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Visit Porn Pros Network

Porn Pros Network

Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -25 sites in multiple niches, each with exclusive content.

-Hi-Res pictures with great lighting and professional photography. The older sets are only 900x600, but in the past year they have featured nice big 3000x2000px scans for many scenes.

-Pics are all downloadable in ZIP sets.

-Easy to navigate. There are drop down menus at the top of the page that let you quickly access each site/niche/catagory as well as a list of all the girls to choose from and a search box.

-Flash embedded videos which load and play quickly, and downloadable vids are available in WMV HD and MPG HD as well as ipod, psp, iphone and xbox formats.

-Lots of current and popular porntars.
Cons: Quality of the downloadable vids needs to be improved. The bitrate they encode at is not high enough resulting in some pixelization, and the contrast is not always very good either. They also have a very large PORNPROS.COM watermark in the bottom right of the vids which is very distracting. They should drop it down to a tiny 12pt font size and make it mostly transparent.

The downloadable vids, while labelled "HD" are not. True HD is 1920x1080p, and can be reduced to 1280x720p, most "HD" vids on this site are nowhere near that and are quite tiny, although lately they have started to feature a few 720p vids, but not very consistently.

To see an example of 'true' HD check out Brazzers.com they along with Ztod.com have the best HD porn on the net right now.
Bottom Line: Pornpros is a somewhat lesser known network that is similar to the likes of more well known Brazzers and Realitykings. They feature more than two dozen individual sites, all with exclusive pic and vid sets. It's really all just one big site of course, with all the sites within just being broken down into niches and given their own websites/tour pages. There are easy to access drop down menus to navigate the sites and all of the pornstars who appear on them which saves alot of time if you are looking for any particular girl.

Overall it's worthy join if there are pornstars you like who are featured on the site since the material is all original and exclusive.

08-20-09  08:06am

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Visit Naughty Julie

Naughty Julie

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: NaughtJulie is in my opinion the sexiest amateur that was ever on the web. Her first website back in 2002 was called juliesxxx.com. It ran for about 4 years and eventually morphed into Naughtyjulie.com when she inked a parntership with Naughtyallie.

On Naughtyjulie as of Aug 2009 you will find 159 original videos. The vids are all encoded in the WMV format, and are 640x480 (the early ones) and later shot in 853x480 widescreen. The vids are pretty clear, but could be larger and in a higher bitrate imo.

As for photoshoots, as of Aug 2009 there are 200 photoshoots, some are shot in pro style/quality while most are amateur but of very high quality lighting and posing as Julie is a natural in front of the camera.

The pics and vids cover many themes. Solo, girl/girl, boy/girl, girl/boy/girl, boy/girl/boy, group girl, and orgy action.

The photosets are mostly 1024x768 in dimenions.

As for the sex action. Julie is voracious, one of the most naturally sexual girls you will ever see.
Cons: Vid quality while ok could still be much better and the dimenions could be larger. No HD quality stuff on there.

Doesn't perform live shows anymore. She used to do up to 6 a week back in the early days, then it went down to 2, now in the last year she has done 0. Members only camshows consist of nothing but a fully clothed (usually tired looking Julie) chatting. No nudity or playtime, although she used to back in the day.
Bottom Line: There is a ton of hot amateur content and if you are into the swinging lifestyle and like seeing hot couples change partners, or engage in orgies there is plenty here for you.

The bad thing is that Julie seems to have retired from shooting new material. All the updates on the site for the past year or so have been old remastered material that she shot in years past. But she hasn't done any live shows, or shot any new scenes since 2008, and seems to have lost all interest in the site and in interacting with her fans.

It's worth the money to sign up for a month and grab all that you can. In fact i recommend that you do if you like really hot amateur blondes, as i have a feeling the site won't be around much longer judging by the lack of interest by her in it anymore.

