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51. 1 Pass For All Sites (2)

pat362 (365) 05-22-12  08:30am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (68), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +A network of 28 sites.
+You can access all the sites from the main page.
+They update with about 12 new scenes per month which are broken among their 6 active sites.
+Over 2600 scenes to choose from.
+The vast majority of the scenes have an both a video and photoset.
+Videos are in WMV and most of them are in a single WMV file.
+All photosets can be downloaded in a single zip file. Resolution is 1200x800 for most of these.
+All content is dated and they show upcoming updates.
Cons: -21 of the sites are no longer updating and the other six don't update on a weekly basis.
-It is hard to tell how much of the content is leased but there appears to be a significant amount that is.
-Most of the videos are not in HD and full downloads are only available in WMV.
-A percentage of the older videos are split in multiple video files.
-Many of the sites content could be under one banner since the content is the same as other sites.
-Scenes have no tags so no way of doing a search using tag words.
-There is no real search system since you can only look under the performer's name or the site itself.
-Most of the performers are not known under the name they are given on this network.
Bottom Line: This network has a lot of content and I don't know if it matters that a percentage of it is leased because it's stuff you might not have anyway. The bigger issue is that a lot of this content is getting old because 2 of the sites stopped updating in 2010-2011, 4 sites stopped in 2009 and 15 stopped in 2007-2008. That only leaves 7 sites still active and these update with only 2-3 scenes per month.

*I have posted a review of almost all of their active sites and these are only about a year old. I know that others have reviewed some of their sites so I'm instead posting info on some of the other sites that aren't active anymore or those that don't have or deserve a full review.

**They've added a new anal themed site called young anal tryouts but it only has 34 scenes and a percentage of these are leased. That wouldn't be so bad but some of the exclusif scenes are shot using a tripod so you get shots from the same angle and no zooming or paning during the scene. The girls are really cute but I would never join this network for their scenes because you can either get them elsewhere or they suck.

**You will notice that TBP doesn't post one of their sites called horny thief tales. I don't know why but I can guess so I will simply say that they have 46 scenes, it's exclusif content and they are still updating with about 2 scenes per month. I've never actually downloaded any of their scenes so couldn't do an honest review anyway
**young porn home videos is a site where I know that some of the content is leased because I recognize the scene. They have 84 scenes and the quality in most of them is bad to awfull. Most of the videos have an amateur feel to them with tripod only shots, night-vision cameras, bad lighting, fuzzy shots and so on.

**young lesbian porn appears to be all leased content with 69 scenes to choose from. The scenes are next to impossible to review because the content is too ecletic, quality varies a lot and only 15 of the scenes have an accompanying video.

**drilled mouths is appears to be an oral sex themed site with 46 scenes but where a large percentage of the girls also have sex with the guy so why call the sites makes no sense. Content appear to be partiallt leased and qulaity varies from scene to scene.

**creampied sweeties is exactly what it sounds like. They have 40 scenes, some of them are probably leased and quality varies.

**They have many other sites that could probably have been under one of two different site names but the recuring theme among all of them is that they are no longer updating, a lot of leased material, quality of the content varies a lot and most of the sites have very little content.

***I don't know if anyone should join the network for any of these sites because you might already have the content and even if you don't then you might not want it anyway. You should join the network for the active sites and use these as a bonus instead.***

My score is for the entire network and not based on these sites.
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Visit Spoiled Virgins

52. Spoiled Virgins (2)

pat362 (365) 05-14-12  11:50am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (68), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +You get access to a total of 28 sites.
+They've got a very good selection of popular young European performers.
+Content is dated and they appear to update with 2-3 new scenes per month.
+You can download all the phototsets in a single zip file and resolution is 1200x800.
+Navigation from site to site is usually about two clicks of the mouse.
+You can see all of the videos a model has by looking at the bottom of her video page.
+Most of the models have at least one video on some of the other sites.
Cons: -You get 28 sites but only 6 of those are still updating. All of the others stopped updating 3 or more years ago.
-The performers name are not the ones they are normally known under.
-The use of HD isn't helping in the quality of the videos since you see all the skin blemishes, pimples and razor burns.
Bottom Line: *The setup of this site is that it tries to make the viewers believe that all the girls are true virgins and that this is their first sexual experience. They fail miserably at it because the acting is not very good, all of the girls are well known European performers and whenever they have a doctor to verify that the girl still has her hymen then he or she comes into the room already wearing a complete surgery outfit with a mask on their face. They currently have 215 videos(only about 12 are HD) so this makes it the second biggest site of the ones that are still updating.

*I think I saved about one or two videos from this site because the virgin gimmick doesn't do much for me. I might have a different idea if the dialogue was in English and the acting was a little better but I doubt it. The choice of models, the setup and everything else would have to be changed for me to get interested and this is not something these guys appear able to do.

*I guess that if you care more about the idea that the girls might be virgins and you can overlook bad acting and a mediocre setup then you might enjoy the content on this site. The others that might enjoy the site are those that want to collect all the content a certain model has done. If that's the case and you collect European models then you have to join this site.

**If the above do nothing for you then stay away from this site. You mnight find one of their other site more to your interest.**
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Visit Met Art

53. Met Art (4)

mbaya (356) 05-06-12  05:20pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (89), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Bill through CCBill
-Discount through PU
-Huge site with over 2000 models and over a million photos. Archives go back to 1999.
-Nearly every model is absolutely drop dead gorgeous with few exceptions.
-Models are natural in that there are no tattoos or implanted breasts. Most are shaved, but many are not.
-Six updates daily.
-Zipdownload photo option with three choices, large, medium and small
-Three video download choices, MP4, AVI and WMV. The AVI is the best quality. HD quality at 1280x720.
-No download limits. Works with download manager.
-Great search engine. Without it, the site would be unnavigable. Even with it, many searches provide over a thousand photo sets. This can be daunting if you are trying to get to them all.
-User rating system for photographers, models, photo sets and videos. You can search by ratings.
-Wonderful, very complete tour that lets you see what you will get.
Cons: -Not very fast downloads. I got speeds of about 600KB and my FIOS conenction maxes out at 2400.
-The largest photo files are huge, ranging from 200MB to over 1GB. Individual photos can be as much as 6MB.
-Close to zero ethnic variation. Nearly all models are thin Eastern Europeans between 18 and 25.There are a few Asian, Black and Latina models and they are exceptionally beautiful. I just wish there were more.
Bottom Line: I donít usually sign up for big well known sites that have many reviews as I prefer niche sites. However, I felt in the mood for a photo site that had so many nice reviews, as well as a very low discounted price. I love the quantity and quality of the models and the photo sets. This is overall a truly great site that deserves the many wonderful reviews. I will focus primarily on the videos as I am much more a into them than photos anyway. The previous reviews were much more focused on the photos and I feel did notappreciate the videos.

I was impressed by the videos here. The models are almost without exception drop dead gorgeous. At present there are 1077 videos and are now being updated more so than in the past. As of today, 30 new videos have been posted this year. They added 106 in 2011.

The quality is HD, DVD level stunning and most videos are outdoors. Usually lighting is a negative in outdoor photos and videos, but mostly that is not a problem here. There are a few videos of public nudity that were just ok. Some were not really public, as you are directed to scenes in a forest or a deserted beach. Some of these were hot, but the majority were not very effective at creating eroticism.

Across the board, the camera work is outstanding and the videos are generally shot by the same photographers who shoot the photosets. This leads in many cases to the videos being either a video of a photo shoot, very boring, or suffer from a lack of direction that makes the videos look like moving photo sets, also some what boring. But there are also many that do work and are very erotic.

I like the work done here by Luca Helios. He generally gets the models to flirt with the camera in most of his videos. There is also a little teasing and even a few showcase a bit of stripping. No dancing though. They have a rating system on the site and he has the number one slot with a video featuring Dominika A called "Parusa". She walks past some shops, enters a room, and slowly removes her clothing, piece by piece. She gets to total nudity at 3:37 and spends the rest of the video, about four minutes, in a chair and on a bed showing us her body in slow motion. No masturbation here, this is all for our pleasure. She shows everything and is very explicit. Nothing artsy about this; it is the good stuff. He also has a video starring Jenni A called Carefree that I really like. She comes walking down stairs inside a house, bottomless, and walks towards the camera and teases. This goes on for about ten minutes. She is simply gorgeous and knows how to create a mood. Great direction in a video that works.

I also appreciated the videos by Goncharov, especially Ksucha C in a video called Lathin. She is not much to look at, but is great at teasing. She goes to a home in the forest wearing a short skirt. She teases us continually with pussy peeks up her dress, while not wearing panties. Very hot.

