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Visit Brazzers


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 06-06-11  02:57pm  (Update History)
Reason: Gave credit for a site that's on another network I'm currently on too, removed that part, sorry about the confusion if anyone saw it.
Pros: - A re-review that sees a +15 points change from previous review. A big network that focuses mainly on big boobs, many that are implants, but not all and some fun niches have been added or have grown since I was last here.
- Going to be impossible for me to figure out where the 720p and 1080p videos started, but I do know as far back as September 2009, from browsing, so about two years of those HD and true HD videos. 5 points added to score for this since it was required to stay a member 6 months when I was last on it to get HD downloads.
- Newer HQ pictures, not screenshots, go up to 2500 high end, which are real studio shot photo sets with each movie. Screenshot packs are also available and both are zipped.
- Download speeds hit right at my maximum I can receive, though at times, I do notice a slight 15% dip in speed.
- Navigation is good enough for a network.
- Network updates on average twice per day, 14 since last Monday.
- Doing better with the ethnic models too!
Cons: - The obvious big con here is the amount of implants. I did a estimation once before of 50% of models on here having implants. I am seeing newer more natural models like Abella Anderson, also seeing more Latina, bi-racial models. So this is still a con, since if someone doesn't like implants, tattoos, it's not the best site to jump right into, but there are some really nice, natural models starting to show up.
- I won't beat this to death, but they still have my favorite hardcore exhibitionist site, Asses In Public, but it hasn't been updated in nearly 3 years. I'm sure there is good reason for it.
- I think like with the other networks, if you get bored easily, join for a month, come back for a month 6 months later and so on. The niche/story heavy sites will get boring to most of us after a month or so.
Bottom Line: I guess you could say Brazzers took a little blue pill on their score. Though I should mention on my original review of Brazzers, I gave them a 90, first re-review dropped to 77, now up to 92.

The previous time I joined Brazzers it was to download the Asses in Public content since the external hard drive I had it on had crashed and I loved the AIP content. Once done with downloading those again, I downloaded exactly one scene from the rest of the site in a month. After that frustration I then went through the 8 page cancellation process that annoyed the hell out of me. Good news on that too.

Now when you cancel, it makes you one offer, which is the same as the price you get going through TBP, if you pass the offer up, it confirms your screenname/password, you click ok and it's canceled and received a cancellation email within seconds. Much better.

I've been able to access the HD and true HD files since the start of my membership, so they've removed the 6 month recurring member rule to receive access to these. I do think these more honest, professional changes warrant 5 points added back to the score.

On the content, I really don't remember Brazzers having the Doctor Adventures site, but they may have and my past frustration led me not to look at them. More ethnic models have helped offset the blonde implant bimbo Barbie look I had complained about previously. I also think being away for two years has helped since I've forgotten most of the niches and can see that they are as original as any of the other networks out there.

Besides the improved video quality, there are the improved HQ photo sets with each scene that have some nice 2500 long end photos of the model by herself even if it is a hardcore scene. Everything works smoothly, clear links for zip downloads, click to download a video and all the options/formats show up.

In total you get 29 sites, including what looks to be a short trip to Budapest, for a site called ZZ Series, only has 16 scenes in it, but it has some of the top tier Euro models like Cindy Hope, another favorite Aleska (Diamond) and Blue Angel. Got some rougher niche/light dom sites like Hot and Mean, Pornstar Punishment, so there is a sign of Brazzers trying to develop some new niches for their network instead of how it used to be with nearly every site having "Big Tits in/at..." or "...Like it Big".

To me, it's a marked improvement all-around. The shady business practices are gone, the focus on nothing but boobs mentality is gone, asses in public content is still there if you don't have it and the addition of more brunettes, at least some less implants, added to the improvement in the video quality without the wait and improvement in pictures, it has earned that 15 point boost from the previous review and has made its way back into my network rotation. Definite recommend for anyone, especially boob lovers.

06-06-11  02:51pm

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Visit Pix and Video

Pix and Video

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - The headliner of a huge network, for me, the site itself is the biggest reason for joining.
- Network can be very rewarding if you stick around beyond one month, will explain BL.
- Price is fine with me, I used to pay $29.95 a month just for this site, so the other sites truly are "bonus" sites.
- Last 8-9 months movies are 1280 high end, 3000 bitrate, will further in BL.
- More beautiful Euro models than you can shake a stick at!
- Pictures are still 1280 high end, they come zipped and I've always loved their colors. Nice warm colors in most sets really bring out the glamour side of their models.
- Download speed and website performance has improved a great deal over the last year or so, hitting my max download speed at all times.
- Bonus sites do add some interesting niche content.
- Very responsive and friendly customer service. One of the best at customer service.
- Pix and Video updates daily with pic set and HD video.
- Hardcore, solo and g/g are all covered
Cons: - Variation in quality since the site has been around since 2003, not a huge con though, just one of the bad perks of being a long running successful site.
- I'm still waiting on bigger pictures, but this one doesn't bother me as much as it could other potential members.
- I think the offering of bonus sites is a good one, the loyalty bonus sites are very good sites once you stick around past 1 month, but I wonder if it hurts some since they don't realize P&V was $29.95 before with no bonus sites? Also, on my part, I miss the Club Sandy/P&V combo for $45.
Bottom Line: This is a review of a site that my previous review has expired. With 1byday's problems these days, I have to say that I think Pix and Video has topped the mighty 1byday. The recent models are better. The last year's quality is similar in technical terms and I prefer the P&V archive. This review and score is not really based on the network and Pix and Video, just Pix and Video. The updates are 7 days a week, none of those Jokes updates, no borrowed content from other sites as updates.

I went as deeply as possible with this part. Back to December 2008, the daily updates have had a picture set and HD video, 1280 high end. Before that back to 2006 or so, 640 high end on the videos and back before mid-2006 or so, it was 400 high end.

Bonus sites: Of the ones you receive with Pix and Video, to the best of my knowledge these are the instant access bonus sites that are exclusive to 21st Sextury: Mandy is Kinky, Speculum Plays, Creampie Reality, Teach Me Fisting and I believe Pee and Blow is.

Mandy is Kinky is some weird shit. You've been warned, aliens and zombies and morgue sex, it's like watching an X-rated Rob Zombie movie. No longer updates, Speculum Plays is what it says, but it a small site that also no longer updates that I know of. The other 3 look to be from Zoliboy, he is all into the creampie, peeing, fisting. There also are two transsexual sites, Perfect Ladyboys and Baby Got Balls. I think Perfect Ladyboys is an exclusive site to 21st Sextury since I can remember them asking poll questions on the main page about it, but I'm not positive on that one.

You're on Pix and Video most likely for the same reason I am, for Pix and Video. The good news is, let your monthly bill recur for one month, the price goes down to $24.95 and you get two new bonus sites, very good ones too, Asshole Fever and Sweet Sophie Moone. Those are premium level sites that many of us have joined for $29.95 in the past. Each month you stay, you get two more of these premium level sites for $24.95, plus you still have Pix and Video updating daily. Most of these premium bonus sites are updating in HD too.

I tried to make it 6 months awhile back, but didn't quite make it. If you do make it 6 months though, you get Club Sandy as a loyalty site. In my opinion Club Sandy and Pix and Video are two of the top 5 Euro sites on the internet and you get both plus all those other bonus premium sites for $25 a month. That's the best deal on the internet. If you can stay patient.

I just know I was really reaching on the cons. The models are some of the best, Aneta, Sandra, Eve, Angelica, and I could go on for an hour. I'm going to try to make it 6 months. I failed last time, I tried by starting with Club Sandy and at the time Pix and Video had several Eve Angel sets I didn't have. I couldn't wait 6 months to get those. Now I have them and will be patient...hopefully. It is a definite recommended site, you'll be hard pressed to find a larger or finer collection of models!

07-29-09  04:01am

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Visit Nubiles.net


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Originally reviewed site over 2 years ago, original review expired, Nubiles is one of the few sites that has improved consistently and is now one of my favorite sites.
- New videos are 1280 high end with 3500 bitrates, new picture sets are 2400 high end, pictures come zipped in "low" or "high" size, videos have several options and can be downloaded in parts or whole scenes
- They really impress me with their constant "new" models that sometimes aren't really new to the world of porn, but are usually still pretty new and are new to the site.
- Shoots are more serious now than they used to be, not as much lollipops and bobbisocks and trying to make the model look one day over 18.
- Navigation is nice and smooth, model list makes for easy to find models, especially ones going by different names, nice size thumbnails that show the model so you can recognize her.
- Broad range of models from America, Europe, but not a lot of range in race.
- Some of the interviews are enjoyable
Cons: - Wish they would remaster some of the old sets, they have some really great content of Eve Angel, Sandra Shine and a few others that was from 2004-05 that would look exceptional in full scene HD and remaster the pictures as well.
- Some of the shoots are very softcore, though most at least show everything, many of the older videos are simply of the girls rolling around naked on the bed.
Bottom Line: Nubiles is one of those rare sites that has chased its potential, without giving up. Their model selection is one of the best on the internet.

One of my very favorite "newer" models is Tanner Mayes and Nubiles was one of the first sites that I know of, to shoot her.

One thing that I think can be confusing is when you look at their model list based on their member rankings. This is what I see in the top 10.

