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N/A Reply of lk2fireone's Poll

I've always been a desktop kind of guy. I have a tablet and a laptop but one is never going to be used for porn and the other is only for work

03-30-15  03:13pm

Visit VideoBox

Reply of Dirt D's Reply

Let's see if I can add some stuff to your excellent points.

1-I didn't want to imply that dropping WMV was an improvement so if that is what you got then sorry. I just think that that offering the videos in the superior MP4 is an improvement because it is a better video format that WMV. I can appreciate it if you were a huge fan of WMV and if that is the case than seeing it disappear would be an annoyance but that is the nature of the beast when it comes to technology. The better one normally eclipses the other ones.

2-Bit rate and so call HD formats don't always mean a lot if the finish product is indistinguishable from one version to the next. I honestly didn't see any difference with the stuff VB is offering now to the stuff they were offering a few years ago

3-I appreciate where you are coming from but it's been my experience that VB was never all that good when it came to offering the same quality as the source material. In fact I always thought that they added a loud musical soundtrack to videos that I'm pretty sure never had them on the VHS or DVD. I think VB does a moderately decent job at digitizing the original material so that it is as close as they can get it to the source material without costing huge sums of money.

3-And yet studios like Evil Angel and Jules Jordan are still using VB as a means to make some money even though they themselves have their own streaming and downloading sites. I must really suck to have to do that to make sure that some people at least pay for a part of the production of porn instead of going the tube way.

4-Actually if streaming what you want than Hot Movies or AEBN is the way to go. They have a better selection and the quality tends to be a little better but the cost is just too high for most people to use it on a regular basis. I'm old school so the kind of porn I like tends to be of lower resolution than most other people seem to like so video quality isn't as important to me. One of my favorite ite is classic porn and let me tell you it's not remotely close to HD. What pisses me the most about VB is that so little of the older stuff they should have is missing from their library while so much of what can be found elsewhere is in over abundance.

*I'm really considering joining VideosZ in the next little while so maybe I will post a review or add a comment.

03-29-15  05:13pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I have had a wifi network for over 5 years. I could not go back.

03-28-15  09:51am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I have a membership to everything butt and they are renowned for shooting fisting content so you know I'm a fan but I still think it's only okay some of the time. I wouldn't want to have fisting only content anymore than I would want any other type of fetish. Like I always say. variety is the spice of life.

I can easily understand why anyone would think it is gross. I don't think anything anyone could say would somehow make that person want to watch fisting porn so I'm not going to try.

03-26-15  06:29pm

Visit VideoBox

Reply of Dirt D's Reply

Let me see if I can reply to some of the stuff you wrote.

1-Although WMV was a very good a stable format. What came after it is for the most part superior in large part because they improved on what WMV had done. MP4 is so much better format than WMV and it takes up less drive space.

2-The vast majority of the content on VB is not HD and never was to begin with. In fact it was never filmed in HD in the first place so how could it somehow become HD now that it has been digitized. Now of course many of the premium channels will have more HD but it's probably because their content is a lot newer and was filmed in HD.
Of course good luck with an Evil angel or Elegant Angel content that is more than five years old because it won't be in HD.

3-I applaud your reasoning for joining VB. If more people did like you did then maybe we wouldn't be in the situation that we are in but you have to realise that the VB business model was never a profitable endeavour for most porn producing studios. Those still producing porn right now make a lot more money when you join their site than the pittance VB must pay them for their movies. Add the fact that the bulk of the VB content is of dead studios and you realise that the only people profiting from a site like VB are the owners of VB.

4-I think that people should join both sites at least once but more would be better. each of them has stuff the other doesn't have so it's a good idea to join both to cover your bases.

03-26-15  06:24pm

Visit VideosZ

Reply of johnsch8's Review

I think your review should really be a comment as it's not a review so much as you bitch fest about a site that I honestly don't know if you are a member or not.

If you are a member than do a review of the site. Otherwise I get the feeling that your review will disappear because it has no reason to exist.

03-22-15  06:28pm

N/A Reply of LPee23's Poll

I don't think it's ever happened to me but I think I would be very disappointed if it did because one of the reasons why I join a site is to get that specific models content so if it's no longer there than of course I will be disappointed. I might even be pissed.

03-22-15  06:26pm

Visit VideoBox

Reply of Dirt D's Review

I'm glad you did this review because I also joined last month and I didn't want to do a review. I think the site sucks but it may be more because of what I was hoping to see and less because of what is available.

