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N/A Reply of RagingBuddhist's Reply

Not really into "keeping it real" this is a fantasy, that DOES NOT include my wife/girlfriend.

BTW.. facials in real life aren't that out of the norm. :)

11-06-08  05:58am

N/A Reply of Wittyguy's Poll

I like posting in a threaded message board format. I like the reviews and enjoy posting a review. Other times I would simply like to ask a question that is more general in nature.

The forums have an opportunity to be great exchange of knowledge.

08-07-08  11:47am

N/A Reply of Monahan's Poll

It would be great if the reviews could also indicated if a site supports Download Managers and if so, which programs work on the site.

I really am not interested in a site that doesn't support a DL Manager. If it is not supported, a site better have the best content available!

09-06-07  10:29am

N/A Reply of nygiants03's Poll

I like them! Like anything else, if I'm in the mood for a specific niche, I will visit a site that represents my interest. I have started to avoid sites that promise something for everyone. It seems that sites that focus on one genre do it really well.

08-02-07  10:08am

Visit 10-Man Cum Slam

10-Man Cum Slam

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Very Good Resolution on the New Videos
+ Great Blowbang Action
+ Attractive Pornstars
+ Girls like the action, Challenge
+ Part of the Kick Ass Network
+ 130 Scenes/Videos
+ Photosets in Zips
+ Photos, not Vidcaps
+ Great Search Feature with Headshots of the Performers
+ User Friendly Advanced Search
+ Entire Scene Download
+ Nice Site Design
+ Good Download Speed
Cons: - Videos Need to be Dated
- Updates more often, they update the network daily, but I'm not sure when they update that niche
- Older vids need to be recaputerd
- Some of the Niches are not my cup of tea.. (Cuckold)
Bottom Line: I really like the KickAss site and 10 Man Cum Slam. They have put a great deal of effort into the new site design. The niches they cover are not run of the mill.

Downloading all of the videos and photos for most of the niches (10 Man Cum Slam, 5 Guy Cream Pie, Latinas, Giant Pussies, Smoking, Squirting) The Strap on and Cuckold aren't for me... but most are.

I would highly recommend this website if you want quality vids of these specialties.

04-16-09  12:46pm

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Visit ALS Scan

ALS Scan

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Love the Shaved Look!!!!!!!
- Love the Body Type, Slender, Natural and Tight
- Love the differing styles with Tats, Piercings and Alternative looks
- Love the American models mixed with the Euros
- Love the Zips Files for Photos
- Love the Extensive Catalog with sets dating back to 2007 and beyond
- Really like that they have remastered some of the popular sets.
Cons: - I would like to see them include ALL of their released photo sets.
- They really need to standardize their website, too many page styles and download options.
- Too many small zip files when they could consolidate the older sets into larger zip files.
- They need to pay another web guy to standardize the older model sets.
Bottom Line: ALS is a great niche site and delivers exactly what they say. It would be great if they spent time on standardizing the older material. I'm a web guy,so this is a bit annoying to me. That being said, the deliver a great product. Score would be 99 if they kept up on the maint. of the site.

09-24-08  02:42pm

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Visit Altered Ass Holes

Altered Ass Holes

Meat Members sites

Some are very good and have decent quality. Others like AA die on the vine. There are so many options with MM that it is still a good network. I try and subscribe once every six months to grab the new scenes.

01-28-08  08:44am

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Visit Amateur Allure

Amateur Allure
Reply of jd1961's Comment

I believe that there are a great number of amatuers on the site. I downloaded the website a few months back and I can only recall a few obvious pros.

I wouldn't go so far as calling it "false" advertising.. Hell none of them are amatuers once they are on a website. They all get paid a fee, even the first time.

This site is pretty good and has a great camera work. It does hold true to the same story line with each episode.

03-02-09  07:50am

Visit Amateur Allure

Amateur Allure
Reply of ace of aces's Reply

There isn't music in the videos. They are hardcore and are the highlight of the site.

I haven't made it to the older videos yet, but the quality of the recent vids is very good.

10-27-08  06:20am

Visit Amateur Allure

Amateur Allure
Reply of ace of aces's Reply

The site has exclusive videos and photos. There are several hundred different girls and many have multiple scenes.

