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Visit Men In Pain

Men In Pain

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - From around the fourth quarter of 2006 onwards, videos look good.
- Videos come in mp4 highest quality -according to them- and the recent ones look good ; wmv Hd, although they don't look like high definition to me; Most compatible wmv -sorry, i'm an ignorant when it comes to this issues; and Smaller screens-iPod (mp4), i don't know what the latter is. i downloaded the mp4's which look good, 1280 x720 and 7158 ks, if this means anything to you. You can download full-scenes, although some scenes come in zips.
-There seems to be no download limit. No DRM. i can download three scenes at a time, i could probably download more simultaneously if i had more bandwidth. Therefore, i guess you can use a DM.
-if you are a member to this site they offer you a deal to become a member in the other Kink sites for 19.95$. NO REGIONAL PRICING.
- You can choose between EPOCH or DHD Media.
- I doubt that other femdom sites can boast of having as many good looking models as these guys.
Cons: picture lovers: I don't know anything about photography, but when i press properties it reads 1200x800, if this means anything to you. Pictures weigh around 300k.
- Pictures and videos watermaked.
- To stream the movies you need Real Player.
- Video quality could be even better.
-When you press on the name of an actress it doesn't lead you to her scenes on the site.
- It could become repetitive.
- My english, it sucks
Bottom Line: It is a blast to watch Bobbi Starr, Isis Love, Harmony, Lexi Love, et coetera, having their way with the subs. I'm one of those in the minority who are sick of watching the male talent choking and slapping around the girls in the present HC scenario.
- the beatings are not extreme, IMHO. In one of Mairesse Madeline's scenes, the sub is emotionally hurt when being flogged and insulted by her, well, said actress stops, hugs him and gives him a kiss.
- I'd recommend this site to anyone who fantasizes about being tormented by a good looking woman.
-Maitresse Madeline is amazing.

06-24-09  09:20am

Replies (3)
Visit Whipped Ass

Whipped Ass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Very good looking videos fron june 2007 onwards.
- videos come in gret looking mp4's which weigh around 1G-1.5G and last around an hour. The other formats: Windows Media HD (wmv) -the files weigh around 700mb's-, Smaller Screens-iPod (mp4) and Most Compatible (wmv)don't look as good as the mp4's. So if you have enough space download the mp4's which look great.
- i like the variety of the costumes and, particularly, the very sexy latex costumes.
-No male talent. Very good looking subs -for the most part- and doms. When they wear makeup is not overdone.
-Good customer support.
-The preview gives you a very close idea of what you are going to get. This seldom happens in most sites, IMHO.
- there are live shows which i must admit i didn't watch.
-The forum is ok.
-the actresses seem to be having fun.
-You can stream the videos in High, medium or low resolution.
-they offer you discounts to join the rest of the network sites
-very good production values.
Cons: -Videos prior to June 2007 come in zips, and they dont look good to me at all, unless you are very interested in the story, i wouldn't download them.
-I don't know if you picture-lovers are going to like this site as much as the video-lovers. Pics come in 800x1200. You can download them in zips.
-It can get repetitive.
- i'd like to see humiliation without so many toys and stuff.
-If you've been a member to other kink sites the drill looks familiar, something very difficult to avoid, understandably so. Most of the actresses work in the other kink sites.
Bottom Line: I must say that i like this site very much. there are very good looking dom's and subs, and if you add to that the crisp looking videos you have a winning combination.

Maitresse Madeline, Isis Love, Harmony, Sandra Romain in latex outfits..., i think i like that. And some of the subs: Wenona, Riley Shy, Bobbi Starr, Sunset Diamond, Samantha Sin, etc, are pretty.

07-14-09  08:37am

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Visit Hot Legs and Feet

Hot Legs and Feet

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - as of today: pics come in 2000x 1331 or 1331x2000.
- Videos: Good looking 1280x720 4162kbps Wmv. Downloads in: Dvix; mpg; quicktime, and Wmv in hi resolution -as stated above- and in a nice 852x480 2000kbps. New videos weigh around 500-800 mb's.
- Due to their camerawork we get to watch female legs in rather pleasing perspectives, thus, enhancing their appeal.
-boy vs girls scenes of: Aneta keys with his boyfriend, i believe, a rather ugly guy, this one comes in 704x396 2500kbps ; Sophie Moon, this one comes in 704x528 2650kbps, what a treat is to watch this women in a b/g scene!
-The girls are not loud and are very skilled teasers. male talen't don't batter the women.
- Very good customer support, although they could even reply faster to e-mails.
- Vids of stunning women such as: Zuzana Drabinova; Veronica De Souza, two of them riveting on account of being recent, and therefore looking great; Ines Cudna, Verona aka veronica fasterova; Susana Spears; Maya, LEA TYRON, GOOGLE HER!
Cons: -Disgusting regional pricing. They apply double standards when it comes to billing their members. i took that into account when i scored the site.
- Videos prior to 2007 don't look good.
-Pictures and videos watermarked.
- Some of the models look downright bored. i assume that the notion of men aroused watching them rubbing their feet bores them stiff.
- they should revamp the quality of their older videos since the models are amazing.
-Downloads didn't come fast for me.
Bottom Line: - if you're a leg man or you like good looking women you can't miss this site. Barring their freaking regional-pricing practices the site is next to perfect.

