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Visit Playboy Plus

Playboy Plus
Reply of RustyJ's Reply

Well im signed up to twistys and im happy with that site. lots of content but then again I never tried to cancel before lol

The best site i ever joined in terms of customer service was FTV Girls. I told them how much i like dance videos and 1 month later every other update had dance videos and he told me thank you for the feedback and hes going to add more scenes.

Its a really swell company.

08-24-12  05:12am

Visit Playboy Plus

Playboy Plus
Reply of elephant's Reply

So much nice feedback from everyone thank you so much guys. It does make the whole thing so much better knowing that many people are reading the review

08-24-12  05:10am

Visit Playboy Plus

Playboy Plus
Reply of Jay G's Reply

I think the billing company deals with a lot of nasty people so they are probley not very patient but still it was not fair to be treated this way.

Thank you for replying the feedback make me happy someone is listening

08-24-12  05:09am

Visit Playboy Plus

Playboy Plus

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Good download Speeds
- No DMR
- Outstanding models
- Easy sign upo process
- Good amount of content
- Regular updates
- Fantasic Video Quality
Cons: - Poor Image/photo Quality and size
- Poor Navigation
- Support is non existent
- Advertises content that does not exists
- Very difficult to cancel
- No refund policy even if the site is at fault
- 3rd party billing with threaten you if you ask a for help and will disconnect live chat when they dont have a answer
Bottom Line: This site has the ability to be amazing but once you have signed up everything quickly turns nasty. I have joined 100s of websites and this is by far the worst experience I have ever had. They have put me off joining any porn site in the future

They advertised some content i wanted which was not in the members area so i asked tech support who passed me around and gave me an email address that does not work. Then after 1 hour I gave up and asked for a refund. This was within 3 hours of signing up mind you. They disconnected me twice in live chat then when i phoned the they said no refunds and if you issue a chargeback they will send debt collectors and fine me admin fees as well. In the end I let them keep my money as its not worth the agro anymore but Ill never come back thats for sure.

My review is complete genuine and is not over the top. Im completely honest


08-22-12  12:13pm

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Visit abbywinters

Reply of Capn's Reply

Im sorry I didn't know so many people like euro girls. I just seem to see them everywhere and I realy use to like the Ausi girls

04-25-12  06:09am

Visit abbywinters

Reply of Monahan's Reply

LOL very true

04-25-12  06:07am

Visit abbywinters

Reply of exotics4me's Reply

Oh thanks I didn't know that Review ajusted :)

04-25-12  06:07am

Visit abbywinters


Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: Navigation Is excellent
Massive collection all exclusive
- 99% of the girls are only seen on this site.
- All amatuer girls.
- Real scenes no made up scenes.
- Download speeds are fantasic with no download limits
- Hardly any Boy/girl (this is a good thing)
- Outstanding search engine
- Save to hard drive with no dmr (Video Protection)
(I FORGOT THE BUSH)I love bush and they have lots of it!
Cons: - The girls are very much a persons taste! and some people will find them unattractive.

- They they need to have more "Girl Cum tasteing" this is a major nich that is missing from porn and is a Major turn on for alot of people
Bottom Line: Keep up the role play at the start if not make it longer.
Make the scenes more gritty. More passion and intesity and a little bit dirty. Nothing hotter then two sweaty lesbians.
Find better looking models (the girls are nice people just not sexy)
Add more Girl + Girl scenes
Add more Girl Cum tasteing

Fix that Ill change to 100%

04-22-12  05:55pm

Replies (8)
Visit Brooke Skye

Brooke Skye

Nothing Changed

Since my review nothing has changed on brooke skye (read full review) i recently got access to the site via a friend so i could update my review but there was no point

03-26-09  05:20am

Replies (2)
N/A Reply of surferman's Poll

I have to agree i mean my god i know its porn but cant they be a bit more creative. i almost tempted to send them a thesaurus so i dnt fall asleep during a video clip.

01-13-08  05:13pm

N/A Reply of Davit's Reply

can i just say i almost wet myself after reading that last post lmao

01-13-08  05:09pm

N/A Reply of RagingBuddhist's Reply

i have a great reply to this but dnt have time to write it. work! sigh but just to let you know i read it. ill reply prperly soon thanks mate

01-12-08  02:34pm

N/A Reply of nygiants03's Poll

you know what the worrying thing is. pretty much all guys without a girlfriend have a large porn collection. im only 24 and mine is 1600 Gig. i cant image what it will be like in 20 years.

So if we all do it why does it feel so wrong!

