14.97.

If you hit the link for Met-art at PU/TBP, and then you hit the link for the sign-up page, you get:

Option 1:
$14.97 for 30 days, then $29.97/30 days recurring.

Option 2:
$19.97 for 30 days; non-recurring.

07-02-13  08:00pm

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