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N/A Reply of messmer's Poll

I'm a mix. I don't use it much during the weekends so it tends to get powered down then but otherwise I'll leave it running M - F unless I know I won't be on it for at least 12 to 16 hours.

03-15-12  11:14am

N/A Reply of GCode's Poll

The simple answer, all of them.

03-13-12  01:03pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Not to crush TheSquirrel like a piece of roadkill but I also voted for the status quo. Two days keeps it new and interesting. You can also go back and look at previous polls and add votes / comments later on (I sometimes do) so you still have access, you just have to make few more clicks of the mouse.

03-07-12  11:45am

Visit AT Kingdom Network

AT Kingdom Network

Nice Idea But the Price Ain't Worth It

I like the AT sites although I haven't joined them in years (I keep finding a way to put it off). I'm glad to see they decided to network all of their sites. However, it's priced at $99 a month. Really! Most of us don't have that kind of porn budget and even if I did I'd basically be forced to get a DL manager and a big ass external hard drive and just rip the whole damn thing in order to get the content. Way too expensive. Their marketing team needs to come up with a new model on this one.

02-28-12  12:44pm

Replies (1)
Visit 18X Girls

18X Girls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Decent price through TBP ($15 a month)
+ Decent amount of content (about 370 HD scenes as of this date)
+ Some exclusive content
+ Regular Updates, about 5 to 7 per week
+ Huge picture sets with zips and has multiple options for the size of the thumbnail galleries.
+ Good download speeds on vids (600-700 kbs, up to 6 channels using a broadband connection)
+ Multiple view options (stream, HD download in .wmv and iphone / regular formats in Quicktime)
+ 3 bonus video sites (note, most of the vids listed in the TBP facts section counts these vids)
+ Has a "My Favorites" where you can tag favorite scenes and you can leave comments on scenes and rate them.
+ Bills through Epoch
Cons: - A lot of this content is available through the teenmegaworld.com site. However, the quality of the content is better here.
- Navigation needs updating
- Search function needs a lot of work
- Not Firefox friendly (could only download vids using Internet Exploder browser)
- No screencaps but when looking at the flash movie you can jump ahead quickly through the scenes.
- No model info or real model directory
- No FAQs page or help page, all requests for help must be sent via email.
- More download options on the vids and pics would be nice.
- Cross sales on the signup page
Bottom Line: It's been a while since I sniffed (not snuffed) out some young Eastern Euro hotties and this site fit the bill and the budget. It's primarily a teen hardcore site with about 20% of the content being solo or lesbian. There's also a fair amount of anal action as well.

PICS: The pics are freakin' huge clocking in at over 5600 pixels and they have zips. Even the old pics are over 3000 pixels. While most sets have 100 - 200 pics I wish they had more as they are somewhat repetitive and the action doesn't cover a lot of positions. You get to chose your thumbnail size but, sadly, they only show 25 thumbs per page. There is a slideshow but it only works with the default low rez photos (about 900x600). To see the hi rez stuff you have to zip them or click on the low rez photo and have a new window open up that shows the high rez photo. The only zip option is high rez.

VIDEOS: As I said, good download speeds and the movies are about 20 - 30 minutes long. Again, the vids are good size (see TBP for all the specs, they seem accurate). Sadly, you can only download in HD using .wmv but thankfully they're not massive files (around 1 gig per movie). The iphone and regular movies are only available in Quicktime but they still look good. Each movie is available in a flash stream mode and you can jump around fairly quickly. No screen caps so watch the flash vid or scan the pics to see if you like it. Like I said, I couldn't get video downloads to work in Mozilla (old and new versions) so some of you might not dig that.

NAVIGATION: From what I've read, this site seems to have grown a lot in the last year and the growing pains have caught up with it. There is no model directory or model info. The scenes are poorly tagged so typing in a search request gives you spotty results at best. There are only a couple of general categories listed so that's no help either. You best bet is just to page through it all but that's a pain in the ass too. You get 12 scenes per page. After that you can either go "next page", "back page" or "last page" to jump to the end. They really need a page jump system and they need jump capabilities at both the top and bottom of each page, not just the bottom like they have now. Too much clicking and scrolling right now.

I also don't understand why they have a bunch of "tube video" stuff on each page and as a category. This is a pretty good quality site that I paid money for so why would I want to look at nonexclusive tube quality videos? Sometimes more is less though some may disagree with me on this one.

The bonus sites are nothing to write home about. Mostly second tier movies and amateur stuff (no HD here, just normal vid sizes) through some other service. Nothing exclusive or new about them as is typical with most bonus content. Like the tube video stuff, I'd say they've grown enough where they really don't all this extra stuff at this point to justify the price of admission.