10-25-08  08:20am

Visit Amateur Allure

Amateur Allure
Reply of Wittyguy's Reply

The photos are decent, but not the size or resolution of many of the sites such as InTheCrack, Twistys or even FTVGirls. I do like the photos, as the girls are very cute and most times the first time Hardcore scenes.

I would not choose this site if I were only interested in photos. The vids make the site. Thomas, the main man of the site, really gets the girls to show their personality.

10-25-08  08:20am

Visit Amateur Allure

Amateur Allure

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + High Quality Videos
+ Videos Available in QT and WMV
+ Nice Photo Sets
+ Clean Design
+ Very attractive "Amatures"
+ Haven't seen MOST of the Girls
+ Young Talent that looks like they just stepped off a college campus.
+ Good Customer Support
+ Cool scene structure and idea
+ Models really seem to enjoy working with Thomas
Cons: - Website does not support DL Managers
- Photos are not available in Zips
- Daily (24 hour) Download Limit
- Download limit is ONLY 4 GB
- Download limit is NOT apparent when joining site.
Bottom Line: This website is very good. I really appreciate the quality of the work, the fresh looking models and the overall quality of the website.

This is not my typical demographic, usually preferring much more "Hardcore" action. (MeatMembers, Platinum X, BrainPass, JM Productions). That being said, I really like what this offers.

This website would have score at least TEN POINTS higher without the download limits. They should remove the limit and/or reduce the price. With today's speeds, you can rip through 4GB in an hour. If they were to have a limit, it should be much higher.

10-24-08  06:32am

Replies (6)
Visit Amateur Allure

Amateur Allure
Reply of Denner's Comment

I really like the content of this site. The videos are very nice and the interaction with the girls is relaxed. The camera angles, the quality and the fresh looking girls really make this site nice.

I just signed up yesterday and downloaded several of the sets. The biggest troubling thing about the site is the daily download limit. The limit is only 4GB which is VERY low for a site that charges $33/month. A 10GB or 15 GB limit would seem much more appropriate.

10-24-08  06:21am

Visit American Vice

American Vice

Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: ***UPDATE****

+ Download speeds have dramatically increased over the past few months.
+ Streaming and download options have been improved and the quality is much better. They have passed VideoBox in terms of the quality of the video capture.
+ File size is much better than most sites offering DVD quality downloads. Roughly 1/2 to 1/3 the file size.
+ Great titles that are not found on other sites.
Cons: - Needs to add "reviews" by users
- Needs to add message board and web 2.0 features
Bottom Line: This has gotten much better over the last 9 months. The speed and quality increases alone have made this site one of my favorites.

If you have a subscription to VB or VideoZ than you will like American Vice. I plan on renewing my 1 year subscription when the time comes.

Reg does a great job with the updates and the commentary that goes with each scene.

10-12-09  01:46pm

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Visit American Vice

American Vice

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: + Great New search engine that allows the user to drill down into niches.
+ Many videos from hard to find studios.
+ DVDs that VideoBox and the other sites don't have.
+ High Quality Encoding in three sizes
+ Option to DL the Movie in one file or scenes individually.
+ Pleasing to look at design.
+ Easy to Navigate
+ No DRM
+ Speeds have more than doubled since my first memebership.
+ DVD and Scene commentary by Reg. Very Funny and Insightful. He doesn't care for Rob Spallone haha!
+ Free Download Manager friendly.
+ Approachable Customer Service.
+ Good Pricing with the One Year Subscription
Cons: - It would be great to have a few more updates each week. Not bad though.
- I usually have more negatives :)
Bottom Line: I really like this site and would give it a higher score if they had a few more updates.

I really like the site and I'm working on a nice library. I would highly recommend this site in addition to the other DVD sites. American Vice has titles that you won't find on the other websites.

They have a personal realtionship with severel performers and you get a great deal of insight into the industry.

By the way... I have a new appreciation for Audrey Hollander.. she is one dirty girl.

Personally, I like the more Hardcore companies like, PowerHouse, Powersville, Exxtreme, Mayhem, Notorious, SuperCore and Pearl Productions, you will find a ton of those on the site.

This is one of the sites that I have chosen a one year subscription.

01-14-09  09:55am

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Visit American Vice

American Vice
Reply of Toadsith's Review

Great Review! I was a member about 9 months ago and let it lapse. I joined up again based on your review. They have added a ton of additional DVDs.

I really like the reviews of each scene... adds quite a bit to the tone of the website.

