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N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I'm so used to cropped images, I've gotten very good at picking the great shots with a limiting thumb.
I've grown to like the cropped images because it provides constant surprises, a key element in arousal.

05-16-14  04:22pm

Visit Casting Couch X

Casting Couch X
Reply of bibo's Review

Their downloadable videos all appear to be high def

I don't have any desire to waste my hard drive space on high definition videos that look much the same as a 720p on my 27" screen. The content sounds great but I will not be spending my money here until I hear that a lower resolution is available

01-26-14  05:50pm

Visit Twistys

Reply of Cybertoad's Reply

Thanx CT My browser is the latest version of Firefox, updated two weeks ago

Again I have no complaint about Twistys' content, it's wonderful

It's simply too much work

10-04-12  12:10am

Visit Twistys

Reply of cjd2004's Reply

Thank you cjd2004 for your reply. It did no help to log off and then log back on. I tried to delete history with cookies un-checked, but that didn't help. Twisty's tech support guy was helpful and seemed more knowledgeable than most. He said all cookies must be deleted, so I bit the bullet and deleted them. Email, Facebook, TV listings and every other site that requires passwords or stores my personal info in a cookie, was affected. Every time I log on to them, the cookies are reset, only to be deleted the next time I wanna see a thumbnail. My browser is the latest version of Firefox.

I have nothing bad to say about Twistys content, it's great. So good that I will struggle through for the remainder of my month, but I will not renew or return. The CAPCHA bullshit is insufferable. These tired old eyes cannot work out their puzzle.


10-04-12  12:04am

Visit Twistys


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: 1. Great content
2. Great variety
Cons: It was the most work Iíve ever done, to see a naked lady.
Thumbnails, a critical part of the selection process, were non-existent. On the phone with their tech support, we resolved the problem by clearing the history file. That only worked if I cleared all my cookies. Hundreds of cookies that identified me to websites I frequent. Stored passwords, all deleted. This must be done 10 to 15 times a day to view thumbnails. In order to remain on the Twistys site, I am prompted for a password sometimes every 5 to 7 minutes, each time having to enter the password that has been deleted in order to see thumbnails, and a capcha, many of which cannot be deciphered. I often then receive a message that I am already logged on.
Activating the back button is a crap shoot. I will activate a download of a lady Iíve found and liked and hit the back button to see more of her. I am taken to another quadrant of the site and have to navigate to the desired photoset, usually requiring logging on once more.
Bottom Line: There was not enough room in the above box to finish my list of complaints

Great content, but not worth the aggravation.

I do no recommend Twistys

I intend never to revisit this site unless I hear from a trusted source that their habits have changed

10-03-12  02:32pm

Replies (6)
Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings
Reply of BubbaGump's Review

Some decent content
Donít go there
Slow download speed
Donít go there
Three to nine G daily download limit
Donít go there
Hundreds of dead links
Donít go there
Tech support is non existent or totally non responsive
Phone numbers donít work
Donít go there
Cancelation doesn't appear to work
Donít go there

04-08-12  03:25pm

Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings
Reply of BubbaGump's Review

Excellent revue Bubba

For the first 2 months, I experienced no download limit at all.
Around the middle of December, I began getting shut off daily, without an increase in my downloading habits. I read that the limit was 10G. That is not true for me. I began keeping all downloads in a single folder until I was cut off. I recorded the size of the file and then
filed its contents. I was able to DL 9G on two occasions. The rest of the cutoffs happened at between 3 and 7G. Dead links to the WMV files are plentiful. Several times I got 3 or 4 dead WMV links in a row and was then was shut out. The failed downloads were being counted in the DL limit. Daily, there are 2 to 4 download that appear to complete, but when I attempt to view them the file size says otherwise.
The failed downloads are between 1 and 100MB instead of the 300 to 700MB I was expecting. The folks in tech support are asleep at the wheel. In the first 2 months, I made between two and three hundred bug reports.
I never received a single response and no corrections were ever made. I stopped wasting my time. Each scene has a comments section. Whenever I commented about a dead link or a missing file, my comment was removed within hours. Someone there is on top of that job.
For me, downloading is the only viable use of Reality Kings. Streaming videos are impossible there. Buffering takes 5 to 10 times longer than the video it provides. Images sometimes take 5 to 10 seconds to load just the thumbnail of the image.
Itís easier to download the zip file and then delete what is not wanted.
(zip files do not appear to count against the download limit. Nor do clips) I would much prefer to download HD vids but that would set the limit to 2 or 3 videos a day. The only HD in the network is 1080p which is a huge memory hog, from 3 to 5G per video. 720p files at 1G per video would make a lot more sense to me. Most other sites offer both.

I've canceled my membership and will not return unless I read reports of an improvement.

Yes, RK has some very good content, but the navigation issues, the apathetic tech support, and the download limit queer the deal.

