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Visit I Love Bitties

I Love Bitties
Reply of BradlyH's Reply

Only one network site has all the goods with a little toy play. Everything else is all big boobs.

01-12-12  12:59am

Visit I Love Bitties

I Love Bitties

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Good amount of content.
* High quality pictures and HD videos.
* The prettier girls have their own network website.
* No download limits.
* Some girls from BustyPass, like Abi Louise, are on here too.
Cons: * Girls are not very pretty.
* Many girls have nasty stretch marks.
* Boring picture and video sets.
* Most girls do not show bush. Softcore website.
Bottom Line: Boring! This is one of those web sites where the photographer refuses to go outside lol! All girls are pretty much shot in the same damn room or the same damn shower in the same damn house at the same damn time of day using the same damn reused clothing. You will fall asleep watching these videos as there is nothing to keep your interest unless you like staring at big boobs with stretch marks. There is no originality here, no creativity, just some guy using his bedroom with a limited amount of female clothes in his closet, shooting pics and videos of some average looking girls.

My recommendation is if you like this kind of stuff is to get it for only a month and download it all and then cancel. Entire network site content can be downloaded within a couple of days.

01-04-12  02:51pm

Replies (4)
Visit Saint Paul Girls

Saint Paul Girls

Site Dead or Abandoned?

All are dead except for the older Girls18 sites. It's been a while since I visited, but it appears Greg's been AWOL since last November or so.

01-21-11  11:08pm

Replies (1)
Visit Fame Digital

Fame Digital

Nice Cool Price

$9.95 a month now... on par with porn.com and so on. Having fun downloading DVD quality vids. Cool stuff... make sure you use adblockplus in firefox to get rid of those stupid upsells; I find advertising on every freaking member page really annoying. Thank God for $10 rebate cards from Fry's ha ha ha... wouldn't recommend anyone using any other Visa card other than a rebate one due to all the crappy advertising that appears on every page here :-).

05-23-10  04:04pm

Replies (1)
Visit Young Models

Young Models
Reply of BabyGetReal's Comment

cool, thanks for the heads up!

05-10-10  09:20pm

Visit Stroke My Dick Now

Stroke My Dick Now
Reply of BabyGetReal's Comment

Wow, I know this site is part of FullPornPass, which I believe, should work. You should have access to sites like KatYoung and so on. I didn't sign up for FullPornPass because their discount doesn't work and they have some nasty X-Sales as you've seen! I agree, this network is fishy and people should stay away!

05-10-10  07:15pm

Visit Porn.com

Reply of audrina69's Comment

i as well was on porn.com last month, and using downthemall too. great speed while i was there. only sucky thing was the precheck xsale on cancellation and the buggy website. be careful!

05-04-10  09:13pm

Visit Bang My Teen Ass

Bang My Teen Ass
Reply of Addict's Comment

Yeah, they do this on dead sites like katyoung.com as well too. I forgot it already but they do have a word for this :D.

Also, that website is not 100% exclusive as TBP claims. The scene "DEEP ASS AND FRESH PUSSY" is also on abelinda.com (the 7th scene, 14 November 2009 My pussy and my ass fucked by a fat dick).

05-03-10  08:38pm

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

damn guys, hitachi better come up with them 10 TB drives soon cuz we're going to need them hahahahahaa!

05-02-10  04:17pm

Visit Exploited College Girls

Exploited College Girls
Reply of pat362's Reply

Cool, thank you for the info! I remember the old exploited teens site and I liked the old videos somewhat (this was back in what... uhm the late 90's early 2000's... when even 320x240 was pretty cool). Maybe I'll wait a while on this one then :D!

05-02-10  01:07pm

Visit Busty Babes Pass

Busty Babes Pass
Reply of ace of aces's Reply

Hahahahaha FlashGot worked for me, but it really didn't help. I "ate" a lot already, but yeah, you kind of have to "eat" at the dinner table rather than "eat" on the road :-).

05-02-10  01:04pm

Visit Exploited College Girls

Exploited College Girls
Reply of pat362's Reply

Hey guys,
Out of the 200 some videos you mentioned on the site, how many are HD/SD?