I totally agree with you about the premium channels and I would add that the last time I was a member. I'm pretty sure Elegant Angel was not part of the premium channels. I would be a lot happier with VB if instead of looking to add newer stuff that is too often subpar to older stuff. They simply tried to add content to the studios they already have. Where are all the older Elegant angel, Evil Angel, JM production, Zane Studios, Diabolic, Anabolic and I could go on movies that exist but can't be found anywhere. VB already has many of those studios movies so why can't they add content for those studios?

I wouldn't have been as harsh with my score because there is simply too much porn for what you pay for but my last visit may truly be the last time I actually bother joining VB. Unless I see them adding movies to past studio than I don't see myself giving much of a shit about what they consider to be good updates right now.

03-21-15  12:12pm

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

I have not once seen any model with an instrument other the ones God gave them so I can't have an opinion on it.

03-20-15  06:15pm

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

I'm thrilled but I know many others who would have preferred she didn't are often sad of her choice. The only consolation I can give these people is that at least they will always have her softcore stuff to enjoy while the rest of us get to see more.

03-18-15  05:51pm

N/A Reply of careylowell's Poll

Answer #1: What aliens? I was watching porn when they landed.

Answer #2: I wonder what kind of porn they brought with them. I hope they aren't the stars because tentacle porn isn't my thing.

Answer #3: I might quit watching porn all together if they decide to clean up the dead wood currently working in Washington.

03-16-15  06:07pm

Visit Blacked.com

Reply of elephant's Reply

Although I agree 30$ is a high price. The one mitigating reason why I think they may be justified in asking for it is that they are the only other interracial site after Dog Farts. I don't know if they picked their price because DF also charges 30$ but DF has way more content so it's make sense to charge more while Blacked is still a very small site.

Let's hope you get a special offer because if you like artcore porn than you will really enjoy this site

03-15-15  09:57am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Although I can see where both Drooler and gpl are coming from. I tend to think that rearadmin is describing the type of surfer we are. We are by no stretch of the imagination average porn surfers. We are ahead of most people if only because we use TBP/PU has a means to an end. We are able to offer something positive to porn discussions and we all have an innate talent for finding stuff that your average porn surfer might on a good day stumble upon.

03-14-15  08:16am

Visit Blacked.com

Reply of rearadmiral's Reply

I would still have joined within a short amount of time even if I hadn't gotten the 15$ email offer but there was no way I was going to pass up the opportunity to see this site first hand with such a nice discount. I think they would be better served if they only dropped their join price to the more appealing 24.95$. I find the 29.95$ price is too reminiscent of all the scam and solo sites that charge that amount and never deliver on any decent content.

You drop the standard join price to 24.95$. This way you make it appear as though it's less than 25$(technically it is) and you then make a deal with TBP/PU to offer it's members the ability to join for 19.95$. Try this for a minimum of at least six to twelve months and if you don't see an increase in traffic and profits than go back to the old prices.

I would say the same thing if we were talking about bigger sites. I really enjoy Dog Fart because it's interracial porn and they do some really great scenes but I don't join as often I could because their join price is 29.05$. I usually re-join because I get an email offer. Otherwise I tend to join maybe once a year to the odd twice if they happen to have a model that I have to have.

03-14-15  08:12am

N/A Reply of Wittyguy's Poll

I'll say maybe because some of them must look at what we write and try to implement changes to fix issues we have mentioned. I think PU is very different from most of the other forums because we are all paying customers. If webmasters do not pay heed to what we say than some of us will no longer join their site and that is a guaranteed sale that is lost. Worse word of mouth will quickly mean that others stop joining.

03-12-15  06:30pm

N/A Reply of skippy's Poll

I'll say all of the above because they each have something that is moderately annoying about them.

03-10-15  06:10pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

It can from time to time but I so rarely have any interaction with webmasters that I can't say that their attitude affects me all that much. The only exception might be when I had issue with cancelling Scores new site Porn megaload. I had some amazing back and forth with one of the sites administrators and that is the only reason why I joined again.