Overall, the quality of their content is very good and the girls are mostly cute (no heavy set types here). If you've recently joined teenmegaworld then I'd pass on this site unless you want to upgrade the quality since it's far better here than at that site. Given the price and quality it's a good site. The nonexclusivity of a lot of their content, the navigation and the search issues hold this site back a few points but still worth it in my book.

02-23-12  04:53pm

Replies (3)
N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Cost, Content (original), & Reviews.

02-10-12  11:00am

Visit Anal Teen Angels

Anal Teen Angels
Reply of TheSquirrel's Review

Hey Squirrel, good to see you back. Thought that you were run over or that you were keeping a low profile in hopes of getting named the new coach for the Brits National Football team. Great review as always.

02-09-12  12:06pm

Visit Adult Empire

Adult Empire
Reply of Ergo Proxy's Reply

My guess is that they're based overseas and depending on their exact location, filing a lawsuit is just dumping money down a black hole. Besides, all they have to do is change servers and reincorporate some place else and they're back in business the next day. Chasing down the bad guys can be a royal pain in the ass.

01-24-12  12:22pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

As far as I can tell, there are really only 3 reasons for having DL limits:

1. Excuse not to upgrade technology / save costs. For sites, having a DL limit means they don't have to spend as much in server and bandwidth fees. I could see this being a reason for the small time players or newbies but not the large sites where we most often find limits.

2. DRM version 2.0. I think most sites figure if your downloading gigs per day then your just ripping their site of all content and that must mean you're up to no good (piracy, selling it to others, illegal tube posts, etc.).

3. We want more of your money. Having DL limits means if you really like the content then you're going to have stay around a while to get it all meaning more membership fees. Of course, if they had regular updates and good content that's usually reason enough for most people to buy a multi-month membership.

As you can see, I'm not terribly impressed by any of the reasons for limits. Thus, I'll continue my practice of avoiding these types of sites even though any reasonable DL limit would probably never apply to me because of fine and discriminating tastes in what I DL :)

01-11-12  11:17am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

It's one of those things that doesn't come up very often but if it turns out to be a negative experience for the customer (me) than I'll seriously think about it before signing up again regardless of how much I like the content.

01-09-12  11:51am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Most of the time it's not done very well (as others have said). It can be good for solo shots where there is a decent striptease but most of the time it doesn't cut the mustard ... especially when your eating your hotdog on the 4th of July and come across one of these scenes in your archive.

12-19-11  03:49pm

Visit Double View Casting

Double View Casting
Reply of pat362's Review

Hadn't heard about sites doing the whole "double thing" before. Sounds interesting in concept but, as you noted, not sure I really want to be dl'ing multiple copies of the same scene. It'd be kind of cool if some other sites (21stsextury or DDF) went this route though.

12-19-11  03:42pm

Visit Teen Sex Mania

Teen Sex Mania
Reply of theonon's Review

Hey there and welcome to PU. Just as a heads up, you're probably going to catch from grief from some people for coming right out of the shoots and giving a site a perfect score. Also, if you could give more info the "bottom line" section as to why you felt this site was so great it would appreciated and more helpful to others who might look at your review in the future.

12-19-11  03:39pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I say no. How is this different from phone sex only you get the visuals as well.

12-19-11  03:36pm

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

Even though most countries will probably get stricter, they'll be stricter in name and lacking in enforcement. In the US I think you'll see fewer obscenity cases as prosecutors finally figure out you can watch a chick being sodomized with (insert your object of choice here) anywhere in the world with the click of a button and as people who have grown up with internet porn get older and actually consider voting as opposed to just wondering what the concept is.

12-16-11  03:43pm

Visit My XXX Pass

My XXX Pass

Free Pass Short Review

Took advantage of the 1 day free pass just to check things out. Bottom line: worth the free pass but that's all.

First off, I'm grateful for the freebie opportunity but the offerings didn't get me going much. Most of the content is nonexclusive, especially the updates prior to this year. A few sites may be exclusive but the HC niche sites that are part of the network are mostly nonexclusive.

The pics are good sized (1000x1500) with zips but the number and content (pose shots vs. hardcore) vary widely by set. Some pic sets are professional, some are just screen caps.

There are very few HD vids, most are 600x480 at the top end. The HD vids I looked at are not true HD but, then again, most porn sites don't do true HD. TBP says some are true HD but I didn't download many so I can't say for sure. Download speeds were about average (300 to 400 kbs). You do have multiple stream and download options which is nice.

Navigation is just OK. Lots of clicking to get around and the model directory is really only searchable by letter of the models name. Can't search within the individual sites themselves. There are scene tags though and they seem pretty accurate. You can also search by scene tags.

