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Visit 21Sextury.com


Re-organization can be a nightmare for collectors

Nothing negative can be said about what essentially matters for a porn pay-site and that would be the quality of the content.

However, with more or less constant network re-organizations, it can sometimes create some sort of transparency problems when you are a longtime sub to the network and have created a offline collection of the stuff.

My latest example would be the point when suddenly - and without much ado - fassinating.com disappeared from the network as visible to me. Did it go offline? No, it was still there, only that it obviously suddenly became categorized as a new standalone entry point to the network itself.

The trouble here was that - although they kept the content of fassintaing.com available to me, the network user, they re-arranged and re-ordered the shoots to other network sites (as I see it pixandvideo.com and/or clubsandy.com).
Not great but still okay still I did not lose any content that way.
But the fact that they not only threw all those scenes in the other site(s) but also *renamed* them in order to fit to the respecting site-organziation was a real pain:
If a fassinating.com-scene would have been named 14123... the very same scene on the other site now could be named 2987... and so on.

So from now on, if I find an older scene I might like to add to my collection, I will have to check and re-check for doubles to avoid wasting GB's of HD-space. Bummer.

03-27-11  02:09am

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Visit 21Sextury.com

Reply of exotics4me's Comment

great comment, thanks for pointing out those things.

The 1TB-ISP-remark was hilarious and I do know exactly what you are talking about, haha

03-27-11  01:44am

Visit ATK Natural & Hairy

ATK Natural & Hairy
Reply of The Bishop's Review

Nice to see a qualified update every once in a while, especially when it comes with this sort of good reviewing skill.

Good mentioning of things that make a collector's life harder - even though I am not a "stills"-man, same thing applies ever so often when collecting vids.

04-05-11  07:19pm

Visit Beauty Angels

Beauty Angels
Reply of lk2fireone's Review

An excellent review with some good money saving tips at the end.

04-07-11  01:13am

Visit Brutal Fisting

Brutal Fisting
Reply of BadMrFrosty's Review

I do have a firm opinion about this. A paysite that only holds 12 individual scenes, as good as those scenes might be, does not qualify as a paysite.

If it's only bearable as part of a group of sites or network, as nice as that might be, it can't count when doing a review, at least not as long as the individual site is reviewed and not the network as a whole.

So, if you ask me, they were lucky they got away with a 68.

For your review, all the relevant parts (and especially the cons) were covered so nobody can ever feel ripped off when joining *after* reading the review. And that, I think, is the main goal a review should have.

Well done.

04-05-11  12:42am

Visit Devils Film

Devils Film
Reply of lk2fireone's Review

excellent review, hat off!

Not a single thing to add, steals the opportunity from me to do an own review because that just would not make any sense

03-27-11  05:12am

Visit Fuck Ass Online

Fuck Ass Online

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Some rarer anal-stuff of now better known models
Anyway, there are no "trashy" models here.
- Video quality is generally good.
- Straightforward video-dowmloading:
- Three different clip-qualities (High wmv = 700+M+; Med wmv = 400+MB; Flash)
- All shoots can also be downloaded and/or streamed in smaller clips.
- "Photo Gallery"-section with 100+ *screenshots* of the videos per shoot
- Fairly usable preview of site content before joining
- Videos can be sorted by date added and name of model
- Search machine allows search for model names
- User can select and access "favorites" (well, there are only 32 shoots, so wtf)
Cons: - only 32 shoots online, no apparent updates to be expected
- The site is essentially a mummy: The latest "news" displayed at the home page is dated June 2010 (and basically says nothing more than "nice to see you").
The last content update dates from November 2010.
Nothing can be found out whether there are future udates planned or scheduled (but I would not bet on it).
- The "bonus" section is ridiculous, listing exactly two photoshoots and videos of two different couples.
- No dedicated photo galleries. The "photos" are in fact more or less screenshots of the videos"
- No model directory
- Site renames some models which makes them hard to track down when better known from elsewhere
- No (!) affiliate websites within the subscription
Bottom Line: I can recommend this site for someone who finds a "must-have" shoot of a model he collects and could not get anywhere else. At least some of the shoots seem to be exclusive.

Since the content is VERY limited and there are no updates to be seen, this will probably be a one-month experience only.

At least the title of the site will not mislead you. It gives you what it says ... However, if you joined expecting a megasite, it's your own butt that's on the line.

03-27-11  03:17am

Replies (1)
Visit Fucking Gamble

Fucking Gamble
Reply of exotics4me's Review

great review, thanks for being neutrsl and informative!

04-05-11  07:13pm

Visit Fucking Gamble

Fucking Gamble
Reply of mbaya's Review

Solid review - thank you very much, this has helped me with my decision to give the site a try

04-05-11  07:11pm

Visit Fucking Gamble

Fucking Gamble
Reply of nymano's Review

nymano, thank you for this review of a site with an ususual concept. Hope to see some more reviews from you soon.

