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N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I don't mind a few, especially if they are actually good discounts at sites that I am interested in. Also, if the ad revenue helps keep membership costs down, then that's a good thing. No deceptive ads though.

05-06-14  09:12am

N/A Reply of Marcus's Reply

When HD came out years ago, some people cautioned that the extra detail may not be appealing when it shows blemishes. As we all know, the market has since voted overwhelmingly in favor of HD, with standard definition video being below almost anyone's standards today for a paysite.

04-30-14  01:03pm

Visit Extreme Holly

Extreme Holly
Reply of badandy400's Reply

There must be an error here, because I still don't see your email including in my spam folder. I'll contact support about this. In the mean time, to get around this problem, I've made a throw-away email address that I'll post here for you: fscbfnnu.tk1@20minutemail.com. Email me there, then I'll reply to you from my real email. This throw-away email will only be active for 20 minutes.

04-29-14  04:49pm

Visit Extreme Holly

Extreme Holly
Reply of badandy400's Review

Hey BadAndy400,
Here I am, replying to another old review of yours! Long story short, you are in a unique position to help out with something because you downloaded ExtremeHolly.com at the time you did. I have been in discussions with PinkVisual about this issue, who since acquired ExtremeHolly.com, and there is something in it for you if you want to get in touch with me. I can't say all the details here, it involves some special arrangements with PinkVisual. That's why I tried to PM/email you, but I figure your email address listed with PornUsers.com might be an old one you don't check often. I check my email listed here daily if you want to get in touch. Anyway, I look forward to hearing from you!

04-29-14  02:52pm

N/A Reply of graymane's Poll

The other thing that I will add is this. There was a time in the early 2000's when scams and shady billing practices were much more pervasive on paysites, and many got a bad name for it. That type of thing angered customers, and probably encouraged piracy. Nowadays, almost every site I've been to is just trying to do honest good work for their customers. On the other hand, judging by the prevalence of piracy today, many customers haven't changed their mindset. The owners really seem to occupy the moral high ground now, and maybe it's time for those who still resort to piracy to seriously reexamine your ways.

04-28-14  06:55pm

N/A Reply of graymane's Poll

Like badandy400 said, it depends on where the line is drawn. In my first, somewhat controversial post on this forum, I mentioned that I had obtained the content of a couple of sites that had been closed for years from someone who uploaded it for free. Granted, this was after first trying to join the sites, finding out that they were closed, trying to track down the owners with the intent of buying their old content at a large premium, and failing. This is either borderline piracy or piracy according to the various replies that I received on this particular post. I had no bad intent though, made no negative impact, and actually really wanted to pay for what I got.

04-28-14  02:37pm

Visit Twistys

Reply of badandy400's Reply

Thanks. I was just comparing notes with someone a few weeks ago about favorite pee clips, and he mentioned those ones from twistys.com. Since you reviewed the site 6 years ago, and that was about the time he saw those clips, I thought I might ask.

Already been to glimpse-it.com, thanks though.

04-27-14  10:25am

Visit Twistys

Reply of badandy400's Review

I heard that this site used to have some peeing videos, but has since removed them. I have talked with someone who was on the site recently, and they said they just have a few now on their last page of archives. Looks like you were a member in 2008, so is it true that they used to have more?

04-27-14  03:22am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I have WiFi, but I still go Ethernet for my downloads. I have a 50 Mbps connection on Ethernet, but my wireless router slows it to just over 30 Mbps.

04-24-14  04:10pm

Visit ALS Scan

ALS Scan
Reply of rearadmiral's Reply

It's not exactly artcore or glamcore. Imagine the format that you're used to for g/g content on ALS, then make it b/g. No condoms, last time I checked!

By the way, I should amend my review in one way. Their latest photosets have increased in resolution to 5000x3000. They have always been the first to adopt the highest resolution formats, and they are making good on that tradition.

04-23-14  05:56pm

Visit Crazy Babe

Crazy Babe
Reply of tangub's Reply

I got Bob's permission to post a few of his pics here to show you guys what I was talking about. Here are some of my favorites.




