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Visit Pink Visual Pass

Pink Visual Pass
Reply of pat362's Comment

I agree....thats why I trust user scores much more.

I will be doing a review soon as I am currently a member. The site definitely has some good content, but how you give an 85 to a site that doesnt post new updates anymore and has non existent customer service is horrible.

Shame on TheBestPorn....you just lost more of my confidence in you to give a well thought out, quality and unbias review.

06-30-10  10:45pm

Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings
Reply of Pornomaniac's Review

Good review and I agree with most of it.

What I really am hating right now is the Download limit. Its supposedly 10 GBs and I dont even get that sometimes. The other day I only got 6.5 or something.

The fact that none of the other major networks has limits like this pisses me off. It doesnt kill the quality of the site or anything, but sometimes, I go weeks....even months without downloading and want to catch up. And no...Im not one of those guys who joins every few months, downloads as much as possible and leaves. I have had my membership for over 2 years and times, my interest in porn dives or I just find another site and I dont download for awhile. The limit fucks me.

10-03-12  09:06am

Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings
Reply of Moleman2040's Comment

I agree. I gave a review a few months back and mentioned it, but its really gotten old for a few reasons...

a) As mentioned, they are not the best porn site by any means. I like their selection but its not special in any way.

b) I sometimes go weeks without downloading...months even, and I want to catch up, but I have to live by these download caps.

c) Most of the sites I speak of in (a) have no DL limits at all.

d) As the OP states, their DL limits arent consistent. Sometimes I DL 5 GB and get shut out. Usually I get up around 10, but its still BS.

e) And Im going to take this chance to say REALITY KINGS TECH STAFF IS GRADE A FUCKING GARBAGE!!! There are many videos that arent working and when you report them, they dont seem to give a fuck. Ive reported say...50 corrupt video files over the last year or so. Guess how many were fixed? NOT FUCKING ONE!

My membership is gonna be over soon and Im leaving till they get their shit together.

08-22-12  10:17pm

Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings
Reply of Monahan's Reply

Actually, I just kind of tossed out that number, but there are at least 5. One girl named Lexxy on the MonsterCurves site (believe she had another scene as well). There are a few chicks on MILFHunter, CumFiesta and 8thStreetLatinas who I havent seen elsewhere that are ridiculously hot.

So actually, its probably more than 5, but the reason I like them so much may also be because they havent shot anywhere else, and that rarity makes it more appealing.

And you are right on about the more natural girls than on the other sites, but I wouldnt know where to include that anyway, because many see that as a positive, and many see it as a negative. BIG POSITIVE for me though.

05-05-12  12:26pm

Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: -Gorgeous Amateur Girls you dont really see anywhere else.
-Nice array of niches to cater to different tastes.
-Nice selection of download options (HD, standard, MP4)
-Consistent daily updates
-High quality videos (HD nice...standard looks good too on newer videos)
-Most of the male stars they hire are decent (except JMac IMO, but thats a personal preference)
-Good pictures and screencaps of every scene
-Multiple Membership options
-Good prices, especially for a year membership
-Alot of older videos remastered for better quality.
Cons: -Lacks "star power" (big name pornstars), which hurts it in some peoples eyes.
-Cameramen on some sites (mainly MilfHunter) are extremely annoying...STFU douchebag!!
-They remastered a bunch of older videos, but neglected to remaster alot of the more popular older videos, which I assume is to make people go get their DVDs if they want those in better quality.
-No update schedule IN TERMS OF WHO SPECIFICALLY will be on the sites. They have an update schedule for when each site is updated, but you never know who is coming up.
-No way to really interact with staff like NA and Brazzers has.
-They ruined a few sites IMO...InTheVIP, FirstTimeAuditions and to an extent, MILFHunter, because they changed the format of them without notice.
-Daily Download Limits- I THINK its like 5 GBs a day, which aint bad, but with the size of HD videos, Im sure it can annoy some people trying to catch up on some downloading.
Bottom Line: There isnt really a whole lot bad to say about RK. I know alot of people dont like them, but the reason Ive always liked this site is because they are good with updating the site regularly and they provide alot of really hot girls that you dont see elsewhere. RK shoots in Florida while most other companies shoot in Cali. Now, that does mean that RK doesnt get as many big time names, but I am fine with that because other sites offer that.

RK IMO has alot to offer if you can look past the lack of star power. There are 5 girls in particular on that site that I never seen anywhere else that were fucking amazing.