Katrina, Chasity, Lacey, Brea (Bree Olsen), Kacey, Summer, Franziska, Belinda, Arianna

Of those 10 I know two, Bree and Franziska, never seen or heard of the other 8. Also the top 3 look young enough that I would ID them. Maybe it gives off the wrong image of the site? I've never really been into the very teen group and those 3 practically define it!

Others on the site include early content of Amy Reid, Eve Angel, Sandra Shine, Tanner Mayes, and literally dozens of established stars.

The newer videos are 1280 with 3500 bitrate and look great, even the older videos are not bad, the Eve videos are from 5 years ago and are 640 high end, so that isn't bad at all.

The pictures have a nice crispness to them, but do agree with others that the watermark is a bit distracting.

The site updates daily, but not for sure on the exact amount of updates per day since they do seem to vary, I've seen some days that have as many as 6 updates per day, other days as few as 3. Either way, you get a lot of updates in a month's time and they have a nice sized amount of content overall.

The site in some ways reminds me of a blend between ALS Scan and FTV Girls, which should be taken as a 100% pure compliment. They really seem to be hitting their peak at their site at the right time. I've been a member 4 of the last 6 months and continue to enjoy the membership.

They have this update called "New faces" and this is where they add 3 new girls per week to their site. I like this, though I am not a big fan of amateur content, these girls usually are ones that I have not seen before or have seen very little content of if I have seen them.

Picture size continues to improve, zips are quick and easy to download, though they do limit your connections to 6 at a time.

As I said in the cons, the main improvements I would ask for is remastering of old content. ALS Scan has had a great deal of success with their remastering process and think it would make me move this site even up higher if they did it too. Also has a member forum, some bonus girls and bonus content that is mostly hardcore and the site has a nice blend of hardcore b/g, g/g, solo.

The content is also exclusive as far as I know though a few sets are in familiar settings that I have seen before, I still believe these are exclusive, probably just using the same shoot area that other sites have.

Well worth a month join and in my case, a multi-month join. Recommended to all!

04-28-09  02:30am

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Visit ALS Angels

ALS Angels

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - The bustier, curvier sister site to ALS Scan
- High quality is the norm here, a discount is available to drop the price to $19.95.
- Picture sets are some of the largest I've seen, expect 3300-3800 on high end and around 200 photos, some have over 300 even! One of the newer picture sets of Angelika Black is 426 MB! That's getting your money's worth.
- Newer videos come in the beautiful 1920x1080 True HD and those are also huge, over 1 GB per movie on some of those.
- Download speeds are very good and using browser's DL manager allows resume if broken or paused.
- Most of the top models are here and some I haven't seen before too.
Cons: - This is a pet peeve con of mine that might not be a big deal to others, the older picture sets are broken into pieces, takes 4-5 separate files just to get one full set. Newer sets have the option to download full set.
- Site can still be a bit confusing, will explain in Bottom Line
- Some videos are just photoshoots, but in their defense, they do list the videos as "masturbation" or "photoshoot".
- Update schedule isn't very clear or consistent
Bottom Line: I had been a member on ALS Scan several times back in 2005, and was one of the ones that sent emails to Alex asking where models like Eve Angel, Sandra Shine and the more curvy models were. As a result of the emails that many sent in, they decided to open this site ALS Angels that is of the more curvy models than ALS Scan would normally have.

Since then, I usually join both at the same time, and really wish they would just make that an option, instead of needing to join each separately.

The picture sets are downright huge. Near 4000 high end on pictures and 300 pictures in the set, you are looking at close to 500 MB for a picture set. The videos might be the most crystal clear I have seen. Technically, very few sites come close.

Now, ALS Angels really is a very select site of top models. Thing is, I really don't know that I've seen all the models. On the main page there are these tiny "covers" that really do me no good, so I end up going to "featured models" which has roughly 100 models in it and each has multiple picture sets and videos. I think it kind of gnaws at me, wondering if I am missing some of them, but these 100 or so feature some of the best, Eve Angel, Sandra Shine, Andi Valentino, Angelika Black, Silvia Saint, Regina Ice, Tea Jul, Stracy, Eufrat, I mean if that isn't Heaven, I don't wanna go!

There also is a feature that they have been running for a while where they offer a DVD of theirs of one of the models to download. Luckily for me, I joined awhile back and they had the Eve Angel DVD as the featured one. I'm not for sure on what schedule this changes. This is a nice bonus to their regular content though.

There is the problem with the update schedule. Just going to read directly from it right now. From February 1st to 20th there was 9 updates, next update is listed as February 27th, so that was an update every other day, now it will be a week. Not for sure what is going on there.

I almost feel bad saying 92 since there are a few questions with the updates and when the DVD changes, but the content is just too good to not score it high. I'm not for sure but some of these models are real knockouts that I have never seen, like this new one Jennifer Love, not the same as the Latina hardcore model of the same name.

Their content of my favorites is some of the best I have. Eve's content with them is some of the best I've seen. Regina Ice's content with them IS the best I've seen of her and they do take these models to more kinkier actions than most do. I personally could do without the speculum play, but that is really the only complaint with the content.

Consistent updates, better interface to find models, and it would be one of my top 2 or 3 sites, maybe even top if the updates followed a normal schedule and the DVD switch was consistent, and full zip downloads on all picture sets. Those aren't unrealistic and would match the already incredible quality! Recommended, especially if you like curvier models!

02-23-09  02:55pm

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Visit Viv Thomas

Viv Thomas

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Without question, the finest collection of models
- Content wants to be exclusive, but the older sets are widely available, I assume those were originally owned by Viv, but he licensed out the older sets
- Pictures come in zips
- Navigation is very easy to use
- Download speeds are not really a huge part here, since it is mostly average resolution pictures
- Good enough price at $19.95
- Viv's experience and professionalism as a photographer/producer really shows
Cons: - Well to start with, if you're coming here for videos, don't. The videos here are trailers, some interviews, though I will say that some of the trailers are 3-5 minutes and are pretty good.
- The picture quality can be frustrating. The biggest pictures available on the site are 1280 high end
- Zip file pictures are only 1024 high end
Bottom Line: I will start by saying that Viv Thomas' work is my favorite on the internet. His taste in models, the way he photographs them, the fetishes he touches upon are the same as mine.

This site to me is the best site for pictures only. I know the resolution isn't up there with Met-Art, but I much prefer Viv's models and the style of his sets. The girls almost always start out dressed in the picture sets. Pantyhose is usually involved if they have a skirt on. I guess what I'm trying to say is he likes the girls to look classy before getting dirty.

Unlike most sites though that the models are all dressed up on to start a set, they do get dirty here.

One of the best parts about this site is the constant flow of new material involving the top tier Euro models. The settings range from a tropical mansion, which I'm guessing is the Viv mansion, to in the bedroom.

There is an active forum on the site that the models do stop by on. Viv is fairly active on it as well and talks very candidly in his posts.

All of your favorite Euro models are here, except one for me and that is Aneta Keys. Besides that one, Eve Angel, Sandra Shine, Sophie Moone, even Sandy from Club Sandy, Nella, and by now you are getting my drift. Wish the resolution was higher, but I have been looking over it for 6 months. So, it isn't too big of a hindrance for me.

Viv is the Hugh Hefner of Euro porn and for any fan of legs, butts, pantyhose, beautiful faces and settings, I highly recommend it!

07-19-08  10:11am

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Visit In Focus Girls

In Focus Girls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Another extremely high quality site from the company that also runs Sapphic Erotica and Only Cuties.
- The $19.95 TBP discount is well worth it!
- Pictures can be viewed in 3 sizes, downloaded in zips, high end resolution in zips is 2000.
- Videos have several viewing options, HD WMV 1280 high end 4,000 bitrate, also has a WMV smaller resolution at 825 high end 2,000 bitrate, also has Quicktime videos and MPEG as well.
- Models range on 1 to 10 scale from 7 to 10, no uglies here
- Download speeds are right around average for me.
Cons: - I guess you could say not enough hardcore, but I wasn't expecting any.
- Lets nitpick, model names are same as Sapphic Erotica, but different from most major Euro sites.
- A good portion of the content is filmed in the same locations.
Bottom Line: As you can see, my cons are hardly cons, just little nitpicks. I had different feelings about joining this site. For one, they have some exclusive content of Eve Angel that I don't have, so it was inevitable that I would join eventually, and two, some of the reviews aren't as positive as I had expected.

I guess this goes into different strokes for different folks. This site has blown me away. The model selection is outstanding, Eve, Eufrat, Stracy, and from what I can see, most are all videos also have picture sets, and these are not vidcaps.

The videos are crystal clear for me, even the lower quality 825 high end are very good and clear. The 1280 ones are exceptionally clear. There have been mentions of the site doesn't seem to have a lot of content, but this isn't true.

Most of the models have at least 3 videos and 3 picture sets, Eufrat and Stracy have around 10 of each. I'm going to say there are over 500 videos and 500 picture sets.

The picture quality is very good, 2,000 high end, and really, they have the quality covered in videos and pictures, they have the quantity covered, they update with a picture set one day, video the next day. All exclusive content. Top tier models, plus some models that probably will be top tier models in the future. This really is a great site and I would recommend it to anyone who likes solo girls, there is some fetish content, fisting, peeing, g/g as well. All in all, it has quickly became a favorite of mine. Recommended!