While many videos are not worth downloading unless you just love a particular model, there are some true gems here. I appreciate eroticism that focuses on putting on a good show.

As a total package, I would give this site at least a 95 for the sheer quantity and quality.

As a video site, I think it is fair to compare it to the videos on other photo sites. It is number one in that category in my book. Compared to other soft core sites, in the area of videos of solo females without masturbation, I think it can hold its own. I would give it at least an 85. There are just too many videos of photo shoots and posed videos to go for a higher score.
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Visit Tainster

54. Tainster (0)

xexbot (36) 04-19-12  11:18pm
Rookie Badge  Top Monthly User TRUST USER?   YES (24), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Fairly massive content. There really is more here than you can download in a few months, so that is always a big plus.

The sites are all pretty self explanatory. What you get with these is about 3 different party/orgy/swinging sites, and 1 that is softcore. It's about the same for pissing and WAM. A couple of fetish sites geared towards satin and hose, and 1 really good bdsm/femdom site.

The quality of all the videos content-wise is top notch. It's mostly Russian/Ukraine, and the models are absolutely fabulous.

The video quality itself is what you expect; older videos are not going to be as good as newer. They usually give you at least three options, with some of the newer videos being 720/1080 HD, and over 1gb in size.

The free live webcam performances are pretty good too. You also get access to the photos, which are usually screen caps of the videos, but there is also a pic post section.

Download speeds are well within reason. Can pretty much max out 2.5/sec dl speed.
Cons: There is a pop-up box when you click to download a video which is always set on the lowest format, has to be changed, then has to be right-clicked to get it to save to my download manager.

There updates often consist of about 75% party videos from a different camera. They usually release them in blocks of 2-5, for three different cameras.
Bottom Line: Tainster has really made a name for themselves and I was certainly pleased when I became a member. There is way more to see here than you will ever have time for. Granted, some of it is just different camera angles of the same event, but HOLY COW those events. They deserve to get covered by three or more cameras. I like to play a fun little game called "Track the Girl" and see if you can spot the same girl in all the different cameras/angles.

For those of you looking for a well rounded fetish site go elsewhere. These sites will get you plenty of pissing,WAM, satin/secretary, some lesbo, some MF hardcore, some BDSM and femdom, but this from their one site Tyrannized (what a great name). Tyrannized does have some forced bi, cuckolding, strapon femdom, etc. And it is a damn good site.

The bottom line here is that you can join a network that is always adding content, and seldom fails to deliver good quality videos and photos.
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Visit Sex Art

55. Sex Art (4)

Abel Semen (3) 04-17-12  01:59pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (14), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Very good photographers and cinematographers, especially by porn standards
* More creativity than is evident in most porn
* Girls are uniformly GORGEOUS (and there's a little something here and there for the ladies and bi boys too)
* Unlike the "mothership" (Met-Art), does all of this without sacrificing eroticism. Hot, hot, hot! See Bottom Line for some of the reasons.
* Easy and intuitive to navigate
* Some feedback features
* Some people will consider some of my "cons" to be pros.

You also get linked to a ton of really hot camgirls, but have to pay separately to do much more than browse them, so that's really a separate thing from SexArt itself.
Cons: * Not that much content yet (but the site is quite new, give it time!).
* Very little boy-girl hardcore so far (even proportionately)
* "Original series" material may be of limited interest
* Movie content available so far (excluding Girls Love Sex) is almost entirely focused on just three models.
* Some odd inconsistencies in navigation - each section is intuitive in itself, but they don't all work the same way.
* Can't tag movies (can on other kinds of content, and even photographers).

Some clarifications:

By "not that much" I still mean upwards of 80 movies and photo sets (though over 1/3 are the filler-ish "Girls Love Sex" series), so it'll still keep you going for a bit.

As of April 19 update, 21 of 25 non-GLS videos feature at least one of Malena Morgan, Elle Alexandra, or Riley Marks.

NB - The site is still in a "soft launch" phase and much of the information in this review, especially the "Cons" section, could change at almost any time
Bottom Line: In describing my ideal porn site, I've often used the exact words "Met-Art with hardcore". In recent years, a few sites that attempt to approximate this have appeared; X-Art, JoyMii, PassionHD are the first to jump to mind, and others such as Sapphic Erotica have their moments. Now the real thing is here. How does it compare?

I am pleased to say EXTREMELY well. While I've only given a score in the 80s, this is largely because the site is so new and its current content limited accordingly, and I would not be at all surprised to revisit and raise that grade within a few months. More content won't be long in coming - they already update daily (one new film or photo set 7 days a week at midnight PST), and according to an e-mail from a tech at the site, they hope to ramp up to four a day over time.

Generally speaking, the photo sets lean toward solo masturbation and the videos toward girl-girl action (excluding the "original series" which I'll discuss separately in a moment). Both are, on the whole, even stronger than those on sites like X-Art, with a great deal of attention being paid to sets, lighting, creative camera angles, and so on - but not at the expense of SMOKING HOT action. A photo set of truly beautiful and under-appreciated Czech porn star Dido Angel sharing some tender moments with a glass dildo has instantly become my favorite solo porn set of all time; you really notice little details in (for example) the way she uses her mouth that go completely unnoticed and unappreciated in, say, her (nevertheless also highly recommended!) work for Pierre Woodman. I think the photo sets are meant to be viewed using the site's built-in slideshow feature and I urge users to try this, on the stronger sets such as the two (so far) featuring Dido it's an INTENSE experience.

The movies have lots of little touches that set them apart from those on other sites. Some get very artsy and creative, with perhaps my favorite so far being "Sexart", the film named after the site; Elle Alexander dildos herself to an orgasm so intense she nearly passes out - as I interpret it she *does*, and the rest is a dream sequence - after which one of her paintings (Malena Morgan in much body paint) comes to life and tries the toy out for herself. Very creative AND very raunchy. Even the ones, like "American Girls", that just give you straightforward action have some touches you won't find elsewhere - Malena actually CALLS OUT RILEY MARKS' NAME as she's being pleasured. Where is this extremely erotic element of real-life sex to be found elsewhere in the porn world? Nowhere I've heard of, other than SexArt.

The movies don't drone on like those of some other sites - despite more attention to scene-setting than most porn, they basically make their point and then STFU. Even more than those of X-Art, they are great examples of how much hotness can be packed into (typically) about 8 minutes.

By comparison, the "original series" are mildly disappointing. There are two, both from the creator of such mainstream erotic films as 9 1/2 Weeks.

"Kamikaze Love" seems to be a feature film being released in 8 minute segments (three so far), and tells the tale of a tragic, doomed romance. I was disappointed that it's softcore, and even if it wasn't its darkness and (psychological) BDSM overtones are a long way from what "Met with hardcore" means to me. Fans of wet and messy food-sex may like the third episode, though (personally it did nothing for me).

"Girls Love Sex" consists of interviews with various female models about their sexual tastes and histories, along with typically a solo masturbation segment. It can get pretty hot - one curveball I liked was the second of Charlotte Stokely's back-to-back episodes (most girls only get one), which is basically a jerk-off encouragement video for WOMEN - but can get a bit samey after a while, even if it's at least samey in a different way than mainstream porn is.

My biggest criticism apart from content being sparse is that the ratio of boy-girl material is very low so far - currently two photo sets of the same couple, and one video of a different one, plus the softcore/"hard R" material in Kamikaze Love. Both photo sets are very pretty and romantic; one features a blowjob that should leave you weak at the knees (another good one for the slideshow), the other features the GUY - a rather pretty individual named Tobias who women and bi men should appreciate - working the girl with his hands, and just barely qualifies as hardcore. Both are very good but I wish there were a lot more, and a wider variety. The video again manages to be romantic without being boring when viewed as porn, and again just makes me wish there were more of them.