And while I dont love all of their updates and sites, I do enjoy most of them. They provide a wide array of different tastes. I am a fan of black girls and RoundandBrown is one of the very few, original, black girl sites that is updated consistently. Go find me black girls on NA and Brazzers....few and far between. RK offers, that, latinas, Euros, Brazillians, MILFs, teens, lez and others. None of the other sites offer ALL of that.

In the end, it will come down to what YOU like which will determine how much you enjoy RK. Its not perfect, but its easily one of the better network sites out there and neck and neck with NA and Brazzers IMO.

I highly recommend it to anyone who has a wide array of tastes and isnt too hung up on seeing big named stars all the time..

05-04-12  11:12am

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Visit Score HD

Score HD
Reply of rjmcgill's Reply

Yeah....same thing happened to me when I was a member for about a year. The add on sites werent bad but alot of them were streaming only. The reason I ultimately left was actually because the content was getting pretty lame even at that point. I thought it was just a rough patch but it seems it never improved really.

Sucks...SCORE used to always have great content regularly...now it seems its few and far between....by my standards, anyway.

07-17-12  05:37pm

Visit Score HD

Score HD
Reply of pat362's Reply

You can download them all on ScoreHD and ScoreVideos....I think once you get into sites on the extended network, like 18eighteen others....thats when you run into that issue...but those are separate sites I would never ever join.

07-17-12  12:14pm

Visit Score HD

Score HD

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Alot of content.
-Videos look good. No true high def but still nice.
-Tig Ole Bitties Everywhere!
-Alot of girls you cant see much of elsewhere
-Several download options.
-Quick site navigation
-Good site design.
-Supports DL manager
-No DL limits
-Regular updates
-Fast downloads
Cons: -Updates are regular but you dont get much idea whats coming up.
-Alot of newer content IMO is not as good as it once was. (HUGE down for me)
-Not alot of known girls. Both a good thing and bad thing.
-Many recent girls are below my porn standards

I was a member of Score for over a year from June 2010 to July 2011 or so. This was my first visit back since then, and I was extremely disappointed. Dont get me wrong, there was a good bit of decent content avaiable, but most of the girls Score has shot over the last year seem below what I look for. Socre has always shot some heavier girls, which is fine with me usually, but lately, alot of the heavier and older models they shoot arent that good looking IMO. I found myself watching previews to see if the vids were worth downloading...and many werent after watching those previews.

Long story short....Score has gone downhill IMO. Ive heard others say similar things, but thought Id give it a chance because I wanted to see Eva Notty's content (which is very good). But this time, my stay ends after a month, and I doubt Ill join again anytime soon.

Dont get me wrong...Im sure alot of guys will like some of the stuff I dont. And I wouldnt consider my money completely wasted on them....but given what else is offered for the same price around the internet....Im not sure its worth more than a month anymore...to guys like me anyway. Other sites offer more frequent updates with hotter women at the same price.

SCORE IMO just isnt the same anymore...at least by my taste. The site in general is probably in the range of a 70-80 overall score, but the 69 is in terms of over the last year, which I think is pretty mediocre for them.

Bottom line...check it out if you like big tits. You may like some of the stuff I didnt. If you are anything like me though, you probably wont stay longer than one month.

07-17-12  09:46am

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Visit Sweet Sinner

Sweet Sinner

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Good offering of original content
-Nice Download speeds
-HD videos look fantastic
-Hot models
-Network overall offers good content
-Download speeds are great
-Well organized for the most part
-Easy to cancel
Cons: -Site layout can be annoying, but nothing too bad.
-Relatively small compared to many other sites
-Updates seem kind of slow, but still decent
-Not for those who like real hardcore stuff. Its about the softest hardcore porn content out there.
Bottom Line: Not much to complain about here. I saw several Sweet Sinner videos via a Pay Per View site and thought they were great, although if you are into the really hard shit, Id avoid it. This porn is more sensual and intimate and I really dig that and I highly recommend this site to anyone who does. Its a pretty small site compared to similar sites, but all content is original and has a good production value, and the site is still updating, albeit slowly. The networks its a part of only has 4 sites, but they are pretty good as well and has something for everyone.

Highly recommended. Would be a higher score if the site was a bit larger.

*Let me clarify that each site does update once a week, but it seems slower because there are only 4 sites.

03-24-12  05:57am

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Visit VideoBox


Horrible Customer Service

Ive been very generous in my reviews for VideoBox in the past. They offer good content at a reasonable price, and for the most part, that has not changed.

What I was not aware of was how awful their customer service is. When I purchased my 3 month membership awhile back, I had an issue with a few videos, and they never got back to me. I had my account to Brazzers hacked, so I emailed VideoBox asking if any other IP addresses had logged into my account. Again, no response.