05-02-10  05:57am

Visit Busty Babes Pass

Busty Babes Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 05-02-10  04:24pm  (Update History)
Reason: Forgot to consider the update schedule in my grading.
Pros: * Cute, nice-looking models.
* "Busty" models are not too skinny but not too fat either.
* Most of the sites are HD. One site though has HD vids but it's really 720x480 with a big black border added around the video just wasting space.
* Videos come in high and low quality, multi-part and complete versions.
* Picture sets are zipped.
* So far, the non-"Busty" solo, lez, and hardcore sites is where this network shines.
* A good mix of solo, toy, lesbian, and hardcore sites.
* Mostly exclusive content; some models like Abelinda are on other sites as well.
Cons: * Not enough "Busty" girl videos.
* "Busty" girl videos are boring; "Here are my tits, watch me take off my shirt and fondle my breasts for 3 to 5 minutes while I say nothing."
* Expensive relative to other "better" network "Busty" sites.
* Relatively new site, not a lot of content.
* A few sites haven't updated since last December.
* Site doesn't feel like a "network" of 40 different sites, but rather a single site with 40 models.
* "Busty" models on average only have 3 to 5 pics and video sets. "Sexy," "Teen," and other sites have around on average 10 - 20 picture and video sets.
* A lot of the non "Busty" model sites contain women with "Small" tits LOL! For example, Abelinda, Mary Private, Teen Solita, Paris Rain, Little Amy, Nikky 18, Olivia Pain, Sweet Lili, Punky Jaine, all have small tits!
* Download limits on ZIP files, but apparently, not on WMV files (I downloaded 20 GB in one day and while the ZIP files died quickly the movie clips kept on downloading away).
Bottom Line: -- 10% of score DOWNLOADS
90%: DOWNLOAD SPEED: 300-1000 KB/sec no dl manager.
90%: DOWNLOAD OPTIONS: Download manager worked, but all movie files named the same so I kind of stopped using one and just download and rename stuff manually.
75%: DOWNLOAD LIMIT: Download limit on ZIP (picture) files but apparently not for WMV files. "Your daily limit on download zips has been expired!"

-- 10% of score MISCELLANEOUS
70%: PRICE: Expensive; for $30 DDF is better and cheaper.
80%: NAVIGATION: Model database -> Model page -> Three video/picture sets per page.
90%: SUPPORT: Two questions I asked were answered in one to two days, respectively and problems were solved. Good.

-- 10% of score VIDEOS
90%: VIDEO SIZE: 1280x720 and 4,096 kbps for most videos.
80%: VIDEO QUALITY: Kind of grainy video on some (indoor) videos, but mostly great quality.
90%: VIDEO OPTIONS: Videos come in high, low, and iPod quality; multi-part and full versions available.
80%: WATERMARKS: For Busty sites, large ugly watermark on lower-right corner. On other sites size of watermarks vary from small to medium.

-- 10% of score PICTURES
90%: PICTURE SIZE: 1067x1600, 2000x1333.
90%: PICTURE QUALITY: Pictures are nice and clear.
90%: PICTURE OPTIONS: Pictures are zipped and come in small, middle, and large.
80%: WATERMARKS: For Busty sites, large ugly square black watermark on upper-right corner. On other sites size of watermarks vary from small to medium.

-- 60% of score CONTENT
75%: CONTENT SIZE: New website, so not a whole lot of content yet.
75%: CONTENT QUALITY: Busty site videos just have 3 to 5 minutes of boob play; other sites have 10 to 15 minute videos.
60%: BONUS CONTENT: Sucks; the 100 bonus sites they mention on the sign-up page are made up of 50 garbage video sites and 50 garbage game sites that are not worth anything.
80%: UPDATES: Once every couple of days; once a week. Pretty good.


Higher quality bonus content and better "Busty" videos + more "Busty Videos" and this site is easily in the middle 80's.

I really like this site, and hope it continues to get better. But as it stands right now it looks like it's just another hit-and-run, download everything you can in one month and then see you later maybe in a year or two type site.

The fact that this network is named "Busty" although it contains a lot of non-"Busty" content is a real score killer. However, since I like all types of women I found this to be quite acceptable and enjoyable (you may not though).

05-02-10  05:24am

Replies (3)
Visit Hawt TV

Hawt TV
Reply of anyonebutme's Reply

When I click on Complete Transaction it says "Invalid username/password." :-). Site might be dead then?

04-30-10  04:45pm

Visit Hawt TV

Hawt TV

Hmmm Impossible to Sign Up

Username and password HTML input fields on CCBill page are hidden controls. Possible scam?

04-30-10  04:25pm

Replies (3)
Visit Full Porn Pass

Full Porn Pass

Discount Doesn't Work

If you go to sign up and then navigate out, it asks if you want to join for a discounted rate of $9.99 for one month. Thing is... it doesn't work. Seems like a fishy site anyways. Oh well :-).

04-28-10  06:06pm

Replies (0)
Visit Saint Paul Girls

Saint Paul Girls
Reply of WeeWillyWinky's Reply

Yeah, Greg is a busy guy, and he always responds within a day. From what I've heard, the picture and the video quality both suffer quite a bit because he can't travel around with the girls with expensive camera equipment since the cops are so corrupt in South America. I think he said one time one of his cameramen was stopped and taken out to the woods by the cops where they beat the shit out of him.