Updates come at best about once every two weeks for each site on the network. Many sites have stopped updating or only have a few updates this year.

Quality varies from scene to scene depending on the original source. Some are dark and poorly shot, some are great. Lots of POV and oral here in the network so if you like that you might like this network.

I could say more but I only spent a few hours here. If I had done a full review I'd probably score it in the mid 70's.

11-29-11  04:45pm

Replies (0)
N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I think I've looked up about 3 or so. The only one I ever came across that could even be classified as decent was the Tommy Lee / Pam Anderson one. Frankly, I doubt anyone's sex life looks hot or interesting unless you're doing a porn shoot ... just wait until my hc vid hits the net.

11-18-11  08:48pm

Visit Playboy.com


Too Little, Too Late

First, I'll note that I haven't joined this site. I just saw it listed as a new site on TBP and took a few minutes to tour around. I'm really only commenting on this place because for anyone over 30, Playboy still has a certain residual place in our "hearts" (insert body part of choice).

This is the site they should have done long ago. You get access to the PlayboyPlus sites that have been around for a while, plus at least some magazine/article content, and exclusive HD vids. It looks nice and professional. If they had done something like this years ago they might have had a chance at avoiding bankruptcy.

The problem I see is that they're too late. Without upgrading the quality and content of the PlayboyPlus sites, they're still behind the curve. Also, I don't see any emphasis on social media or fanboy participation beyond some chat sessions. Everything is still softcore and centered on whatever is left of the Playboy mystique. In other words, I don't see this effort resulting in them generating a new and younger audience. If I want softcore, Met-Art kicks their butt. If I want articles about the "sophisticated player" lifestyle I can find that at any number of other websites for free.

This platform also seems to undercut their other niches. It looks like you get access to Playboy radio, i-pad content and some Playboy tv stuff. I guess that makes sense from a consumer point of view but, again, when you're struggling financially with a shrinking brand does that end up shortening your longevity?

The only way I see them continuing on is if they take this website and really push it on other countries (unknown if this site is available in other languages).

Like I said in the title, I like what they've done but I'm not shelling out money for content that other sites do better and I don't care any more about the Playboy brand and keeping up with Hef and his fantasy lifestyle. I doubt many others do any more. If Playboy wants to exist beyond this decade, they need a paradigm shift. While this result is pretty to look at and has a bunch of content, I'd say this ain't it.

11-04-11  12:33pm

Replies (4)
N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

I said "other" because I've tried some of them but not all of them. Basically I learned that if you're messed up porn just ain't that interesting because your equipment is messed up or your brain ain't working, although the latter is a constant problem with me.

10-24-11  11:02am

Visit DDF Network

DDF Network
Reply of monty4321's Comment

In short, this site will probably give you what you're looking for. If you can't decide for sure, all of the sites under the DDF banner have an $8 two day full access trial if you want to test the waters.

As for makeup, you'll probably see a lot of that here (DDF does high end glamour porn) but it's generally not overdone. Otherwise, I think you'd be satisfied with the site given how much content they have (clips available on vids, some anal (depending on which sub-sites you join) and a good variety of stuff to ogle.

10-17-11  05:03pm

N/A Reply of atrapat's Poll

I didn't know they existed either. I went back and looked at some but almost no commentary. I guess I'm just that damn good ... or else Khan and company actually have more important things to do (take your pick).

10-15-11  03:10pm

Visit Hot Wife Rio

Hot Wife Rio
Reply of hiker's Review

Hey Hiker, glad to see a new face here at PU. Like a lot of us, we started posting after feeling that we got ripped off by a site. I'll just echo the comments from the previous reply, in that while you're experience may not have been good we always like more info so that others can make a fully informed decision.

10-12-11  01:52pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll


10-12-11  01:50pm

Visit Karup's PC

Karup's PC
Reply of selphy's Comment

I would say that it's less than 90%, probably only about 60%. However, in my past experience they usually have the scenes first before the content starts to filter out to other websites as the months go by.

As an aside, the reviewers at TheBestPorn aren't collectors like us so they mainly rely on a websites description of "exclusive content" when they post their facts. Other PU reviewers may miss that as well. However, I don't usually have a beef when the majority of the content is exclusive like Karups.

10-12-11  01:49pm

Visit Teen Girls

Teen Girls
Reply of selphy's Comment

Agreed, I just browsed through the preview pages and saw lots of content from teenmegaworld. Still, if you haven't belonged to that site this does seem like a pretty good deal. I might try it for the "sex for grades" site they have.

10-09-11  02:32pm

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