I recommend Reality Kings to no one.

03-25-12  04:24am

Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings
Reply of messmer's Comment

The download limit for me is less than 10G more like 6 to 8G
However I wasn't shut out for excessive downloads until the second or third month(around the middle of December), so i'ts possible they don't do this to newbies. The zip files don't appear to have restrictions. Nor do video episodes. I have a cable modem that speed tests at 1.2 to 1.6 megs per second but viewing streaming vids is not an option. Even low res streaming vids will show 3 to 5 seconds of very choppy video, then 10 to 20 seconds of buffering.

Like you this pisses me off. Their content is amazing so I'd say pay your ten bucks, and the first time they shut you down, Bail!


just join another 10 dollar site that will give you somewhere to go when you are shut out. GiveMeTeens has a lot of great content and is also 10 bucks a month That's what I did

03-05-12  05:18pm

Visit Give Me Teens

Give Me Teens
Reply of Micha's Comment

I joined GiveMeTeens for 10 bucks a couple of months ago with a special offer from the PU newsletter, and was initially unimpressed. Iím writing now to take it all back.
As an old hand with erotica, print media and porn theaters in the seventies, rented vids in the eighties and nineties and the Internet in the new century, I can say now, this is an incredible site. It is a wonderland of high def vids and the still images that accompany the HD vids are mind-boggling. GMT is a lot better than I originally thought but the bonus content (apparently all the same network) has everything I could possibly want and more. I recently began scrolling the artistís names and have found old favorites I hadnít remembered in years. There are a plenitude of vids from the eighties and nineties that while not as technically advanced as more current offerings, they are a wondrous stroll down the lane of remembrance.
For those who like still images, donít go here unless you have months of free time. The pictures are huge and well photographed.
(the images accompanying the older lower definition vids are mostly screen caps and not worth a click, but the images that come with the HD vids will change your life) If you need to go to work daily or eat regularly, you may want to consider not visiting this site.
There is everything from artsy to crass, anal to tranny, bukkake to parodies. Pay particular attention to Peter North and Rocco Siffreddi.

The few times Iíve had technical issues, the tech support had been amazing, with emails abundant and informative. I rate this site in the mid nineties (Iíve never given higher than 80 to anyone)

The one downside, ZIP files are not on the menu. It requires you to actually look at the images and download individually rather than downloading Zips and forgetting them. (I still have unzipped TeenDream and SimonScan files from 5 years ago)

02-11-12  02:09pm

Visit Devils Film

Devils Film
Reply of dracken's Review

This is a great review Dracken
After reading your very thorough review, I almost don't need to go there, but I'm there already, a month now, and the content doesn't seem to be running out. I have no interest in anal,gangbang,tranny or bukake of which there is plenty, but there are tons of content that I love. I like teen hard bellies an much as the next guy but this site has given me a whole new appreciation for milfs and matures.
The parodies are fun and the the copious quantities of 4 or 5 film niches ( mothers teaching daughters, step daughters, step dads,mothers in law,boffing and cougars) will keep me interested for quite some time. Ninety is not a number I will award freely, but I have to agree with you on this one.

01-09-12  02:53pm

Visit Give Me Teens

Give Me Teens

give me teens

I logged two hours ago for the promo price of ten bucks offered in the PU newsletter. (available until the 12th of December )
So far, Iím not impressed.
While a few (a very few) vids are offered in HD (1080 and 720) , most are not
Still Images are of decent quality but difficult to navigate, very difficult to download.
ZIP files are not available.
Navigation is not instinctual. Some dead links that work when tried later. Some links to white screens where nothing loads and there is no return with the back button, requiring reloading the site.
A few favorites are present but not extensively and in scenes that are not exclusive.
A lot of anal, though not a draw for me.

Some of the series:
Boffing the Babysitter
Donít Tell My Wife I Ass Fucked the Babysitter
Itís OK Sheís My Stepdaughter
My Wife and I are Fucking the Babysitter
Mothers Teaching Daughters To Suck Cock
I wanna Assfuck Your Daughter
Weíre Fucking the Neighbors
My New Black Step Daddy
North Pole
Rocco Sifretti etc. etc. etc.

And every manner of anal
And what appears to be the entire content of an early 2000ís vid rental back room

With the DVDs there are more than 12 thousand scenes

At this point the site is not remarkable but I paid my ten bucks so maybe Iíll give it another look.