BTW, did you join for the year? Ha ha ha I actually have to buy a new hard drive before I can continue downloading some more stuff from his site.

04-27-10  10:29pm

Visit G Queen

G Queen
Reply of RagingBuddhist's Review

Yeah, I know, these Japanese sites are so stingy when it comes to download limits like 1pondo.tv and so on :-(!!! If they weren't so stingy and expensive, I would subscribe to these sites because they do sound and look interesting! Thanks for the heads up!

04-27-10  01:20am

Visit Exclusive Teen Porn

Exclusive Teen Porn
Reply of slutty's Review

any download limits? thanks!

04-21-10  10:40pm

Visit Miss Hybrid

Miss Hybrid
Reply of Cybertoad's Comment

just wait till it becomes cheaper ;-).

04-19-10  10:49pm

Visit iFriends

Reply of jbgild's Comment

Yeah, I would be scared to give my credit card to any of these cam show type websites. Are there even any that are good and trustworthy?

04-17-10  08:46pm

Visit Miss Hybrid

Miss Hybrid
Reply of RagingBuddhist's Reply

Thanks RB. Maggie's review is very accurate as well. Yeah, I saw all that crazy stuff in the forums too. That lady and her minions are a bunch of crazy weirdos, but I don't think their intention was to deceive like a lot of those other crazy Russian websites do with their fake reviews. Nice site, crazy people. She even e-mailed me once (how she figured out my other username I don't know) to say thanks despite all the criticism I gave her site too.

Hmmm... time to proceed with dling some more latin lovelies now ha ha ha ha! I've had enough with this British knickers stuff; time to go find a porn site that calls em what they should be called, panties!!!

04-17-10  08:43pm

Visit Miss Hybrid

Miss Hybrid

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Somewhat funny and entertaining at times.
* Currently updating weekly (new sets), minor changes sometimes made every few days (converting older videos to the newer format etc.).
* Miss Hybrid is pretty and has a nice fit body, but somewhat old + with a boob job.
* Scenes with costars (Penelope, the Maid, Lucy) is where the content really shines.
* Webmaster seems to care (uhm maybe a little too much) about improving the site.
* Videos and images are decent quality (see bottom line).
* No DRM.
* WMV, MP4 720p and 480p options on newer videos.
Cons: * No logout button. Download limit.
* Must e-mail to cancel for recurring option.
* Not all picture sets have videos and not all video sets have pictures.
* Older videos are SD (640 x 360)
* Medium-sized watermarks on bottom-right corner of all images and videos.
* Site is kind of small.
* Scenes with just Miss Hybrid in them are kind of dull; though scenes with costars are good.
* Updates are not dated. Updates are stacked on a single page in order of release from the beginning to the most recent.
* Video and picture sets sometimes don't pop up on the web site at the same time.
* British slang... American porn doesn't use knickers for panties.
* Bonus site only contains 10 softcore picture sets.
* No update information or notifications for bonus site.
* Blog, Twitter page, Yahoo! Group pages and other extras are not interesting.
* Webmaster is somewhat sensitive to criticism.
* Webmaster never answered the single e-mail I sent (asking about the name of actress who plays the Maid).
Bottom Line: * Kind of funny quotes from the first movie: "Oi. Driver. Where you taking me?" says lady with bag over her head. "None yo fucking business!" says driver.
* Currently 141 distinct sets.
* Video Sets: 720p (newer, latest 19 video sets), 360p (all other video sets).
* Picture Sets (Main Site): 680 x 1024 (older sets), 797 x 1200 resolution (older sets), 1063 x 1600 (newer sets).
* Picture Sets (Bonus Site): 680 x 1024 resolution.
* About 18 GB of porn goodness.
* Miss Hybrid -> Hand jobs, blow jobs, foot jobs, solo (toy) play, solo anal (toy) play.
* Female Costars -> Oral, toy play, some hardcore.
* Definitely worth a 1 month non-recurring subscription, but it's not for everyone. If you are looking for teens, POV, hardcore or extreme close ups, tis best to look elsewhere.
* Probably won't join again for a while until more content is added or until I hear all the older videos have been converted to the new format.

04-17-10  04:46pm

Replies (6)
Visit Saint Paul Girls

Saint Paul Girls
Reply of WeeWillyWinky's Reply

I've dled about 70 to 80 of the 400 newer videos that are part of the SP Kittens web site... and they do not have music; all ambient noise (you can even hear birds in outdoor scenes), which, now that you mention it :-P, it has that pretty strong ambient room noise... you know that noise you hear when watching a recorded video it sounds like a machine is running even though there isn't one?

04-17-10  03:05pm

Visit No Rest Network

No Rest Network
Reply of Denner's Comment

Ha ha ha this is why I watch porn with the sound turned off!

04-13-10  11:52am

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