This site is off to a great start. While I could see waiting a while for more content, signing up now will encourage them to develop the site to a point where that content exists for us all to appreciate. It's not like any other site out there, and mostly in a good way
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Visit Mature.nl

56. Mature.nl (1)

Porn User (4) 03-28-12  08:28pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (6), NO (4)
Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: + a lot of scenes with a lot of cool content
+ a lot of girls
+ easy to surf
+ access to a few good mature sites
+ video quality is really good most of the time
Cons: - most solo scenes are BORING
- alot of lesbian scenes are BORING
- some mature ladies are just ugly
- most girls don't seem to enjoy the action at all, while some fake too much
- some new videos come with a shady video quality
Bottom Line: I like this site for it's mature content. Some solo scenes are amazing and same goes for lesbian scenes. The thing is a lot of the girls are either ugly, or don't have any reaction while dildoing themselves. There could be more content with more variety. I registered twice to this site but there are better ones out there.
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Visit Killer Gram

57. Killer Gram (1)

TheSmutAddict (2) 03-26-12  10:01am
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (3), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Zips of picsets are available, almost for every scene (and not simply SCENE CAPS called picsets). Makes downloading the whole site a little easier.
* Plenty of HD content, with quality encoding (mp4 h264 @ ~4kbps).
* TONS of content. (I've downloaded 200GB and counting).
* Download Manager friendly (I'm using Internet Download Manager)...scenes have literally sat in the queue for 1+ day and still been good, downloading without error when their turn came.
Cons: * Older scenes apparently are not being re-released in HD quality, as of yet.
* Standard-definition mp4 clips are badly interlaced (some are downright unwatchable).
* Although plenty of picsets are available, these pics could stand to be higher-quality (read: higher resolution, frame size); like that scene of most American-based production companies and could also include the model posing solo BEFORE the fucking.
* I would like to see faster download speeds, my connection seems to cap out around 830Kbps (my max is around twice this). However, maybe location has something to do with this? As I am on the other side of the planet :?
* $40/mo is kinda steep, but worth of cash if you can afford it.
* No "Favorite scene" feature seen on other sites (ala DogFart, Elegant Angel, etc).
Bottom Line: First of all, there are boat loads of quality porn here. If you're like me, and love downloading gigs of porn at a time, then I suggest you pony-up the $40/mo and invest in a download manager as well cause the sheer volume of porn available is nearly overwhelming. As of now, I'm nearly at 200GB downloaded and have plenty more to go, I have no doubt of this. Be warned, that not all of the girls on the site have their own little "picture link" when you click on "Our Girls". I suggest you browse through the drop down tab and search there. Also, if you'd rather have an standard-definition mp4 copy of a scene rather than a wmv copy, you'll need to use a download manager and the "copy video from this page" feature. As mentioned above, the standard-definition mp4 copies that have download links on the page are BADLY interlaced, making most outright unwatchable.
happy fapping!
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Visit Met Art

58. Met Art (4)

tangub (151) 02-13-12  11:47am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (55), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Huge archive going back 12 years featuring 2600+ models, almost 11,000 photo sets, nearly 1.2 million photos, 1000+ movies from 236 contributing photographers.
Original exclusive content
At least 4 updates per day 7 days a week
Super high resolution photos up to 8000px and HD1080p videos
Photos in 3 sizes with full set zip download option for each
Multiple streaming and download options for videos
Excellent browse, search and tag features
Constantly adding new models
No download limits or DRM
12 month membership provides excellent value for money
Independent billing by CCBill
Cons: Regional pricing supplement outside US
Site may be too softcore for some tastes
Lack of clothing or lingerie worn by models in many sets
Most 2 girl sets lack any kind of heat
Occasional photo sets can seem a little overly airbrushed or too glam although this tends to be restricted to a couple of particular photographers.
Videos not very exciting
File sizes not listed for zips and videos
Bottom Line: Itís difficult to know what one can possibly say about this site that hasnít already been said many times before. If like me you are in to softcore teen photography sites then this one is probably the ultimate site on the net. Surprising then that given the time Met Art has been online this is my first ever time to subscribe here. I guess the thing that has always deterred me is knowing the sheer volume of content here and the time scale Iíd probably need to go through it all knowing that virtually every model is a beauty and Iíd probably want to download every photo set. Thanks to the PU half price thanksgiving offer last November I was able to sign up in the knowledge that I would be happy to stick around and enjoy the content for many months at that price.

The site provides plenty of navigation and search features to help you find what youíre looking for. If like me you want to check out every photo set then the easiest way is to just go through the year and month listing from 2005 to the current day. Everything prior to 2005 is classified as ďarchivesĒ. For those who are more choosey they provide a model index whereby you can display the top rated models or all the models via the A-Z listing. There are a couple of cool features on the model index pages where you can alter the view between headshots and covers and also if you hover your mouse pointer over the ďiĒ next to the models name her personal info and bio will pop up. There is also a further advanced search option whereby you can search models by criteria such as hair colour, eye colour, ethnicity, country, breast size, shaved or unshaved, age, height and weight. You can also add additional gallery criteria such as location or search by photographer. If you like to view all the work of a certain photographer you can easily find all of his/her work from the photographerís index page.

The models themselves mostly fall in the 18 to 25 age range and are mostly naturally beautiful with few fake tits and tattoos on show. So far Iíve managed to find plenty of content of virtually all my favourite Euro models, the likes of Marketa Belonoha, Monika Vesela, Eve Angel, Ariel, Suzie Carina, Peaches and Eufrat to name a few. Eufrat has over 70 updates here and itís certainly the biggest collection of her Iíve come across anywhere to date. Other models that have caught my eye so far include Jenya D (a.k.a. Katie Fey) with over 100 updates, Natasha S (a.k.a. Helen of Helenís Planet) who has become one of my most downloaded models in recent months, Elle B and Mia Sollis a cute freckled redhead and relative newcomer to the site. If youíre looking for non Euro models then yes they do have some here including some ethnic diversity but in terms of the overall content itís quite a small percentage. I did find some of my favourite American models here like Georgia Jones, Jana Jordan and even the lovely Faye Reagan but disappointingly only 1-2 sets each.

The photos come in 3 different sizes, small 1024px, medium 2048px and the largest size varies quite widely anything from around 3500 to 8000+ pixels on the longest end. Each size comes with a downloadable zip and I like their attention to detail by giving the zips proper file names including the date, photo set name, model name and photographer. They also include the photo set cover in each zip along with a text document listing the modelís info/bio. The photos on the whole look great even at the highest resolution and you get to see the models posing in many stunning outdoor locations, anything from a tropical beach to a snow covered wilderness to an urban city backdrop. You will also find a number of risqué public nude shoots which looked fun.

Nobody really joins Met Art for the videos and has many others have said quite honestly I found them pretty boring. You can stream them in a choice of 3 resolutions or download them as an mp4 in mobile, 360p, 720p, or HD1080p plus a 720p wmv and avi option. Although they donít list the file sizes I discovered the 720p mp4 file sizes were about half the size of the equivalent wmv ones with no noticeable difference in the quality.

The Met Live Cams access doesnít really add any value to the site and is pretty pointless in my opinion unless youíre willing to pay for a private show. Whatever happened to the free live cam shows they used to have when I had a membership to Errotica Archives a few years ago and got Met cam shows included for free. Still have fond memories of being transfixed to my monitor for an hour watching Ashanti on camÖ.ahhhh the good old days.
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Visit Met Art

59. Met Art (4)

rearadmiral (306) 01-10-12  03:39am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (69), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Enormous site
- Huge selection of beautiful models
- Models are natural (few fake breasts and tattoos)
- Supports download managers
- No obvious timeouts on downloads
- Good download speeds
- High-resolution photos are stunning quality
- Options for picture quality
- Zips available
- Over 1000 videos
- Videos available in different formats
- Newer videos in HD
- Best search function Iíve ever encountered
- Excellent value
Cons: - Site may be too softcore for some
- Site is so large it can be a bit overwhelming
Bottom Line: Why did a guy who likes hardcore videos join a softcore photo site, even after I commented that the site was too soft for me? Simple: they emailed me an offer I couldnít refuse, so I joined.

I usually take a short while to get used to site navigation and start figuring out how Iíll go at browsing the site and finding stuff I want. I started that here and quickly realized that this really wasnít like any other site Iíve ever been a member at. This site is HUGE. I normally try to provide accurate details on what a prospective member can expect from a site. So if a site has 500 videos, Iíll tell you that. With this site, the best I can say is that it is enormous. There are many hundreds of models, maybe a thousand even, each with multiple photo shoots and many with video clips. Just choosing a model to look at can be a daunting task.

While on the topic of models, I canít complain because the type of model on the site is what I look for: young and natural. With a site this size there is lots of variation on body type. I can download the small-breasted lasses while you download the larger-breasted models and neither of us will feel cheated. Same with hair colour. I love redheads and there a dozens of them here. Blondes and brunettes abound. Different ethnicities are represented and there are a few models who are 35 years old.

One thing the models do lack are fake breasts and lots of ink. A vast majority of the models are all natural. Many sport pubic hair even. Remember that?

I should note, because of the above, that the advanced search function is like nothing Iíve ever encountered before. It allows searching for narrow parameters and the site is so large youíre apt to get some returns. Want some pics of a 30 year old Asian with full pubic hair? If it exists on the site it is easy to find. The site would be unmanageable without this excellent tool.