08-18-09  12:50pm

Replies (2)
Visit Naughty Allie

Naughty Allie

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: Been a member of Allie's site on and off many times over the years. She and the playmates she has featured on the site over the years are all very hot. Lots of swinging with other couples and orgy action.
Cons: At the bet of times you only get 4 updates per month. 2 videos and 2 photo sets. That however is not the case of of Aug/09. She has not updated the site once in the last 3 months, and in her members only journal she has made excuse after excuse for it, without ever directly answering when (if ever) the updates will resume. Many members have grown frustrated over this, basically paying for nothing for 3 months, yet she always skirts the issue or changes the subject whenever it's brought up in the members only forum.
Bottom Line: Bottom line is there is a lot of hot stuff to be had for fans of amateurs swinging action and orgies, but if you expect regular new updates you won't find it there anymore. No updates in 3 months and nothing but excuses as to why. But paying for 3 months of nothing is not a very good deal. If you plan to join, i suggest just signing up for the minimum length of time and downloading everything you want, then cancelling until plenty more new material shows up in the sites free preview area. I plan on quitting as of this week and will only rejoin if at some point in the future i see enough new content added to make up for the last 3 months.

08-18-09  12:33pm

Replies (7)
Visit Naughty Allie

Naughty Allie
Reply of pornluvr's Reply

Naughtyallie hasn't had a new pic set or vid update in close to 2 years now and there is no longer any mention of working on a new site in her forums. She still does occasional live shows but if you are looking for regularly updated content you won't find it there. Looks like the site is dunzo. People will probably go to log in one day and it will just be gone.

09-04-12  09:16am

Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network
Reply of rearadmiral's Review

I'd like to correct a mistake made in rearadmirals review here:
"While photos are available, this really isnít a photo site. The photos are screencaps of the videos and are available as singles or as zips."

That is wrong. There are BOTH Hi-Res Stills photos AND screencaps for all sites on the Bangbros network other than Bangbus as that one only has screencaps, but no hi-res photos. But all of the other sites on the network have a choice of both photos and screencaps.

If you look at the presentation page of a scene, you will see this:
Pictures and zip files
Photos / Screencaps / Photos.zip / Screencaps.zip

The photos are actual posed-for shots, taken before the videos are shot, and while they are done to mimic the video they are presented with, they often have different poses and positions than are featured in the vids. They have great lighting and very high production values.

The photos are very high quality 3000x2000 hi-res photos with very little compression, with the individual pics being between 2 and 3mb each in size. They are also very generous with the quantity of them, some photo sets are 800 pics or more and the full zips of some shoots are over 500mb in size.

Now the screencaps, those are just still captures taken directly from the videos, which is a good way to quickly browse through what happens in a scene before you watch or download it. But they are kind of unnecessary as it's just as easy to make your own screencaps from the vids yourself if you want to.

I personally love the hi-res photos and download the zips of those more often than the actual videos. I usually stream the vids on the site to watch them, but only download select ones. But i grab every photo.zip of the shoots i like. HD video is great, but it still doesn't come anywhere close to the clarity of Hi-Res still photos taken with 16 megapixel still cameras. And Bangbros have some of the best in the biz.

09-04-12  08:58am

Visit Naughty Allie

Naughty Allie
Reply of NaughtyAllie's Reply

The problems you described about your personal life during the downtime and understandable and i sympathize. But we were told nothing week after week just that things would be fixed 'soon' so you have to realize how frustrating that is when nobody knows whats going on and you start feeling like you're being misled. Go back and read all the past form posts and see how many people were growing frustrated. You didn't have to say anything personal but could have found a better way to communicate to us what was wrong and when things might return to normal.

Yes there are a lot of bonus sites but they don't factor into my review because i don't think most people care about those on an amateur site.

In my opinion when you join an amateur girls site you join to see her content, not generic bonus sites that can be found on many other adult sites.

Also i didn't mention your live shows because i didn't think about it because i rarely view live shows, i just like to download the vids and pics. But that said, access to Camz and Housecamz is not really a big selling point to me since they can both be accessed for free on sites like myfreepaysite.com which is how i log into them when i do feel like watching.

I judge a sites value only in the amount of *original exclusive* content they provide, not the various plugins and bonus features which are pretty much the same everywhere you go. So on that basis 4 updates per month (and 0 updates in the last several months) isn't much once you've already downloaded all the past updates you want from the site.

I have no interest in a rebate, but i'll wait until the tour pages show enough new material added to make it worth signing back up in the future.

08-20-09  06:24am

Visit Naughty Allie

Naughty Allie
Reply of rome476's Reply

I guess spending the $30 depends on how much you like Julie. To me she is hotter and more sexually agressive than Allie so i prefer her vids to Allie's.

