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Visit Brazzers

Reply of PinkPanther's Reply

I completely agree.

However, it is better to be upfront than to make silly excuses.

Being straight up with your members is a good service protocol and it will only help business.

I just received a discount offer from Sex and Submission as I have been a member before.

They included links to all their new updates. So, my decision could be an informed and balanced one.

DDF have been glancing excuses about their updates and have made some silly offers to me to resubscribe.
This is the type of business I am not too fond of.

And the money plays a huge part in the equation.

If you make a ton of money then some of it should be put back into the business to improve it.

I am a one man business and pride myself on the service I provide to my customers, no matter how overwhelming it gets.
If I had a better turnover I would employ staff to make sure the level of service is maintained.

Like you said: lets see what happens and our wallets will do the talking.

Take care

06-12-09  06:47am

Visit Brazzers

Reply of PinkPanther's Reply

Thanks Pinkpanther,

I am fed of the way some of these sites treat us.

And what is amazing is they make an absolute fortune.
On the last count Videobox had over 2 million members and at the lower rate of $9.99 that equates to 20 million dollars a month.

They keep scamming us.

DDF have not even updated their site and after a ton of emails between me and them they then blamed the global recession for their lack of updates.

Can you believe that?

Probably best to wait it out and see what happens.

Thanks again m8


06-12-09  12:55am

Visit Brazzers



Just noticed that this well overrated Brazzers site is now offering HD.

Before I start sleeping with people to raise the money for another sub, can someone who is a current member clarify the HD claim?

Is this HD as in Hot Legs and Feet 'I can see each molecule of pube' or HD as in 'we're still 640x480 but you need to possess hawk like vision to see the babe'?

I like Brazzers because of it's exclusive content. Can't stand the blokes with big knobs, maybe because they have big knobs, and the babes who scream on cue even when the cameraman switches the camera on. But do not want to join again to be let down by poor quality.

Someone, enlighten an ethnic please.

06-11-09  02:56am

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Visit Hands on Hardcore

Hands on Hardcore


I'm a little concerned about DDF update policies, from what people have been saying as of late (new owners etc).

I used to be a member of Hot Legs and Feet and Hands on Hardcore, but after downloading their sites in a few days I found really wanting for updates.

Pics come in first and then you have to wait to get the vid version.

Now, are they updating every day or week or when Haley's Comet comes round next?

I need to know because I would like to rejoin but am worried that after I sell my lung on Ebay and fund the sub I will be left with about 10 scenes to download.

Any info would be really welcomed, especially if Raven fancies having a go at answering in human terms as opposed to the standard marketing speak 'We at DDF strive to attain the highest....blah blah'.



06-09-09  07:07am

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Visit Hands on Hardcore

Hands on Hardcore
Reply of jd1961's Reply


Who owns it now because I was pondering joining again but the damn slow updates keeps putting me off?

06-03-09  07:59am

Visit Hands on Hardcore

Hands on Hardcore
Reply of Wittyguy's Reply

My pleasure.

Thanks for reading it.

06-03-09  07:43am

Visit Hands on Hardcore

Hands on Hardcore

Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Dudes below have done all the stats work so I'll keep it more descriptive
-Excellent high quality
-Gorgeous babes and not always the run of the mill 'known' ones
-Good service
-Great fetish concentration
-Great sets
-Top quality direction and editing
-Not scared to show babes with a touch of bush...thank fuk!
-Stockings! About fukin time
-European and the odd ethnic babe
-Good multi format options
-No broken links
Cons: -Slow updates
-Need more niche content
-Need more variety as the sets and focus can be a touch formulaic
-Need many more ethnic babes
-Price needs to be a bit more competitive as competition is becoming fierce
-Dudes need to spark up their game a touch
-Regional damn pricing
Bottom Line: There is very little to fault with this site.
The babes are all boner inducing.
The dudes can be a touch 'mechanical' in their rumping approach, but hey, I probably would be too.
The hi res content and good download speeds make this a standard setter and there are only a handful of sites that incorporate this approach. The smaller volume sites really need to start getting their act together in terms of resolution. The days of looking at a clip with one eye whilst said eye is being cleaned with a brillo pad are over.
With more regular updates and variety in terms of babe selection this site could be the leader in it's class.
There aren't many foot fetish sites out there and the odd one that offers some footy usually affords us the zelda type of 800 kilo babe with torn fishnets. Might be boner inducing for some but I like attractive women in stockings getting lengthed in a nice or theme based setting.
If updates and more variety is introduced into this porn equation then the price is a steal. Currently, and the reason I didn't moisten the score up a tad, the price is a little steep, particularly for us UK dudes. I must say I really am getting fed up with all these regional pricings.
Either way, this site is a winner and if they would do another set with Lulu and Jade Sin then I would join in a heartbeat, or bonebeat if you may.