04-19-08  10:09pm

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Visit Hot Legs and Feet

Hot Legs and Feet

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - High Quality, DDF site
- Pictures go up to 2000 on high end and are available to download in zips.
- Newer movies are HD and there are over 900 video clips
- Site has a classy feel to it, maybe it is because of the emphasis on legs and feet?
- I'm getting some of my best download speeds, over 1100kb/s on a 10M connection
- Just about every great model you know who Europe that are the other DDF sites, and there is a lot of content overall!
Cons: - You know things are good when I start nitpicking on the first con, I'm not going to say the price is too high, but I guess it is just seems that way at first, price on TBP despite having an American dollar sign is in Euros. So, as of now, what is listed as $24.95 on TBP is actually $36.74.
- Older movies are a lower quality than average, this can be a slight negative if your favorite model has a lot of older material.
- More fishnet, can never get fishnet!
Bottom Line: Let me start by saying that I love this site. The quality is top level, very few sites can even match it. The emphasis of leg and feet kind of worried me since I don't have a real leg or feet fetish. The model list pulled me in though. If you can name her and she is a Euro star, she is on here.

The biggest and best surprise for me was the amount of content. I really hadn't seen much of this site before joining. It reminds me a great deal of 1byday, DDF's big site. There is less hardcore here, but you get a new kind of porn from this site. One that lets you look at the women as beautiful. It has a very high tease factor in every video that I downloaded. Which for me is very important.

The HD videos are incredible. My only complaint there is that I have to keep buying external hard drives to store all of the content I download.

Pictures are very clear, let me add the word, "clean". No blurriness, just clear, well-lit pictures in 2000 resolution. Some of the models really show that they belong on a runway, moreso than in front of a camera with a dildo. Eve Angel's clip with Eufrat, both in nurses outfits, made me want to check in the hospital for a month or so!

The negatives are far and few between. Price will catch US members off guard, but I've been to enough crappy $20 per month sites, that I don't mind putting out the $36 for this high quality content that I keep and watch more than 1 time.

I recommend this site with as much enthusiam as possible!

12-10-07  08:46pm

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Visit Pix and Video

Pix and Video

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Could compete with any site in quanity and quality
- Another site that brings you all of the top Euro models
- Above average quality on videos and pictures
- A good amount of hardcore to go with the usual softcore and lesbian action
- Grab a combo deal with this site and club sandy for $45, separate they would be $60
Cons: - Very little is wrong with this site
- If I had to pick, I guess I could complain that this one setting, looks to be a log cabin of some sort is used with at least one set of most of the top models. I guess that could be a con since I have no clue where that cabin is!
Bottom Line: I personally love this site, especially when combined with club sandy. I'm almost positive this is one of the few sites that has Anetta Keys in hardcore action. They really are bordering on having too much to browse over 1 month and when combined with the other site, you might as well plan on going for two months.

Some of the girls' thumbnail doesn't do them justice. I have skipped over several just because their thumbnails didn't catch my attention. Then, I will just click to see anyway and be blown away with the set. Maybe sites like this one and the other bigger sites should have members vote for the single best photo of each model, then use it for the thumbnail? I've heard a few complaints about the poses being similar, the situations being similar from set to set, but lets be honest and fair here, how many actual scenarios are there?

At least we aren't getting the old, "Ma'am I came to fix the plumbing, here is the pipe". The one thing that I am not into is food play and there is some food play on this site as well as peeing videos, which I don't care for, but I guess that depends on the model as well. I also think they could use a better search engine. If there is one major compliment, it is about their customer support. I take it that my account came up as different IPs, so they required me to send an email explaining with my IP in it. They fixed it right up and gave me another week for free. In my opinion, when combined with CS, you won't find a better deal!

04-11-07  02:44pm

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Visit Jessica Jaymes XXX

Jessica Jaymes XXX

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Official solo site of Jessica Jaymes, comes with access to four bonus sites as well, but I will focus this just on her site.
- Updates weekly with a photo set and video
- Photos come zipped, newest photos are 1600 long end resolution.
- Videos are available in 3 formats, wmv, flv and avi, all three come in 1280x720 resolution, which I prefer over 1920x1080, just because of file size. Bitrates are near 3000, keeping the files from being overly large.
- Has a webcam show every two weeks from what I can see, archives are available for the past shows and if you miss any.
- Each site in this group of sites has excellent navigation for an OCD freak like me, neatly laid out, clean layout.
- Has quite a bit of interaction with Jessica, a regularly updated blog, candid "normal" pictures to go with the blog, an email to write her at and so on.
- Interesting new type of scene called "Fuck My Fan" where you can apply to have sex with Jessica.
- Very good download speeds
Cons: - Going to have to nitpick to find many cons. Could update more often and that's only a nitpick if you've never been here before since there is a big archive to keep you busy.
- Older content is lesser quality, this is one I've never liked taking too much off for this since technology advances cause this more than the sites can help.
- Here's one you won't hear much, but I would like to see more Jessica solo, but that's more of a personal taste one.
Bottom Line: Let me start by saying this group of sites, not for sure if it is officially a network or just a group of sites, this Jessica site stands way above the others. From talking to the webmaster here and also other webmasters in the past about these solo sites, I do know these sites and some models can be very hard to work with consistently.

That's why I think this site of Jessica's is really special. Most of you know my favorite model for years was Eve Angel and I loved her old solo site. So these solo sites are right up my alley. I'm not as big into the personal interaction part as some are, but it looks like Jessica puts a lot into this site. This new style of set known as "Fuck My Fan" is something I haven't seen since the old site Be the Mask. Jessica blogs pretty consistently, 4-5 times a month and includes pictures of whatever the blog is about.

So, if you're into the interaction that many believe a solo site should have, you're going to get that here. There also are the twice a month webcam shows. How can I fault any of this? I really don't think I can.

To the site's main content. If anything works against Jessica, I joined this group of sites for Regan Reese. I like curvier models, as my name says exotic models. While I think Jessica is a very pretty woman, she's not the type of model I usually am looking for. I'm not one of those jerks that bashes a model on her looks. If I was single and she was single, I would date her in a second, but she's not the type of "porn" model I look for.

The girl/girl videos do help here. What's the newest update? With Raylene/Alexis Fontaine, one of my all-time favorite models. Tera Patrick is in one of the older ones and she's another favorite.

Where I will say I like Jessica is in her energy and performances. This should make my point above about her not being the usual type of model I go for, more clear. I do not have one scene of Jessica besides the ones I downloaded from this site, but I have seen her on sites I frequently join like Brazzers, Videobox, but still haven't tried any of her scenes. I guess that's being guilty of judging a book by its cover since she turns out to be one of the better performers I've seen in my 15-20 TB porn collection.

For some numbers, each includes photo set and video:
36 solo scenes
40 group scenes
46 girl/girl scenes
49 boy/girl scenes
5 behind the scenes, scenes
110 webcam archived videos, no photos on these

That's a total of 285 scenes involving Jessica. If you're a fan of hers, I don't think there is anyway possible to get this much content of her and as I go through the scenes, she may turn into a favorite for me since I've been really impressed by her performances.

Lets take the numbers a little deeper. The earliest video on the site is 640x480 resolution, which isn't that bad. Somewhere in there they moved up to 854x480, then the 1280x720 started around mid to late 2010. So overall, the quality is very good. Even the webcam archives show a similar progression from 320x240 to 640x480 to the last year or so being 720x480.

There really isn't very much to complain about. Well, except more scenes with Mariah Milano would be great! And maybe some more tribbing in the girl/girl scenes. See me nitpicking? One of the biggest reasons I enjoy these sites is the functionality of them. I know, go figure, but I've said it in the past, poor navigation sites cause frustration and frustration takes away from the enjoyment of the content. Not a problem here.

And by the time I finish watching more of Jessica's videos, especially the webcam ones, I have a feeling I'm going to like her much more than I did originally. Going high on the score because I do think the site edges Eve Angel Official when it comes to solo model sites. One note there, this is being written from the perspective of a new member who has none of the content so it's all new to me. I'm not for sure if it would hold up in comparison to Eve's site in the long run since Eve's site does update more, but with navigation pluses, good quality throughout, Jessica's personality, I'm going to say it's the best solo site out right now.


There are four bonus sites here. I am going to work on, probably slowly, posting a review of each since the sites have changed some since the TBP listings or since a member review or comment. So those too help. Very nice package of sites overall.

