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Visit Ladies Kiss Ladies

Ladies Kiss Ladies

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Girls are all very into it. They may be acting but it really looks they are really lesbian girls.
- More then average kissing
- In some movies, the girls don't get naked or just partly (yes this is a pros)
- Each movie has somewhat of a story
Cons: - But because the girls are speaking a foreign language, you can't really follow the story.
- Downloads are a bit slow (150-200 Kbp/s)
- Many movies come in parts
- I think the girls wear a bit too much make-up
Bottom Line: All in all it's not a bad site at all. Quality of the movies is ok (640x480), the site looks a bit plain, but it's the movies where you sign up for and those are great. The girls are literally all over eachother, kissing, caressing and touching eachother.
If you're interested in more genuine lesbian action, this is the site for you!

05-29-08  04:58am

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Visit My 18 Teens

My 18 Teens

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Quite a lot of video's.
- Decent download speed (Around 600kbps).
- Most girls are quite pretty.
- Many download options.
- Updates every 2 days or so.
Cons: - They don't speak English.
- Site logo in corner of vids and pics is pretty big.
- Several scenes with condoms.
- Solo scenes could be better.
- Ads in members section.
Bottom Line: I wasn't sure if I should join this site as it didn't have that good reviews. But the tour convinced me to join. At first, I was a bit disapointed, but as I downloaded more movies, I had to change my views.

Most girls are pretty and the action is good. I actually kept over 50 movies. For a picky person like me, that's quite a lot. There are currently close to 400 movies.
So what is wrong with the other 350 movies you may ask? Well, several of them use condoms which I truly hate to see. Also there is quite a big percentage of softcore which can be devided in solo-action and girls giving a stripshow. Though some solo-action was pretty good, mostly it was kind of bad; As in, the girls don't really get into it.
There's an option to download a movie in parts. I actually used that to preview the movie.

There are 3 different download qualities (low/medium/high). Can't really say what each resolution is; Sometimes the 'low' option was 720x408, in another movie, that resolution was the 'high' option. Unfortunately the resolution is not mentioned; Just low/medium/high.
I believe the highest resolution is 1024x576.
There are also download options for mobiles.

Some cons I have with this site is that there is a huge amount of ads in the members section. So much, sometimes it's not even clear if it's part of the site or just another ad.
Sorting features are good. You can sort by model, top-rated, newest/oldest. There's also an option to put a video in a Favorites section of the site.

Conclusion is that this site is better then expected and it's still growing with good movies/galleries.

08-25-09  06:20am

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Visit Brokeback Asians

Brokeback Asians

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Contains rare movies
- Good download speeds
- Movie quality is decent
- Many 'deep kiss' movies
- Access to asiamoviepass
Cons: - Files are pretty big (average 1 Gb)
- Does no longer update
- Just not enough movies
- No download options. Only wmv.
- No real preview of the movie. Just the dvd cover.
Bottom Line: Perhaps the score I gave is a bit too high with all those Cons, but the fact is; The movies on this site are, for me, very good.
You must understand that most of their movies are extremely rare and long out of print. This may actually be the only place where you can find them.

About 1 fifth of these movies are so-called 'deep kiss' movies where women kiss eachother througout the entire movie. I was mostly interested in these, but there are more then enough other movies in case this genre doesn't appeal to you.

In total there are 141 movies and only available in one big download of about 1 Gb. Download speed is pretty good with 700 kb/s so that's not that big of a problem.

Overall, it's a pretty simple site but more isn't really needed as it only contains dvd movies. There are only a few pages on this site, so you won't get lost on it.

Note; This site also gives you access to Asiamoviepass.com where a few more lesbian movies can be found.

12-28-09  04:25am

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Visit Teen Movie Club

Teen Movie Club

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Fair amount of movies
- Good download speed
- Good sensual lesbian action
Cons: - Average movie quality
- Slow updates
- Most movies in clips
- Simple site navigation
- Hardly any picture updates
- No info on upcoming videos
Bottom Line: Though this site is lacking in several sections I still quite liked it. The movies are good but if only they would have more updates!

Though the site is online for quite a few years, it has only around 40-50 movies. Though they do still update, this low amount of movies comes from the fact that they update with movieparts. About 1 moviepart a week. Seeing that most movies come in quite a few parts, it's a long wait to see a complete movie.

Technical part: Most movies are 640x480 and look ok. There are a few hd scenes (1280x720) but these usually are shorter then the rest.
Some movies have problems like photocameras flashing or shadows of other people in the room. These are in the minority though.
Oddly enough, I stumbled upon only 1 DRM movie.
My downloadspeed was about 600 kb/s so that's pretty good. Though sometimes it's a bit slower.

The movies mostly follow a short story of a certain scene like a piano teacher falling for her student or it follows 2 women having fun together in a pool.
The girls in the movies are very cute and some are even quite shy. There's lots of kissing and caressing, and it all look very natural. Note that it's surely not a softcore site though; There is more then enough hardcore action to be found. However compared to most lesbian sites, which are very hardcore with toys and such, the movies on this site are all very sensual. It's not that easy to find movies like this so I can still recommend this site. However a short 1 or 2-month membership is more then enough to get all sites content.

12-06-08  05:46am

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Visit Girl Kiss

Girl Kiss

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Deep kissing
- Good download speed
- Fair amount of movies
Cons: - No more updates
- Forced non-nude
- Simple layout
- Most movies have no preview pics
- Average movie quality
- Some movies bad camerawork
Bottom Line: I accidently stumbled upon this site. I'm not completely sure, but it seems this is a relatively old site that stopped updating some time ago.
The site mainly focusses on non-nude, girl-girl kissing.