This is primarily a photo site. Anyone thinking of joining this site needs to know that.

The site has been around for many years, and I didnít sample all of the older material. But I can say this with some confidence: they push the limits of technology now so I have no reason to think that they didnít then. Photos are available as singles, or in a zipped file. High, medium and low resolutions are available. I didnít sample the lower two resolutions but the high-res photos are stunning quality at 3744x5616. Theyíre amazing. Obviously older photos wonít be in that resolution.

There are some videos available and those are mostly videos of the photoshoots. Some of the older videos are horrible quality, but I wonít hold that against them as it isnít a video site and those were uploaded years ago. Videos are available in streaming (multiple sizes) and downloads (multiple formats). The default is mp4 though wmv is always available too. The standard resolution for videos (all but the oldest stuff) is 1280x720 @ 4,300kb/s. The wmv files are in codec 9 and play at 30 fps. Higher resolutions are not uncommon. Subjectively, these videos look stunning.

Videos tend to be fairly short, with some less than five minutes long.

With the technical stuff, the site is as good as with the artistic stuff. There are multiple updates each day, download speeds are good, download managers are permitted and there are no obvious timeouts on download links.

I realize the 800lb gorilla in the room with Met Art is that many people see it as being too sterile. Itís as if they stripped the sensuality from their models. I can understand that criticism, but I donít share it to the same level as some other reviewers. While the site lacks the playfulness that is often found on ALS Scan and FTV Girls, they can be erotic. Where some other solo model sites can be overtly sexual, Met Art is more sensual. There is no hardcore sex on the site at all. I can understand how many would find this simply too soft. I suspect that this is highly subjective though. For example, there is a lot of outdoor posing and posing by and in water which I like so thatís going to improve my perception of the site.

Iím left with an odd conclusion. I can definitely recommend this site: I liked it and Iím glad I joined. But I probably wonít put it on my list of sites to rejoin. The reason for that has nothing to do with the quality of the site or the models. The reason is 100% subjective. For a guy who likes sites like Sinnistar and Public Disgrace Iím way out of my element in Met Art. But if you like stunning quality photos of stunning women you really canít go wrong with Met Art. You could spend months browsing around the site is so large.

One final note for the photographers: please donít pose models with farm animals. Itís weird. Actually, make that Ďdonít pose models with animals.Ē Period. Itís weird.
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60. Met Art (4)

otoh (54) 12-30-11  01:48am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (41), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Lots of beautiful young models
- Good search options/tagging
- Browsing by photographer is useful
- Lots of good lingerie/outfits
- Most sets good resolution
- Amusingly pretentious set names
- Massive archive and approx 4 updates/day
Cons: - Would prefer a few more mid/late 20s models
- Age search option is daft
- Lingerie doesn't necessarily suit the models
- Some older pics quite low res
- Massive archive is bewildering
- Annoyingly pretentious set names
- Some sets too large
- Lacking in erotic content
- Videos uninspiring and soundtracked to death
Bottom Line: Met Art has been vaguely on my list of sites to try for a while, mainly because it features work from a couple of photographers I like (I tend to follow photographers rather than models), and last month's special offer gave me the incentive to sign up. There are plenty of other reviews, including TBP, which detail the specific stats on the site, so I'll be a bit more subjective here.

Firstly, the site is vast; there is so much material, so many models, so many photographers, that it's hard to know where to begin. Fortunately, the search options are good; sets are tagged so you can just type in any particular keyword - eg nylon, stockings, etc and get a number of results. Sadly this doesn't work well with multiple keywords, getting sets with any of the words rather than all, but it's still useful. Search is also available on height, age, ethnicity, country, photographer - all useful, although unlike height, where you can search on a range, age is done purely on a single year, so you can only find eg all 25yo models... but it is smart enough to find sets where the model was 25 at the time of the shoot, as opposed to now - potentially a big difference in a site that's been running for a decade or more.

My biggest issue, though - and this is quite personal - is that the material here just isn't exciting. The girls are all stunning but - although there are some exceptions - have little sex appeal to me; the concept of the site seems to be to emphasise the beauty of the models at the expense of any sexuality. Even the models who do hardcore elsewhere seem uninspired here - and the same for the photographers, eg there's quite a bit of material from Michael White and Roy Stuart, both favourites of mine, but it's a toned down version of their other stuff.

Similarly, I'm quite keen on lingerie and nylons; there is actually a lot more nice stuff here than I thought, but most of the models are too young or inexperienced to carry it off; they look dressed up, posed, in it rather than comfortable and sexy.

Reading between the lines of some of the blog posts there, I suspect both model and photographer are constrained by strict guidelines MA put on what can and can't be shown - with a veto on any kind of lascivious behaviour, so there is little teasing, no touching, and rarely even a lewd glance. They may even be getting stricter, since of the sets I did enjoy, most seem to be going back a few years. Even though the photos are of course fully nude, I've genuinely been more turned on by some of the better lingerie catalogues & sites.

As others have noted, the videos here are also insipid; drowned out by supposedly sexy sax music and the like; and unlike the photo sets I didn't really find any worth keeping.

Scoring this puts me in a bit of a quandary. It's a good, well-organised site, with a vast quantity of solid photography and frequent updates; so it would be really unfair to give it less than 80. However, this is PU and I struggle to see it as porn, or even particularly erotic or arousing - It's just too... wholesome, like a glamorous naturist site and I kind of agree with hugow that if you wanted to cure your porn addiction, this could do the job. I'm not even sure about art - to me, art is doing something unusual, creative, pushing some boundaries, which MA doesn't really - but by that definition, my last reviewed site, Juliland, is art, so maybe I'll skip the whole subject :| Anyway, a (very generous) 80 it is.
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Visit Blue Angel Live

61. Blue Angel Live (0)

Porndog (0) 12-21-11  02:38am
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (5), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Blue Angel is seriously hot. I love her puffy nipples and she is a very dirty little girl. I suspect she is also quite a nice person away from the porn industry. The latest additions to this site are really quite hot but the older stuff is less interesting.
Cons: I have been a member of 21 Sextury in the past and their up selling has always seemed deceptive and intended to gouge more $ out of the punter. They treat us with contempt. My experience with Blue Angel Live is that it does have download limits in that the site times out after about one hour. I have only once been able to download more than one movie in one session. No doubt they are trying to restrict the amount I download so that I will renew my membership however the quality of the material in the sites to which my subscription gives me access and the frequency of updates is such that after less than 2 weeks as a member I have exhausted all of the items that I wish to download. I have had site entry issues and have been accused of using more than one IP address and frequent logins. I have only ever used one IP and the reason I login frequently is because I get timed out frequently. Very frustrating
Bottom Line: There is a lot more Blue Angel material on the web on sites that will treat the member honestly. If you are looking for her movies try other sites such as Alsscan and X-Art (where she uses the name Leila). There are plenty of others. I recommend you don't join this site.
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Visit Petites Parisiennes

62. Petites Parisiennes (1)

lutin (2) 12-17-11  09:30am
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (6), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - beautiful girls, French and European, some of them not seen elsewhere
- excellent quality, pictures 4000px and videos 1920px (at least all recent) with choice of lower resolution
- zip archives for pictures
- good lightning and setup
- nice themes, from nude artistic, glamour to softcore
- touching also some fetishes, like bondage, lingerie and latex
- "Strip Interview" lets the models tell you their bio while they undress
- daily updates
- good price
Cons: - contents could vary a bit more, like other locations, themes etc
- outdoor sets are sometimes only flashing, not even nude (though beautiful and sexy)
- not very much content yet
- some navigation / display issues (css), in case, change browser
Bottom Line: Petites Parisiennes is a softcore site featuring at the moment some 70 models, mostly French and eastern European. Each models has several sets of photos and videos of excellent quality, following a scheme like waking up in bed, make up, showering, dressing etc.

Then each girl has some more individual photo session, in the studio, outdoors in Paris, sometimes beautiful French lingerie, rope bondage or liquid latex - both on pictures and videos.

A nice idea is the "Strip Interview" video that almost every girl does. She tells you about her bio, how she started modelling, came to nude modelling and other, also intimate stuff while she undresses.

The pictures and videos have a very good quality, not only concerning pixels but also lightning, scene setup etc.

A little bit negative is that the scenes are repeating themselves for every model: waking up, interview, shower, often the same room - there could be a little bit more creativity, if the budget allows.