06-01-09  04:22am

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Visit VideosZ


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Vast library covering most genres
Decent navigation
Cheap and competitive
Has content that some competitors don't supply
Regular and prolific updates
Good bookmarking system
Cons: Selective formats and few options
Quality average at best
Misleading search content, but then most sites do this
Removing a bookmarked scene reverts you to page 1 of your saved bookmarks. That can be annoying if you are on page 93 of your bookmarked scenes
Non exclusive content
Repetitive content titled differently. This is a trick that most sites adopt and is an underhand way of 'adding' content
No 'scene to scene' selection for download
Bad searches on stars that share the same names
Not enough niche content - I searched for Teen-Anal-Asian-Lingerie and only got a few hits. That made me sad
Bottom Line: I am not sure I am convinced about this site.

Of course, the immediate comparable is Videobox which I believe has better quality content, better niche content and the 'scene to scene' download option is a winner.

I am also not convinced on quality. It is one thing converting the source content to a higher res format, but it's another if the source content already exists in a low grade res and all you are doing is providing a claimed higher res format that adds nothing to the quality of the original. I downloaded a bunch of clips that looked good as images when auditioning and were highly dodgy when viewed, even at MP4.

The quality issue really is hit and miss and out of the ..ahem...104 clips I downloaded only 12 were good enough to keep.
I recently lost my bat vision abilities and watching some of the grainy shit was akin to taping my eyes with surgical stockings and then trying to watch a 10x10 pixel video clip from 9 kilometres during the Perfect Storm.

In terms of sheer volume of content you can't really go wrong and the recent PU discounted price makes it a steal. And TBH that is the only reason I gave this site a rating of 82.

If you put the price aside then it's an average site with tons of very average low res content of well known run of the mill stars.

Remastering old material into hi res content is, of course, time consuming and costly in terms of bandwidth and server space. But FFS these sites make an absolute fortune so don't be conned into thinking they are doing us a favour.

Sites that offer hi res and exclusive content, albeit at a cost, are the future as we now posses the means to watch in any format and with no restrictions on cpu handling.

It's time 'these' site like VZ and VidBox upped their game because reviews 5 years down the road will simply slate and ignore them.
Quantity is one thing but it's ultimately quality that always wins, and I, for one, am willing to pay the difference to attain this.

05-18-09  04:05am

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Visit VideoBox

Reply of uscue's Reply

That's the price I always go for.

Thanks for the advice and earlier comments.

Take care

05-06-09  01:56am

Visit VideoBox

Reply of Khan's Reply

I must say, I have never come across a special price.

Are VB offering anything enticing at the moment bar the usual annual discounts etc?

Additionally, when are you going to supply hi res HD content?


05-05-09  07:48am

Visit VideoBox

Reply of messmer's Comment

At least they have varied content offering some ethnic shit etc but the resolution, premium channels and revamps of old movies into new titles makes this a non starter for me.

I have been a regular member of VB for the past couple of years but apart from their scene-scene selection function, they really have stagnated.

I am more into the hi res sites like DDFs Hands on Hardcore, Hot Legs and Feet, Sex and Submission etc, even though they update very slowly and milk you of every penny.

VB does need to up it's game and even though the sheer volume of content always gets my eye twitching, when I recall that I get agonisingly slow download speeds after 1.00 PM GMT and the material ends up being the same so so I realize that my money could be better spent elsewhere.

05-05-09  03:23am

Visit VideoBox


PU reviewers' prices.