09-07-11  06:32pm

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Visit DDF Network

DDF Network

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 01-19-10  10:52pm  (Update History)
Reason: See Jan 20 comment for explanation of -5 points
Pros: - A massive collection of content. You get 10 sites for the price of one. If you had joined these 10 sites in 2008, you would have paid $275 for all of them. You get them here for $35.
- Videos over the last few years are available in 1280x720 with 4000 bitrates. The previous poor quality older videos are now 704x528, a much better picture than they previously had. Pictures are downloadable in zips at 2000 long end.
- Excellent download speeds though the site still loads a little slow.
- Having all of the models content showing up on one site makes navigation much easier than before when you had to sign in to another site to see their content on the other sites.
- Network as a whole has averaged 3 updates per day in December 2009, each update has video and picture set, could be sold as 6 updates per day if they wanted to separate the photo sets from videos like some sites do.
- Denys brings in some semi-retired models that other sites can't seem to get anymore.
Cons: - The most legitimate con for me is the use of Eve Angel Official updates as 1byday updates. It's the situation where the most loyal DDF fans are getting screwed over. I pay an average of $20 a month for Eve's site and $35 a month for DDFProd only to see updates on 1byday that were updates on Eve Angel Official a few weeks ago. By my count, there have been 4 of these instances since November. Not a big deal to some, but when Eve's site only updates 2-3 times a week, it is becoming a big deal.
- The oddest con ever, the high quality video downloads say, "704x528 2.5 bitrate" when you download it is 1280x720 with 4.0 bitrate. They're selling themselves very short.
- Don't know what is going on with the dates on the content, but there is no way those dates are right. One of Sandra Shine says 2007, it is easily from Sandra's earliest days as a model, maybe 2002-2003. None of the updates are listed as before 2007.
- Not a big deal on any of these, just little things I noticed.
Bottom Line: DDF has put together quite the impressive network. Most fetishes are covered, we've got solo, machines, lesbian, group, b/g hardcore, anal, blowjobs, legs with hose and heels, big boobs (DDF Busty), little "boobies" on Euro Teen Erotica and most importantly to me, 1byday, one of internet porn's greatest sites.

Denys has always been one of my favorite photographers. He usually is very good about getting the tease parts many sites skip over.

Focusing on the new format of DDFProd. I really can't say how well the search engine works. I'm not usually a search engine user on Euro sites since I know which models I am looking for. I did try it out and it looks promising. It has dozens of separators/tags with boxes to tick, like Skin-->Ebony, White, Latina, Asian and you tick the one you are looking for. It then refreshes and marks out the other options/genres that have no models of that skin color in them. You keep ticking new separators/tags and it keeps eliminating the ones that are no longer relevant to your search. You can hit "Show results" at any time.

Having all of the models content on one site is huge for me. I usually go for all content of each model that I like. Now I don't have to sign in on each site.

The updates across the network are averaging 3 per day right now, and as all DDF sites do, you get a photo set and video with most updates. I used to pay $35 a month for 1 update per day on 1byday.

I'm having frustration with the login page. It doesn't store any of my login information, so I have to dig out the .txt file I store my user/pass on each time I sign in.

The use of Eve Angel Official updates as 1byday updates is by far my biggest complaint. I won't lie, it dropped my score from 98 to 96. I feel like I've wasted money somewhere between a membership to both DDF Prod and Eve Angel Official. And I will be in a situation where I have to decide which one I am going to renew after the memberships run out. It won't be both of them. One will be pushed back to join every 6 months status.

There isn't much to complain about with technical quality. The older videos have been improved in quality, the newer videos are HD. Picture quality is plenty good enough. Download options are most likely unmatched as they have the videos in wmv, avi, mov, mpeg, ipod and I do like the overall design of the new site. It's very easy to use.

I wouldn't even try to estimate the total amount of content. I will say that a few of those sites, Euro Girls on Girls, Sandy's Fantasies and I think Euro Teen Erotica have some of the archived sets from 1byday in them. One Sandra Shine set stands out. She is in jeans with a halter type top, one of her best sets ever. It was always on 1byday, now it is listed as on Sandy's Fantasies. Not a big deal since it is still available, but did want to mention that.

You'll be hard-pressed to find a site with better photography, better models, quantity and technical quality as this network offers. Highly recommended.

12-30-09  10:53am

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Visit Raven Riley

Raven Riley

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Raven is a beautiful woman, nice body, and is becoming one of my favorites.
- Videos are okay, WMV is a good 720 high end, but that damn slow bitrate is killing me at 800, Divx has that same resolution, but does bump the bitrate up to 1000, which is a little better.
- Pictures have pros and cons, 1240 is your high end, which isn't good enough, but they do come in zips, so I guess I will list it in pros.
- Download speeds are great for me, about 35% faster than my average.
- A little b/g, a bunch of g/g and a whole lot of solo, over 250 videos and 500 picture sets.
Cons: - Just wished they would improve the bitrate, the resolution of the videos is fine, but chop-chop video bitrates are frustrating with a high end computer.
- Picture quality could be bumped up to 2000 on high end
- Price may be a little high, I've been a member for 3 months now, but did just cancel since I can't see paying $30 a month for 15 new updates.
- Maybe it is just me, but the vacation videos are pointless. If I wanted to watch vacations, I would watch National Lampoon movies.
Bottom Line: Raven Riley has been one of my favorites for the last 2 years. I forget her ethnicity, believe it is Native American, Italian and something else. She has a great body, reminds me of a curvier Aneta Keys, though not as pretty as Aneta in the face.

She is playful in her videos which can be a little annoying. But you can always fast forward those parts. One of the best things about this site for me is the site works. It does exactly what it says it will do, the quality is above average as a whole, the downloads are fast, and I guess that is why it costs $30 a month.

You will get a blend of about 15% b/g, 35% g/g and 50% solo. Raven is excellent solo, and even reaches the milky orgasms in some of her videos. As with most solo sites there are some of those videos that you most likely won't fool with,Raven playing with dolphins and going on vacation.

She really seems like a sweet girl. I would really like to see the pictures raised to 2000 high end. It just seems like everything is a compromise in porn these days. Just like the videos, very good 720 on high end, but low bitrates.

I don't think I can recommend a solo site any higher than this one, as it gives you good updates and also good customer service if you need it. It is just that I am either wanting a lower price or better quality, or both would be nice. Even if only down to $19.99. Otherwise, it is a every 3 month join, since then you can get 45 new updates that you missed for $30. Still highly recommended!

03-23-08  10:20pm

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Visit Fucking Machines

Fucking Machines

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - You ever think the pornstars are faking orgasms, the female ones? Join this site, no faking here!
- They have a ton of content on this site, upwards of 400 scenes in full
- Pretty nice pictures, 1200+ high end in zips
- Lots of well known pornstars, check out Jenaveve Jolie's set, never seen her orgasm like that with a man
- Download speeds are right at average for me
- Join a second kink.com site for 30% off
- Videos are 640 on high end, though some older ones aren't that high
Cons: - Could be a little TOO much for some. Some of the action gets rather messy, Jenaveve comes to mind again as she drips white cream everywhere. Worked for me, but might not for some!
- Videos are in sections, which is frustrating to say the least.
- Can become repetitive as do all fetish sites
- Video quality could be improved just a little, moreso on the bitrate than resolution, only 700k bitrate on the best quality videos.
Bottom Line: I found myself chuckling at times on this site. Just imagine, coming home and finding your wife or girlfriend in your toolbox, borrowing your drill!

Most of these women are pornstars, and I have to say that most look like they are having the time of their life with these machines. This is very real, the orgasms are gooey and messy, the screaming makes you turn your speakers down and the constant clonk-clonk of the machines become part of your sexual vocabulary.

Quality is good enough, nothing great, but 640 to me is good enough, I just wish they would speed the bitrate up. My PC is running a 512MB Video Card with 3GB of RAM, and these videos almost stutter, because of the low bitrate. The pictures are nice, but how many really collect pictures of a woman shoving a dildo-laced drill in each of their orifices?

Still, very entertaining site, one of my new favorites. Member comments are hilarious, including one that said the machine used was cloned from his DNA!

I'm not into those boob suction devices, makes me think too much of milking a cow. What you will get the most of from joining this site is watching these women have amazing orgasms. You can't help but enjoy the writhing, grinding, hip-swinging, nearly violent orgasms. Then again, we men realize, we can't make a woman do that!

A definite recommendation, and a add-on membership to Ultimate Surrender only costs $20 more, plus there is no DL limit, like it used to be, so join and enjoy something different!

02-08-08  03:40am

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Visit Naughty America

Naughty America

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Really nice network with somewhat original material, all exclusive as well.
- Has now combined Tier 1 and Tier 2 sites for $24.95, excellent value
- Quality from site to site varies, but most of it is well above average
- Plenty of Latina action for those who love the Latinas
- Download speeds on 10M connection are in the 950-1100 kb/s range, which is just a little above average.
Cons: - The varying quality from site to site, a few of the sites, the older movies are split into parts.
- The ever-annoying have to sign in on each site the first time you visit
- Usually won't let you download more than 2 clips at a time.
- I'm nitpicking here, would like a model directory that covers entire network
Bottom Line: This may be a negative for some, but I like the very basic website design. You go onto the site you want, the episodes come up on a page, you scroll down until you see one you like. Click it, from there you can look at the pictures or download in zip file, then download the movie. A vast majority, I'm taking over 75% are available in full length WMV and/or MPEG versions. Which isn't a big deal by format, just use VLC or WMP Classic.

The movies I have downloaded, a new one, Eva Angelina, on My Sister's Hot Friend is 2000kbps bitrate and 720x540 in resolution. An older one I checked was a Daisy Marie clip on My Naughty Latina Maid, 1100kbps and 320x240 in resolution. Which isn't very good in resolution, but the 1100 speed at least makes it average in full screen mode.

With the basic design, which I would call a "clean" design, it has really no room for navigation problems, no clutter either. That part of the site is a definite thumbs up. I like simple and easy. Kind of like Eva Angelina!

