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N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

My porn has become digital only. I save it to a NAS especially for porn called "Adult Entertainment", so it's pretty obvious and available within my network and on any connected device.

01-23-13  09:55pm

N/A Reply of alexbrawn's Poll

Site previews have become so good and paired with reviews I usually know, if it's worth joining a site or not without a trial and have hardly been disappointed. Trials are usually way too limited anyway. Trials that limit you to view their two latest scenes are so useless, especially if you don't know what those scenes are, before joining. I would prefer trials to have a download limit so you can choose what content you want to preview, but the site still earns money as you couldn't download gigabytes of porn within 3 days for a buck.

01-23-13  09:51pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Non-smoker, didn't even try it once.

01-23-13  09:43pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I choose the highest quality available, I'm happy with 720p, but why not pick 1080p if I can have it?

01-23-13  09:42pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I never did that. I used to save everything on external hard drives and now I save everything to my NAS, so I can watch it on any device I want.

01-23-13  09:39pm

N/A Reply of Vegas Ken's Poll

It helped me several times. I found another site by a company that has a very high production standard and I was very happy I found that second site. Then when a site has a trustworthy company backing it and is offering a great deal on yearly memberships, I take that deal. And when a site is new and there's not much information about it around, a known company makes it easier for me to join. I would like to support independent sites, but I've been disappointed way too often.

01-23-13  09:36pm

N/A Reply of rearadmiral's Poll

I save every scene to my NAS and it's completely tagged and sorted, so I do have a pretty huge database to easily choose from. But there's so many great scenes coming every day, that I have to admit, that I hardly go through my archives. It happens, though, and I'm sure if I would delete something, I would want to watch it the next day.

01-23-13  09:28pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

One scene per site is fine, especially if it's well done, I don't like to see a christmas tree or christmas decoration in every scene during december, though.

01-23-13  09:23pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Classic TV: Very little, I watch TV content on demand and mostly on-the-go, though.

01-23-13  09:20pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Two, Firefox and Chrome. Chrome has ad- and track-block-addons installed, Firefox is clean to watch streaming video. It's funny to see how bad personalized ads are, if they don't know the sites, you usually browse and only get to know what tv shows you watch.

01-23-13  09:19pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Does not attract me at all.

01-23-13  09:14pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

It's actually otherway-round. I don't download files, that are too small. I only download video content and I prefer high quality like 1080p HD. My internet connection is decent and I own a huge NAS to save my porn on.

01-23-13  09:13pm

N/A Reply of graymane's Poll

Face and facial expression first, then body, gesture, voice.

01-23-13  09:09pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

It's still virtual and a fantasy, as long as nothing physical is involved or feelings on both sides, it's not cheating.

01-23-13  09:07pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Most sites I join are twink sites and I'm a constant member only to those. I sometimes throw in a different site to spice things up, I hardly keep being a steady member there, though.

01-23-13  09:05pm

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

Watching when horny, buying is more planned, except when great deals to join a site appear in my mail.

01-23-13  09:00pm

Visit Dirty Boy Video

Dirty Boy Video

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Content is claimed to be exclusive and seems to be unique
- High creativity when shooting scenes: different stories and settings keep you entertained
- Amount of models and scenes is quite huge
- Scenes are dirty, as the site name says already, models do kinkier stuff than on most other sites they appear on
- Videos work on mobile devices and tablets and are DRM-free
Cons: - Most scenes are archived Quicktime movies at very low quality
- Even recent scenes go only up to 960x540 @ 1,5mbps MP4
- Image quality is very low (400x600)
- Members starting page has many adverts to other sites, shops and sex toys (8 in total while I was a member)
- No search option or model index make it very hard to navigate through the site
Bottom Line: The site is technically pretty outdated, which is sad, because they have gorgeous models, really creative story lines, always new settings and the camera work, lightning and cutting is really well done. The scenes seem to be shot at a way higher quality than they appear on the site especially when it comes to photos, they are really tiny. Resolution of recent videos would be acceptable, but the bitrate is way too low, so if there's a lot of action going on (and hey, it's porn, of course there is!) many artifacts appear and ruin the viewing pleasure. The content itself is really hot, especially if you are into cum! There's alot of facials, cum eating and cumplay going on! But there is also a variety of soft fetishes like fucking a sex doll, feet, fucking a melon, sex toys, glory holes, etc. Navigating through the site is pretty painful, there is no search, no model index, nothing. You have to click through all the pages to find the content you are looking for. I hope they will consider refreshing the website in future to make it easier to navigate through it and improve the quality of videos and pictures, then the site would defenitely be worth it's money, but as it is now I'm pretty sceptical.

01-23-13  06:52pm

Replies (2)
Visit Boynapped

Reply of gaypornolover's Reply

Thank you for your kind words! I'm glad you appreciate my review. I was so happy to see they got rid of DRM. Their content was always very hot, but I never understood, why they use DRM. People who pay to see their content receive limitations while those who pirate their porn can view it DRM-free. The site seems to be part of the GayLifeNetwork now, at least the downloads are hosted there. They seem to improve constantly. JizzAddiction just got added to their bonus content, that's the first bonus worth watching so far.

