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Visit St. Mackenzie\'s

1. St. Mackenzie's (0)

Cryton (10) 04-30-10  12:39am
Rookie Badge TRUST USER?   YES (18), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: • Incredibly beautiful models
• Regular updates, usually every other day
• Exclusive content
• High resolution photos, typically 3500×2329px
• Thousands of images currently totalling ~4.95GB (as of 04/30/2010)
• Excellent quality HD videos: 1280×720px, 29.97fps, 5,000Kbps
• No DRM
Cons: • Disappointingly soft-core
• Blurry, out-of-focus photography
• Only 47 videos, of which only 13 are HD (as of 04/30/2010)
• Poor, shaky SD videos: 640×480px, 30fps, 928Kbps
• Excessive audio bandwidth in HD videos: 410Kbps, 96kHz
• Download managers do not work with video clips
• Not all models have video clips
• Content organisation could be improved
• Same video/photos appear in multiple model profiles
Bottom Line: The idea is good, a school full of hot female students and equally hot teachers. It's the porn world's equivalent of St Trinian's, a place where the students wear the typical fantasy uniform of white shirt, short skirt, stockings and heels. They've often been naughty and often need punishing, which usually involves them having to strip. OK, the various scenarios are fairly repetitive and a little contrived, but...

...if you thought Talulah Riley, Gemma Arterton and Tamsin Egerton were something else in the films, then the models of St. Mackenzie's are their equal, and then some. Many are simply gorgeous, in fact it's hard to single out those who aren't. Candice Collyer, Faye Tasker, Holly Newberry, Faye Taylor, Lucy-Anne Brooks, Kate Stroud and Big Brother UK contestant Amy Alexandra are amongst the stand-outs.

The teachers are equally stunning; Miss Elise, Miss Lilly, Miss Millicent, Miss Nicola and Secretary Rachel, who has the most incredible breasts I've ever seen.

All of this has the making of a fantastic site, but for various reasons it's soft-core only and really soft at that. Rarely do photo sets include pussy shots and when they do, usually only fleeting glimpses. Some models have been a little more revealing of late with the occasional open-leg shots, but there's no spreading whatsoever. The site could be exceptionally erotic from a lesbian standpoint, but girls hardly ever kiss let alone get up to anything naughty. Likewise, while most of the teachers are of a similar age to the students, there's also the potential for some hot action between younger/older models set against the taboo background of a boarding school, but the site's owners maintain the notion of such a thing being inappropriate. Clearly, someone needs to realise that St. Mackenzie's isn't a real school.

The lack of more revealing content is a hot topic on the site's forum. The official line: "Most UK models only work to topless/soft nude. So finding 40+ models of a high standard (which you all expect) that do 'girl thingy' shots would be impossible."


As for the quality of the content, the video falls into two camps. Horribly shaky, poor quality SD clips and fantastic-looking, steady HD sequences. The latter are a joy to behold because the data rate is sufficient to eliminate blocking and reveal lots of detail. The photos are a different matter; the resolution is huge but many of them are blurry, out-of-focus, or both. The EXIF shows that most were shot using a Nikon D3, but the results are so bad I can only assume it's either faulty or the photographer is really, really hopeless (the use of up to ISO 2000 pointing to the latter).

Personally, I absolutely love the beautiful models but find it totally infuriating that the action and photographs are so tame. The poor standard of photography also detracts from the fantastic-looking teachers and students. The site could be exceptional, but it needs to get more daring and stop taking itself so seriously.
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Visit St. Mackenzie\'s

2. St. Mackenzie's (0)

tangub (155) 10-04-12  01:53am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (51), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: 82 Gorgeous models
100% Exclusive content
Updates with a new photo set or video every other day
High resolution 2300 x 3500 photos
Zip downloads for all photo sets
Videos available in a choice of HD and Low resolution wmv
All content date stamped
Billing by CCBill with no regional pricing
Cons: Very softcore, mostly topless and some mild nudity
These hi res photos don’t look as sharp as you would expect when blown up to full size, too many look out of focus, blurred or grainy as previous reviewers have mentioned with little sign of any improvement in recent updates.
Every zip download has the file name “photo_zip” so you need to rename everything yourself.
File names of the videos are just a date so will also need renaming if you want to know who is in the video when you come to view it.
No file sizes given.
Around half the videos don’t have download options.
The older videos without the HD option look grainy on full screen.
Only one photo size, no small or medium options.
Primitive site design and navigation
No search tools.
Bottom Line: I received a $9.95 email promo offer to this site and after checking out the tour and spotting some of my favourite Only Tease models here like Hayley Marie and Lucy Anne I couldn’t resist signing up for a month to check it out at that price. St Mackenzie’s describes themselves as the most unruly institute of learning in England where it’s sexy students and equally sexy teachers get up to all sorts of mischievous antics. Only problem is they never really get as naughty as you might have expected or hoped for. This is only really a very softcore teasing site about the same strength as Only Tease where you will see the girls posing in their sexy uniforms, stockings and lingerie before stripping and posing topless or nude. A small minority of the models have some open leg shots but most will only give you the occasional glimpse of pussy. There’s no masturbation or toy play and even though there are lots of sets and videos featuring two, three or more girls there’s no real sexual contact between the models other than removing clothes and occasional touching.