The women on all of their sites, are top shelf quality, from the seductive Sativa Rose to the good girl gone bad looks of Eva Angelina. I'm really happy I joined this because I thought it was one of the smack the woman's face, spit in her mouth networks, but I was wrong. No DL limit either. It says they have some class, and I would agree. I Will review a few sites separately. This network lowers my opinion of Reality Kings, a little. High recommendation!

10-29-07  11:58pm

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Visit Blue Fantasies

Blue Fantasies

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Really nice site layout and navigation
- Great price at $20 for nearly 600 pic sets and 350 or so videos
- Pics come in at a nice high resolution, zip format available as well
- Vids are upwards of 700 on high end 2000 on the bitrate
- Models, models and more models, there are very few that aren't on here. Eve, Aria, Amy Reid, Veronika Simon, and who is soon to be a favorite of mine as soon as I find more content of her Ayanna.
Cons: - Going to have to play pick on something that is great, how about if the videos weren't as softcore as they are. Could be a con for some.
- Music in the videos, I'm hoping that Shap and the other webmasters pick up on this complaint, the music on these aren't as bad as some I've heard. You can still hear the moans so I can deal with it.
- Bump the pics up in resolution and the videos up to HD, and I'm out of nitpicks
Bottom Line: Blue Fantasies for me is what Twistys would be if Twistys went to a higher quality format. It could be called Twistys Premium and the name would fit the bill. The shots are a little more of the glamourous side, videos are softer, but it is still full of high quality, beautiful models.

This is a hard site to complain about. It doesn't sell itself as hardcore, so I know that I can't complain about that, but to give those reading this an idea, I mentioned it in case they were wondering. It is a much bigger site than I had anticipated. I was expecting maybe 1/4th the content that they have. The navigation is really good, site works similar to Twistys in that sense. When a site turns me on to a model there has to be something high quality about it. Ayanna is gorgeous, and I seriously have never seen her before.

The content is exclusive, I'm guessing to the Twistys' sites. I love the Anetta Keys content on this site, they do good work with her. Videos are good quality, downloads are about average speed for me. I have used a download manager so that is a plus. The site puts you in mind of a classy glamour site that has a naughty side to it, which is a good thing in today's porn world of 300 cumshots to the face in one scene.

Overall, I plan now to re-visit 3 or 4 months from now and give it another go around, which means I definitely liked the site. I wish other sites would take a nod from these guys on how to deliver what the customer is paying for. Highly recommended!

08-13-07  01:41am

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Visit VideoBox


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - More videos than your local porn shop
- Classics all the way to newly filmed porns
- Can split scenes, cut out parts and all of this is easily done
- Navigation and site customer service are both great
- Surprisingly for a site this size, the search works pretty well.
- TBP price on DVD quality clips is excellent
Cons: - Well, you only get 30 days per month
- Maybe it is just me, but I don't always get good speeds downloading.
- Has little stiff competition from anyone so if they want to fudge a little they can
Bottom Line: I first joined videobox back about two years ago. I usually prefer solo or multi-model sites over DVD sites since I don't have a lot of fetishes.

I would still rate videobox the best value for your money IF you are just in the video collection group. There are no pictures, which I didn't list as a con since it is a site named "video"box. I do think the ability to cut videos is a great feature, especially for those with 56k internet, on the other hand, I wish they would give us that have fast connections the option of just downloading the whole DVD with one click. I think that is only fair.

A lot of what I like in porn is the sensual, tease side of it, so I have no reason to cut the early parts out of the clips. The selection of videos is getting better by the day. Something that I think videobox had a better vision for was the comment section on the videos. Some are funny, but most just annoy and often change my mind about downloading a clip.

I also have problems with my download manager working with the site. It will do fine on 3-4 clips, then it will stop and say, "invalid login name" on the manager, even though I have the name and password stored on it. I tried recently with around 200 clips in the manager while I was at work. It finished 8 of them, then stopped. Another DVD site that I reviewed does the same thing. All in all though, if it movies you want, this is the best choice to start with! I recommend it especially for new porn downloaders.

05-11-07  08:09pm

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Visit Xisty


Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Nice site overall, pics and vids are high quality
- I can't get enough of these Euro models, good amount of them on here
- Has a lot going for it and with time will be a much better site
Cons: - Do not like the rating system that changes the order of the models.
- Very little b/g
- Blasted navigation system!
Bottom Line: I know this is supposed to be unbiased, but this is the first time I have been on a mainly Euro site that has no Eve Angel. Still, I have more Eve than I have sense.

The rating system is a good idea on any site, but the way it is used on xisty makes things confusing. The search is in order of how the models are rated, so if you are like me and just go through the faces and pick ones you like then download, when you come back sometimes, the models have moved up or down in the order they are listed because their score has changed...do not like at all! Also, some of the top models, Sandra Shine comes to mind if rated way down the list. If I hadn't taken the time to scroll down, I would have never found her.

The quality of the pics is very good and the more popular sets are in Mega Zips which are the 3000+ pixel pics. It really is a good site with tons of potential, but the navigation/search is terrible. It is an original idea, it could be greatly improved if the member had a choice to search alphabetically or by rating, but when I was on it (about 2 weeks ago) that wasn't an option that I found. I will recommend it if you have been to the other 3-4 Euro sites and looking for new material of most of the popular Euro models. I also think with time they will improve the search. On a side note, the b/g scenes that I found, also not separated from solo, have to dig for them. Those that I did find are very good. Some of the best I have seen. Recommended.

Months after my first review, I return to see HDV clips that are simply amazing looking. The site itself navigates better than I originally reviewed, though I may have not spent as much time on it as I should have the first time. Everything has improved and I would say they have the nicest, most helpful staff, I have talked to. Their regular clips are higher quality than most sites highest quality clips. Great job by their staff!

04-30-07  11:00am

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Visit FTV Girls

FTV Girls

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Lots and lots of beautiful women
- Seeing all kinds of major stars who you know from hardcore movies in softcore, some before they were famous
- FTV toy scenes are almost as good as hardcore
- Very good quality picture sets and high quality video
- Seeing the girls' personalities since most have at least one clip that is talking/interviewing
Cons: - You won't see many models who have a lot of curves on here...very slim women
- The pro of interviewing can become a con after seeing every girl answer the same way for the most part, "I love sex all the time, anywhere"
- Site can become very repetitive
- Nothing close to hardcore and even g/g scenes are few and far between
- Some of the girls are very shy and leave you teased more than pleased
Bottom Line: I come back to FTV about once every 6 months, this is the 4th or 5th time I've been a member. FTV was one of the first sites I bought a membership to.

The first few times you see a model use the FTV toy, you will really be excited and impressed, but then it gets repetitive as well. If the girls don't want to try other girls, maybe at least, get two in the same room masturbating at the same time. There really are a lot of major stars on here, that are mostly going by different names than you know them. Some may even slip by without you even realizing who they are.

These points are hard to decide if they are bad things or good things. There are other girls on here who you have never seen before and considering that they look to by shy after watching their videos, you start to think you won't ever see them again on video. One part that is good is that the videos and masturbation is very real. Most of the girls become soaked right there for you to see. Maybe a standout video for me is Amy Ried, who is now into hardcore, in her FTV video she gets about as wet as I have seen a woman get in a solo video, and you actually tell she is geniunely embarrassed by it. Eva Angelina is also here (no glasses sorry fellas), Sativa Rose, Jenevieve Jolie, Shy Love but those right there are going to be by far the curviest and are in the minority. I would still recommend it, I keep going back, so something must be there.

Recent HD videos have boosted my original score by 4 points. Incredible quality!

04-20-07  03:14pm

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Visit Public Disgrace

Public Disgrace

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - It's public sex that sometimes isn't really public, that other times is very kinky.
- As with every Kink site I've been a member on there are high quality photos and videos and plenty of imagination with each scene.
- Navigation issues aren't too bad here since I had never been a member of the site and just scrolled through the updates, making it quite easy to navigate.
- European sets seem to really push the public limit with sex on streets and in barely hidden places that the viewer can still see the society functioning around. Will go further in BL.
- Models can be hit or miss for me. The older European sets had more models I am familiar with, but the newer sets, mostly shot around or in the Kink armory have models I'm not as familiar with. One thing that keeps this in the pros are the appearances of Isis Love in several scenes, though not listed in the model credits.
- Download speed is always above average on Kink sites
Cons: - Scenes in America may push the limit of misleading advertising. I'm not of this belief, but the comment section of the newer American scenes have 20% comments complaining that they are not public, will further in BL.
- I'm beating, maybe flogging would be a better word since it's Kink, the dead horse when I complain about the photo sets being broken up into parts, but I feel it's important for potential members to know.
- While the site is plenty large enough, considering the complexity of the scenes, I don't know if it offers much for multi-month memberships or for many return visits. Numbers in BL.
Bottom Line: This site had been one on my list to join. The last 4 sites I have joined are Kink sites. My overall impression of this site is good, but at times, I was either thinking things went too far or things were way too protected.

With any exhibitionism or voyeur site, I do need at least some believability. I have enough of an imagination to make most scenes believable. Having said that, I know a lot of porn viewers don't. The members comments on Public Disgrace use words like "false advertising" and "bait and switch" and these are not just 1 or 2 comments, but maybe 5-10 on some scenes. This is my feeling on it.