I have seen it mentioned here that PU reviewers get a special price? Or am I dickin' the wrong bird here?

And if that is the case the how do we go about getting our discounted rate?
Do we need to hit someone, sleep with someone, or is there a box we tick and get 90% off or something?

Anything to save a few pennies would help bearing in mind that we in the Uk get dry rumped when it comes to regional pricing.

05-05-09  03:01am

Replies (5)
Visit American Vice

American Vice
Reply of picky's Comment

Ye, same here.

Us UK dudes are, I believe, are way down the pecking order (pun intended) as far as pricing, service and server bandwidths go.

Any time after 1.00 pm GMT and my download speeds to sites like VB drop like Paris Hilton's smart decisions.

05-05-09  02:34am

Visit VideoBox


Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: I am not going to repeat what half the planet have eloquently said here. So if you want stats read the dudes below me.

A vast selection of movies in various resolutions and formats.
All the regular porn stars and some fresh faces from various sources.
Decent ethnic categories.
Easy to navigate categories.
Good bookmarking system that actually works.
Good price.
Good support.
Cons: It's about fukin' time they moved onto higher res and size formats.
Not enough niche content.
Non exclusive content.
Repackaging of older material as new titles a little deceptive and quality is akin to watching a movie underwater, in the dark and with one dodgy eye.
Bottom Line: For sheer volume this site wins hands down.
A great selection of known porn babes and unknowns that can be very refreshing and affords variety.

Quality needs to be updated to comply with today's standards and easier bandwidths.

More niche content would be wonderful.

Price is a non arguable topic.

This site could really be the king of all pron sites if it would up it's quality, have more detailed niche content and maybe some exclusivity.

I, for one, would be happy to pay the extra premium to attain the above.

04-29-09  06:52am

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Visit Brazzers

Reply of RagingBuddhist's Comment

No, you're not on your own pal.

I slated them simply because the quality is rubbish compared to other sites and the prices they charge are far too high for the quality provided.
It is a shame because they have exclusive content that is appealing.
I like secretaries in stockings or MILFs getting boned by the plumber. That kind of shit.

But I do hate the fake screaming crap.

I think Priya Rai is the leading fake scream porn babe. Sure, I'd length her in a heartbeat but a muzzle would have to be purchased and that would dent my porn subs heavily.

04-29-09  06:38am

Visit Sex And Submission

Sex And Submission

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: I won't repeat all the stats that others have done so eloquently here. So, I will keep it brief and relevant.

In terms of quality, it is excellent. The newer movies are top notch with good editing.

The women are well known but the slant on their presentation makes for a refreshing change. I have seen Trinity Post a gazillion times but not the way she is portayed on this site. The same goes for all the 'known' babes.

I like this site because it is not just focused on the S&M action but includes sex which, for me, is crucial.

The guys certainly know their thing and it always makes for a smoother experience.

Great 'feel'.

Sensible layout with multiple download options for movies and pics.
Cons: Not much content.

Old films are grainy.

Older films are grainy and almost invisible. I believe a gnat would have a better change of ascertaining the action within.

Misleading star search. I searched for Adriana Nicole and found many links for her but the way the links were presented they lead the user to believe the star is on the sexandsubmissive site. However, you are led to another Kink.com site whereby you have to sell an organ or two to join. This form of clever external linking is a new trend that is both annoying and underhand. Spreading content by the same star across sites under the same umbrella that require further subs is not something I like.

Could do with some different scenery and situations.

Could do with some fresh faces that we have not come across.

I need more ethnic babes, more fukin' stockings and classy outfits and maybe some bush would be a refreshing change.
Bottom Line: Refreshing and fucking sexy even if you are not into the S&M type of content, which I am not.

Great quality on the newer films and it's about time others followed suit.

Needs more content and more updates.

Needs an all-in umbrella membership so we can get all the babes under one roof. Hell, I'd pay the difference in price.

One of my favourite sites and very cleverly thought out to grab the middle market of dudes like me who like lovely babes getting a tad roughed but not bludgeoned beyond recognition.

01-29-09  11:30am

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Visit Brazzers

Reply of uscue's Reply

Well, it's the usual regional discrimination BS.
I have tried going through the joining process for both sites and I get a marked difference.