Also, they have a really good option to purchase a year for only $99. I must be in the spending mood.

11-11-08  09:19am

Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network
Reply of The Clyde's Comment

Rec'd an email from BangBros and they had to take the HD vids down for a bit.. Should be back soon.

04-06-10  02:43pm

Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

HD Video Options

Does anyone know if BangBros limits the amount of HD downloads? I was able to download HD Vids and now they only show the streaming option available. I can still download the large WMV files, but not the HD versions.

It was like this was disabled, there isn't even a button available any longer.

04-06-10  12:29pm

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Visit Brain Pass

Brain Pass
Reply of Brainpat's Reply

No problem.. I have been a member off and on for three years. This time I gave in and purchased a year long package.

04-15-09  01:14pm

Visit Brain Pass

Brain Pass
Reply of Brainpat's Reply

If you could improve the quality of the videos, that would great! I really love the niches and videos provided, the quality is just not up to what Zero Tolerance has on their site. ZTOD.com. Their HD videos are AWESOME. If Brainpass could commit to adding a few less vids per day, but making them HD in quality, it would put you over the top.

That being said, I have a year long membership to your site and really like it.

04-15-09  12:53pm

Visit Brain Pass

Brain Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Massive Amount of Content
+ Great Niches- Bukkake, DP, GB, Cocktail
+ Tons of Pornstars
+ Lots of Updates
+ Good Quality Videos in several formats
+ Great Stars - Sascha Gray, Courtney Cummz, Hailey Young, Amy Reid, Faye Runaway
+ Easy to find Star List that spans the network
+ Yearly Subscription Price of only $89 for 365 days
Cons: - Videos could be DVD Quality or HD
- Better Photos
Bottom Line:
I really like this site and enjoy many of the niches that they have. This is the third time that I have joined and it is better each time. I wanted a multi month memebership and it was between BrainPass and KickAss. KickAss raised the price, almost double. While BrainPass offered a GREAT DEAL with the yearly subscription.

I would suggest that sites start offereing the yearly option. They will get more money and less stress on the bandwidth. It is much tougher for me to join once a year and download EVERYTHING in one month for $24.95 than letting me download over the entire year. More money for you, $89, and less stress on the bandwidth and server.

01-14-09  05:35am

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Visit Club Amber Rayne

Club Amber Rayne
Reply of mbaya's Review

This is a comment on Amber Rayne, not the website or it's content, quality or quantity.

I find Amber Rayne pretty hot. She is not the typical beach blonde, which is sometimes nice. She seems a little hardcore with her music choices in the promo vids and she really puts alot into her scenes.

Mbaya mentioned that she wasn't much to look at, I disagree. She certainly has her appeal in both looks in performance for those looking for attitude and not your run of the mill bimbo :)

01-30-09  05:47am

Visit Cover My Face

Cover My Face

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Younger & Very Hot Chicks
- Niche content on Bukkake and Cleanup
- Cleanup girls are VERY Hot!
- Updated at least three times per month
- Part of the BrainPass Network - Tons of good content
- Price is good for all the content
- Video Quality is Good, not HD
- Vidcaps are available
Most scenes are broken into two parts. First is the full sex scene, usually a threesome. They follow it up by calling in another 10 guys to deliver the goods.
Cons: - I would cut out the vidcaps, poor quality
- More cleanup girls
- More updates :)
Bottom Line: I really like the BrainPass Network. They have something for most folks, from Bukkake to Anal to Individual Models to Gonzo. Appears that some of the content is from videos produced by Brandon Iron. I would recommend this site to anyone. I have about 150GB stored!

12-21-07  11:45am

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Visit Devils Film

Devils Film
Reply of apoctom's Reply

I use FlashGet.. which DL Manager do you use? I have tried others in the past and had trouble with the configueration. They wanted to download the entire site. Can you help with this?

11-02-07  01:08pm

Visit Devils Film

Devils Film
Reply of apoctom's Comment

I really like DevilsFilms.com! The site has a TON of videos that aren't found on VideoBox or any of the other DVD download sites. No DRM on this site, I won't join a site with DRM.

File size options are nice and give the user many options. I prefer the highest quality, thus a very high speed connection is desirable.

The only downfall is the lack of DOWNLOADER option, this is the only thing that prevents me from keeping a membership with the site. I constantly need to babysit the downloads.

11-02-07  12:58pm

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