04-23-14  04:48pm

Visit ALS Scan

ALS Scan
Reply of LPee23's Review

As a footnote to my review, please read this from ALS about their remastering process:

"The majority of our remastered sets were originally shot in digital format. We have always kept copies our raw / camera images untouched. So a typical set involves simply loading up the set in our camera program, reselecting and applying color correction to the raw images, then extracting them to a TIF format. In the early 2000s, sets were much smaller due in picture size and quantity due to the limited availability of broadband internet, so we are now able to include several, often hundreds of images from the set that were never before released, making the sets more "new" than old, and include them in the full size they were shot in by the camera. From there, we follow the same basic processing as any new set with today's quality standards. For instance, we all used to use the big tube CRT monitors when we color corrected images. Now that flatscreen and LCD monitors are more commonplace, those images tend to look a bit brighter and overexposed, so the remastered releases come out looking a bit more rich and vibrant color-wise.

There are some cases where we have even gone back to models who were shot in print. In these cases, we do have to digitally scan in the original print. We have a huge storage container filled with these albums. The main trick is using a very high DPI scanner to help blow up the images without sacrificing their quality. Once they are in a lossless TIF format, we again apply the same basic processing steps using Photoshop mostly to help balance the color, resize and sharpen the images, and try to reduce any graininess."