In the earlier scenes on this site, starting in 2008, it was more of an exhibitionism site than disgrace site. These scenes included recording the male and female models having sex in subway steps as traffic and people walked by. It included sex by the road as traffic went by. From what I can tell by the license plates on the cars it was nearly all shot in Europe. There are complaints about "where is the disgrace?" They do have some scenes that go into bondage in public places, but the majority of the scenes that are outside in Europe are much more regular sex as described earlier in this paragraph. The scenes take on a decided turn to filming in and around the Kink armory in San Francisco. They bring in a crowd to watch, these rarely go into the exhibitionism like the European scenes did since it's a controlled crowd and controlled environment, but these do bring in more disgrace than the European scenes.

How disgraceful? I'm sure it's subjective. There is writing on the model's body, "I'm a slut", "Whore" to dumping food on the model to heavy bondage. These scenes remind me more of Sex and Submission type scenes. Where you as a member have to choose is if you prefer the more public, less disgrace scenes or less public, more disgrace scenes. Only a small amount of the scenes really do both. I do understand and respect the possible laws they had to be concerned about breaking so I'm not really against either side, but I do prefer the more public, less disgrace.

Overall the site is pretty big considering the niche and complexity of each scene, however, it only updates once a week.

As of 11/7/2012 there are a total of 209 scenes. These scenes include photos and video. The videos are quite long ranging from 45 minutes to 90 minutes. The photos are split into parts on the zips.

If you're big on technical quality, this site delivers. These are the video options.
Smaller Screen is 640x360 in MP4 format
Most compatible is 960x540 in WMV format
Windows Media HD is 1280x720 in WMV format
Highest Quality MP4 is 1280x720 in H264 MP4 format

All 209 scenes have those options.

Navigation is pretty limited, but with 209 scenes, you can just scroll through pages of 14 scenes per page. It doesn't do much good to use the model search since it takes you to all the model's scenes on their family of sites, most of which, you won't have a membership to.

As mentioned earlier you get one new scene per week. With the newer scenes turning more to the disgrace side, this could be a problem for me with future joins. I don't want to say all of the American scenes are bad though. Quite a few are in more public places than the Kink armory and as long as they work the crowd into it, whether a controlled crowd or environment or not, I will still like those scenes.

Where they lose me is in the disgrace part. I don't mind bondage, but we saw a bunch of immature sites years ago try the writing on the model's bodies angle and it failed miserably for them. I don't think it's that I'm offended as much as it is that I expect more from Kink than this. I would think anytime you're dealing with a niche like disgrace there are lines that go into "That's not disgrace, it's just silly". On the other side, I wouldn't want them to truly go into disgracing the models either since I'm not even for sure how far that would have to go. The last side of it is I don't ever hold a site to stick directly with their name since the amount of urls available isn't that large and I don't know if I would ever want to be on a site that never changes.

I enjoyed the site though. It's different enough from the mainstream to keep my attention on it. I would like to see more public exhibitionism, but more than that, just enough to give my imagination something to work with. The body writing makes my imagination want to get a washcloth and soap to wash it off. Not exactly the point of joining a porn website.

I would recommend it to most anyone. The disgrace is if anything silly and playful. The models are pretty and some have never been seen. I just don't think if you're really into disgrace you're going to get it here and outside of the Euro scenes, I don't think you're going to truly get a lot of public sex unless you're able to tap into your imagination some. The one admittedly biased part is Isis Love being in some of the newer scenes.

11-07-12  03:01pm

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Visit Twistys


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Was for years my highest rated site. One of the internet's biggest and oldest sites.
- The updates continue to fill the site up, 3 photo sets, 2 videos a day for at least 8 years straight, 365 days a year.
- The last few years content has had HD video and the added high option in picture downloads that are around 3000 high end.
- You see a lot of models you've never seen on here, though they usually start popping up on other sites, in a recent trend though, I haven't seen as many new ones as Twistys used to have.
- Search engine is one of the better ones in porn. It still will recognize aliases and I think it's the only one that does that. Also has all the regular tags for searching.
- To me this is the biggest pro and I will further it in the bottom line, if you haven't been here in awhile or maybe even never, you are going to see tons of content you haven't seen.
- Download speed was very good also.
Cons: - A completely subjective con. I have had anywhere from 12-15 monthly memberships here, a 1 year one and four 3 month ones over the years. A bit of sameness has crept in for me.
- Maybe a word I've looked for before, I usually use it for music, but some of the content seems too polished, like it's overproduced. That could be the airbrushing which isn't near as bad as in the past.
- I think they could get more out of models than they do. Especially in solo scenes. It may be going back to being too polished, but it does seem that way.
Bottom Line: Twistys has always been one of my top 5 favorite sites. I admit part of the reason I always liked it was the former webmaster Shap. You could email Shap with problems, questions and he would reply back to you in a day or two, if it was a problem, he would reply back usually in an hour or less. The selling of Twistys worried me because I knew that aspect was going to be gone.

My feeling now is that the new company running it is doing a good job. The content hasn't veered too far off the Twistys path and it's still sort of a harder glam site. My reduction in score is just because I don't feel like the site has improved any. It's possible that between my 1 year membership, in 2010, and now, my tastes have changed some. One thing I do know is that Twistys is now hurt by the retirement or lower activity of some models, especially Euro ones.

At one time, the Anetta Keys/Smrhova, Eve Angel, Stracy Stone, Angel Dark, Sandra Shine and the whole group that was going strong in 2006-2010, were a big selling point for me. All of those have either retired or just aren't very active, though there have been 4 new Eve photo sets this year and 2 new videos added.

This is my overall feeling with this visit to Twistys. I've seen it before. Nothing has really changed. Besides not having my usual favorite models, I haven't found many of the newer models that I really like or I should say that I really want to collect. That's not the site's fault though.

One thing I think is the site's fault is that they could vary the scenery more. Maybe push a fake different color wall in with paintings on it. I know, that's a sign of boredom, naked woman standing there and I'm complaining about the wall color. But that is the big con for me. I really feel like I've seen this content before though I know I haven't.

I really shouldn't even complain at all. They sent me a promo email that lowered the price to 1/3 of what it is if you join directly through the site.

The good and this is especially good for newcomers to Twistys or anyone who hasn't been on the site in a while. They have 1,095 photo sets per year, 730 videos per year and I have seen content as old as 2001. I can't say they updated that much in 2001, but I feel pretty safe in saying they have more content than a new member could go through in a month, maybe even 6 months. It's one of the very best sites for collectors of individual models since they usually have more than just a handful of photo sets and videos. They even added a new Georgia Jones video this week, who I haven't seen in what seems like a year or two. The numbers can be quite staggering even.

Eve Angel - 68 photo sets, 17 videos
Heather Vandeven - 24 photo sets, 30 videos
Anetta Keys - 75 photo sets, 14 videos

Those are my three favorites on Twistys. A few of the newer American models since they cover the world, not just a certain area.

Tori Black 17 photo sets, 14 videos
Tiffany Thompson 14 photo sets, 11 videos
Georgia Jones 39 photo sets, 25 videos

You will occasionally find models that only have 2-4 of each, but there are literally dozens that have 10 or more photo sets and 10 or more videos.

This is all hard to find fault in for a new(er) member, but for me, I felt like I was picking through trying to find one or two new sets of the models I collect.

It would be a very good place to start a porn collection though. The high or big resolution zip files of photo sets have been showing up for a couple of years now and those are around 3000 high end, with a few that I have downloaded going over 3000. Newer videos are HD and have multiple format downloads available. Older picture sets or small zips are 1280 high end, with older videos, I would estimate at least 90% being at least 640/720x480.

Their search engine has always been one of my favorite parts of the site since it is able to recognize aliases. A couple of examples, Eve Angel is known as Eva Shine on Twistys, searching Eve Angel will still bring her up even though she is listed differently on their site. Anetta Keys is listed as Aneta Smrhova, searching with either variation of her first and last name will still recognize her and bring her up.

One thing that saved the score from dropping a little more, Twistys is now doing a Live section where they have a girl or girls doing a live video, it had only been happening once a month, but the last few months hadn't had a new scene. They are showing a new live video scheduled for this month so hopefully they are going to start doing that again since it shows a very good effort to improve the site with something a little different. I'm going to use the +/- again, when I say for new members who like glam porn with masturbation, g/g, some b/g, add 5 points to the score. If you have been here many times before, you could remove 5 points from the score. It's still highly recommended. It's also a good site for those who are interested in the photo side of porn with a nice amount of videos too.