The site offers a forum where you can post ideas for future sets and models, exchange ideas and partecipate in the project with a very enthusiastic webmaster who seems to have created the site more for the fun of it rather than commercial interests. So with the quite low fee of Ä 15,- per month you more or less help him keep the site up and updated, which is done none less that daily!!!
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63. Ero Berlin (0)

BadMrFrosty (56) 12-12-11  02:42am
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Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: + ~250 HD videos
+ ~200 matching photo sets
+ 720P video at a bitrate of 5000kbps VC-1 codec
+ Lots of variation in scene locations.
+ Good number of models wear very sexy latex/fetish gear
+ Mostly solo/masturbation but also a couple of lez scenes and 1(!) hardcore scene
+ Latter photo sets are upto 3500px and look great
+ No DRM
+ No regional pricing
+ No download limits
+ Download manager supported
+ Great speeds of 30mbit plus
Cons: - Expensive at $30 per month
- Very little variation of models. Nearly all slim teen clones
- Bad members area with little to no user interface
- Holiday snaps feel
- No bonus sites or network access
- Updates come at inconsistant times.
- Not all videos come with photo sets
- ~50 of the videos are less than 10 minutes long.
- ~50 photo sets contain less than 50 photos
- Latter videos are badly encoded and don't support DXVA enabled playback
Bottom Line: This is a classic example of a site that needs to put in just a little bit more effort if they want to satisfy us demanding porn users. Besides feeling a little amateur, they don't do anything really all that wrong content wise. Unfortunately there is always someone out there doing it better. The majority of the models are on other softcore/nude sites where both the technical quality of the video and photos are better as well as having a more professional style to the photography. The last thing I want to do when a friend or relative returns from holiday is to sit through their photos of the same tree from multiple angles. Unfortunately that is what a lot of the scenes on this site feel like. This level of amateurishness also rears its ugly head with the user interface design of the members area. I use the word design as loosely as possible as the only design that has gone on here is to decide to use some purty colors. When all, and yes I do mean all ~250 updates are on a single 3 mile long index page with no search or any other usability features you can spend a fair amount of time just waiting for that page to load. I feel sorry for anyone on a slower connection as you might as well take the dog for a walk while its loading.

In my opinion softcore sites are all about appreciation of the female form in as much detail as possible. When sites like Femjoy offer far, far more content, more varied models, better shot content at higher quality AND at a cheaper price I see no reason for a membership here unless you specifically want the more amateur feel. At half the price its worth a put for a month but for $30 I feel the money is far better spent elsewhere.
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Visit Viv Thomas

64. Viv Thomas (1)

rearadmiral (306) 11-17-11  04:37pm
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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Large site
- One of the better studio sites on the internet
- TBP/PU discount
- Offers both video and pictures
- Videos usually offered in multiple formats
- Pictures available in multiple resolutions
- Pictures available in zips
- Updates daily
- Supports download managers
Cons: - Navigation is fairly basic for such a large site
- Models seem to be removed from the site occasionally
- Heavy reliance on girl-girl (unless you like that, of course)
- Not all new videos are offered with HD
- A bit Ďsoftí for someone who prefers Ďhardí
Bottom Line: Usually when I join a site itís because itís a site Iíve looked at and thought that it has material that Iíd like to download and view. If the site does the technical stuff well and they deliver what they promised then Iíll probably recommend the site.

Things are different for Viv Thomas though. This wasnít a site on my radar until tangub noted that they were offering an additional discount beyond the normal TBP/PU discount. Based on the reviews here and on TBP, and a quick scan of the site I signed up. I donít regret taking a membership, but Iím fining this review difficult to write just because Iím so ambivalent in my reaction to the site. I should point out that my review follows on the heels of tangubís excellent review and you need to read that because he has a lot of important information in there.

I have no idea how many picture sets and videos there are on this site, but it is quite large. Tangub has some figures in his review that seem accurate.

The site doesnít appear to favour video over photos or vice versa: both seem well represented.

Videos are usually offered in both WMV (Codec 9) and mp4. When HD is available it is usually offered only in mp4 though I did see and download some in WMV. I never saw a scene where HD was offered in both formats. HD isnít available with every scene, and oddly it doesnít even seem to be offered with each new upload. I prefer WMV format, so I canít comment on the quality of the mp4 files. The highest resolution available for WMV videos is 1280x720 at 4000kb/s, which is HD, but remember that WMV HD is rare here. More common are 720x526 at 2200, 640x360 at 2200 and 512x384 at 1550 with the latter resolution appearing to be the most common. These are lower resolutions than Iíve seen at comparable sites.

Photos are available in multiple resolutions with the highest being 2400x1600. Photo sets are available as a zip and the sets can have as few as 30 or over a hundred photos in them.

Subjectively, this is a pretty good site, and it is one of the better studio sites that Iíve seen. It seems that many studios treat the internet as an afterthought, but Viv Thomas does seem to understand the importance of the internet.

My biggest complaint about the site is the navigation. This might be different if youíre a fan of Euro porn and know the models, but for someone who is relatively new to Euro porn the site can be difficult to use. Using the navigation tools to go to boy-girl videos, for example, youíre offered several pages of thumbnails, which will lead you to a particular scene. My beef is that there is little information given apart from the title of the DVD that the scene is from. You actually have to open the link to find out whoís in the scene. You can search by model too, but I didnít find that to be of much help either since all you have is a small thumbnail to go by. You might open the link only to discover that the model is nothing like what you expected from the small thumbnail. I may be nit-picking here, but I prefer as much information as possible before I have to click on another link. At a bare minimum I like to see DVD name and star. A bonus would be a few tags.

It appears that as much as, and maybe more than, half the site is girl-girl material. Thatís great if youíre looking for girl-girl, but it limits the siteís appeal to others. The odd thing is that there are models who do boy-girl elsewhere who only have girl-girl on this site.

There are also a lot of BTS scenes available, which can be good or bad depending on your interest in those.

I have no idea how often the site might get cleaned up, but when I joined I noted that they listed both Ariana Jollie and Desire Moore as models on the site. By the time I went back to download some of their material neither were to be found on the site. I donít know if this happens to other models because I donít know Euro models that well. Just be mindful Ė if you see a model you like, get her material right away. Just in case.

Even though Iím somewhat indifferent to this site I do recognize that it is still a good site. It just isnít what Iím into. It is more Ďsoftí than I usually buy. I should add, though, that in a link for Ďbannedí video they have some scenes from ďDirty Dog 4Ē which has some girl/girl anal fisting with some A-list girls (Angel Long and Ariana Jollie among them, but uncredited in the description.)

So would I recommend this site? Absolutely Ė as long as you like what they have to offer. For someone like me who thinks Kink.com is the best studio on the planet, and regularly signs up at Evil Angel, Viv Thomas is a bit soft for my tastes. Viv Thomas has lots to offer in pics and video, in resolutions that are average. There are some hot European models here with an emphasis on girl-girl. If this is what you like, youíll probably like Viv Thomas.
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65. Viv Thomas (1)

tangub (151) 11-13-11  04:07pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (55), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: TBP/PU discount offered
Independent payment processor, easy cancellation
Huge archive with over 10 years of updates online, 622 models, 1400+ videos and 157,000+ photos
Good variety of solo, lesbian and hardcore
Updated daily 7 days a week, usually photo set one day and video the next.
Most recent photo sets (since November 2009) can be browsed in 2 sizes, 533 x 800px and 1600 x 2400px. Older sets have 4 size options maxing at 1280px.
Zip downloads available but only in the largest size.
Choice of download options for the videos usually 640x360 wmv and mp4 plus an hd 1280x720 mp4 for the latest updates. Streaming also available
File sizes and run times displayed for videos
Good download speeds
Cons: Regional pricing
Some non exclusive content
Recent video updates donít always come with an HD option
Site design/navigation seems rather basic for such a large site with limited search capabilities.
Small thumbnail previews in photo galleries
No zip downloads for the smaller photo size might be a con for some (if anyone still uses a dial up connection and 12 inch CRT monitor)
Models virtually all white Caucasian with no ethnic diversity.
Many models donít have any background info
Bottom Line: I got tempted back here for my first visit in over 5 years due to a recent half price special offer. As a fan of solo glamour photo content I found this a great site back in 2006 with the photo quality as good as or better than most other sites around at that time but today however I do feel the quality is lagging a little behind other similar sites. It wasnít until the latter end of 2009 that the photos finally got an upgrade in size to 2400 pixel resolution and whilst these photos look good itís still below what many other sites are offering these days.

The navigation is fairly basic here with the usual options to browse the content by updates calendar, photos, videos or an A-Z model index. You then have further categories such as lesbian, boy-girl, solo girl, busty big tits, leg sex etc and then each photo set or video comes with a further range of clickable tags to help you find other similar type content. One thing that does stand out here is the huge amount of lesbian content, in fact the lesbian category under videos is much bigger than any of the other categories.