-You can add to the above list of stunning models: Monica Sweetheart; Merylin Sekova; Silvia saint (three episodes); Simony Diamond in boy/girl scenes; Regina Ice; Peaches, Kathia Nobili and the list goes on.

-i'd like to add that there are a ton of girl/girl scenes.

- you can stream the vids.

- this is a pro i couldn't add above: to the best of my knowledge, there are no DL limits and i belive that you can use a DL manager if you so choose.

07-03-09  08:18am

Replies (4)
Visit Pinup Files

Pinup Files

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Great looking models.
-Download speed is ok: i got 350kps and the best that i've ever gotten from my connection with a website is 650kps.
-You can download multiple files at a time.
-There seems to be no DL limit. No DRM.
-One of their last videos uploaded: stunning Jordan Carver (who is waiting to take the step of showing her boobies) with a red bra; it lasts 6 mins and 9 secs, weighs 175mbs, the bitrate is 3977 and it displays as 960x540.
-A recently added set of pictures of Erica Campbell: i clicked on properties and it reads 557kbs and 2144x3152 pixels, i completely ignore if that's a pro or a con because i don't care much for pictures. You can download zipfiles.
-You can add models to a favourites folder.
-The total number of videos is 298 and the total number of photosets is 482.
-No regional pricing, i'll write it again: no regional pricing, that must constitute a pro in this poor reviwer's book.
Cons: -You need to login numerous times throughout an evening.
-their last set of Miss. Campbell's pics adds up to 33 images -althoughy i counted only 30- ; if i were a picture lover i'd rather have more pics per set.
-If you go back in time the quality of the videos drops too fast. September 29, 2008
Jana Defi video ("Red fishnet") lasts 5 mins and 58 secs weighs 66,7mbs, its bitrate is of 1551 kps and it displays as 320x240. The picture quality seems to diminish pretty fast to: Jana Defi pic from January 26, 2007 356x537 pixels
and weighs 302 kbs.
-terribly annoying music for the most part.
-Not very many models, although it has to be said that the ones they feature or stunning.
Bottom Line: I'd recommend the site to any big boobs lover, without a doubt, even if you're not a pin-up fan, the looks of their models are fantastic, but... beware! the music in their videos is so off-putting that perhaps you'll end up watching the videos muted, which is a shame, because i'd enthusiatically listen to whatever Miss Campbell or Miss Defi have to say and i'd also love to hear Miss Merylin Sekova speaking in a slavic language regardless of if she talks about shoes, politics, or marital questions. Nevertheless, i guess the music is required in order to mantain the pin-up glam fantasy. However, IMHO, it would be much more arousing to listen to Miss Campbell's contempt towards male filthy instincts.

And, last but not least, they don't resort to nasty geo-targeting pricing practises and that speaks volumes of their sense of decorum.

09-20-10  09:34am

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Visit Busty Britain

Busty Britain

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Download speed is fine, it could be better though. You can download multiple files at a time.
-No download limit. No DRM. you can download both single full scene files and minute clips.
-You can download both MPEG's and WMV's. For the most part the Mpeg's weigh a lot more (there are exceptions: Sapphire Movie Number: 3, added on 2010-08-11, the MPEG weighs 150mbs whereas the WMV weighs 276 mbs, the scene lasts 9:18. But a few exceptions to the best of my knowledge anyways.) i've downloaded the MPEG's.
-They have recently added (the last two videos, if there are more they are not many) better quality video files, for instance Fallen Angel Movie Number: 3, it lasts 13.51 and the WMV that they offer weighs 625mbs.
-Video quality is uniform since they started uploading vids in 2006-01-03.
-They have frequently updated the site, sometimes even three vids a week.
-Contrary to what's usual in most pornsites the better looking models do B/G. There's G/G solo, toys...
Cons: --The videos are not equipped with state of the art technology: 680x480, and a 2000Kbps bitrate (see abovee for exceptions). Bad lightning abounds. Pretty visible pixelation.
-Low quality pics (they are watermarked).
-Given the material that they offer 24.95 euros seems pricey to me.
-Models are average looking, although their boobies are massive. There are some hidden gems, anyways, look for Lynn (she does B/G) and indeed a Michelle B. B/G vid that might be exclusive.
-Low production values.
-They could do with some category/niche filters.
-No streaming.
Bottom Line: -If you are big boobies fan you'll be sure to find something that you like, it would be next to impossible not to.
-It looks like they are going to put out good quality movies from now on, so i guess a year from now the site will be much more interesting given their frequent updating.
-If you join you'll have free access to OnlyBigMelons and BigTitsParadise.