Does anyone have an answer. Why does anything to do with sex feel like we are doing something wrong

01-09-08  05:25am

Visit Brooke Skye

Brooke Skye

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
+ HD Videos for some content (about 50/50)
+ Older content still has good video content
+/- DL (400k to 800k) 1 connection per video for users with DL manager.
+ No DMR
+ Some Medium to hardcore content nothing extream tho
+ Addtional bonus free sites
+ scenes are very good and intresting
+ Brooke skye is very sexy
Cons: - Login needs refresh every hour if you use DL manager. (or you lose your DLs in waiting)
- No Customer Surrport via email(see 1a)
- ADDs (see 1b)
- Advertises content that is not in memebers area
- No Zip file download for images
- Tones of scenes missing (see 1c)
- Selecting Web cams only leads to a page with advertising webcams
- No niches or search of any decription
- Scenes are mixed up and not dated
- new scenes advertised in tour but are not in members area.
- some scenes come in parts but some parts are missing from the site (now thats bright!)

Im sure im not reviewing some trial section (i paid the full $29.99 even checked it with epoch and they say i have full membership.

This site has so many problems i dont know where to start.

The first and most important is that the site tells outright LIES. it advertises content that doesnt even exist on the main site.

1a. I contacted customer services 4 times via email with not one response and i wont contact them by phone because of my phone bill.

1b. when you first sign in you are hit with adds right away. i cant access webcams unless i pay more money. and it only links to a another site who want money.

1c. The main page before you join says 200+ Videos and you only get access to 88 videos which i counted myself

Bottom Line: i would not join the site and recommend no one does. i totaly dont understand the other reviews as IM BEING COMPLETELY HONEST!
the site lies about its content and if you dont belive me look for yourself.

After joining the site for a while now i found out they dont release new content just re realease old content and says its new OMG!


01-09-08  03:15am

Replies (2)
Visit ALS Scan

ALS Scan

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Great Video scenes but he talks way to much. and he has anoying voice
+ Real HD videos (for new content)
+ Content Isnt deleted anymore
+ Lots of Girl Juices/Cum
+ Exclusive Content
+/- 500k Average speed
+ Download manger accepted
+ No DL limits
+ Scene desciption
+/- Many Girls have a strange red colour in the pussy
+ Best site ive scene for Images
+ Regular Update
Cons: - No Niches at all!
- Bare Basic navigation (not the worst ive scene but very basic
- Tons of old content deleted(This alone lost them 10 points!)
- Selecting a model only gives you Images not video
- Download speed jumps up and down all the time (from 50k to 600k)
Bottom Line: All in all this site could be outstanding but with such bad navigation and such a basic layout it may take you days to find what your looking for.

This site could be a contender for some of those top sites and the work involved to make it outstanding is so minior it give me a feeling like they dont even care.

They have all the great old content they just dont put it on the site. I mean my god they have Great HD videos but not even a decent video Niche search.

They have a weird colour scheme aswell its like a disney site or something.

Would i recommend this site? if you love pictures Yes its perfect for you, if you like videos theres just no point joining.

12-31-07  07:33am

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Visit VideoBox

Reply of bobbyboy's Comment

I agree they should be looking at new content in HD. What your top site mate?

12-29-07  02:56pm

Visit Fucking Machines

Fucking Machines
Reply of mr smut's Reply

not 100% sure what you mean so ill explain a little better.

When i selected a scene i could download all the videos (around 5 meg for the older ones) in one complete zip file of anything from 10 to 20 video clips in one complete zip fil and the newer ones come in zips of 4 to 5 split scenes in one zip file.

you seid the you had to keep swapping pages and i think that might still be the case. I hope you know what im getting at now its a bit hard to explain.

Thxs for reply s1vus1

12-29-07  02:45pm

Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day
Reply of mr smut's Reply

Sure. i belive the shots are Sizes: 800px or 1200px or 1600px and the very latests shots are 2000px.

The size for the girl your looking for from: 2007. Aug. 16 22:00:00 are avalible in 2000px

Theres another set after that but i cant seem to access the images for some reason only the video.

Hope this helps you out mate.

12-28-07  05:14am

Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day
Reply of jd1961's Reply

Im new to the reviewing and your right about slaming the site for being something it is not trying to be. Also thanks for changing the trust rating that was nice of you. :)

12-27-07  12:12pm

Visit FTV Girls

FTV Girls

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: + Real HD videos (Only started in december)
+ Standard video is Good Quality
+ Lots of images for video previews
+ Massive amounts of both Video and Images
+ Great scenes with pulic scenes also
+ Interveiws
+ Download Speed around (600k)
+ Girl Cum (with tasting)
+ Mainly Above average girls
+ Preview Image before Video starts
+ Video decription
+ the camera man doesnt get in camera veiw only talks
Cons: - No search engine
- Download limit 15g per day (Increased from 5Gig)
- Model names arnt always correct and sometimes made up
- Navigation needs improvments
- No Niches to search from
- Few lesbian scenes
- not enuf updates (every 5 days i think but they are big updates)
- File names are really anoying and are all the same. (see 1a.)
Bottom Line: One Year Member