05-16-12  02:15pm

Replies (2)
Visit Eve Angel Official

Eve Angel Official

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Past due re-review of my favorite model's site. Still the best solo site, in my opinion, but 5 point reduction since my last review.
- Pictures much like other DDF produced sites are 1330x2000 and vice versa, also are zipped, only complaint with the pictures is that there could be more in some sets. Some have as few as 35 photos. Most are in the 70-100 range.
- Video quality ranges throughout, though all newly produced videos since the site's start have 1280x720, also smaller resolutions available, more explanation in BL.
- Eve by herself is probably the biggest pro here.
- Dating back to her old solo site, Eve brings in some of the best models for her girl/girl sets.
- Eve is talking in English much more. Love her accent!
- Navigation is pretty straightforward but does have some frustration, see tags con.
- Seeing Eve age gracefully, nearing her 10th year in modeling and still looks this good.
- Download speeds are good. Though they were sticking for a few days.
Cons: - Technical problems. Will list the technical problems in BL. Though nothing terribly wrong, these were the biggest cause of the 5 point reduction.
- Bad tags, which are the only way to search for certain niche sets. Even seen one Eve solo that had "tattoo" in tags. Eve has no tattoos. See solo sets that don't have solo in tags. Girl/Girl sets with no lesbian tags. Though I do usually just look over these.
- Could fall under pro/con, quite a bit of content is remastered from DDFs sites and Eve's old site.
Bottom Line: I figured I might as well get this reduction review of Eve's site posted. I still will say she's the best solo, all-natural, stripteasing, hose, panties, seductive model in the business. Throw in the realism in her lesbian scenes and you get a lot of really good content.

Just to point these out so it can't be said that I'm nitpicking. The 1-18-2011 update has a place for a video, but no video is there. Being a jeans fetishist and loving Eve sets in jeans this missing video really stands out. The 1-27-2011 update has nothing in it. When you click it, it takes you to the newest update. If that's not frustrating enough, it's part 2 of the update from the 1-20-2011 update! Watch part 1, Eve dominating another woman named Shanis, get interested, but no continuation is available?

Most of these dominating scenes are from House of Taboo from DDF Prod and all are parted. I don't have a problem with parted scenes if the scene is really long, but these parts range from 5 minutes to 11 minutes each.

Just wanted to make sure I explained my point reduction. The good comes from DDF's quality, the vast majority of the 250+ videos are available in 1280x720 res, some have the 1920x1080 option. Then there are the newer sets that have actual stories with them. Eve has been speaking in English since one of her earliest videos on Interracial 18, but she just wouldn't do it much. Some of the newer scenes have full dialogs in them and as said in pros, love her accent and voice. The picture sets are also nice quality at 2000 max resolution long end. Picture sets range from 35 to 120+ photos.

On the numbers, this is to the best of my knowledge and may be off by a few scenes, but I think it's pretty accurate.

- 33 scenes from 1byday/Hot Legs and Feet that have been remastered as high as possible, some of these were as small as 320x240 back on those sites, now are at least DVD quality.
- 49 photo or video sets from Eve's old site remastered.

Everything else is new to this site and exclusive to this site except maybe 10 that are from House of Taboo. Don't mind those since I hadn't joined DDF Prod in awhile. Those older and remastered sets only make up about 25% of the site's content and are released now in the bonus sets so it doesn't count in the two new updates per week.

I am glad to see Eve wearing different types of clothes to start her sets. I especially like the ones in dresses, skirts are fine, but something about the dresses I like.

Even with the complaints, this site does what few other "solo model" sites do. Every set has Eve in it. A few have her in non-active roles, but she's there. Considering there are over 250 videos, 250 photo sets, that's a lot of Eve. I think it's still the best solo site in these days of solo sites going extinct or becoming showcases for other models/friends. A little work on the technical part and this site would be near perfect. Recommended for tease to masturbation, hose, clothes, strip and especially Eve fans!

03-31-11  03:24pm

Replies (1)
Visit ALS Scan

ALS Scan

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - As with both ALS sites, the quality and completeness of the content is as good and high as it gets.
- Newer videos hit to true HD 1920x1080 resolution, even the older ones are 720 high end.
- Picture sets are beyond complete, one picture set, Anita Pearl Scene 2, when downloaded in high resolution is...912 MB! Pictures can go up to 3800 high end and some of the sets near 400 pictures.
- Excellent download speeds, though can't get it to work with DL Manager, will allow resume in Firefox though.
- Some very good old content that features some of porn's biggest names when they were younger, love the old Anetta Keys sets
Cons: - Had a frustrating experience as a member of both ALS Angels, ALS Scan, seems their sign-in page goes through the same server. So, when I clicked members to bring up my saved login information, it would be ALS Angels username and password, even though I was on ALS Scan, never happened before last month.
- See the above one and why this one makes the con list, after signing in to get in members area, have to sign in again when you go to download a video, so the confused server was causing me major headaches in accessing content.
- The models as a whole are beautiful, but they are almost all very, very skinny.
Bottom Line: ALS Scan has been a favorite of mine for awhile now. I can see and agree with some of the complaints like the content is repetitive, but I can get over that for the high quality.

A common complaint that I have with both ALS sites is that the navigation can be confusing. I've signed in before, clicked the button for models, only to click a set and be asked to sign in again, what the hell? I just signed in! They do have what looks to be a separate model page for members, and I guess for whatever reason, I wasn't on it, instead, on the guest's model page, even though I had just signed in. Then there was the confusion with the server giving me my ALS Angels username and password when signing in on ALS Scan and of course, those are different so it rejected my sign-in attempt.

Minor complaints? Sure. But can be a bit of a hassle, especially for the impatient.

Quality wise this site is as good as any. I am not positive on this, but I want to believe the lowest quality videos are 720 high end, and the newer videos are 1920 high end. I might be nitpicking a little, but I do think this could be a negative for some members, a lot of the newer videos have 1280 high end as the LOWEST quality option and if you have a slow connection, you are going to be there awhile just to get the lowest quality ones. Some of the lowest quality videos are 500 MB for some scenes.

On the other hand, if you love the high quality this is a great site. The quantity is also very high. Much higher than sister site ALS Angels.

I'm one of the ones that likes the huge picture sets that have 200-400 photos in each set, so I really like that about ALS, the newer picture sets are almost as big of a file as the videos!

My complaints are minor when compared to the quality and quantity. They do also go back and remaster older content, kind of frustrating, since they take members votes on which sets to remaster and it rarely is the ones I am wanting remastered. This site does have an added bonus for collectors, since there is some older content of Sandy from Club Sandy, Anetta Keys as Alana, the retired and irreplaceable Mia Stone and Sophie Moone.

In general, the ALS staff, photographers, seem to have good relationships/friendships with the models, so you get some natural laughs from the models and smiles that don't look fake. I really can't complain about the skinny models, because they do have the other site with the curvier models, but I do want to add it in case anyone is wondering about the style of models. Put it this way, Sandra Shine, Eve Angel and Eufrat were too curvy for this one and are on the ALS Angels site instead. Starting to wonder about that myself. Not saying ALS is milking two sites by splitting the top models between their sites, but it is starting to look a little suspicious since both sites must be using the same server/different port? to sign in.

Still, I recommend the site for the quality and amount of content.

03-02-09  12:50pm

Replies (5)
Visit Zoliboy


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 05-22-09  11:31pm  (Update History)
Reason: Had probably 40% of the content on the network sites from years of Pix and Video and Club Sandy, still recommended for NW access, just not a 98
Pros: - Score is based on the full package of sites included by joining through Zoliboy
- Zoli's site itself is a fetish site that is pretty extreme, newer updates are HD
- Zoli's older content is some of my favorite content on the internet. Top Euro models, including Eve Angel, Aneta Keys, Sophie Moone all have content on here from the past. Features some of the best interview style videos, as Zoli seems to be at least bi-lingual and jokes with the models.
- Newer videos are 1280 high end, pictures are screencaps and can be downloaded in zips.
- Very good DL speed, about 95% of my max.
- Big pro, bonus instant access to 35 sites, including several top-level sites that will go into more about in bottom line, bonus sites range from solo to MILF to transexuals.
- Network access for $29.95 crushes the cons
Cons: - Pictures on Zoli's site are screencaps
- Older videos are only 512 high end
- Newer models are mostly just ugly, that is the best and easiest way for me to say it. I do not joke that Zoli's main page now features a laughing Zoli sitting beside a model with a bag over her head. My last review about his site joked that not only did I not want to see those new models naked, I wanted them to cover their faces too.
Bottom Line: I researched the 21st Sextury sites, telling myself that I would find one that has the bonus sites that I wanted. This one had them and it is always fun to go back to Zoli's site and pick up the older content. Two favorite videos, one of Zoli shopping with Eve Angel, he slips into the dressing room with her, smiles at the camera and says, "Check this out guys!" and he is pretty excited about being in the small dressing room with a fully nude Eve. The other is with Aneta Keys, he keeps wanting to touch her, she tells him no several time, then finally gives in and Zoli goes on to talk about having dreams about her while she laughs at him.

My point being, he comes off as a normal guy like us porn users that can't believe he is there with these beautiful models and generally makes a fool of himself like we probably would.

The newer videos are 1280 high end, but I really can't tell you much about them except that they are 1280, because I am not into the extreme pee, puke, gag content at all. I did download one part though just to make sure it was 1280 and it was. The pictures are something of a disappointment since those are only screencaps, but on the bright side the screencaps come in zips and are usually nice looking for screencaps.

Zoli's site alone received an 84 from me in my last review of it and I would rate it around 84 again, maybe a couple more points since they have went to HD format. I scored the site what I did though because it comes with 34 other sites, and while some of those sites are of no interest to me like the transsexual sites, 2 of those, and some of the sites are just videos ripped from DVDs, there still are more than a few really great bonus sites that you get by joining through Zoliboy. The bonus sites you receive do vary depending on what site you join through, so hopefully this will save some of you the time of researching which site to join through.