04-05-11  07:04pm

Visit Glamour Models Gone Bad

Glamour Models Gone Bad
Reply of tangub's Reply

Indeed. I guess I was sort of carried away by the fact that GMGB was one of the very first sites I subscribed to a long time ago (when I was still hunting photo sets) and at that time, I had no idea about the fact that most of the content is secondary publishing. Also, the videos they have here are more or less "fillers".

I will sure address both of those points in the review and it *will* lead to heavy point cuts.

Thanks for your feedback!

04-07-11  03:01am

Visit Glamour Models Gone Bad

Glamour Models Gone Bad

Sensational discount still active

it's a hesitation at the regular price of recurring $24,95, it's a sensation at recurring $9,95, thanks to TBP.

Review will follow, I see the last was quite a while ago

04-06-11  02:49am

Replies (2)
Visit Grandpas Fuck Teens

Grandpas Fuck Teens

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: + Solid niche site with 233+ scenes
+ weekly update
+ top quality technical specifications of content (see bottom line)
+ part of a vast network
+ content can be filtered, ordered and searched
+ user can chose between three formats for streaming and up to six formats for downloading videos (see bottom line)
+ HighQuality photo shootings for every scene, available in two formats and ZIP-folders
Cons: - Scenes might become repetitive after a while
- not many different male actors (for those who care about them)
- need of getting used to the looks of some actresses, but matter of personal taste
- older content does not have the same amount of different quality choices
- some actresses, even with a lot of good will, do not qualify as 'teen'
Bottom Line: We are looking at a themed site from the vast, content-rich and sometimes overly complex network of 21Sextury-sites. With signature websites such as assholefever.com, dpfanatics.com, analteenangels.com and lately gapeland.com, this network, as you as the porn geek of course are well aware of, for some years now sets the standard for high quality European porn.

Does this niche site live up to this reputation? Yes and no. Looking at it from a solo-site point of view, you get a nice mix of different and sometimes well known models who perform professional porn scenes (at least no amateur-faking for the most part) of highest technical standards. On the downside, the scene's setups are more than repetitive and iterative, there are no surprises, except maybe the question whether there will be anal sex or not (if you did nor care to study the scene's specifics before).

At the date of this review, we are looking at 233 scenes (with weekly updates coming) of the "old and young"-niche, as the title of the site already tells you, we are solely concentrating on the "old male, young female"-aspect. The vast majority are straight sex one-on-one scenes (15 of 233 anal; only 3 of 233 w/DP).

On the strong side, you fully benefit from 21Sextury's latest network design with fairly well working filters, search features and all kinds of fancy things you might want to wish for (or at least had wished for in the past).

Talking tech and specifics, the numbers are rock solid as expected:
Videos come in three different qualities for streaming and even six different qualities for download (older scenes might have fewer options). Formats are MP4 and WMV and the newer "Full HD"-scenes feature a screen resolution of rocking 1920x1088 px. File sizes vary between 200MB and 1GB. All videos are (still and for whatever good reason) optionally accessable as split parts of approx. 2 minutes.
Every scene features an own photo shooting with pro-shots in two different resolutions (standard with 1.200 px on the long side and HQ with 4.000+ px on the long side) and *of course* are those shootings available as zipped folders.

Bottom line
If you are into this niche, this site alone sets some sort of standard for what you are looking for.
As a part of a growing network of 40+ HQ-sites, it's a nice addition to the mix.

You do not ever will have to worry about lack of content or bad-quality videos, that's for sure.

So it's actually quite a challenge to name a few things on the downside because as a part of a network, you might as well say 'so what, then I just leave this one out and have fun with 30 other sites!'. True. However, if you *do* care about this niche, you might want to see a little bit more diversity in scene setups and storylines. Some actresses would not necessarily qualify as "top looking" but then again, the beauty lies in the eye of the beholder (and I drop five bucks into the money box for overused empty phrases).

04-04-11  10:36pm

Replies (0)
Visit Hard Fuck Tales

Hard Fuck Tales
Reply of Trip999's Reply

No, I can honestly say that I did not encounter anything in this videos I would consider disturbing in the meaning of harsh violence or dangerous practice.
However, they sometimes (but in no way as a general theme or motto) are on the brink to what could be considered as 'rape fantasy' but only briefly in the development of a scene and not as a recurring lead motive (no obvious forced sex, etc.).
And I can say that I am able to judge - this is the site from which I downloaded and watched all 20 available movies.

04-04-11  09:30pm

Visit Hard Fuck Tales

Hard Fuck Tales

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Attractive eastern European female models paired with groups of guys
+ some of the models are well known (and sought after)
+ exclusive content
+ high standard videos in three different resolutions and sizes (see bottom line) plus a flash-stream
+ downloadable photo content
+ access to five more websites of same quality
+ long videos, 50 to 90 minutes each
+ good download speeds, managers supported
+ updates are dated
+ content is searchable and can be ordered in many different ways
Cons: - only 20 scenes
- only 1 to 2 updates per month
- model naming is erratic and generic
- some setups are iterative
Bottom Line: ... and here we go again, trying to review a single site that in fact is part of a site family (I am avoiding the term 'network' here because I do not consider 6 sites to qualify as a network) consisting of "Student sex parties", "My pickup girls", "Cash for sex tape", "Porn traveling", "Chicki Porn" and this site itself.