Yes they keep their clothes on the entire scene, but I knew that before I joined so they don't get points deducted for that. It actually should make it more interesting since it would give a more natural situation. Too bad it's the complete opposite...
The problem is that it's too forcefully done, for example, in a certain scene, a girl gets topless in the heat of the moment. After a few minutes, she realizes (or is ordered to from behind the camera) that she's not supposed to be topless and puts her bra back on! That just totally ruins the scene and there are many more of these forced situations.

It's a bit hard to give a good review of the site since the quality between the movies differ so much; In some movies, the girls are all over each other but in others, they just kiss like it's an obligatory thing.
The movies are all in 640x480 and are in most cases good quality. A typical scene lasts for about 10 minutes. Download speed is ok with around 400kb/s. Not fast for some but since the movie-size is pretty small (around 100 Mb - most are smaller then that) you have the movie in your possesion pretty fast.

Though this site has lots of problems, I can still recommend it to anyone who likes female kissing. I'd say join for a month since you can easily download all (71) scenes in that time.

01-12-09  04:28am

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Visit Mano Job

Mano Job
Reply of Roberto281's Comment

Just to clarify a bit for future joiners: Fabulous Cash is just what appears on the creditcard statement. The actual company that bills you is RocketPay.
When I joined, this was mentioned.

06-02-15  06:42am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Since the arrival of Firefox, pop-ups are almost a thing of the past. It's very rare when I get a "Blocked pop-up" message. A decade ago, I used to see them all the time.

03-18-11  08:13am

N/A Reply of pornwatcher's Poll

I always edit the cunnilingus out of my movies. I just don't like to see some ugly guys head on a beautiful women. Want to see as little as possible of him.

10-21-10  06:19am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

VERY often. I'm slow with downloading, I just don't want/can't spend too much time on it.
I know it's like throwing money away but oh well, I can still afford it.

06-20-10  03:38am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I'm light autistic, so a loner.

05-06-10  09:56am

N/A Reply of Goldfish's Poll

The hottest girls come from Eastern Europe yes, but they do suffer from a severe lack of enthusiasm.
Well, at least they don't convince me that they are enjoying themselves.

05-03-10  10:41am

Visit Teen Pink Videos

Teen Pink Videos

No tour

Why do they have all those links on their front page like 'Our girls', 'Video updates' and they all bring you to the sign-up page? If they don't work, move those buttons to the members section. I would like to see what girls they have or what videos before I join.
Or is there a tour button I missed which actually lets you show this?

05-02-10  02:58am

Replies (4)
N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

Yes me too. I get a fair bit more then 1 gig, but most of time I don't reach 10 gig.

05-01-10  03:40am

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

I use AVS Video converter and edit nearly every single movie I download. Sometimes just removing a few seconds from the beginning.
It's a bit of work but I want a scene exactly the way I want it to be.

02-22-10  07:27am

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

Late reply but oh well. I made up the poll cause occasionally I accidently click on a gay site thinking it was a straght one. Not something I would like to see.
Note that I have nothing against gay people, but it's just not my thing.

02-01-10  03:43am

N/A Reply of Duante Amorculo's Poll

I would stop if she got her boobs enlarged.

01-22-10  03:08am

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

I made the poll cause I often join a site and find I don't have the time to actually download anything from it. Weeks sometimes go by without even logging in. Such a waste of money...

12-30-09  03:50am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

No not even a national phonecall. Or even as simple as an e-mail. If something goes wrong with my payment I take the loss and move on.
I guess I'm just too embarrased to talk about that sort of thing (with the exception of like-minded people ofcourse).

12-28-09  01:38am

Visit Innocent High

Innocent High
Reply of TrashMan's Review

I'm a member of this site for several months now and like to mention some changes since the time of this review:

- A new site was added to the network called herfreshmanyears (somewhat similar to innocenthigh).
- No extra login required for network sites.
- Solo interviews unfortunately stopped updating. OyeLoca and therealworkout (and the aformentioned herfreshmanyears) are the only updating sites.
- All sites who are still updating, have now a streaming option. And this goes for all movies, even from several years ago.
- There is still no search, but you can view all girls in alphabetical order or view the updates by date added.

12-15-09  04:03am

N/A Reply of Denner's Poll

Yes, a good preview will usually make me join. But the main reason for not joining a site is usually a bad review on pornusers.com!

12-14-09  02:16am

N/A Reply of OneMan's Poll

Mostly for checking out sites. I occasionally stumble upon a site and am interested what others have to say about it.
It's the most honest about the quality of a site. I always get the feeling that reviews on other sites are biased cause they may get sponsor money from them.

11-23-09  10:38am

N/A Reply of GCode's Poll

I saw a UK documentary once where they did this. Average Joe's were pulled from the streets to perform in a porn scene.
It was pretty horrible. Some people had no idea what to do and just stood there watching. Most guys were pretty ugly like old/bald people, a few very skinny guys,etc. Can't imagine anyone interested in that.

11-13-09  02:05am

N/A Reply of GCode's Poll

I wish they would stay up longer. Like 3 or 4 days. It seems there's more activity in the poll then in the forum sometimes.

11-07-09  01:39am

N/A Reply of ControllingMind's Poll

No I wouldn't. I will just feel guilty about it.

10-29-09  02:47am

N/A Reply of Monahan's Poll

I have no porn on my pc. I download it directly to external harddrives. And my family is too computer-dumb that I doubt they will even figure out how to connect them to a pc.

BUT, I do have a drawer full of DVD's. I copied as much as I could to my drives, but some have copy-protection so these dvd's will be found. Need to find a solution to this as I don't want to throw them away just yet.

10-27-09  02:38am

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