If you are a fan of anal, the above may not be addressed to you

12-10-11  04:54pm

Replies (2)
Visit All Adult Pass

All Adult Pass
Reply of petefountain's Review


A good selection of ladies, young and mature. A vast archive with past favorites reappearing in ample amounts. Young lovely teens are plentiful and seem to enjoy their work.
But it is largely all for naught.
The network of sites is mostly non navigable. A click on an image, or the use of the back button, can send you to a far corner of the network where you can see obese matures and gangbanged trannies. It will then require five to ten clicks to return to what you were viewing if you can find it at all. The sites move veeerrrrry slowly and downloads are like watching snow melt. The fastest download speed I could attain was 143 Kbps (with a 1.4Mbps modem). Most downloads time out with 80 to 90% complete. The network does not allow resuming downloads so if it is interrupted, it is lost. Download managers are useless and hereís a new one for me. The urls often will change mid-stream, terminating the download.
Files cannot be queued for later download because the url changes within minutes.
Several communications with the support staff have gone un-answered.
Zip files are very difficult to find and when you do find one you find low quality (45 Kb) vid caps. The few photo images are also very low resolution (50 to 80 Kb)
Most of the videos and photosets are years old but are listed as having being added within the last couple of months. Talent that Iíve seen for years, are all now 18 years old again.
In this age of free internet porn, they seem to go out of their way to alienate paying clients
What do I want for 10 bucks?

07-19-11  02:35pm

Visit Simon Scans

Simon Scans
Reply of qualsite34's Comment

Yes, Simon Wolfe is a hardcore horndog, but SimonScans doesn't have a penis anywhere in the site. Its been a couple of years since I was last there, but I found the videos to be unremarkable. While the stills are amazing, the vids are very deletable

06-30-11  01:08pm

Visit Teen Mega World

Teen Mega World
Reply of elephant's Reply

Elephant wrote: Did you try contacting support on this issue.

I found network support to be totally non-responsive. Their only answer to a problem was to wait two weeks and then remove the malfuctioming vid, photoset or link from the system.

I am still a member for 3 more days and it had gotten quantumly worse in the last 2 days.

I don't think these folks are in the business of making erotica. They probably just buy bulk from a plethora of eastern Europeons who own handi-cams.

Thanks for your response


06-21-11  01:04pm

Visit Teen Mega World

Teen Mega World
Reply of TheSquirrel's Review

Yes a very good review, but 80 seems high to me
I personally love the thin young things but they were not enough to pull this one out of the fire. These are the slowest porn sites I have ever visited.Download speed does not exceed 178 Kbps
(I have a 2Mbps cable modem) Navigation is an experating experience.The whole network is juat klunky.
Do not consider these sites unless you have a DL manager. Fifty to one hundred download resumptions were not uncommon to DL a 25 minute vid. Without the manager they would all have aborted.
I am new to using a DL manager, so some of the problems may be with the user. The most common responses on these sites :
Error.....Server Busy...waiting to retry and Waiting for reply
Almost every page that loads has a notation that there is an error on the page. Images are missing everywhere. They may load tomorrow, or next week, but not now.
I will say that about 25 vids and photosets were of the best I've ever seen but most the remaining 3000 were of abysmal quality. Tricky Masseur,Fuck Studies, Nubile Girls and Beauty Angels had some decent content, less so for TeenSexMania and TeenStarsOnly.
The rest of the network is really not worth a look. Believe me, I've looked,
Anal fans may enjoy this site more than me. Rabid anal fans seem to make up the bulk of the vocal members and their comments. They seem to be of the ďit ainít good anal if it donít hurtĒ school of thought. Not for me thanks.
AmateurTeenMover refer not to the models so much as the cameramen. TeenSexMovs is the porn equivalent of a recycling bin. Five to six hundred vids, mostly crap

06-19-11  08:20pm

Visit Teen Sex Movs

Teen Sex Movs
Reply of lk2fireone's Review

Ninety two? I wouldn't give it more than fifty

This site is the porn equivalent of a recycling bin. It's where they retire all their crap. Most are low quality vids and images ( images are mostly vidcaps) with the actors phoning in their performances.
Much of the material is reminiscent of porn from the sixties, complete with sunglasses and high heels. Many of the performers were listless and didn't appear to be interested in what they were doing.

The entire TeenMegaWorld Network is the slowest pornsite I've ever seen. My downloads never exceeded 178 Kbps with my 2 Mbps modem.
Pages took 3 to 6 minutes to load,and constantly timed out. Streaming videos never buffered, so the only option was to download, and with my DL manager it often took between 50 and 100 resumptions to download a 25 minute vid. There are some pretty good vids and photosets in that network, but few on this site.

I am very aware that good or bad porn is very subjective, but by no stretch of my imagination can this be a 92.

06-19-11  07:16pm

Visit Teen Mega World

Teen Mega World
Reply of elephant's Review

I am presently subscribed to TeenMegeWorld
As far as content, it is above average.

In the past ten years, I've subscribed to 40 or 50 sites.
TMW is by far the slowest website I've ever visited.
With a 1.5 - 2mbs modem, I cannot DL faster than 150k with a single DL. Multiple DLs reduces that speed to under 30k. Without a DL manager, this site would not be viable. When my 30 days is up, I am so outta there.

05-03-11  02:43pm

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