04-21-14  06:44pm

Visit ALS Scan

ALS Scan

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: ALS has been setting the bar high for years.
-all models are shaved and otherwise natural
-over 500,000 pics in zips
-resolution 2000x3000
-overall amount of content is overwhelming
-lost count of videos, but I'd guess over 3000
-most videos in 1080P
-mostly solo and g/g
-subjects also include b/g, peeing, dildos, speculums, fisting, anal insertions, anal fisting and lots of outdoors and BTS
-newly redesigned and searchable website with tags (90% of peeing content was tagged correctly, I looked at everything on their site and tagged the remaining 10%. You are welcome.)
-one, sometimes two updates daily
They are remastering lots of their older stuff. How cool is it to see those favorite pics of yours from years ago in more detail than ever before? This is one of the coolest things going on at ALS right now. I give them so much credit for staying true to their roots, and for putting in the real effort and investment that it takes to do this.
Cons: I honestly can't come up with any cons here.
Some past reviews have mentioned their introduction of b/g content as a con, while other have considered it a plus. I'm pretty neutral on it personally. To those who feel that ALS is straying from their roots with b/g content, I will say that is not true. ALS has done b/g content in their early days too, including one video with Mia that I'm thinking of, it was just rare back then.
The merger with Met Art was totally a good thing, all concerns regarding that have not played out, and they have kept everything that made them unique and great while totally modernizing their site.
You may notice some of the oldest archived sets appear thinned out. This is not new, they were thinned out on their old site too, actually those old archived sets were just samples of what was once available on CDGirlsOnline.com. As part of their renovation with Met Art, ALS had actually brought more pics back online than they had before.
Bottom Line: ALS - All Ladies Shaved. I obviously love this site, because I have given it my top score. If you look at all of the sites that I have scored close to 100%, they all have one thing in common - they are large, high quality networks that are run like the best of the small operations. This could not be more true of ALS - they go to every length possible to please their customers. Usually, the "Bottom Line" is the section where I go into objective detail about a site. With ALS, I will ask you to forgive me for being a bit subjective, because I would rather tell you the story of my own personal experience. ALS is a site that dates back to 1996, just about my earliest days ever seeing online porn. I didn't find them in the 1990's though, they first came to my attention in the early 2000's. I remember that ALS's pics were the first that I ever saw in 1200x800 resolution back around 2003, and I knew they had just raised the bar on everyone else. Those 1200x800 ALS pics still look amazing today. Back in those early days, I got what ALS pics I could from TGP's and the like because I was not in a position to get a full membership. Over the years, I lost many files, first due to an ill conceived idea to delete my collection, and later to a hard drive crash, but ALS's pics were among the ones that I remembered the most.
So I finally joined ALS a few months ago, hoping to rebuild my old collection and check out all of their new stuff too. I was impressed with the amount of content on ALS's site. They are one of those sites that you really can just get lost in, due to the overwhelming amount of pics and videos. ALS has a very distinctive style. It goes much beyond just having all of their models shaved. They love to do shoots at the beach and by the pool on bright, sunny days. Their models are young and slender with natural breasts and few if any tattoos. They always look like they're having a lot of fun too, and you can see lots of behind the scenes videos where the models are just having a good time with each other and with the staff. At the same time, with all of this lighthearted fun going on, ALS can really push the boundaries. ALS is the only site I can think of where the models seem to be having such a fun time while doing things as extreme as fisting, using speculums, and putting clamps (the ALS "dreamcatcher") on their pussies. Of course, there is lots of peeing too. So, there I was, downloading all of this great stuff from ALS, when I realized that something was missing.
I had some pics from the earliest days of ALS that I just couldn't find anymore. Actually, as I would later learn, the pics that I couldn't find were shot and watermarked by ALS, but they were never on alsscan.com or alsangels.com. They were only released on CD by CDGirlsOnline.com, a site that is long gone. CDGirlsOnlines.com was a site that sold CD's of pics via mail with exclusive ALS pics that couldn't be found on their websites. I was let down, thinking that I might miss out ALS's original, earliest work.
So, I contacted support, and they were incredibly helpful! Support passed my email along to several other employees, each of who were remarkably helpful, until it ended up with ALS's content manager. We compared notes about ALS's pics from it's earliest days, and we looked over the really old stuff that I had in my collection. Almost all of the stuff that couldn't be found anymore was from CDGirlsOnline.com. Despite the fact that they had closed CDGirlsOnline.com years ago, he went the extra mile to help me out. So far, he has found thousands of rare, old pics from CDGirlsOnline.com. The ones that he has found so far were released only for a limited time as bonuses, bloopers, and outtakes on the ALS sites and then removed. Out of incredible generosity, he has made these classic ALS pics from CDGirlsOnline.com available to me. Some people feel inclined to guard and keep secret the rare things that they come across. I would rather as many of you as possible enjoy ALS's pics, so that is why I am sharing this information with you, with ALS's permission. These old pics - bonuses, bloopers, and outtakes - are available to you as well, if you sign up as a member and ask politely. ALS has made no announcement that they will be remastering these pics, posting them on their sites, or making them available indefinitely, but they are available right now by special request. They are not up to current ALS quality standards, they range from 400x600 to 1200x800 in resolution, but they are the sharpest 400x600 pics I have ever seen. It's also really cool to have ALS pics with watermarks dating back to 1996, even if the resolution is low by today's standards. What's more, ALS tells me that they still have everything that they ever shot, some in RAW files, and the earliest content on analog color film, all saved in a storage locker somewhere. Isn't that the stuff of legends?

04-21-14  06:21pm

Replies (5)
N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I don't go looking for it, but I don't mind it either. There's enough around online though, including 5 fingers, but maybe less on DVD.

By the way, the 4 vs 5 finger fisting distinction came from British obscenity law. 5-finger fisting is considered extreme porn in the UK and a criminal offense. 4-finger fisting is OK in the UK though.

04-20-14  04:19pm

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Reply

I should add that the place where this happens the most is on the amateur sites with user generated photos and videos, although that's not what I had in mind when I wrote the poll. While most of the stuff on this type of site like amateuralbum.net isn't high quality, there are occasionally great sets of really hot amateurs that get posted. I check frequently, because it's not uncommon for the users there to delete their own photos after a week or two, and many users delete their entire profile within a few years.

Models that have been removed by DDF include Jenny Noel and Julie Silver, as well as about 16 more that I can't name.

There are a small number of models from Abby Winters who have bought back their own shoots for removal. I don't want to dwell on that site too much here, because the topic of these models has already been beat to death on member forums, and Abby Winters is an excellent site despite this, but I will post their names just so that you guys can recognize it if you have one of these rarities. Alana, Jasmin, Jules, Kate, Louise, Mikaela (killed in terrorist attack in Bali), Nikita, Tammy, and Verity. You can't fault Abby Winters for this, they do try hard to keep their content up, and they are coming out with lots of great new stuff.