Most of the actual orgies (with 3 couples or more) that Julie shot had Allie in them so they are all on Allie's site as well.

There are however some other orgies that she shot with the girls from Anna's 4realamateurs, but if you were a member there you probably have those as well. There was a poolside orgy with Julie, Joy, Brooke, Nicolette, Celeste and another girl and their guys which was mostly oral stuff, and then a 3 girls, 2 guys mini oral orgy on a bed in Anna's house featuring Julie/Nicolette/Brooke blowing Julie's hubby and Nicolette's hubby.

There are also quite a few threesomes and foursomes with other couples on Julie's site. In particular she did several with Brooke and Grant from Anna's 4realamateurs site that are quite hot. Julie really seems to get off on Grants big cock. She also shot some with Nicolette and Jake from 4realamateurs and they are pretty good as well rare as Nicolette quit the biz and her stuff is no longer on 4realamateurs, but her scenes with Julie are still on Julie's site. There is also a 3some of Julie/Anna and Julie's hubby and one really good scene of Julie and Bruce (anna's hubby). There are also a few scenes with Julie/her hubby and Joy Swallows, who has also retired. There are also a few older 3somes Julie shot with her hubby and other girls back before Julie was swinging with other guys on cam.

Overall if you like Julie i'd say it's worth it. I think you'll become a bigger fan that you are now once you see all of her other stuff. As for Anna/4realamateurs, that site has really gone down the tubes in the last year as well. Nicolette quit, Joy Swallows quit, Brooke/Grant don't seem to be updating anymore, and most of the updates there in recent months are also mostly old stuff either remastered or just not published before.

I think the problem with all the amateur swinger sites lately is the recession. I have seen girls mention in chats that their signups for memberships have been way down during it. So i guess they don't want to spend the money to travel to visit each other for the big orgy get togethers that they used to have so often.

PS - don't forget - you can actually see everything that is on Julie's site on her tour pages. It has a fully functional menu that shows the exact layout of the vids/pics that are on the site.

08-19-09  08:19am

Visit Naughty Julie

Naughty Julie
Reply of Denner's Comment

Actually most of those videos you are seeing as 'new' are even older than 2006. Many of them go back as far as 2004 and are from her old site juliesxxx.com

What happened is that Julie has retired from shooting new material (the last actual 'new' scene of her, with her current brunette hairstyle was shot in 2008). So to fill the void of any new material she has been posting remastered versions of videos from her old site. If you download all the vids on Naughtyjulie you will actually notice that while they are sequentially numbers, the ones being posted as her 'updates' now are earlier in the # sequence, because they were all already on the site from day one but just not linked up to the members page. They were there as padding for the times when didn't have time to shoot new stuff, and now that she has completely stopped shooting new stuff that's all you see in the preview pages, the old videos all being re-issued. It's a drag.

08-18-09  12:56pm

Visit Naughty Allie

Naughty Allie
Reply of rome476's Comment

Yes there is overlap on the content that they shot together. Obviously any photoshoots and videos that they both appear in feature on both girls sites. The videos are the exact same versions on both sites, they same size, dimensions, bitrates etc.. they just switch the watermark tag on them. The pic sets however are a bit different. They both use the same pics for each set they upload but the pics themselves are larger on Allie's site as she upgraded the size of them earlier this year. The sets themselves are exactly the same though. So if there are say, 70 pics of a certain shoot on Allie's site, the same 70 pics appear on Julie's, just with naughtyjulie in the watermark instead of allie.

There is plenty of other material on both sites that they didn't work on together. As for total # of vids and pics, there is far more on Julie's site as she has been around a lot longer than Allie. Julie's first site (juliesxxx.com) was up in 2002 and all of the old vids that were on it are on Naughtyjulie now in higher quality versions.

That all said, Julie no longer updates her site with new material. The updates she posts nowdays are all just the old vids from the old site remastered. She hasn't shot any actual new material or scenes in nearly a year and she hasn't done any live cam shows in that long as well. It appears she has retired from the xxx scene for the most part other than dabbling in private pay per view fetish sessions on a cam site. Allie may also be retired as she has not updated her site in 3 months (and counting as of August 18th 2009). She has said in her website journals that she is just remodelling the site but that excuse has been going on for a long time and everytime anyone asks her for a definitive date for the new site design she ignores or works her around their questions.

08-18-09  12:25pm

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