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Visit Tia Sweet

Tia Sweet
Reply of NMC2008's Comment

hi NMC2008

There is TIA SWEETS & then there is TIA SWEET

I believe the SWEETS is a latina girls and came first...the SWEET is obviously blonde and came second...

07-19-08  02:26pm

N/A Reply of asmith12's Poll

It doesn't affect my real life because it's not part of my real life... it is part of my fantasy

The reason we enjoy things like this is because it is escapist...fantasy...

which is why I like my porn to be sickly sweet, glossed up, hooker heels, loud colors, loud moaning, slutty outfits, painted makeup, unrealistic and far away from reality...

just my take...good examples are givemepink.com clubsandy.com dpfanatic.com asstraffic.com

AND just finally, with respect to my tastes described above...this is why I like Euro Babes because they get into that fantasy thing

07-18-08  02:38pm

Visit Babelicious

Reply of PinkPanther's Reply


I just wanted to say, thank you for pointing out these things to me. Don't get me wrong, I love the sites, but I'm getting use to the format and it's not distinct enough to distinguish it from its peers, ie. clubsandy, pixnvideo, 1by-day, teendreams.

What I was getting at was that the crispness of the video you see at Alsangels and Alsscan is very distinct for them, it's their signature and their format for shoot is unique.

like met-art or hegre have distinct signatures...

BUT ultimately...they do have the right girls...which is why I joined. because I thought I might find some new stuff I hadn't seen before...no regrets but I'll pick another one from the top reviews for my next membership...No mistaking that TBP and PU are helping me find the sites I like though...

cheers...JBDICK, and genuinely...thanks for your reply

07-04-08  10:44am

Visit ALS Scan

ALS Scan
Reply of TheRizzo's Review

I've just read this review because I had a new trust from TheRizzo. For the record, I don't do reciprocals.

My motto is you earn it for your reviews and I agree with ace of aces

This is a good review and a fair rating as far as I'm concerned so I will be trusting TheRizzo...


07-03-08  03:27pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Do you find girls kissing a turn on?

I assume this means eachother as opposed to anything else...

just to put a spin on it / different angle...

how about one really awesome/sexy babe kissing/tonguing a really stale/fat middle aged ugly wart ridden hairy lesbian...

now, wouldn't you be thinking how could she do that...stirring emotions of arousal with repulsion...

07-03-08  03:20pm

N/A Reply of Duante Amorculo's Poll

i'll take this as an opportunity to broaden some views

LUCY LEE www.eurobabeindex.com/sbandoindex/lucy.html
BLUE ANGEL www.eurobabeindex.com/sbandoindex/blue_ang.html
CRISTINA BELLA www.eurobabeindex.com/sbandoindex/krizstina.html
HONEY WINTER www.eurobabeindex.com/sbandoindex/honeyw.html
JANET PERON www.eurobabeindex.com/sbandoindex/janet.html

spot the trend. there are some many...whose the queen...what a challenge....

Euro Babes. Put on this earth to stir the juice in your balls

06-30-08  01:40pm

N/A Reply of Vegas Ken's Poll

the reason I like new socks is because the elastic still works and they don't slip down around my ankles or ride under my heel.

I like my girls like my socks, legally young with the elastic still working

06-29-08  03:59am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

It is purely for medical reasons that I strangle my dangle...


It's purely for selfish reasons... an interesting question is whilst men really enjoy watching girls tickle their pickle...and find it a turn on...


06-06-08  04:40pm

Visit Killer Gram

Killer Gram
Reply of jbgild's Comment

Hi jbgild

just wanted to say that this is my current FAVORITE site primarily because of DELTA WHITE who I think is totally DING DONG.

enjoy... my only whinge is that there are a few mingers on the site. But as long as they don't put you off the gems, banging site.

05-31-08  07:36am

Visit Third Movies

Third Movies
Reply of Denner's Reply

Hi Denner

yep, been away on business...to answer your question...pretty much BIG FAT BLACK US ASS. There are some (not many) latina in there and they are the icing on the cake but I'm not keen on looking at butt that big...I like my Tight European Girls...

Cheers, I'm off to catch up on some of the activity on PU

05-30-08  06:13pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

eyes wide shut...

without a soul it's just a hole...

the eyes and lips are the visual catalyst to any image becoming more than just erotic...turning sexy into sensually arousing...

to make a connection with the girl in the image/video, you need them...they are what makes the girl sexy...which is why I like Sophie from givemepink...


look at the link below. apart from the banner there are no genitalia or tits on show... what makes this site inviting is the girls faces and specifically their eyes and lips.


05-23-08  05:26pm

Visit Tasty Tara

Tasty Tara
Reply of exotics4me's Review

Hi exotics4me

could you confirm something for me. Is there a shot where Tara is sat on a dining room type chair in an empty room looking very sexy...sorry I know that last statement doesn't help towards identifying the set.