There was also Ember from ALS as I said before. I think there was a thread started on her topic, and people came out in supports of ALS's decision.

04-20-14  05:00am

N/A Reply of graymane's Reply

I usually ask the webmasters if I know that I am missing something. They respond more often than not, and sometimes they are able to make content available on a one-time only basis by request, and other times they can't because of the model's wishes.

04-19-14  06:30pm

N/A Reply of LPee23's Poll

So, this is my poll, and this is an issue that I have been aware of at many sites, ranging from large networks to small operations. Webmasters are probably more aware of this issue than the average customer, because they get requests from models not infrequently for their shoots to be removed. I have mixed feelings about it, but most of the time I feel that it detracts from the entire site. As one example, I visited DDF's 1by-day.com and houseoftaboo.com recently, and found that a bunch of really nice shoots that I had once downloaded as free samples from TGP's were no longer available. Support basically said that they rotate some old shoots out, sometimes at the model's request, and sometimes for other reasons. Most of the time, I feel that it's like buying a used book with some pages missing when I learn that I am not getting everything that was once on the site. Most webmasters that I have talked with feel the same way, and push hard to keep their content up. At first, it might seem unfair to the models to keep their stuff online when they no longer want it there, but remember, they got paid for those shoots. How fair is it to webmasters and customers if the models do the shoots, get paid for them, and then make legal threats to have their shoots removed? This is a very complex issue though. There are a few sites that I would forgive for removing certain models' content. One is ALS, one of my favorite sites, who removed Ember's content out of consideration for her family after she passed away. The other is Abby Winters. I wouldn't take any points from them for removing a small number of models, because it's part of their identity that they are a model friendly site, and they would lose that distinction if they did otherwise. They still push hard to keep shoots up despite frivolous and trivial requests for removal, but they do offer models the opportunity to buy back their shoots, presumably for a significant amount of money, if their removal is very important to them. In these cases, it's a classy move to honor those requests, and you can't really fault the sites. Then again, this is a complicated issue, sites like 21sextury.com that seem to have never removed a shoot do stand out in their own way. One thing is for sure, if I learn that a model wanted her content removed, and I happen to have it already, I am definitely not deleting my personal copies. Maybe you could fault me for that, but I take extra pride in having something in my collection that has since become impossible to get again. How do you guys feel about this?