09-24-10  07:51am

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Visit Only Big Melons

Only Big Melons

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Very good looking models, and there are a few that i had never seen before who have an amateurish look.
-Download speed is fine but it could be even better. You can dowload multiple files at a time.
-There seems to be no DL. No DRM.
-Video quality is uniform since the first video they posted in April 30 2007.
-You can DL full scenes or minute 10-20mbs files.
-Off the top of my head the only model that i can think of who has fake boobies is Lucy, although some of them have suspect boobies, however, for the most part, boobies look soft and natural.
-You have to login every once in a while, but it doesn't get annoying
-There are over 200 scenes. they have been updating once every week since April 2007. Sometimes every 4 or 5 days.
-Movies last between 5mins and 25mins, i don't know if that's a pro or a con. There is B/G content on the site, although B/G scenes are not as common as the solo scenes. G/G scenes are almost non existant, i downloaded one and it wasn't hardcore.
Cons: -The videos are not equipped with state of the art technology: 680x480, and a 2000Kbps bitrate. bad lightning abounds. If they are shot outdoors just forget it. Pretty visible pixelation.
-There are not pictures, only screencaps and their quality is awful.
-Given the material that they offer 24.95 euros seems pricey to me.
- Some models, although downright stunning, look terribly bored on their scenes and basically limit themselves to fondle their imposing titties: Alina, katya and adrianne Black spring to mind; they can't fathom how is that men look at their bodies devoutly, or perhaps they are shy and therefore irrelevant in the porn business, IMHO.
-The best looking models don't do B/G, as if that were a surprise.
-They could do with some category/niche filters.
Bottom Line: -If you are a big boob models completist i'd recommend this site without hesitating. If you are just a big boob fetishist there are ather sites that can cater to your needs much better.

-nevertheless, being a Shione Cooper, Zuzana drabinova and Monica Benjar junkie, i couldn't disregard this site, especially, if you are running out of sites like me.

-The memebership includes full access to BustyBritain and BigTitParadise, none of wich are superlative pornsites, and, incidentally, you have to log-in every time you switch from site to site.

09-21-10  10:35am

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Visit Playboy Plus

Playboy Plus
Reply of Dorsai6's Reply

Thanks a lot, Dorsai6.

05-23-14  03:53pm

Visit Playboy Plus

Playboy Plus
Reply of Denner's Comment

Hello, Denner.

Was it too much of a hassle to cancel? Can you cancel online?

Since thebestporn is no longer doing bussines with playboyplus you are my only posible source of information in this regard; at least that i can think of.

Thanks in advance, Denner.

04-29-14  05:56am

Visit Pinup Files

Pinup Files

There is indeed a 3g download limit...

As i was told. I didn't read the small print and bumped into the download limit. I wonder how long will i be blocked.

I've been reading you guys, thanks for keeping up your outstanding work, and that goes for both, the direction and you: the always indispensable and amiable pornusers.

09-06-13  08:15am

Replies (0)
Visit LSG Models

LSG Models
Reply of Denner's Comment

Come on, Denner! Wasn't the world a better place when there were scores like this in action movies...?


Thanks for making me remember such a fabulous score!

06-22-11  08:36am

Visit AT Kingdom

AT Kingdom
Reply of Denner's Reply

Thanks a bunch, Denner.

05-02-11  09:19am

Visit AT Kingdom

AT Kingdom
Reply of Denner's Review

Thanks for your thorough review, Denner. How long have they been posting good looking videos?, are there enough good looking video updates?

05-02-11  08:28am

Visit Sapphic Erotica

Sapphic Erotica
Reply of elephant's Comment

There are euphemisms to refer to it as "geo-targeted pricing" and "regional pricing", i much rather call it thievery. The debt crisis in the EU led pornsite owners to the assumption that we are fortunate enough to deserve "regional pricing". Different strokes for different folks.