If I remember she is wearing white and is tied to the chair...but the most important aspect is she is leaning over hands on the chair with straight legs and back arched which is in my opinion the best solo set she has ever done. She is beautiful in it...anyway...what I wanted to know, if you can identify this set by my statement (I hope) can you confirm this set is on the site and is there a related video...

Aside from this if you were to cast a porn star as 'Kim Bauer' from the TV series 24, I think Tasty Tara would fit the bill...

found it...link is


I take it this set is not on TastyTara.com

for some reason link does not work if you click it. you need to copy/paste

05-13-08  10:45am

N/A Reply of Denner's Reply

Hi Denner

I like her...but I guess I don't count..I live in the UK.

on a positive note...she must be ready for porn now though...she's married some basketball guy who's 6ft 2, and with her only being 5ft 2 and weighing under 100lbs, that a whole 12 inches between them. I'd like to see her hide that differential.

I always though she was Italian but no, she's hotter than that, She's Mexican and has 3 older sisters, yeehah!!

05-10-08  03:41pm

Visit Amateur Allure

Amateur Allure


You know that feeling when you know spring has arrived...You wake up and have all the enthusiasm in the world...the birds are singing, the air is fresh, the trees are green, flowers are opening up and the skies are blue. Hell, when it rains it smells fresh aswell...it makes you feel like living...

Welcome to the world of amateurallure.com. Every girl gives me the energy to keep on looking and thinking Ding Dong...is the world really this good.

Like maple syrup on freshly cooked pancakes, these girls look so sweet you could get tooth decay just looking...hell, I'm pulling my teeth out now...figuratively speaking off course.

I Love Demi, (can a girl's eyes really sparkle that much with a dick in her mouth? obviously they can, wow)

Grace has a mistaken identity, isn't that Courtney Simpson?

I'd love to put man icing on Kate's cake for her.

This looks like good clean fun and in that classic saying it's what it says it is on the tin, look at the preview pages and you know what to expect...

Love the format and the fact that Thomas has perfected this but the best thing is the quality of the girls...and the fact that I've never seen so many pretty models so happy sucking dick...

Nadia Nadia Nadia...yummy. Helloooo Erica! All these girls are GORGEOUS...I've never seen such a great set of faces looking like glazed doughnuts on one site...

Makes me want to dunk my doughnut every time...Thank you

05-09-08  04:22pm

Replies (0)
N/A Reply of Toadsith's Reply

I'd like to be there to council them through their womanhood...help them understand that men have needs...

one on one...two on one

the choices are endless...

05-09-08  11:00am

Visit ALS Angels

ALS Angels
Reply of Sarah's Reply

Sarah...the mind of a normal male...
(I say normal because there are some who have some very sick tendancies which I'd rather exclude from this)
...is surprisingly complex. honest.

you say...

Please realize that some models will be better at this than others and we will have to adjust our filming to what the models can handle.

Could I reassure you and your models that quite often if a model is trying to be like this and doesn't do it so well...that can be the biggest turn on of all...nothing sexier than a model who is innocent of certain things like this which suggests a freshness...

Having said that, when they know exactly what they are doing...that works too. The eyes can tell you this...

To be honest...with the standard of your models no matter how well they do they'll still look jaw-dropping gorgeous...

And on closing can i just say one last thing...I love the fact that you call them MODELS...respect goes a long way in a business where all too often it is cast aside...Thank you...Yes your models do things of a VERY sexual nature and some are on other sites and referred to as Pornstars, and if that is what they are that's fine, I have no problem with that... but when you call them models...that's a big Tick in my box for you...for what it's worth...

Look forward to seeing the changes...market leader by a long shot.

05-09-08  10:15am

Visit ALS Angels

ALS Angels
Reply of badandy400's Reply

Hi badandy400

Good suggestion on the two part piece...

thanks for the support of my view...no mistaking ALS are a Market Leader...

05-07-08  04:05pm

Visit ALS Angels

ALS Angels
Reply of Sarah's Reply

wow...another webmaster...Hello Sarah

I hope that my comment was taken constructively...which if I read your reply is Yes...

I love ALSSCANS.COM and ALSANGELS.COM and I think you have every right to hold that top position in the ratings...and what is amazing is that your format and site layout has never had to change to maintain your status as a WORLD leader in QUALITY...You have no contenders in that respect and do stand alone...

but, and I do agree with you that your more recent stuff is introducing more of the lead up...but can I take the opportunity to elaborate a little on this point...and this is only my guess on this...

I believe you prep the girls for the shoot on the basis of the main event...so the girls and the photographer are counting the clock to that point where the lube is applied and the clinical trial begins and I guess the models are thinking you are paying them top $ for that shot...not realising that the build up can actually be sexier, and holds a higher $ value. Yes, we do want that shot but the girls should be encouraged on the shoots to think of the sexy build up because it is a VALUABLE part of the shoot...

