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N/A Reply of GCode's Poll

Pissing and forced deepthroat which causes
vomiting is not sex and not something that
gets my cock hard. They are both disgusting
and something I try to avoid. Facialabuse.com
is one site which takes things a little too
far, when I see vomit I move on to something else.

04-18-09  10:59am

N/A Reply of topbucksGina's News

I've been interested in this site for a while but
I haven't joined because of lack of downloads. Is it true
all episodes are now downloadable? In one full file?
If so I'll be joining soon because I love this type
of amateur sex but if I can't save it I won't pay
for it. Thanks

12-24-07  01:25pm

Visit Adult Doorway

Adult Doorway

Why me

I've signed up for this site twice in last past month
and each time I could never enter the site. After repeated
attempts to get this corrected the first time they agreed
to refund my subscription fee. I figured that was a
fluke so I tried to rejoin again today and have the same
problem again. I should have learned my lesson the first
time stupid me.

10-26-07  07:53pm

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Visit All Elite Pass

All Elite Pass
Reply of bjorn7's Comment

Upon further investigation this seems to be connected
to the assholes running incrediblepass. I called my
credit card company checking recent charges and although
I cancelled incrediblepass in April I was recharged for
another month. When I went to their cancel page they
claim I'm still a member and when I fill out the info
to cancel the page says there appears to be a
problem, please contact support. Also on the bottom of the
page is a prechecked offter to join allelitepass which
will renew at $39.95 in 2 days. This is bullshit!!
When will these people be shut down and prosecuted?????
Also how do I recancel this membership which was already

05-21-08  04:49pm

Visit All Elite Pass

All Elite Pass

Watch Out!!

Just back from vacation and I hadn't checked email for
3 days. When I checked today I noticed an email from
elitedollars thanking me for joining for $1 and that I'd
be billed $39.97 in 1 day unless I cancel. I've never even
visited that site let alone joined. I checked the site and went to the support page they ask for subscription number, email
address and credit card number. I did not enter any info.
This looks like phishing scam to get my creditcard number.
I called my card to check on recent transactions nothing was posted from this incident. Does this look like a scam to you?

05-21-08  03:18pm

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Visit All Sites Access

All Sites Access
Reply of MrDarko's Comment

Are the download limits still in effect?
If they are I won't join.

08-16-07  10:16am

Visit All Sites Access

All Sites Access

Download limit

I'd love to join this site but I'm worried
about the download limit I've read about.
Are there any current members out there who
can comment on this. If they are still
doing this they are really hurting themselves
when compared to other big networks. I wont
join if they still have this going on. Thanks

08-15-07  09:28am

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Visit Amateur Allure

Amateur Allure


This site would be much better if they didn't use
Quicktime. Also many of the videos are repetitive
although nost of the girls are real cute.

01-28-07  11:27am

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Visit Amateur Facials

Amateur Facials

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: Large amount of movies going back to 1999.
These are really amateurs.
Good Cumshots.
Cons: Video quality
Some girls have many movies which may be a good
thing if you enjoy the girl or bad if not.
Updates not regular.
Bottom Line: This would be a great site if the video quality
was better, but you get a huge collection of
amateur blowjobs and facials for your money.

01-15-07  11:53am

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Visit BangBus


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: These guys screw all kinds of girls-white,
black,Hispanic,Asian,European you name it
the variety is awesome.
These girls really know what they're doing
when it comes to sucking big cock.
There has to be around 200 different girls
so far.
Cons: The only thing I can think of is the video
quality of early episodes, but that's
to be
Bottom Line: This is a great site to join on its own but you also get access to 10 or 11 other
sites many of which are great on there own.
Hot chicks sucking big cocks-what more do you want?

01-17-07  07:41pm

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Visit Big Ass Pass

Big Ass Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Same company runs Bang Brothers (Oxpass)
Not too expensive
Good amateur sex
Sites include Public Invasion, Big Ass Adventures & Busty Adventures and a lesbian site
A few dead links
Bottom Line: I joined after the great content I found on Oxpass since the same people are running this newer Network. The content is good, but I don't understand why full scenes aren't downloadable since all of Oxpass videos are. This is a big setback as far as I'm concerened. They have to figure 95% of their customers have a high speed connection why not at least give us this option.
I hope in the near future this will be corrected.

01-31-07  08:41pm

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Visit Big League Facials

Big League Facials

Why no downloads?

What is wrong with some of these porn sites.
If I pay for a porn site I want to download
videos not just stream them. I don't join
a site anymore if they don't offer video

01-29-07  10:32am

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Visit Brain Pass

Brain Pass

Download managers

Does anyone know if any download managers work
with this network. I just joined and I'm getting
speeds around 80KB/sec. I usually get between
350-500KB/sec. This is unacceptable and it ruins
a great network when it's such a time wasting
exercise to get the scenes. Thanks

07-12-09  11:13am

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Visit Brazilian Facials

Brazilian Facials
Reply of guvner's Review

I admit to raiding this website as well as many others but i will rejoin these sites every so often if they keep adding quality updates. So the sites that continue to improve and add good material may have me cancel but i"ll be back in the future to spend more of my porn bucks on your site.