Within the collection of over 600 models here you will find many of the big name Euro models, names like Eve Angel, Sandra Shine, Sophie Moone, Sandy, Peaches and Jo and they all have an absolute shed load of content here. Whilst Iíve loved all these models and always collected their photo sets theyíve been around virtually ever since I first got the internet nearly 10 years ago so for me Iím afraid a boredom factor started creeping in as I worked my way through the collection. I found myself waiting for some hot new fresh young faces to come along and excite me but for me it never really happened.

The video collection here has come a long way since my last subscription and now includes over 250 videos in HD quality. A new video is added every other day and these are usually full length scenes between 20-30 minutes long. This guy has been making porn movies for years and certainly knows what heís doing, camera work, lighting and everything are all top notch. Watching some of the movies here kind of reminded me of how porn used to be before the internet came along where you actually have a bit of a story line and see the models attempting to do a bit of acting before they get down to action. I also found the movies to be a lot more erotic and passionate than much of the gonzo style porn around these days.

Overall a fine site and well worth a monthís subscription Fans of lesbian erotica will surely love it here as will those who enjoy seeing the models dressed up in stockings and high heels. In the glamour niche personally I prefer the style and creativity of Holly Randall and the selection of fresh young models and ethnic diversity at Digital Desire. As I primarily joined here for the photos the fact around 80-90% of what I downloaded had a maximum resolution of 1280px was also somewhat disappointing.
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66. Teenrotica (1)

dracken (246) 10-15-11  12:35pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (66), NO (1)
Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Around 240 individual models with several scenes, coming in at around 1200 photo scenes and around 280 videos (some very cute lesbian action but mostly solo videos)
- Most models are incredible and as far as I cna tell they are not the same few girls that show up on every site.
- A lot of corsets, stockings and high heels. I don't think I've seen such variations in outfits on many sites. Very nice and classy.
- Most scenes have around 150-200 images and you get to see the girl strip from cute dress or skirt or what not as well as play with a dildo or touch herself.
-Decent navigation (has some errors, but nothing huge) you can search by type of content, bra size, hair color or model name. Although I don't think all scenes are labeled correctly.
- They have some pee scenes and a few anal scenes, a bunch of lesbian scenes and 4 vaginal fisting scenes (including a girl with 3 dildos in her vagina.) oh and around 10 blow job scenes... not too spectacular but I guess it's okay.
Cons: - I don't think the site is still updating. I've been here for a month and I don't believe they got anything new. (some )
- Some links don't work and my download speed varied greatly, sometimes timing out. Might be just me, but a FYI.
- Videos are about 9 minutes or so and are almost all under 100 mb... I thing this is a dead giveaway as to the quality of the scenes in terms of resolution. Don't bother is what I'm saying.
- The action in the videos is also sub par so in case you missed my last point, the videos here are an after-thought and you shouldn't expect anything else.
- The photo scenes get a bit repetitive since all the girls seem to use rather similar toys (having a sybian or a massage wand or a selection of larger dildos would have been nice) but overall the cuteness of the girls saves the site (as long as all you want are solo photo-sets)
Bottom Line: I joined the site with the mindset that I was joining a photo gallery, despite their claim on the free tour to have a "large HD video pool" don't expect that. They have a lot of models and a lot of photos, as well as some BONUS videos. (I don't know what else to call all the videos where the girl has 9 minutes to get naked and fuck herself with a dildo...)

Now that we cleared that up, let's take a look at the actual images. For the most part I was content with the galleries I downloaded from here. The chief reason for that is that they have an incredible amount of very cute models. Most of the girls are European but you don't get the same Eastern European vibe many sites seem to have nowadays.
They have girls from Portugal, France, Finland, UK, anywhere in Europe, you name it and they probably have it (even one girl from Mongolia). They of course also have a lot of US models and you can easily navigate the girls by age, haircolor, country or horoscope (I guess most models here are Aquarius...not sure how it helps but there you go, now you know).

Sadly, they do the old porn trick of claiming every one is 18 or at most 20. The oldest girl on the site is supposedly 23 and there is only one.... of course when you look through the girls they mostly look 25-ish, but whatever.

Anyhow, for the most part the girls look young-ish, have some make-up but not incredibly ridiculous amounts of it (for the most part, as one or two of the "18 year olds" on here needed a lot of foundation and pig-tails to pass as under 30)

What matters more though is that the girls personality seems to shine through their sets. I suspect that they had the girls bring their own wardrobes from home, because I felt a strong consistency. One model is all innocent and dressed in white, while another is playful and has rainbow colored socks or what not. Overall, I'd say they did a great job with giving most of the photo scenes personality (intentionally or not)

That being said, they do have some very weak photos where it feels like they tried to pad the gallery with shots that are almost the same (girl moves her hips a bit or something like that) More focus on the dildo and masturbation would have been nice. In several sets the dildo action is maybe 15 photos out of 150... Not good enough.

Navigation, while okay also had some issues. They have a big add for MC-Nudes.com that never goes away. At the bottom of the member's page they have a link to a free preview and a few other Join now promotional stuff. Small stuff, but it shows that someone doesn't care enough.

Furthermore, the specials on the site are nothing but a few more similar galleries. It's really a joke. The vote for a model feature they seem to be very proud off doesn't really seem to do anything and I found it a useless gimmick to make users feel like they are involved.

Oh and the biggest negative point is that they don't seem to be updating anymore, so yeah... that's pretty huge.

All things considered this is not a bad site, or better said this looks like it was a good site back in 2008. Nowadays it feels outdated and lacking. I'd say you can get much better content at Nubiles, X-art, probably Met-art or Karup-s PC.

If you really like some of the models in the preview page ( and there are a lot of cute ones) consider joining once to get what you want and then more on to better sites.

They get a 90 for the quality of models and a 50 for everything else so I guess around 70 is the correct score.
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Visit Met Art

67. Met Art (4)

Cybertoad (100) 09-22-11  06:59pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (56), NO (1)
Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Fast Downloads
HD Videos Over 1000 not all HD
Over 1 Million photos.
Over 2500 Models
Been in the business 12 years
No Drm
Over 100 Updates a month.
Repetitive Content
Lots to navigate through
Over picture& video quality is ok.
$19.99 Membership
Recurring every 30 days at $19.99
$39.99 for 30 days To big of a difference as you can not download the site in a month.
Bottom Line:
This is the top of the line best SoftCore nude site on the planet.

There are varies formats, pic Divx its the best picture format for their production work.
The site is huge with over " ONE MILLION " photos and over 2500 models. There are about 100 updates per months and it one huge site.

I do not want duplicate others reviews on PU and most details are recently covered, so a twist on review here.

The site is very high quality site, the models are gorgeous, I could hardly find one that was not drop dead model material.
Compared with 99% of the websites we review this one has to be the classiest site of all.
They have worked 12 years and respectfully stayed successful in soft-core porn.
Why other sites are reaching to find a new level.
Met Art takes things to a new level in quality nude women.

The look and feel of the site is like going to a high class show in Vegas. The site feel like they are kings of the Softcore and have numerous photographers that get the shots right.
There are gratuitous scenes in the collection, but nothing that would be known as Hardcore.
That said, I am sure many will love the curves and erotic nature in how hey present.
This is not playboy tame, nor hustler slutty, it fits nicely enough to a niche in its own class.

Bottom line:

Price is tad high as you will have to stay a member awhile if you plan on full site collections. They take CCbill and Epoch so thats helpful. I like the navigation as its not that hard to find stuff even though the site is huge.
They appears to be free stuff but never had time to look at it. Site may have similar scenes and format. But hard to avoid in 12 years in business, so why it is in my cons, it is expected.

Toads Take.
Its worth a peak, even for a month. If you have not seen a softcore site or avoided them because you thought you would fall asleep with lube in your hand. Rest assure this site will excite and is erotic enough to peak the interest.

I never finished the site before my subscription ran out. But I have a nice collection
A site that is up 12 years will never get the review it deserves. I tried to give some details that may do that justice if at all possible.

Hope you enjoyed my review.

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Visit Viv Thomas

68. Viv Thomas (1)

Cybertoad (100) 09-20-11  09:45pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (56), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 09-21-11  01:12pm  (Update History)
Reason: There are 155369 pictures to be exact.
Pros: Very High Quality.
Updates Very Often.
Original Content
Fast Downloads
Decent Pricing $24.95
Cons: Navigation is ok.
Not Really Hardcore, as more Erotic then Hard Core.
Although there is Full Sex, Anal etc.
Very Much Like X-Art !
Bottom Line: Good Site, Lots of stuff. The quality alone is worth a peak at this site.
Will I rejoin? Not sure as some stuff becomes semi-repetitive, this may appear this way to the lighter type of hardcore. Very hard site to review. Because its great in many areas, but hard to grade it.