Out of interest, I've been a member on and off for over 8 years (maybe longer?) when you 1st introduced Jade Hsu to us...and I know I will be a member again many times over... so can I ask a candid question...who directs the shoots and wardrobe...if it's a woman because you find that with a woman involved you can get the models to relax more, could I suggest that you get some male input on at least wardrobe, not slutty or sleazy..there is plenty of that elsewhere, I'm talking about sexy with respect...

There are occasions where you do things like get the girls to wear the mesh bikinis and get them wet...these shoots can be very sexy...again big heels can be good. the walk is nice but get them to pause and move the camera around the girl to appreciate their amazing bodies, and FACES - EYES & LIPS (which can be the sexiest thing). starting with a girl already lying on a bed waiting to be examined does not arouse me...I feel I am a connoisseur who appreciates the beauty of the female body, and to fully appreciate it I want to see it move gracefully without any rush...and I believe when you do this you will tap into the soul of these girls and bring this to the screen... YOU HAVE FLAWLESS QUALITY, BEAUTIFUL GIRLS...BUT I DON'T SEE ANY SOUL...let the girls have some control...the minute you overbear direction you will suppress their SOUL...that twinkle...and for me no matter how beautiful a models pussy is, it will never twinkle like her eyes and her mouth...

THE PERFECT SITE FOR ME WOULD BE ALSSCANS.COM + GIVEMEPINK.COM = ALSGIVEME.COM. Take a look at format on this other site...Now take some parts of that site, gene splice it with yours and you are UNTOUCHABLE...

05-07-08  03:41pm

Visit ALS Angels

ALS Angels

Beautiful Girls But Lack of Variety in Scenes

There is no denying the girls at ALSANGELS.COM & sister site ALSSCANS.COM are perfect...and quality and quantity of their exclusive content is huge, unique to them and they have managed to be at the top for the best part of 10 years...
Well Done...and without changing the layout of their sites.

Nice introduction of 2 free sites alsbikinis and heartbreaker but the one thing that bothers me about their format is why do most of the shoots, especially the video, never include the build up...where are the shots of the girls (perfect as they are) walking around with beautiful outfits on, doing the sexy thing and stripping down...teasing us...we know they can do this...i've seen the same girls elsewhere but with ALS you just know they would give you the benchmark that all sites like givemepink and clubsandy would like to meet...

instead we are straight into the usual selection of toys or other models fist lubed up and that's it, start the camera, open and cough...very clinical...

this I see is a limitation of ALS sites. It is not a downfall, it's my preference with Girls this beautiful I want to enjoy the pleasure of seeing their beautiful bodies move, dressed in tight lycra etc before we are given the gynaecological tour, which is still wanted but it's like at Xmas...nobody wants to find their presents under the tree without the appealing wrapping to invite us to get excited...the most exciting part is not knowing what's under the wrapping. Do the same for these girls

05-06-08  03:32pm

Replies (9)
Visit Nude Sport Videos

Nude Sport Videos
Reply of littlejoe's Review


Is the preview page evverything on the site. file sizes look good. the only thing I don't like is they look like they start off naked straight away which is a shame... nice to see girls with tight gymwear on before we get to the stretch and letch...

nice looking girls though...

another question...is the trial a real offer or is it restricted in anyway?

05-06-08  11:40am

N/A Reply of mrcallen's Poll

depends whose holding it...

if it was a post AVN AWARDS Party Bash then I'd be happy to feel my humility and as many others from that audacious fraternity of nominated Female Pornstars...

otherwise...Playboy Mansion or any Eurobabe shoot that includes any of the girls from the usual Czech/Hungary/Poland/Eastern Block Porn Stables

OR if I was invited to a KILLERGRAM.com Party and there was the slimmest chance Delta White was thinking of swinging...

05-05-08  07:14am

Visit Chloe Jones

Chloe Jones
Reply of jd1961's Comment

this is REALLY SAD...coincidentally I mentioned this in one of the polls


I think I will pay a tribute to her in my lifetime, poor girl,
she is buried at Woodlawn Garden of Memories in Houston, Texas

God rest her fragile soul...another victim of the system...

05-04-08  05:21am

Visit Stephanie Swift

Stephanie Swift
Reply of Khan's Reply

thanks Khan

as always...top service

05-04-08  05:05am

N/A Reply of jd1961's Reply

hi jd1961

I heard Lea was an Olympic Athlete, diving? not speaking ill of those deceased I did see some statements that she had AIDS...

Another tragedy is Chloe Jones...

whilst AIDS is a risk in the industry, I'm sure drink drugs and depression are other contributors

05-04-08  03:31am

Visit Stephanie Swift

Stephanie Swift
Reply of jd1961's Reply

hi jd1961

weird. it was there and then it wasn't but my comment is still around. this whole thing looks like the manifestation of my very comment...I think the PU webmasters are trying to protect us from a crap site...
try my link below

05-04-08  03:15am

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