St Mackenzie’s has been online since January 2009 and with consistent updates has grown into a reasonable sized collection already. A new update is added every other day and a typical month’s updates consist of 9 new photo sets and 6 new videos. As of today the site has a total of 382 photo sets (35,304 images) and 222 videos. A word of warning: only 107 of the videos come with download options, the rest can only be viewed online.

The navigation is fairly basic with not many options. You can browse “updates” which lists all the content by year and month starting with the most recent or via the model index which is split in to two parts, “pupils” and “teachers”. The only problem with browsing via the “updates” section is that the videos there have no download links. Going into the pupils and teachers listings on each model’s page you will find her 5 most recent updates listed with a scene description and links to download the picture zip and video download options. Videos and picture sets beyond the 5 most recent are listed below under “more updates”. Click on the picture sets here and they will open in a new window with the zip download link. Click on the videos here and Windows Media Player will open and after a few seconds buffering will stream the video online. They don’t provide any download links for videos beyond those that appear within any model’s 5 most recent updates. You can pretty much see the site layout for yourself prior to joining as the tour has the same site layout as the member’s area with the exception of the download links.

The videos that can be downloaded usually have two options, a HD 1280 x 720 wmv @ 8000 kbps and low res 640 x 480 wmv @ 900+ kbps. A few of the older videos only have the low res option. The videos are usually around 5 minutes long and usually consist of the model’s posing and teasing in their uniforms with some upskirt views and panty flashing before removing their clothes. It’s another one of those sites with mostly silent movies, there’s no background music and the model’s seldom talk, at least not in any of the one’s I’ve watched so far.

As for the photos which is my preferred niche, they look fine when viewing them downsized to monitor size in a slide show but when opening them up and viewing them in their full size resolution you can certainly see some flaws as I mentioned in the cons above. I get the impression this is the work of the same photographer from Breath Takers. The photo shoots are pretty much all taken inside the same house recognisable from Breath Takers and the style of photography is pretty much the same where in most of the shoots the models are stood in front of or close to a window making use of the natural light as it penetrates the window.

Overall I did enjoy the collection of gorgeous British models and their sexy outfits in spite of the site’s flaws and it was certainly helped by the fact I only paid $10 to join so the site just about scrapes a probably over generous 80 from me. It’s an ok site if you have a fetish for girls teasing in uniforms, mini-skirts, stockings, tights with plenty of upskirts and panty flashing but if you require explicit nudity or sexual action then probably best to avoid this site.
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Visit Love UK Glamour Girls

3. Love UK Glamour Girls (0)

tangub (155) 04-14-13  03:24pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (51), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Billing by CCBill with no regional pricing
Fair amount of content; 121 models, 178 videos, 575 photo sets (approx. 29,000 pics)
Some nice high resolution photos up to 2333x3500px in size
Photos available in zips.
Videos can be streamed or downloaded.
Some basic model info provided.
Cons: Updates are being rotated.
Zips all have the file name “photo_zip” so you are required to rename every single download yourself.
Only 1 photo size available.
Small square thumbnails don’t properly preview the images.
Photo sizes are inconsistent. The high resolution photos mentioned under pros only make up about 20% of the sets, more than half the sets are a meagre 533x800px or 669x1000 px.
Videos short with the average of the ones I watched being about 3 minutes.
Only 1 download option available for videos usually around 720x576 wmv @ 2000 kbps. (A few of the newer ones come in at 1280x720 @ 8000 kbps)
I had a high failure rate on video downloads, (maybe it was just a bad day)
Very basic site layout and navigation.
No way to search or sort the models or updates.
Typical of most British sites this site is also very soft being mostly topless with occasional mild nudity.
Bottom Line: The only reason I joined this site was due to a half price email promo offering a membership for $12.50. I thought for that price I can’t really go wrong considering the site featured many of the same British models I enjoyed collecting from sites like Only Tease and St. Mackenzie’s. The content here is typical of the softcore tease type of content you find on most British sites which is what I expected with the emphasis on sexy teasing and stripping rather than explicit nudity. There’s plenty of sexy lingerie, stockings, heels and pantyhose on show here.