01-16-13  03:32pm

Visit Boynapped


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Updates twice a week, all updates are exclusive
- Latest updates are available up to Full-HD (1080p)
- Site got finally rid of WMV and DRM, all scenes are DRM-free MP4 now
- There's a video for almost any fetish you can imagine
- Model and production quality is very high
Cons: - Downloads can be very slow sometimes
- Updates from Bonus sites appear on the members start page and videos page, you have to specify, you only want to see Boynapped updates every time
- Charges 24,95 Euros, even if it says it's 24,95 USD/month, that's a 30% plus
- Pre-checked cross-sales (auto-renewing trial memberships)
Bottom Line: I was very glad to see, the site got rid of WMV and especially DRM, so I gave it another try, even though I was very unsatisfied last time I joined thanks to technical difficulties. Their content was always very unique and I don't know of a similar site delivering you british kinky twink porn at professional production quality. I didn't get disappointed, the site is completely remade and all videos are re-encoded to DRM-free MP4 available as streaming video and download. Most latest updates are available as 1080p HD video and they look stunning, you defenitely need a decent internet connection, though, because some videos can be over 3 GB big. Sadly, I never got to full download speed and sometimes even had terrible speed, but if you want to see your video instant, you can always stream it. The variety of scenes is very wide, there is a scene for nearly any fetish you can imagine, you can search for your favourite fetish by using tags, you can even search for multiple at once. Right now (01/2013) there are about 330 scenes and about 150 models (including bonus sites, you can't dismiss those on the models page) available for your pleasure. Model and production quality are very high and the models play their role really good, I haven't seen bad acting or bored models so far. Before joining watch out, what they charge you in your local currency und un-check those pre-checked cross-sales for trial memberships, but all-in-all if you are into kinky british twinks, I can highly recommend joining.

01-10-13  07:26pm

Replies (2)
Visit Staxus


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Huge amount of scenes, Daily updates
- Wide variety of models, sets and storylines
- Fast download speeds & No download limit
- Many ways to search for content (Tags, search bar, by model, by setting, studio, fetish, etc.)
- All scenes are working on mobile devices (iPhone & iPad)
- All scenes are streamable & downloadable (No DRM) in different qualities (HD = 1280x720p @ 30 FPS 3000kbit, High = 480p @ 30 FPS 3000kbit, Medium = 480p @ 30 FPS 1500kbit)
- Blog & forum give you direct contact to staff members like directors
Cons: - While new updates are linked properly, older scenes are not linked properly to tags / models
- No HD for older scenes
- No model information for former models
- "Twink bareback for 10 years" might give you the impression, that all scenes are bareback: They are not (especially Britladz, Sportladz and Older & Younger)
- Site is available in different languages (english, german & french), but the translation is really bad
Bottom Line: If you are into european twink bareback you know Staxus, it has been in the porn industry for over a decade now. Staxus.com is their megasite delivering you a huge database of content they have made over the years and all of the scenes they are publishing on DVD now. For 29,99 Euros per month or 199,99 Euros per year, you'll get access to thousands of full length scenes, daily updates and quite a load of photo sets. All recent scenes look crisp clear in HD and all older scenes still look better than they did on DVD. The site is easy to navigate and gives you powerful search tools to find exactly what you are looking for. You can comment on all scenes and photo sets and save them as favourite. The recently started forum gives you the chance to directly interact with the people behind Staxus, like their video directors, photographers and all members and fans of Staxus to exchange your opinion and thoughts. The blog delivers you information on what's going on behind the scenes at Staxus and keeps you up-to-date on the site. The megasite is split into 10 studios (RAW, Dirty Fuckers, Abused, Bareback Monster Cocks, Britladz, Sportladz, Older & Younger, Gangbang, Outdoors & Uniforms) or can be viewed including all updates of each of the studios combined. Most studios deliver constant updates except Outdoors (last update 3 months ago), Uniforms (4 months ago) and especially Older & Younger (8 months ago). So if you are thinking about joining the site for intergenerational sex only, I wouldn't recommend the yearly plan. If you are into european twink bareback or british chavs and scallies, go for it, the site is defenitely worth the money.

01-10-13  07:48am

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Visit Phoenixxx


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - all videos are available up to full hd 1080p quality (1920x1080)
- full access to all scenes from mygayboss.com, myhusbandisgay.com, bangmesugardaddy.com and imyourboytoy.com
- bonus access to the 2 latest scenes from boycrush.com
- bonus access to the 2 latest scenes and all interviews from gaylifenetwork.com
- streaming and download at fast speeds
- multiple download and download manager support (download links do expire, so don't queue too many)
Cons: - download links expire after about 30 minutes
- some models appear too often
- interview scenes are often very hard to understand
- site offers access to 216 scenes at september 2012 and about half of those are interview scenes without any sexual content
- no photo sets
- amount of updates varies alot (6 in september 2012, 6 in august 2012, 17 in july 2012, 18 in june 2012)
Bottom Line: Phoenixxx is a network site giving access to mygayboss.com, myhusbandisgay.com, bangmesugardaddy.com and imyourboytoy.com. Bang Me Sugar Daddy and I'm Your Boy Toy are very similar and it's hard to tell the difference. My Husband Is Gay is not very authentic since all the models appeared in gay scenes before. Still, if you want to see your favourite models from boycrush.com and gaylifenetwork.com paired with both ugly and hot daddies, this is the site for you!