04-19-14  05:42pm

Visit Crazy Babe

Crazy Babe

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 04-13-14  09:57am  (Update History)
Reason: Bob Coulter corrected me that larger photos are available on site (see full explanation in "Bottom Line")
Pros: This is one of the best Alt porn/Art porn sites I have ever seen. Bob Coulter is brilliant in producing these one of a kind shoots.
-unique artistic photo composition among the best
-innovative camera angles, tilts, lighting and settings
-5616x3744 resolution (post-2008) otherwise mostly 1200x800 resolution with some 1024x768 in the earliest sets dating back to 2000
-over 700 photosets with 200-500 photos each
-3 to 4 new shoots per month
Subjects include solo girl, peeing, showers, public nudity, smoking, occasional b/g action with condoms, tattoos, and piercings.
Settings offer a glimpse into the gritty underbelly of NY and other US cities in the 2000's to present.
Cons: This is a photography site. I don't personally consider that to be a flaw, and it does have a few videos too, just don't come here for the videos.
Before reading the other cons below, please remember that while some of this stuff may be objectionable, it is meant to be taken lightly.
A very, very small number of shoots feature:
-simulated violence (models all shown unharmed at end)
-simulated heroin injection (venipuncture is real)
-fake guns
-real knives
-if you are in the UK, steer clear, because some of these shoots would be considered extreme porn
Bottom Line: I mentioned this site in a thread recently, then checked in for a full membership, and now I am so impressed by Bob Coulter's photography that I feel this site deserves a full review. His style of photography is unique, and I cannot name another site that emulates what he does. People throw this term "Art Porn" out there, and I think it's a bit misguided, because art and porn really exist on a spectrum. That being said, part of me wants to say his work is higher up on the art scale than the porn scale, but then at the same time I have to call it porn because it is so erotic. If any of you love the art of photography beyond porn, you will be so glad to find this site. His shots feature very innovative camera angles. He circles the model and shoots from some very unusual perspectives. He also tilts the camera aggressively but with a purpose, aligning with other elements in the scene, usually lines in the model's poses, rather than the horizontal. His models are amazing too. Starting in the year 2000 he has been photographing Alt models, mostly out of New York, NY. It's not a pro or a con, but many have tattoos and piercings. Interestingly, if one of his subjects had a webpage as a model or dominatrix he links back to it. He started photographing his models in 2000, and most of these links to the model sites from the 2000's are dead, yet his site remains as this amazing catalog of Alt models from that decade. He has some of Bella Vendetta's oldest surviving work. Despite this great back catalog of work, he is still actively updating. While his models enjoy the spotlight, his settings are just as amazing. They show the darker, grungier side of New York and other cities including Philly and LA. He might shoot a woman against a backdrop of graffiti in an abandoned building and make the graffiti pop off the wall with almost phosphorescent color saturation. Cheap, grungy, NY hotels with a unique character are a favorite setting, but it's not what you would expect from that. He doesn't just bring models to some cheap places and take some snapshots like an amateur. The way he shoots the models in these settings is clearly deliberate, and the settings fit perfectly with the models' Alt style. He has also done some amazing outdoor shoots in industrial parks, railroads, etc with literally the best rim lighting I have ever seen in porn. In short, I would highly recommend this site, especially for the photo fans. It's totally unique and amazing, just come prepared and don't take some of it too seriously.

*I have updated the score from 86 to 90 after talking with Bob Coulter. While I initially overlooked this, all of his photos from 2009 onward are also available in a staggering 5616x3744 resolution. I had only seen the 1200x800 photos, which is a low resolution for a site that focuses on photography. In contrast, 5616x3744 is about the highest resolution that I have seen. To get the high res photos, you have to scroll down to the bottom of the page where each 1200x800 photo is individually displayed. There is a small link there, which is easy to miss if you don't scroll down, that says "Full Size." Thanks for the correction!

04-11-14  06:54pm

Replies (2)
Visit 21Sextury.com

Reply of biker's Review

I still give them lots of credit for keeping all of their old stuff up as you mentioned. Actually, not only have they never removed shoots for being old, but somehow they don't seem to ever have removed a single shoot. This is impressive. They must push hard to keep them up, or have an ironclad contract with models. Sites this large that have been around for so long usually had at least a handful of shoots that had to be removed at the model's request.

04-06-14  07:30am

Visit abbywinters

Reply of RagingBuddhist's Comment

I took a look 10 of their most recent videos to help answer your question. Except for the one fully clothed video, they all showed tits at or before the half way point. On average they showed tits just a couple minutes into the video. There were 2 videos that never showed pussy, and one that waited until after the half way point, but in the rest the models ditched their panties at about one quarter of the way into the video. It seems that they did change this in response to member feedback.

04-05-14  12:35pm

N/A Reply of careylowell's Poll

We'd probably be fucked if this happened. Honestly, aliens with the capability for interstellar travel could want little from us but our resources. Benevolent aliens who wanted to study us would not make their presence known. Advanced civilizations meeting primitive ones has almost always been a disaster. I'd definitely get one off before shit hit the fan.

04-04-14  05:55pm

Visit 21 Sextreme

21 Sextreme
Reply of eggyfish's Review

Unless something has changed, the ones you have to buy individually are actually from 21sextury.com. That's a separate site, and if you buy that membership, you get all those videos for the price of membership.

03-27-14  05:26pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Definitely, yes. Getting to know the owner at some of my favorite sites has been well worth it. There can be perks beyond regular membership.

03-27-14  05:23pm

Visit Totallly Annette

Totallly Annette


Looks like this site is closed. I think Annette Schwarz got married, had a kid, and retired.

03-26-14  09:16pm

Replies (0)
N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Not really an average porn surfer at all.

03-23-14  07:04pm

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