Although the site is named Love UK Glamour Girls only about 20% of the content is marked with that site name. When I first joined up I started downloading the oldest updates first from August 2010 which were the nice 3500px photo sets carrying the Love UK site name. As I worked forward through the archives I was surprised when I reached August 2011 and the photo sizes suddenly dropped down to 800px and carrying the site name Mackenzie Girlfriends. I guess they must have stopped shooting new content and started padding the site out with low resolution filler content from another site. Everything dated from August 2011 up until March this year is Mackenzie Girlfriends branded content so in summary you end up with 114 nice sized Love UK Glamour Girls photo sets and 461 Mackenzie Girlfriends sets in much lower resolution. The Love UK sets are all solo shoots while much of the Mackenzie GF sets are shoots featuring two or more models as the name would suggest. Around 145 photo sets on the site feature Mackenzie who is the British model Mackenzie White who also plays the part of Head Mistress Mackenzie at St. Mackenzie’s.

The video quality is fairly mediocre by today's standards apart from a few of the latest ones which play at 720p. As with the photos they are mostly just stripping and teasing and although quite a few videos contain two models don’t expect any hot lesbian action, there’s only a bit of kissing and touching. Many of the videos I tried had a musical backing and in some I could see a flash bulb going off.

Navigation is very basic, you only have “updates” or “models”. Click on updates and you get all the updates listed on one page from the current date at the top to the oldest at the bottom. When I first signed up the oldest updates were from August 2010 but today the archives only go back as far as November 2010. The reason? In their attempt to deceive you in to believing the site is still updating daily each day they are simply removing an update from the bottom of the page and placing it back at the top with the current day’s date. On the model index page the Mackenzie Girlfriends models are listed separately from the main models. Click on a model and you will find a very brief bio listing just her name, height, measurements, hometown and star sign followed by a thumbnail listing of her photo sets and videos and at the bottom of the page a list of links to other sites that she appears on.

Overall I thought there was some ok content for the $12.50 that it cost me but for the full price of $25 quite frankly there are plenty of better sites where you can spend your money if you want to see some of these British girls.
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Visit St. Mackenzie\'s

4. St. Mackenzie's (0)

Auxilia (4) 01-02-10  09:14am
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (10), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Exclusive content and lots of it
Breathes new life into a old idea
VERY attractive girls
Good value for money
Excellent update rate
Cons: VERY mild content may put some off
Navigation around and downloading of galleries a little clumsy
Video quality could be better
Users' forum needs more work
Bottom Line: St MacKenzies is a website inspired by the modern version of the St Trinian's movies. The site's back story is set in a college/school, with various British models playing the parts of teachers and students (you will have to suspend dis-belief as pupils and students appear to be more or less the same age!). The lady in charge is a British model called MacKenzie (who plays the part of the Headmistress and is the apparent owner/moderator of the site).

There are currently 23 pupils, and these are divided into various factions, with their own variations on clothing and hair; emo's, geeks, chavs and totty - there is also a 'head girl' (I guess the nearest thing in the US is a 'hall monitor?!). There are 16 models playing the parts of staff members, including an appropriately dressed (for the time being!) school nurse and sports teacher.

The content for each character involves straightforward stripping photo sets and videos both solo and in groups in various situations - and that is pretty much it! The girls on this site are very attractive; however, although the site includes full nudity, some of the earlier content just has the girls going to topless only.

The full nudity is also for the most part pretty coy - amateur gynaecologists will be wasting their time here; also there is no sign of any men. That said the content I think is VERY sexy, particularly some of the multi girl sets and videos. I would say the strength of the material puts it JUST above the Onlytease sites.

There are a small number of videos on the site, which you can either stream or download without too much trouble; the quality on some of these is a little ropey, and there is no choice regarding resolution etc.

The many picture galleries are a little old fashioned in terms of layout, with no clickable options once you've clicked on individual pictures; you also have to navigate back to the girl's main page to download the zip file for that gallery. Again, you get one format/resolution and that's your lot.

There is a users' forum which I think needs a little more TLC. There is only one message board on which you can post, and with time I feel this will become unmanageable. 'Headmistress MacKenzie' (as she calls herself) seems to be conscientious about responding to posts but can react a little angrily to some criticism and on occasion stops only just short of trading insults with other posters - not good.

I think this site has a great future though, and I consider my money well spent. The site takes an old idea and has made it very modern and very erotic. There is lots of content (time for me to scan eBay for another WD MyBook!) and if you like it soft but sexy, I could highly recommend a visit.
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