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Visit Wife Writing

1. Wife Writing (0)

rearadmiral (380) 08-06-12  10:26am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (73), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Interesting and under-served niche
- Part of the Dog Fart Network
- Many options to view / download scenes
- Photos available
- Streaming video available
- Still updating – but slowly with usually just one scene per month
- Many popular porn stars
- Supports download managers (I use Internet Download Manager)
Cons: - Small site
- Scenes are mostly just oral
- Could play the BDSM role more
Bottom Line: This review might be best served if I define the niche first. The focus on the site is that in the course of the scene the male uses a marker to write on the female’s nude body. I’m guessing that the ‘wife’ part of the title is only for alliteration.

I joined Dog Fart Network specifically to get access to this site. This is a very small niche and my interest in it stems mostly from its use as part of BDSM. While the site is interesting and reasonably well done, I was a bit disappointed with the theme since the ‘writing’ is done to highlight the fact that the scenes are interracial rather than specifically as part of BDSM. (So instead of having “Whore” written on her forehead the model might have “Black Cock Lover” instead. I’m probably really splitting hairs here but for anyone into this niche it can make a difference. Still, I’ll take what I can get.)

Two things that any future member may want to know: the male talent is all black. That shouldn’t make a difference, but some may prefer to see a Caucasian male once in a while. The other thing is that actual intercourse is rare; most of the scenes are only oral. I didn’t see any anal in the few scenes where intercourse occurs. The female talent ranges from relative unknowns to popular porn stars.

The site is quite small with only 43 scenes available. It is one of the DFN sites that is still updating though, but the updates are fairly slow only coming in approximately once a month.

The site layout is simple: you open onto a page where six scenes are listed. Each scene has a large screen-cap of the model. One thing I particularly like is that the video and photo options are available right below the model’s name and screen-cap. There’s no need to open a second page just to access the scene. I also like that there is a brief description of the scene too which can provide more information for you to consider before downloading.

Speaking of video download options, the site offers two: WMV and MP4. WMV files are usually offered in two sizes. Interestingly, both sizes come in at 640x480 but the difference in that the larger ones are 4500kb/s while the smaller ones are 1500kb/s. Both play at 30fps. MP4s are usually offered in three sizes. I use WMV so I don’t have the specs on the MP4s. Some of the older videos (but not all) come in at 640x360.

This seems odd in 2012, but the WMV files are also offered in segments for both the lower and higher resolutions. I can’t imagine there are many people out there who would prefer segments when the full video is available too.

The site supports download managers and I had no problem with links dying on me.

I didn’t view the site on a mobile device but there is a separate link for those users where various viewing and downloading options are also available. Surely no member could complain about a lack of viewing options here.

Streaming is also available, but I don’t use that so I can’t really comment on it. The scenes I tested looked okay on a monitor. The resolution of the two available streams seems to be close to the WMV downloads. The streams open in a new page and play on the site’s player.

While the site is really a video site they do offer photos. In keeping with the various options for videos there are options for the photos too. There are separate photos taken of the model during the scene. These are available as singles or zips. The resolution is pretty good at 1067x1600. There are also lower resolution screen-caps available. Then there are “panels” which is a photo made up of four screen-caps fitted per page. Neither the screen-caps nor the panels are available as zips.

As BDSM goes, this site is fairly weak. I think they could improve by playing the Dom/sub roles a bit more. Still, sites that cater to this niche are rare. This is the only one I know of, so if another PU member has some recommendations I’d appreciate getting them.

Even though the site is small and the videos aren’t exactly what I was hoping for, I’d definitely recommend the site for anyone with an interest in this niche. And I’m not just saying that because there is nothing else out there. This site could stand alone and still be a good value at the right price. Admittedly though, unless you’re into this obscure niche like I am the real value of the site is the access to the rest of the Dog Fart Network.
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Visit Blacked.com

2. Blacked.com (3)

Pyrenees (26) 02-25-15  10:40am
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (5), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: There are many pros.
1. 1080p HD scenes.
2. Perfect IR fantasy role play
3. Great variety of IR scenes (1 on 1, threesome etc).
4. The acting of the models is just perfect.
5. The production values are spectacular.
6. The models are beautiful and some big names present.
Cons: Is it a con that there are only 55 scenes? I do not think so. In a year there will be over a hundred at the current production pace. Less than a dollar per scene is very reasonable considering the length of each scene. I literally cannot find a flaw with this website. And if you read my other reviews, I looked hard. If I had one minor con it would be this is a couples IR fantasy site. Do not expect Evil Angel level depravity.
Bottom Line: The bottom line is I would suggest this website to anyone who enjoys this niche of adult entertainment.

Things I would like to see include DP, Gang bangs and a more diverse location choosing.
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Visit Blacked.com

3. Blacked.com (3)

pat362 (373) 03-07-15  11:12am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (68), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Site design is nice and clean with almost no third party advertising.
+ Their selection of models is excellent with an emphasis on young women in their 20's(blond young women).
+ The sex is gonzo but it's a more vanilla version and there is an obvious desire by the producer to make it appear as though the models are truly enjoying themselves.
+ They cater to two niches that are almost non-existant on the net.
+ They update once a week and all their content is dated.
+ Each scene has an accompanying photoset that can be viewed online or downloaded as asingle zip file. Resolution on pics is an excellent 2000x3000.
+ Videos can be viewed online or downloaded. The downloaded videos come in six versions. 280p, 360p and 480p for mobile device and you have 480p, 720p and 1080p HD for the computer.
+They upload info on the next update about a week before it is available for streaming or download
Cons: - Site is still quite small with only 50 scenes.
- Site is still has a few glicthes when it comes to surfing the various options available.
-They have icons to help you find what you are looking for but most are not very useful and others simply don't work(see glitches).
-They tend to hire the same models so although there are 50 scenes available. It's not uncommon form some models to have two or more scenes.
-Gonzo fans interested in a brand of more intense interracial porn may be disapointed with their content.
-Price is rarely a con for me (unless it is very high) but I can't help feel that the 30$ join price is hurting them as it may put off some possible customers
Bottom Line: *I got a special email offer to join for half of the TBP price and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to join right away. I know that i would have done it sooner than later even if I hadn't gotten the special offer but it was definitely the catalyst that made me join right away. As a side note. I think the site would be wise to offer TBP members a discount as I know if will increase traffic to the site.