These are the sites I was wanting and received all by joining through Zoliboy, Open Air Pleasures, Playful Hands, Footsie Babes, Sweet Sophie Moone, Dirty 101, Lezbo Honeys, Horny Euro Sluts and Asshole Fever. The only one I didn't get was Asshole Fever, but my only reason for wanting it was the Simony Diamond content it has. These sites are updating weekly in HD, and there is exclusive content on these sites. I have joined Sweet Sophie Moone before at full price of $30 and rated it a 90 by itself.

To give you an idea, there is 61 Eve Angel scenes available instantly, Sophie including her solo site has 352! Aneta Keys has 25. These are instantly mine for $30! For me, this is the very best value on the internet. The only thing I would still even mention as a con for all of the sites in this network is that the picture size is still 1280 max, but those are very nice, bright pictures. I am going to write separate reviews for some of those bonus sites too. As several are good enough to stand on their own and several have. Highest recommendation possible!

02-16-09  12:01am

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Visit Sapphic Erotica

Sapphic Erotica

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Still my favorite of the all-girl lesbian sites
- Newer videos have 1280x720 top option, most at least have 852 high end option and the first 30 or so videos on the site are the only really bad quality clips.
- Picture sets are zipped, but do not have picture set for each video set, also have a lot of photo sets that there is no video for.
- Good DL speed, about 95% of my max
- Total amount of content is very high 748 videos as of 2/2/2009, 1285 picture sets.
- Contains the most "tribbing" on a lesbian site that I have seen.
Cons: - Some of the newer content has a cookie cutter feel to it. Very planned out scenes, which all usually are, but at least make me believe it could be real!
- As mentioned in pros, you will see a video you like and wonder how the pictures will look, but they don't have a picture set for every video and vice versa.
- More and more licensed, non-exclusive content finding its way on here.
Bottom Line: I did lower my opinion a little on the overall score from my first review. Having said that, I still believe that overall it is the best girl/girl site on the internet. The older content has some real gems in those.

I still think content is disappearing. I used to have a Sarah Blake/Charlie Laine movie in front of a fireplace that said sapphic erotica on it, but it is nowhere to be found on the site. Probably one of the greatest g/g scenes I had ever seen.

Most of the newer scenes are bordering on uninteresting. I don't think it is the models' fault since I've seen these models in g/g content on other sites with much more passion and much more believability. The newest scene with Eve Angel is almost boring, and Eve won an award year before for Best Foreign Female Performer from AVN.

The site's navigation is okay. The new search is better than no search. I am currently on the site and searched for "videos" and added "trib" 57 results come up. Then I added "blonde" to the other two search terms and 42 results come up. So far so good. Then I added, "slim" to the 3 search terms and 53 results come up. Do some backwards math there and see that only 42 came up with videos/trib/blonde but 53 come up for videos/trib/blonde/slim.

Now you see what I mean about the search being better than no search, but you can also see how it isn't real consistent.

The picture sets range in quality by age. Most of the older sets are 1200 high end, and do come zipped. I've never really understood the purpose of giving you small, medium, large options on thumb size. I clicked the large thinking it was a larger resolution. The newest picture set, added on 1/31/09 has 2000 high end resolution.

Model selection is very good. There really are some very good videos in there. You just have to spend some time finding them. I especially recommend the older videos, even the ones of the "butch" looking models as those are filled with passion. There is one really cute video of 5 models, Sophie Moone is in it as is Sandra Shine, and Sophie does a little booty tease that turns into an orgy.

What it comes down to for me, the big name Euro models are great here, and the older videos are as well.

I rate it high because you just don't see a lot of quality lesbian content anymore and including SE's large back catalog of over 700 videos, you are sure to find some content to your liking. Add the high quality, just did a check, a video from 2003 had 640 high end with 1000 bitrate, one from 2006 has 960 high end with 2000 bitrate and in 2007 the 1280 high end started showing up. So that is pretty good, 640 is still standard for some sites today and they were doing it in 2003.

A few tweaks to the navigation and a more accurate search engine would help. I would personally like to be able to pick updates by years. It would make it easier to get the older content much easier. As it is, you have to click "Next" over and over until at the end. I still recommend it highly.

02-02-09  09:06pm

Replies (3)
Visit Only Blowjob

Only Blowjob

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - DDF site that had slid under my radar, high quality as expected from Denys.
- A lot more content than I expected
- Picture quality is similar to the other DDF sites, the newer content is in the 2000 high end range, older is not as good, but all come in zips.
- Video quality it also similar to the other DDF sites, the newer content is HD 1280 high end, the older content can go as low as what looks to be in the 300s high end. I can't get the properties to tell me what the resolution on those are, but it is small.
- Site runs fast and download speeds are above average.
- Really interesting because some of these sets seem to be from hardcore sets that I have seen and these sets are the parts I never saw in the hardcore one!
Cons: - I hate to say it because I know DDF works really hard on the quality of content and on the quality of models, but the price is too high to join more than once per year, $35.
- Older videos are split into pieces, which is also similar to the other DDF sites.
- The nitpicking one, all blowjobs all the time, gets repetitive, which I knew before joining, but I wanted to see if there was any sets of my favorite models.
Bottom Line: I'm a fan of all of DDFs sites that I have been a member of, though I don't think any of them are quite in the range of 1byday, his flagship site, and one of my favorite sites.

If you've been on DDF's sites, you know how this site works. Nice navigation, everything is neat and organized, all the links work, download speed is good and usually within 1 kb difference from file to file for an impressive consistency that you don't find on most sites.

Most of the 1byday models are here in some capacity. There is a really interesting/rare one of Aneta Keys giving a blowjob that is worth mentioning for collectors.

The positives for this site include that chance of finding a Euro model giving a blowjob that you have never seen give one, the high quality pictures and videos, and maybe most of all, the ease of using the site and customer service that is very helpful and fast with replies.

The downside continues to be the price. I will pay $35 for 1byday without a complaint now that they are updating twice a day. But I just can't see joining a niche site, that has a niche that I'm not even that much into, so if you're not into blowjobs, this might not be for you, if you are, it is probably the best blowjob site on the internet.

DDF doesn't let any low quality content through.

As far as I can tell, each picture set has a video set as well, and those are not vidcaps. They are studio shot picture sets in zips. These days I find myself giving points to sites just for including zip sets.

Your video options include divx, wmv, mpeg, stream, so there is an option for everyone to like.

Like other DDF sites, you really can't go wrong with them as long as you have the money to pay this much for a site. I recommend it, but still prefer 1byday to it.

08-24-08  09:40am

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Visit Devils Film

Devils Film

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Very good as a standalone site, great when throwing in the bonus sites.
- Price is more than acceptable, could have sworn I paid more last year, price is now $14.95.
- Videos on this site are 720 high end, 2000+ bitrate.
- Download speeds are above average for me
- If you like their models, this is probably a better join than 99% of the video sites since these are somewhat exclusive, will explain.
- Webmaster blogs for all to read and tells about new coming videos, plus has a pretty entertaining humor section.
Cons: - Trying to download more than a few files at a time, does not work, download managers that I have tried don't work.
- Like some other video sites they have added some pictures, but no zips, and small resolution makes the pictures all but pointless.
- Download speed seems to slow in the evenings PST
- Updates can be frustrating, one scene per day, not one whole DVD, but one scene from a DVD per day. Wait until your membership runs out with one scene left that you want to add to make a full DVD and you will know why this is a con.
Bottom Line: I've been to this network several times of the last few years. I was always a fan of the Silverstone DVDs, since they have some pretty rare Eve Angel hardcore scenes, plus some of Sky Lopez's best work, but after the first visit, the newer scenes just aren't as interesting.

As a whole, this network has around 1,200 DVDs. Those are scattered around on a total of 9 different sites. I'm not really going to complain since there is at least some rhyme and reason to their separate sites. The sites are, Devil's Films, Silverstone DVD, Peter North, Silvia Saint, Tera Patrick, White Ghetto, Hairy Undies, Squirtalicious and Big Fat Creampie.

Why I like that they have them on separate sites is that it is nice to be able to go to the Tera Patrick site without having to search for her videos, and seeing that at least 4 of those sites do not interest me, it means I don't have to sift through. Most networks just throw together as many sites as possible, even if the content is virtually the same from site to site.

The quality on the videos are good on each site. Each one has 720 high end with the 2000+ bitrate, those bitrates do vary a little. I have a few that have 2800 bitrates from here, others have 2000-2100, but still 2000 is very good to start with.

Besides those few I mentioned with Eve and Sky, having 50+ DVDs that star Tera Patrick is worth $15 to me. As she is one of my all-time favorites. You also get the official Silvia Saint site with a similar amount of her starring DVDs. Those solo ones to me are worth joining for a month. Just be sure to check out Silverstone, these are also available on the Brain Pass network but are split into pieces. On the Silverstone site, included with a membership to Devil's Film, you get full scenes, which is much better.

Overall, I see no way that if you are fan of video porn, hardcore, Silvia or Tera that you should skip this site. It is recommended really for all porn fans. The TBP price is a definite selling point.

Recommended about as highly as I can. Especially if you have never been a member.

08-09-08  02:33pm

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