04-27-11  05:05am

Visit Third Movies

Third Movies
Reply of nostromo's Comment

Thanks for your comments to you all.

i checked my dl speed and it is fine. Today i downloaded a file from realitykings at 660 kps whereas the maximum DL speed that i get from thirdmovies is 260 kps.

04-18-11  05:25am

Visit Third Movies

Third Movies
Reply of lk2fireone's Reply

Thanks a lot, lk2fireone. i really appreciate your thoughtful response. I don't know what'll i do -i'm considering the alternatives you offered me, believe me-, what irks me the most is the constant hassles that we experience when we join a pornsite. You spend as much time solving the problems that pornsites give you as you do browsing the sites.

Thanks again mate!

04-15-11  05:53am

Visit Third Movies

Third Movies

Extremely slow download speeds in their three sites.

I'm talking about 17 kps. There are some files that you can download at over 200 kps (which isn't something to write home about); but, for the most part, you get lousy download speeds.

Aside from that the site is great. It is worth joining if the aforementioned doesn't bother you too much.

04-15-11  03:57am

Replies (5)
Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network
Reply of nostromo's Comment

They are not letting me in. I've been a member to this site countless times since March 2006. Lousy customer service.

04-07-11  01:34pm

Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network
Reply of james4096's Reply


i tried everything, believe me.

04-07-11  02:27am

Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

Unable to log-in despite typing correctly both US & PW time and again.

Today i tried to log-in and i couldn't. Then, i went on to retype both my US & PW -having checked previously if they were right and if my subcription was still active, which it was- countless times. Afterwards, i proceeded to write an email to custome service. Well, they provided me with new US's and PW's to no avail. I still can't enter the site.

04-06-11  10:43am

Replies (3)
Visit VideoBox

Reply of limestone1714's Comment

You are absolutely right on all counts.

03-28-11  09:40am

Visit Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Karup's Hometown Amateurs
Reply of Karup's Reply

Thanks a lot, Jeff.

03-02-11  04:43am

Visit Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Karup's Hometown Amateurs
Reply of messmer's Reply

Yes, i entered the site today. I joined yesterday teenmodels and my card wasn't declined -a virtual credit card-.

03-01-11  11:27am

Visit Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Karup's Hometown Amateurs
Reply of nostromo's Comment

I received the following e-mails yesterday:

"Good morning ...,

We are currently looking into this. Our billing system shows you were pre-authorized on the 24th, which gives you access. We then do a manual approval of all accounts before they actually get billed. Once we approved the account, the billing company seeks to get payment. It was when this happened on the 27th, that your card returned a declined message. That put your account as inactive as you were never successfully charged for the membership.

Did you cancel your account the day you signed up or the day after? Just trying to get all the information as we look into this.

Have a good day,

- Brent

And afterwards this one: "Good afternoon ....,

We are currently working with our biller to investigate this matter. In the mean time I have setup a temp week password for the site. I will let you know as soon as I get a definitive word back."

It seems like messmer was right on the money.

Jeff, i joined the site on February the 24TH and cancelled the next day. I charged my virtual credit card before joining your site, Jeff, for a little over the exchange of 29.90 USD in euros and i was given full access to your site. Then, the events followed as it is written in the above comments. I haven't been billed as of today according to my virtual credit card statements. Anyways, in a few days time, tops, the card statement should reflect the charges.

Thanks a lot, Jeff.

03-01-11  06:03am

Visit Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Karup's Hometown Amateurs
Reply of tangub's Reply

Thanks for your reply tangub.

02-28-11  05:33am

Visit Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Beware, if you sign for a monthly...

membership and cancel a few days later, then, exactly two days later, you are not allowed anymore in the site. I signed on February the 24TH and cancelled the 25th, well, soon enough, on February the 27th i can't access the site.

This is what they write to you when you join the site: "Your transaction has been processed by EENT, Inc. through RSBilling. You can cancel at any time and your membership will continue for the remainder of your subscription. After the initial period (30 days) you will be billed 29.90 every 30 days."

It seems that they do not fulfill their promises.

And be sure that i have typed endless times my username, password and the verification code.

On february the 27th i received this e-mail: "Dear KarupsHA Member,

You are receiving this e-mail because your membership is expiring today. We thank you for being a member and hope to see you again sometime in the future. We have recently created Facebook and Twitter pages for our fans & members, where you can get sneak peeks of new models that continue to be added regularly."

So i was member for a total of four days, some deal i made.

02-28-11  02:38am

Replies (10)

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