The Stuff:
Over 1300 videos about 30 minutes each (download and stream)
DRM: No restrictions
+ Full Movies, Multi-Bandwidth
WMV Flash (640x360)
Most photo sets contain 80-90 individual pics and each one is perfect ó great lighting, excellent composition, and showing you exactly what you want to see in long shot and closeup.
Over 15000 ( correction 155369 ) pictures " wow"
+ Fullscreen pictures, Zip archives

3rd Party Feeds, Model Index, Message Board, Blog, Interviews, Live Chat.

If you like girl/girl, you are going to love Viv Thomas. This site has a huge amount of girl/girl scenes, but more than just volume, they just know how to do lesbian sex right. The winning formula seems to be: find two hot girls who like each other and let them enjoy themselves.
Boy/Girl. Erotic hardcore,straight and anal.
both types start off light and then get down to business.

Beauty of this site is it is 100% original stuff.

Price is 24.95 using Cbill 19.95 recurring.
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Visit Pure CFNM

69. Pure CFNM (0)

pinkerton (34) 09-19-11  08:22am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (25), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: The premise of this site is groups of sexily-clothed females and one (or two) guy ending up geting stripped naked, with the girls wanking off the guy(s) and having a laugh at the guy whilst doing so, but some scenes feature blowjobs or full sex.
Attractive models, some wearing lingerie, some young, some a little older but all girls with sexy attitude, showing teasing bits of cleavage and legs/ass.
Decent video quality 856x480 and 3Mbps quality, but not HD.
Reasonable download speeds.
Easy to navigate.
Forums allow you to discuss content and suggest scenes - this is a great way of involving members.
Photo sets for each scene.
Includes membership of two other smaller sites, Girls Abuse Guys and Hey Little Dick.
Quite a bit of content - over 300 scenes.
Cons: Some video quality is quite poor at low 800kbps bitrate with interlacing, so much so, that in some parts of a video, the girl's hand wanking the cock can't be seen as it becomes a blur of horizontal lines. Some content is only at 512x290.
Expensive regional billing.
No search facility and very basic navigation.
Scenes are ordered according to date added.
Model list is not alphabetically indexed, making it more difficult to find a model, though scenes for a particular model are listed under her details.
Model info for the scene isn't hyperlinked and doesn't tally with the model index, e.g. one scene mentions Kelly as the actress but there is no such Kelly in the model index.
Bottom Line: Mostly handjobs in this site but a few BJs and full sex in some scenes.
The girls keep their clothes on but in some scenes they unbutton or remove their tops to reveal their breasts in a teasing way in order to get the guy to cum.
The guys are quite timid but one guy stands out as also being quite comical in his timidity.
If you enjoy the fantasy of a woman taking control and getting you off, then this site is for you.
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Visit Hegre Art

70. Hegre Art (1)

tboy (7) 09-15-11  07:13am
Rookie Badge  Top Monthly User TRUST USER?   YES (19), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +loads of galleries
+newer sets very, very high res
+well chosen zip sizes + resolutions
+good zip/vid naming
+interesting/hd massage vids
+nice light & clean layout
+frequent updates
+feels like a very safe site
+didn't hit any download limits
Cons: -not much variation in content
-not many vids compared to galleries
-vids are quite short and seem like an after thought
Bottom Line: thought i'd offer a review for 2011.

objective thoughts (hopefully)

+site is very good value for money in terms of amount and quality of content.

+good support for different video codecs, really easy to download the site and add substantial value to any euro-model collection.

+navigation is straight forward, easy to work backward/forward through archives of both pics and vids.

+model summary pages contains direct download links to each gallery, they don't make it hard to pull the site.

-seemed like auth cookies had 1 hour expiration regardless of activity, sometimes half way through downloads i had to re-enter auth details, might be an issue if you stack up a load of downloads and leave computer.

subjective thoughts

i found a lot of the content very samey, although i still picked up most pic sets mainly for an endless supply of backgrounds.

i was really dissapointed with the videos, i thought there were far too short and not all that interesting.

seems like most subscribers are into high-brow art/very very very softcore nude and personally i don't consider hegre to be erotic enough to be sexually arousing.

if you like super high-res, soft core euro-model shoots then this is probably one of the best sites for you.

even though that doesn't describe me, i am very glad i joined for just 1 month to bolster my collection.
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Visit Teenrotica

71. Teenrotica (1)

Denner (233) 09-09-11  08:05am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (80), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + An extremely generous amount of models.
+ Not sure Ė but it seems like entirely exclusive material (see below)
+ Generally hot looking models, most of European origin.
+ Mostly a site concentrating in sets Ė so vids fans Ė your're warned.
+ It's like thay say: Ētons of galleriesĒ
+ Zip Ė in 2 sizes Ė for sets
+ Mostly fine viewing quality for pix
Cons: - Close to miserable quality in the major amount of vids content Ė unbelievable for an almost major site in 2011
- Outdated style, design and navigation
- Regional pricing
- Three formats for vids Ė but none of them gives you any viewing pleasure
- Even some newer vids are a joke in viewing quality
- Too much lez content for my taste
- Even without regional pricing $19.95 it's too expensive for what you get Ė in vids anyway
- No way of knowing about updates Ė no date on those
Bottom Line: Oh, yes: bottom line: My personal feeling here is clear Ė I wasted my money Ė and that including the fact, that this site deals in regional pricing. But that's only a total secondary issue.

Teenrotica is downright outdated Ė in style, in navigation, design Ė and it's almost a scandal (harsh words, I know) that a site that cost $ 19.95 Ė and for Europeans about $ 29 Ė has such miserable material in videos.

Despite the preview has a so called UPDATE Ė that is missing at the members area Ė Instead you can turn to VIDEOS or GALLERIES for the latest and the first inputs. (or Models without dates)
When browsing for videos you get the new ones first Ė and being a member years back, I thought: Okay, this site started up in 2006 and videos then were generally not good.
But the new ones in 2011 are in a quality I'd would be ashamed of, if I was behind the site.
The size is all in so called 3:4 Ė and the viewing quality is simply low down.
Most vids are around 100 Mb in AVI format Ė and much less in both WMV og MOV. Three formats Ė save it and get better quality instead.

It's a shame. Because Teenrotica has so many fine models Ė and I seriously believe it's exclusive.
We all got favorite models Ė and the material I found of these models (both in pix and vids) I have not seen elsewhere.

This is mostly a site with solo and lez material Ė both vids and sets. A few hc/bg inputs Ė and most of these are only bj.
And for a couple of those bj vids Ė it's lousy editing. No foreplay, no posing Ė but starts with close ups of bj.....it seems like unfinished bussiness.

Then to the little more positive deals here:
The pix/sets are generally in ok/fine viewing quality. You get a choice of 2 zip download sizes (high and low) Ė guess no one will go for the low. And you got a pretty good thumbnail preview for all sets.
And you can use the thumbnails to view directly in Small, Large og XL. Do not really see the point, but some may like it.

If I was a pix fan foremost, this site could get a little better score, in my view. But the design, style, navigation AND first of all: those low/very low quality vids Ė I cannot recommend Teenrotica.
The 65 from this user is entirely due to the sets/models (See PU rating: 60-69 - Does more things wrong than right)
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Visit Pretty 4ever

72. Pretty 4ever (0)

tangub (151) 08-30-11  12:08pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (55), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Billing by CCBill
Discount offered to other company sites.
Exclusive content, 563 photo galleries and 131 videos.
Photos can be browsed online in 3 sizes, 1200px, 2000px and up to 4368px
Full set zip downloads in each size plus a PDF option in the 2000px size.
Choice of 7 download options for videos usually a high and low res option in wmv, mov and avi plus an ipod option.
Site is still updating (see also cons)
File sizes given for zip and video downloads
Content date stamped
Cons: Regional pricing
Maybe too softcore for some
Updates have been sporadic for some time. The site tour claims to update 5 times a week but in reality rarely achieves 5 in a month.
Photo set cover not included in zip
Some noticeable photo shopping
Camera work in videos seems a bit amateurish at times.
Bottom Line: This is another one of those nude art sites featuring a collection of 131 mostly Russian 18 to 22 year old models in exclusive photo and video content. The earliest content on the site dates from May 2007 and in the early days the site grew quite rapidly with updates 5 days a week but in the last couple of years the growth has really slowed down. In the last year since August 2010 I counted a meagre 39 photo sets and 8 videos added and thereís no pattern to the updates now so no telling when something new can be expected so I certainly wonít be hanging around longer than the month to find out.