Each site of the family has a rather unique approach to its scenes, however, in the case of "Hard Fuck Tales" it's straightforward:
One girl, more than one guy, a more or less interesting setup and 50 to 90 minutes of hardcore sex per session.

Saying that, as a single site, Hard Fuck Tales would be mostly noted for spectacularly looking eastern European girls, many of which you have seen and noted before elsewhere and now that you see them again causing some confusion due to the creative naming of the models by the site's producers:

Take some generic russian girl's names, mix them with some anglo-american sounding names and count them up with numbers. WTF? The site's list of the 10 top rated models then reads accordingly: Sweet Tanata (ok, at least she is traceable under that name) leads over a Monica and an Ashley, closely followed by some Lenas, Ritas and Svetas.

Ok, so you can forget the naming and thus have to depend on some other ability to track down the girls elsewhere, but the models themselves really are of a high standard.
Same goes with the video sessions: There is some serious action going on here, most of the scenes contain anal and dp sex, all of them are worth the download.
In the end, you are almost relieved that there are only 20 of them to the date of the review. Although bear in mind that 20 scenes easily mean 15 to 24 hours of video (I did not make the exact calculation here although info about length and specs are given for each scene).

The content you get seems to be exclusive and is, as I pointed out, good quality.
As you would expext from a modern age porn site, you can chose between three different video resolutions: SD 1024x576 in AVI, HD 1280x720 in MKV and 460x320 in MOV. Even the lowest quality allows you to follow the action on a laptop or regular screen. File sizes vary accordingly between around 120 to 150 MB for the MOV's and up to 1.5 to 2.0 GB for the HD MKV's.
Download speeds of the movies are on par, download managers are supported.
In addition, you can view or preview the video content on a flash stream that works very responsive and in a good resolution.
The picture collectors also get satisfied with 150 to 200 unique photos per session (and not just screenshots), they can be dl'd as ZIP and are accessable through a gallery. Format is okay (1152p at the long side).

Bottom Line:
A solid performance modern age porn website with a fair amount of high quality content. Attractive on its own, it becomes a highlight when considered part of a 6-site-family with sister sites of similar quality.


04-03-11  11:07pm

Replies (7)
Visit Hard Fuck Tales

Hard Fuck Tales
Reply of RustyJ's Review

As a current member of the network, I was going to add another review of this site soon, so I wanted to see yours, of course.

I have to say - excellent review! Very complete and neutral.

03-27-11  11:49pm

Visit Hard Fuck Tales

Hard Fuck Tales
Reply of pat362's Review

Since I am going to review this site soon, too, of course I was interested in reading yours from January ---

The main points still stand, this short review is well-biased and delivers the key facts at a glance. Thank you!

03-27-11  11:43pm

Visit Indecent Massage

Indecent Massage
Reply of Rotterdam854's Review

good review! I especially like the clear language in the con-section. That's exactly what I need when weighing whether to join a site or not.

04-05-11  04:24am

Visit Messy Gang Bangs

Messy Gang Bangs

The mess with the term "messy"

One probably should just add that the "messy" in the site's title has nothing to do with the "wet and messy"-fetish as it could be understood from the category this site is listed under.

There is no food, paint, gunge or whatever substance abuse to be expected during these gangbangs. They sometimes get messy just when you expect a straight-gangbang porn-shoot to get messy: In the very end.

03-27-11  03:36am

Replies (0)
Visit Messy Kelly

Messy Kelly

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: -> Unique content in the WAM (wet and messy) niche

-> great looks, exclusive model

-> takes the fetish to an extreme

-> good quality videos and photos:
640x480px in WMV-format - HiRes pictures available
Cons: -> apparently no more updates

-> poor preview before joining site

-> only one model featured

-> might become repetitive

-> no point in a renewing subscription if there are no more updates

-> only one video download-format
Bottom Line: If you are into the 'Wet and Messy'-niche, Kelly gives you some stuff you might miss with softcore-WAM shoots: The little extra bit of explicite footage, masturbation and toy play.

Well worth the money for a one-time subscription even considering there are no updates and this became an archive site.

And of course - I would never recommend any site that has DRM-protected content or anything like that, so the stuff you get is the stuff you can keep.

03-27-11  05:03am

Replies (0)
Visit Private.com

Reply of studslut's Review

The fact that the vids are DRM'd OF COURSE is a con, no matter how much you might like the company or the content.

03-27-11  03:41am

Visit Subverted Teens

Subverted Teens
Reply of BadMrFrosty's Review

Nice and straightforward review, I liked it a lot.

I also understand that the use of the rating numbers are rather difficult and I do not necessarily consider a 65 to be a "no way" when I see it.

Honestly, I believe a 4 or 5-star rating system would do the job just as good or even better, at least as long as the overall score is not calculated out of individual section-scores for all reviewers.

03-27-11  03:51am

Visit VideoBox

Reply of messmer's Reply

I second that. I always had the choice which VB I want to use

04-05-11  04:02am

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