Then, this past week, my membership renewed, but for some reason, I couldnt log on. So, I email them on Tuesday, and I get an automated email saying "This could be your issue...blah, blah, blah...please allow 24-48 hours for us to respond." So, I allow 48 hours to pass...no email (and yes, my spam filters allow their emails to get through). So, I email them again, telling them Ive already sent one email and got no response. I got the same automated email. I checked this morning and still god no frigging response.

So, right after that, I contacted CCBill and asked them if they could help. AN HOUR LATER, I got an email saying they refunded my money. I contacted VideoBox, told them to forget it, and that they just lost a customer for life.

I know this probably wont stop anyone from joining, but just so you know...BEWARE, their customer service is awful and pretty disrespectful if you ask me.

11-14-09  10:33pm

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Visit VideoBox


Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -5 new video releases every single day!
-Videos from great studios such as Sin City, JKP, Baby Doll, and many many more.
-Wide variety of content for porn lovers with specific tastes.
-DVD quality is outstanding. Even high quality is good.
-Exception value for what you get. As low as 9.99 for a month with no DVD resolution. Even at its regular price of 17.95, its the best deal on the internet for porn lovers.
-Very cool feature that allows you to customize what parts of a scene to download.
-Many download options.
-User friendly interface. Clean and organized.
-NO DRM! Keep the videos forever.
-Good customer service.
Cons: -Sometimes they go through stretches of pretty mediocre content. I dont fault them for releasing videos of niches I dont like such as tranny and anal, but in general, they SOMETIMES have rough stretches of releases though.

-There is so much QUALITY porn to download, you wont know what to do.
Bottom Line: I dont really compare this site to Brazzers and NA, mainly because I feel this is a different kind of porn. While NA and Brazzers deliver exclusive content, VideoBox delivers DVDs you would otherwise pay 20-30 bones for. So you pay less than what you would for a DVD for a months membership, and get about 150 DVDs a month. Not all will be to your liking, but Im sure you will find alot to like.

VideoBox, IMO, is the best source for quality porn on the internet. If you are a newbie to porn, this is the first site to check out. Low cost, high reward. You will sign up for a month, but I guarantee you, it wont end there.

This site does pretty much everything right. There isnt much to criticize. Get a membership and find out for yourself.

07-05-08  07:46pm

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Visit Zero Tolerance On Demand

Zero Tolerance On Demand

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 02-19-13  03:30pm  (Update History)
Reason: Needed to add new info
Pros: +ALOT of VIDEO content
+Videos cover alot of niches and cater to alot of tastes.
+Several download options.
+Their content can be found on other sites, but most of their videos, especially newer stuff, can only be found on their site.
+Comes with access to 3rd Degree Movies and Black Ice.
+Price is decent...not great.
+Updates fairly regularly.
Cons: -----Site navigation and design is beyond horrible. Seriously, this is amateur bullshit, and even most amateur sites have better design.
-Many times, Ive clicked on a movie, then clicked on a scene I wanted to see, only to be directed to a completely different scene.
-Video quality for many videos is shit. Not the definition, just many that were encoded extremely poorly.
-Customer service doesnt seem to care much.
-Have some picture sets, but they are poor quality and no zip file for them.
Bottom Line: UPDATE: Wow, so I wrote this review, and shortly after checked 3rd Degree, and they must have recently changed to the same shitty site design.

I bumped the score up to 70. The site design and navigation is dreadful, but you adjust to its crap factor.

I was just browsing the site and trying to look at different scenes, only to be redirected to scenes I wasnt looking for....even though the URL said it was the movie I clicked on.

I just had to do a quick review. I was going to review this, 3rd Degree and Black Ice together, but this one deserved its own review. The other sites are much better overall. ZTOD, however, must be run by incompetent assholes.

What annoys me the most is that a couple years ago when I was a member, the navigation was fine...much like 3rd Degree. NOW...its almost like they wanted to come up with a cool new layout for the site, but halfway through designing it they just said "fuck it!"....and we are left with this garbage. That, or they just decided to fuck things up for their customers on purpose, neither of which would really surprise me.

Bottom line: The only reason I recommned this at all is because you get 3rd Degree and Black Ice with it, so if you like their stuff, its worth a month. However, ZTOD is a mess. You can tinker with it while you are a member...maybe youll have better luck than I. But if you are joining mainly for the ZTod content, I strongly recommned you find other means of getting their content, because their site, while not a complete ripoff, is just not worth any kind of real investment. There are far better places to spend your money.

02-19-13  04:25am

Replies (1)

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