03-29-08  01:50pm

Visit Brazilian Facials

Brazilian Facials

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: Huge facials
Over 100 big facials
All types of girls
Pretty good quality
Truely amateur action
Videos don't end 10 seconds after the facial
as usually happens. We see the girl cumfaced
for minutes following her facial, many are
overwhelmed by the amount of cum on their face.
Cons: Lots of talking in Brazilian between
the girl and the dude. I don't mind
usually, but of couse you won't understand.
As I said earlier there are all types of
girls-some not so hot, but that makes
it interesting.
Bottom Line: I usually rejoin every year or so as it seems
they add a new facial about once a week. This guy
must save up just for these video shoots because
he produces about a weeks worth of cum in one
If you like huge facials like I do this will
satisfy your desires and fill up your hardrive.

01-22-07  10:40am

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Visit Brazzers

Reply of ControllingMind's Review

I joined back in August for a 1 month membership.
After 10 days I cancelled which was not an easy process
at all. The next day I wasn't able to access the site.
So I got about 11 days out of a 30 membership even though
I was told I'd get a full 30 days. This site is run by
some crooks as far as I'm concerned. Buyer beware.

10-07-09  08:14pm

Visit Brazzers



I rejoined this site 3 days ago after not being a member for about 2 and a half years. While they have loads of content, it was such a pain getting to it. I have Window XP 2005 version and it just couldn't handle the site. My computer crashed about 20 times in three days. It's no fun having to constantly start
over trying to get to the good stuff. Also be careful cancelling this site. They make you go through 7 or 8 pages
and the wording is tricky so don't try this drunk. Why they have to make it so difficult I don't know. I'd be much more likely to rejoin a site I liked in the past if they didn't play these kinds of games.

08-19-09  07:52am

Replies (2)
Visit Busty Adventures

Busty Adventures

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: These girls are extremely busty.
All seem to be at least a C cup.
Good hardcore action and facials.
Lots of videos most of which are good quality.
Part of BigAssPass which includes 3 other sites.
Cons: No full downloads- clips are divided into 3 parts
or much smaller segments. I want full scene
downloads! I was disturbed to find that many older sets are not found when I try to download the
videos-This is not good.
Bottom Line: Being run by the BangBrothers who provide great quality amatuer porn I was expecting better. This
content seems to be shot in Europe and it seems the
BangBrothers are not monitoring these sites because of the missing links that pop up from time to time. If they'd fix this problem and
offered full scene downloads I bump the score
to to 90 or so.

02-12-07  12:09pm

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Visit Coeds Love Big Dicks

Coeds Love Big Dicks

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Constant updates.
Part of incredible pass network with 10 other sites.
Good price if joined through TBP.
Cons: Some below average girls.
Dude has no cum in his big cock.
Not great video quality.
Bottom Line: I hope none of the girls parents who appear on this site read this but your daughters are ugly.
Not to be mean but compared to Bang Brothers or
Naughty America a large percentage of these girls
are well below what I've seen there. Another problem for me since I am a big facial fan is that
the main guy on this site barely has anything to
deposit on these girls faces. He has a few drips
and nothing much else. When I see a girl getting a facial I want to see her get a good load and this guy just doesn't cut it. He needs to try that stuff Peter North advertises. I guess if you like to see origanal content not seen anywhere else this site is OK. It just doesn't work for me

02-26-07  09:10am

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Visit Combat Zone

Combat Zone
Reply of Pinche Kankun's Comment

Sorry dude but i love seeing facials, not huge gangbangs
but a hot couple having sex ending with the girl getting
her face sprayed with cum. I don"t think it's gay just a preference.
Everybody has their own tun-ons.

05-21-07  02:37pm

Visit Cony's Girls

Cony's Girls

Bad Aim

This is an interesting site with very good
video quality. I just wish this guy had better
aim. Most of his cumshots end up on the girls
legs or furniture nearby although I guess this
makes it different form other sites.

01-28-07  11:32am

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Visit Cum On Candi

Cum On Candi

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: Candi's husband gives some huge facials which
I'm a big fan of. He shoots 9,10,11 steams of
cum all over Candi's face or on the walls and
furniture behind her. A pretty large collection
and Candi's cute in her own way.
Cons: Video quality could be better.
Downloading the videos can be somewhat confusing.
Bottom Line: If you're a fan of amateur facials this is a great site although some may wish for higher quality videos. A trial membership gives you full access which provides plenty of facial action
for the money.

01-13-07  10:12pm

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Visit Cum on Dagny

Cum on Dagny

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: This was my first porn site join back in early 2001.
HUGE FACIALS from husband Jeff. His are the largest facials I have seen anywhere, he is followed closely by The Man from Cumoncandi.com.
As you can tell I love seeing girls getting big
Dagny really loves getting soaked with cum
Lots of other girls cum over to Dagny's house to
get soaked too.
Cons: Although I quit my membership over a year ago I
often check back to see if new material is being added, it's not. It seems all updates are of
older material.
Video quality isn't great.
Bottom Line: For amateur facial fans it's worth a month membership if you want to download some
great facials. I only wish they were still
posting new material. If they were I'd join

01-15-07  11:34am

Replies (0)
Visit Cum Trainer

Cum Trainer

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: This girl loves cum!
She's got some great curves.
Her man provides large doses of cum.
Good video quality.
Cons: DRM-I will never join another site with DRM.
Webmasters are losing out by using DRM as I know many will not join these sites. If this site did
not use DRM I'd rate it at 90 instead of 65.
Bottom Line: I just checked her site and it states that
future videos will not have DRM. I don't know
if the older stuff will be effected. If there
is no DRM I'd join again to rebuild my collection.
She is worth it.

01-15-07  11:13am

Replies (0)
Visit Dawn's Place

Dawn's Place


Why oh why? Another good amateur site destroyed
by the use of DRM. Stop the insanity!!

01-29-07  10:44am

Replies (4)

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