Can anyone tell me, in terms of content, what the difference is between the two sites please?


01-12-09  11:32am

Visit Brazzers

Reply of uscue's Reply

Not really:

Brazzers Network comes out at £27.96 per month.

Brazzer Pass comes out at £11.95 per month.

That's more than double the price and, as usual, we in the UK get hit with regional discrimination.

To put that into perspective: the UK conversion at £27.95 comes out at $29.99 per month US.

Rip-off and totally unfair.

01-12-09  09:04am

Visit Brazzers


Brazzers network and Brazzers pass..

So, what's the difference between the two apart from the price?

01-12-09  04:08am

Replies (4)
Visit Brazzers



Ok, I'm totally confused.

What is the difference between Brazzers.com and Brazzers Pass?
One is cheaper than the other but still displays the same content.

Also, where the hell are you guys getting these cheap prices?

The usual regional discrimination means we in the UK have to pay 19.99/month, which is taking the piss by all accounts.

Help a confused ethnic sort this out..

12-29-08  09:41am

Replies (3)
Visit VideoBox

Reply of TheSquirrel's Reply

So, while we are on this subject: any sites you guys can recommend that is either as good in quality as the DDF (hot legs and feet, hands on hardcore) or as abundant as videobox?

Brazzers is ok but their quality is not up there with the likes of the above. DDF update really slowly and are expensive for the amount of updates provided (and current EU pricing).

Short of trawling all the reviews I am hoping some of you ...ahem...'veterans' can provide quality recommendations.


12-19-08  05:58am

Visit VideoBox

Reply of TheSquirrel's Reply

I'm with you squirrel and I am not bothered about the conversion rate as that's easy to find out.

I am just thoroughly pissed off that an online site distinguishes between regions and charges what they 'feel' to be the right price.
I cannot justify the extra costs just because I live in the UK.

As I stated earlier, I own an e-commerce site and short of the usual taxations I do not charge so excessively.

We have the same problem here in the UK with online companies like Adobe that charge dollar to pound as 1-2-1 which means Dreamweaver at $800 costs us £800.
Go figure.

Either way, I am now going to look to join another site.
The loss is Videobox's.

What a lot of these sites, and some members, do not realise is that a few euros here and there makes a huge difference to people like me who join multiple sites.

12-19-08  02:41am

Visit VideoBox

Reply of Denner's Reply

Hi Denner,

Thanks for the advice but I do not know how to join using dollars.
I just clicked on their join page and everything is in Euros.

12-18-08  08:40am

Visit VideoBox

Reply of Khan's Reply


Thanks for your response.

The price I am talking about is for the higher res membership and I am looking at their 'join' page right now and the price to be billed is 17.95 EU.
I was a member of Videobox for two years and recently canceled my membership as I joined two other sites. But I wanted to join again this week and was faced with these price hikes.

I have tried to use their contact page but there is nothing there for simple inquiries and all their email addresses are subscription related.

12-18-08  07:46am

Visit VideoBox



You know, and maybe it's just me, but I am getting sick of this pricing policy that so many of these sites adopt.

In the UK we already pay more than our US counterparts for products bought from the US or the equivalent product in the UK but that is understandable as there are import duties to pay, exchange rates to consider and so on.

Now, with these download sites I am aware of duties and taxes etc but why are we quoted in dollars and then charged in euros.

Videobox is now the EU equivalent and at current sterling exchange rates that makes it expensive.
Why has this changed over the last couple of months?
If it's $17.99 in dollars then how the hell this this magically become 17.99 EU for us in the UK?

The same can be said for all DDF sites.

I think a solid explanation is required and not some pathetic taxation excuse, simply because I own and run a download site that caters for the US and EU and know all my costs and they sure as hell do not conform to the ludicrous figures that these sites are quoting.

Additionally, could Porn Site Review please update their pricing on site details to reflect this?
Videobox is currently $17.99 but when you go to join it becomes 17.99 EU.

To put that into perspective: $17.99 equates to about 12 in the UK, at 17.99 EU it now equates to about 16. That's almost a 40% hike.

12-18-08  05:05am

Replies (20)

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