This is my fav site and would remended it to anyone.
The some of the girls are totaly amazing and unscripted scenes (as far as i can tell)

They started doing HD videos (which are hd and dont just clame to be)

1a. The file names are totaly anoying and all the videos names have only numbers e.g. 1w.wmv this has to be the most anoying thing in the world as you have to rename the files or you will forget which video is which model. (This is a massive flaw in the site and should be addressed right away)

Improvements: I like the layout but it needs a revamp and it badly needs a niche search engine.
Make the split videos avlible into one complete video.

1a. The file names are totaly anoying and all the videos names have only numbers e.g. 1w.wmv this has to be the most anoying thing in the world as you have to rename the files or you will forget which video is which model. (This is a massive flaw in the site and should be addressed right away)

All My reviews are non profit and 100% honest.

12-26-07  06:18pm

Replies (0)
Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day
Reply of jd1961's Reply

I will remove it from negative. But it would be a nice idea for you guys. Its becoming very popular. I hope everything else in the review was correct please let me know and thanks for the reply

12-26-07  05:44pm

Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + HD Videos (new content only)
+ High res Images (again new content only)
+ Good Looking girls
+ Ok Navigation (no search engine)
+ Tones of updates (twice daily)
+ Large Archive (not sure if exclusive)
+ fast download speeds around 400K
+ Download manger accepted
+ No DMR
+ Many formats (divx, wmv, Quick time, MPG, Flash
+ 9 preview images for video's (with a zoom feature! "see 1b.")
+ Nice scene descriptions
Cons: - 90% of girls are from europe (Like most other sites now days!)
- The Categories never works properly (e.g. lesbian - licking pussy "see 1a.")
- Not many Niches
Bottom Line: Bottom line: I got bored realy quickly because im not a fan of euro chicks.

BUT if you like euro chick i recommend it 100%

1a. The Categories never works properly (e.g. lesbian then select licking pussy which gives "Sorry, no results found!"

1b. in the veiwing window theres a great zoom feature which allows you to see an image upclose without opening a new window or tab OR even changing the page. This is an amazing feature and all sites should have it. Its that good.

Improvement: Fix the navigation and add a good search engine that searchs desciption aswell ass title and add more niches

All my reviews are non profit and 100% honest

12-26-07  12:45pm

Replies (8)
Visit Fucking Machines

Fucking Machines

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: using: (20meg cable line/Downloadmanager/firefox)

+ Excellent Content
+ Large Images for Video's
+ DVD Res(only for new content)
+ Content Describtion
+ Large Selection of models
+ Contains Porn Stars
+ download speeds (around 500k)
+ Scenes are split up but able to download in 1 Zip file. (saves lots of time)
+ No DL limits
+ All hardcore Content!
Cons: - Poor Navigation
- Unable to veiw pages while downloading (sometimes)
- Only access to one site.
- poor quality (OLDER FILES
- Search engine shows all scenes from all site.
- Old video Content quality is terrible. (but expected)
- Files are 5 meg each so you have lodes in one zip folder!
Bottom Line: I had little enjoyment as the videos i wanted were such poor quality and with all the problems and bad navigation id have to say 50/50 join thats a maybe.

Improvments: Improve the quality content and make a single downloadable video!
Make all the sites into one big network!

My reviews are non profit and 100% honest.

12-19-07  03:50pm

Replies (2)
Visit abbywinters

Reply of jake07621's Reply

Thanks for reply.

I realy dont like B/G stuff so this site is great for me and the fact that the site has real scenes makes a huge difference. i cant stand scripted sites.

12-19-07  12:52pm

Visit abbywinters

Reply of abbywinters's Reply

Im very impressed the site replys to reviews. and ive taken note of what you seid and i agree with the g/b statement and made changes to my review and ponits accordingly 90/92. Also changed a few other things.

The search engine needs some tiny changes.

1) selecting multiple search criteria is a bit fidly and the control selcting could be improved. (not realy a problem just an idea)
2) split the search criteria for videos and images. so rather then having videos with images have video only. (its hard to explain)
3) Do more G/G T3 scenes 1 a week isnt really enuf
4) try to sort out the public lists (dont ask me how i dont know where to start!) Its a great idea but its getting really big now and 37 pages is alot.

The fact that you are the only site that does (girl cum) is a massive bonus. This is a huge niche that lodes of guys love and none of the other sites have added it into there niches not even review sites. Its a shame that you dont have many G/G scenes with it.

12-19-07  12:49pm

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