Videos are offered as WMV and MP4, to enjoy 720p or 1080p-quality, you gotta stick to MP4 though. There are 2 quality options for WMV and 5 for MP4 download and streaming. All videos are offered at full hd 1080p quality, no exception. Videos work on mobile devices like your iPod or iPhone, on your gaming consoles like PS3 or XBOX360 and can be streamed to your DLNA-device.

This site is very easy to navigate through and if you have been a member of boycrush.com, gaylifenetwork.com or blakemason.com you know this works. Scenes can be filtered by model, site or category. The site is made for both, people who prefer streaming and people that like to download their content.

Up to May 2012 the site offered full access to boycrush.com and gaylifenetwork.com, this is now limited to viewing the latest 2 scenes mostly. Phoenixxx has to work on their updates to make it worth paying $24,95 a month without this huge bonus. Still the site offers unique and high quality content if you are into that kind of niche.

09-19-12  04:23am

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Visit Helix Studios.net

Helix Studios.net

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - huge amount of models (715 @ September 2012)
- huge archive of videos (1899 @ September 2012)
- works on mobile devices
- unlimited streaming and download
- support for download managers (links expire though)
- newer videos are 720p
- exclusive models appear only on this site
- includes access to 8teenboy.com, hotstuds.com, fratboy.com, latinstuds.com and spankthis.com
- free live shows with model chat
- photo sets for every scene including zip-download
- site has many search and filtering options and is easy to navigate through
Cons: - most content tagged HD isn't HD (960x540)
- download links expire after about 30 minutes
- archived live shows are streaming only
- file names don't include model names
- pre-checked cross sales
- older videos offer a really low quality (320x180)
- most photo sets are vidcaps
- $29,95 is a very high price for recurring members (about 20 updates per month)
Bottom Line: HelixStudios offers a huge variety of content for twink, college guy and spanking lovers. Most models stay with Helix and have a high number of videos available, still, the model mixture is very good and you don't get annoyed by models easily. The model quality standard is very high and they seem to enjoy their work. Live shows give you the possibility to get to know your favourite models better and request your wishes.

Videos are H.264 at 3 different quality options for most scenes. Files work on iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, Xbox360, PS3, PSP and are optimized for streaming to your DLNA-device, too. Older HD-scenes are 960x540, newer scenes are 720P (1280x720). The production standard is very high for an amateur site, especially the latest scenes look very professional. Most scenes offer a photo set as zip-download.

Navigation is very well done, you can browse by video, movie, model, then it's split into their sites 8Teenboy (twinks), HotStuds (bareback), Fratboy (college guys), SpankThis (spanking), LatinStuds (latin men) [NOT UPDATED RECENTLY], rawlads (euro boys bareback) [NOT UPDATED RECENTLY].
Scenes can be filtered by type (movie, behind the scenes, live show) and theme (like double penetration, facial, group sex, toys, etc.). There is a search field on top of every page, too, so you can easily type in, what you want to see.

The site offers two different options to join, one is streaming only for $19,95, the other is streaming and download for $29,95. The price of $29,95 is absolutely fair as initial charge giving the huge amount of content the site has to offer, but is quite alot as rebill for about 20 scenes offered per month, especially if you are not into all their niches (spanking for example).

09-19-12  03:30am

Replies (3)
Visit Boy Crush

Boy Crush
Reply of gaypornolover's Reply

Thank you for your hearty welcome! I'm enjoying my stay so far and will defenitely post more reviews!

09-19-12  02:07am

Visit Boy Crush

Boy Crush

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - very high quality videos (recent videos are 1080p HD)
- huge amount of scenes
- scenes can be filtered by category
- includes access to baretwinks.com (their bareback content)
- forum for member discussions and requests
- interesting and fun model interviews for every model
- high model quality standard with stunning exclusives
- streaming and download at fast speeds
- multiple download and download manager support (download links do expire, so don't queue too many)
Cons: - annoying ads on scene pages
- download links expire after about 30 minutes
- no recent photo updates
- some models appear too often
- exclusive models appear on other sites
Bottom Line: BoyCrush is defenitely one of the best twink sites available, the site gives access to a huge database of content and offers about 2 new scenes per week. The video quality is very good and the models seem to enjoy, what they are doing. Model interviews add a personal touch to the site and are very enjoyable (plus they usually end with a cum shot). The amount of bareback and condom content is pretty even and you can choose wether to see condom scenes only, bareback scenes only or both mixed. The site navigations and features offer a really good user experience and is made for both: users who want to stream the content and users who want to download the content.

09-18-12  07:16am

Replies (3)

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