The quality of the content for the most part is pretty decent with nice high res photos up to 4300 pixels and HD videos usually somewhere around 1280x720 or 1440x1080 in the various formats. Itís all very softcore here and you wonít see anything more explicit than girls simply posing nude even in the 2 girl shoots, no masturbation or toy play. The videos are a mixed bag, some just a recording of the photo shoot while in others you might get a bit of a striptease and some nude posing accompanied by music or sometimes you just have to listen to them being directed what to do in Russian. They certainly lack the erotic feel you get in the videos at MPL Studios.

The site is easy enough to navigate. You have the usual options to browse either photos, videos or models but other than that no real search or sort options. The models all display on 1 page, you click on a model and get all her photo sets and videos, what more do you really need on a site this size. At just over 33,000 photos it certainly canít compete with the likes of Met and Femjoy for volume and I was done with the site in less than a week but overall I did quite enjoy the collection of cute Russian models and good quality photos.
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Visit Jim Slip

73. Jim Slip (2)

pat362 (365) 08-29-11  06:43pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (68), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +406 videos of which 106 be downloaded as a complete wmv file. All the other videoss are broken into clips.
+Video quality for the 106 latest videos are offered in at least 720x408 and 1280x720.
+They have a very good selection of French, English and Eastern European performers.
+All pics after October 2009 are offered in either 1200x900 or 2000x1343 resolution.
+They use good lighting and proper camera angles to shoot their videos.
Cons: -I hoped that they would have remastered their older content and started offering them as complete video files.
-The phototsets must be download one pic at a time and they have to all be renamed since they all use the same name.
-Jim is the only performer so if you don't like him then you won't like any of the videos.
Bottom Line: *This is my second visit on this site and the only major change is the number of videos that can be downloaded as complete files. Jim is a little older but he's still able to do great scenes. The quality of the model seems to have more well known performers intead of using local amateurs.

**It's a nice site with some good sex scenes and the increase in the number of videos available as full scenes instead of clips is a great thing. now all he has to do is remaster those older shoots into full scenes and he'll be even better.**

*I got access by joining Lara's playground and Lara is the person who was behind the camera for all of his videos and now has her own site (see my other review).
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Visit 21 Sextreme

74. 21 Sextreme (2)

messmer (137) 08-08-11  04:15pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (76), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 11-28-11  12:56pm  (Update History)
Reason: 28/11/2011: Downgraded by five points. Renewed membership is disappointing because so many sites still update in DVD quality and worse.
Pros: The dirty sister of 21Sextury with lots of contents even after it split off. Today (8th August) 21Sextreme lists 5120 scenes as well as 2032 models in total.

36 sites in total. 18 primary sites and 18 bonus sites.

Will appeal to the pervert in you with plenty of fetish material. This may not be to everyone's liking but they even list 7 Trannie sites as well as one gay site (highly unusual in most ďstraightĒ networks.) Not to forget my personal favorites, the ďveryĒ mature sites like ďLusty Grandmas,Ē I believe there are at least four sites like it which counts as a plus ... however, see below.

New picture sets are available zipped in regular size, as well as in Hi-Resolution at 1696x2544px, while the scenes are being offered in medium wmv and mp4, high wmv and mp4 (720x540 with a 3500 bitrate) as well as in two HD sizes, 1280x720p and 1920x1080p.

21Sextury and 21Sextreme excel when it comes to quality because even the non-HD scenes are quite watchable even in full screen.
Cons: While updates come regularly, an average of 11 updates a week is a bit meager for a network of 36 sites. This is because many of the sites stopped updating some time ago and others update only infrequently.

Our users should also be aware of the fact that not all updates are in HD because some of the sites, even though they are still active, have not yet switched to the higher grade material.

Especially galling for me is the fact that only one mature site updates on a weekly basis while the others are slumbering, awaiting a wake up call by the site owners. You might find that this is also the case in connection with your favorite niche!
Bottom Line: All in all I like this ďdarkerĒ sister of 21Sextury a lot. I never did visit the individual model sites as well as the more ďglamorousĒ teenie sites all that often in the olden days, so, to me, the fact that they split into two has actually encouraged me to concentrate on the rest of the 21Sextremes contents more closely and I like what I see.

For the fan of the unusual, this fetish site will be quite satisfying. For a low price you will get a satisfying share of lesbians, trannies, grannies, granddads and BDSM and some other kinky stuff, with even a gay site thrown into the mix, and the technical quality of the more recent material is great.

28/11/2011: Took out a new subscription and noticed how many of the prime sites are still updating in an outdated format. Today's update was marked HD but the quality is far from HD like. This update does not even look like DVD quality as it is blurry when viewed in full window. This is the case with many updates that are not marked Super HD. So, high quality updates are fewer and farther between than I thought when I first wrote this review. Downgraded by five points.
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Visit Petites Parisiennes

75. Petites Parisiennes (1)

Denner (233) 08-01-11  08:18am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (80), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Exclusive, exclusive and exclusive - the best pros I got for this site.
+ Several vids and photosets of almost each model.
+A few very adorable models/girls/ladies.
+Models - a few - NOT seen elsewhere.
+Special style in both vids and photiosets.
+Some - or rather quite a lot of - reverse strip tease - if you're into that
+Fine vids download options in three formats/sizes:
640x360, 1280x720 and 1920x1080 (think the numbers are correct)
+Fine and fast feed back from webmaster
+Forum for discussions
+And, need I say it: Zip for photos..
+ Pix size: UP to 4000x2667
Cons: - I have been confused(have now canceled) about updates - the site only show ONE update at the time - when hitting "Updates"- bottom.
- Close to "most" of the models are either quite average or - some - even unattractive. (I thought France had more knockouts...)
- Still more well known models - not really a 'cons' - but a bit disappointing for a site like this.
- Problems joining from Europe and the ol' regional pricing item - BUT got help fast from jamy, the webmaster.
- Had several problems when browsing - not logical - confusing more likely...
- Somewhat low in amount of models (But: that kind of adds up with the fact that each model has 5,6 or 7 vids/sets)
- Almost 1/3 of models have NO vids - only pix.
- Only Softcore - but that's the name of the game here..
- Older videos (not that old: 2009) - some of them are BLURRED...or maybe old time Penthouse alike, but NOT good.
Bottom Line: The first hits I got, when joining this site, I was enjoining myself - and after reading some earlier reviews I really thought:
Here is a NEW, different and quite an exiting porn/softcore site with some great "birds"...

"Birds" - or models that is not seen elsewhere - and ok, along with well known models, too...
But I was hunting for the unknown ones, unknown at least at all those hundreds of sites we all here are accustomed to...

But now - after terminating one month of membership - I'm disapointed.
Only saved vids/sets of two or three models in my stash - those NOT seen elsewhere - both exclusive for model and for the sites vids/set...

Like mentioned in the Cons.: Too many of the exclusive models do not hit the fan - OK, this is very subjective - but again - a review has got to be subjective - others here at PU may like the models I don't and visa versa.

BUT: generally this site could be much better with a bit more demanding way of choosing models...at least the unknown ones...

Like I mentioned in Cons I had problem in the browsing/navigation - it's simple if you go for "MODELS" - but almost every thing else you run into problems... like for one: Updates - you only get ONE coming up.....again subjective: I think it's a bit of a mess.

About the reverse strip tease:
At this softcore site you get a lot of special clips/vids (movs) of girls posing, stripping and very little masturbation.

It seems like the most favored deals here is reverse strip:
It CAN be fun, sexy, ect. - but when it's a theme at a lot/ too many vids, it gets to be too much... watching one of the few special, gorgeous models doing more vids with that theme, you loose interest - well I did, anyway.

Photosets: I like many pics in a set - but this site seems to be a bit stingy....too few, bottom line. My favorite only has 50 - not enough in my opinion.

Quality - viewing: Generally the new/latest vids are pretty good in viewing quality - but not more that pretty good/ok. Compared to what we got elsewhere it's only average - and some 'old" ones (not that old - 2009) are way off todays standard.

Sorry, but I can't get higher than the 70 here for some nice exclusive girls, but they are too few - and I can't get nowhere close to that 91 we now see at "Top Rated" at PU....It's bottom line a subjective and an honest opinion from this old timer here at PU....
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*Newbie reviews and ratings don't count toward a site's overall score/rank until the user reaches the Rookie status level (5 points). This rule is needed to help prevent fake (or heavily biased) profiles and reviews.

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