03-08-15  09:13am

Visit Blacked.com


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Site design is nice and clean with almost no third party advertising.
+ Their selection of models is excellent with an emphasis on young women in their 20's(blond young women).
+ The sex is gonzo but it's a more vanilla version and there is an obvious desire by the producer to make it appear as though the models are truly enjoying themselves.
+ They cater to two niches that are almost non-existant on the net.
+ They update once a week and all their content is dated.
+ Each scene has an accompanying photoset that can be viewed online or downloaded as asingle zip file. Resolution on pics is an excellent 2000x3000.
+ Videos can be viewed online or downloaded. The downloaded videos come in six versions. 280p, 360p and 480p for mobile device and you have 480p, 720p and 1080p HD for the computer.
+They upload info on the next update about a week before it is available for streaming or download
Cons: - Site is still quite small with only 50 scenes.
- Site is still has a few glicthes when it comes to surfing the various options available.
-They have icons to help you find what you are looking for but most are not very useful and others simply don't work(see glitches).
-They tend to hire the same models so although there are 50 scenes available. It's not uncommon form some models to have two or more scenes.
-Gonzo fans interested in a brand of more intense interracial porn may be disapointed with their content.
-Price is rarely a con for me (unless it is very high) but I can't help feel that the 30$ join price is hurting them as it may put off some possible customers
Bottom Line: *I got a special email offer to join for half of the TBP price and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to join right away. I know that i would have done it sooner than later even if I hadn't gotten the special offer but it was definitely the catalyst that made me join right away. As a side note. I think the site would be wise to offer TBP members a discount as I know if will increase traffic to the site.

*Now my first impression upon seeing the site was wow what a nice clean site with little to any third party advertsing to clutter the screen(I can think of quite a few sites that could use a refresher course on how to design their site by looking at this site). Then it was an even bigger wow when I saw a few of the videos. It's clear to me that the people responsible for this site made sure to hire competent camera operators who know their art. The scenes are all well shot with just the right mix of lighting and camera angles.

*The sex is obvioulsy gonzo but it is a more mellow kind of gonzo and if I can say this about gonzo than it is also a more passionate looking gonzo scene. It is still purely all sex with little to any dialogue(other than at the beginning), no scenario and setup. There are appears to be a genuine desire by the producers to shoot a passionate scene than you usually see in gonzo porn. That can be a plus if you are someone like me or it can be a negative if you prefer your porn a little more crude and raunchy. I'm not saying that the sex isn't hot or intense because it is.

*There are a few glicthes with the site. Nothing serious but a little annoying. Their model section doesn't work if you go by model name. All it does is keep showing the same models regardless of the page you select to view. Their catwegory section is also not working properly. You have siome ioptions that give you only a few results when you know it should give you more.

**Now I don't know if the producers are going to add a new scene every four days instead of once a week but as I write this review. They have an update every four days now instead of once a week. I will ammend my review if i notice that the trend continues.

***This is a site that is well worth joining if you are a fan of interracial porn and aren't looking for any kind of setup other than there is a hot looking woman having hot sex with a well endowed black man. Anyone looking for a more extreme kind of porn should look elsewhere.***

03-07-15  11:12am

Replies (5)
N/A Reply of roseman's Poll

Although I feel that they are for the most part all accurate. That doesn't mean that they are all honest. What I mean by that is that I consider a site to be accurate when they pretend to offer in their preview section something that I know they won't in the members section simply by the fact that you can't actually view what it is that you will get with your membership. ie: if a preview section is all flash and no substance than you can be assured that the content will also be all flash and no substance.

03-06-15  05:19pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I can't say that price is not an issue for me because I'd be lying if I did but I don't usually look at the price of a site so much as what I'm going to get for my investment. That's why I feel comfortable in saying that the sites that are 30$ or more are often not worth half their cost and sometimes they aren't worth joining at all.

03-04-15  06:59pm

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

I have some dvds in a dresser drawer and the rest are digital

03-03-15  01:53pm

Visit Blacked.com

Reply of Pyrenees's Reply

You can rest assured that it will not get a perfect score because there are a couple of glitches with the site that automatically mean that they can't get 100%.

03-01-15  05:51pm

Visit Face Fucking

Face Fucking
Reply of Pyrenees's Reply

I can't dispute the facts that many established performers have shot for these guys but I still say that their brand of porn should not exist because it's simply too toxic for most performers (not to say all).

03-01-15  05:43pm

Visit Blacked.com

Reply of Pyrenees's Reply

I will post my review next week and you can then compare what you wrote in yours to mine. I hope you will comment on it and let me know how I did.

03-01-15  05:41pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I can't think of a single free or 1$ trial that was worth it. The free one for obvious reasons and the second because all the ones I foolishly paid for wound up being a scam where you got to see nothing that wasn't available in the preview section.

02-28-15  05:18pm

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