*Now my first impression upon seeing the site was wow what a nice clean site with little to any third party advertsing to clutter the screen(I can think of quite a few sites that could use a refresher course on how to design their site by looking at this site). Then it was an even bigger wow when I saw a few of the videos. It's clear to me that the people responsible for this site made sure to hire competent camera operators who know their art. The scenes are all well shot with just the right mix of lighting and camera angles.

*The sex is obvioulsy gonzo but it is a more mellow kind of gonzo and if I can say this about gonzo than it is also a more passionate looking gonzo scene. It is still purely all sex with little to any dialogue(other than at the beginning), no scenario and setup. There are appears to be a genuine desire by the producers to shoot a passionate scene than you usually see in gonzo porn. That can be a plus if you are someone like me or it can be a negative if you prefer your porn a little more crude and raunchy. I'm not saying that the sex isn't hot or intense because it is.

*There are a few glicthes with the site. Nothing serious but a little annoying. Their model section doesn't work if you go by model name. All it does is keep showing the same models regardless of the page you select to view. Their catwegory section is also not working properly. You have siome ioptions that give you only a few results when you know it should give you more.

**Now I don't know if the producers are going to add a new scene every four days instead of once a week but as I write this review. They have an update every four days now instead of once a week. I will ammend my review if i notice that the trend continues.

***This is a site that is well worth joining if you are a fan of interracial porn and aren't looking for any kind of setup other than there is a hot looking woman having hot sex with a well endowed black man. Anyone looking for a more extreme kind of porn should look elsewhere.***
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Visit Dog Fart Network

4. Dog Fart Network (0)

pat362 (373) 10-11-12  11:00am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (68), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +The best interracial porn site on the net.
+You get a total of 22 sites.
+You can download the videos in wmv format and they have started to offer them in the MP4 format as well. The resolution is at least 640x480 but you now have a large amount of content being offered in 768x432 and even in HD.
+You can stream all the videos online.
+They remastered most of their older content so that you can now get them in the MP4and WMV format and in a higher resolution.
+All content is dated and they update with new content once a week.
+They have 2 sites dedicated to the gay male market.
+Many of the sites offer scenario driven porn.
+They hire some esxcellent performers and there is no lack of hardcore here.
+They advertised the upcoming updates 2 weeks in advance.
Cons: -Only about 6-7 sites are really updating with brand new content. All of the others seem to offer remastered scenes or might be rotating their older content.
-Some of the sites are meant for a very pecific market so unless you're into that type of fetish then you won't be saving their content.
-They do seem to enjoy facials, blowbangs so if you aren't a fan then that may be a problem.
-It would be nice if they added a black female to white male site.
-They do not tag their scenes so you have to read the synopsis to find out what's happening.
-There is no real search options except name of the model.
-It would be nice if they could drop their price to 30$.
Bottom Line: **This is the best interracial porn network on the net and if I'm not mistaken, then the only one still updating with new content. If you like to see white women having hardcore sex with well hung black men then this is the place to come. They manage to get some very well known performers to appear on this site and they even get many of them to do anal which is impressive when you consider the size of the equipment some of these guys have.

**I was planning on joining the newtork sometime this year but I got a special offer to join for 20$ so it was a no brainer. I normally join about twice a year mostly because the network is 35$ and they only update about once or twice a month with the kind of porn that I like.

**Aside from maybe adding tags to their scenes and then revamping their search engine too help members find a specific fetish then I can't see anything else they need to do to improve the network.

**The one thing that I'd love to see but I asked and it doesn't seem to be possible in todays porn world is a site like Spring Thomas or Katie Thomas. THose were really great sites because they were dedicated to really cute teens girls having a variety of sexual encounters with black men. The great thing is that these women were mostly known for the stuff they did on their site and didn't do much on other sites or in movies and in the case of Spring. She never appeared elsewhere except here.

**Anyone who doesn't like interracial porn should avoid this network because this is the only type of porn you will find here.
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Visit Watching My Mom Go Black

5. Watching My Mom Go Black (0)

mediafan (8) 01-11-09  08:50pm
Rookie Badge TRUST USER?   YES (20), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Enjoyed the theme of the movies, they offer clip form or full movie downloads. Also pictures are in zip form for downloads. You do have trials to other sites for $2.00 for either 2 or 3 days, full access...(I did anyway)
Cons: Kinda pricey for me, maybe if it were less expensive. Updates are once a week., video are the norm standards. The pictures are decent size. This site is a stand alone site with no extra sites which is a bummer for me..
Bottom Line: If you got the extra cash this site might be worth taking a look, if not maybe they will lower there price.
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Visit Redhead In Heat

6. Redhead In Heat (0)

pat362 (373) 08-25-11  06:33pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (68), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: +There are 64 videos which can be downloaded in WMV.
+There are 94 photosets which can be downloaded as complete zip files.
+CCbill is the CC processor.
Cons: -The videos all fall under bad with crappy 320x240 resolution, bad camera angles, bad lighting, and even a few out of focus shots.
-All the phototsets are 640x480 resolution.
-I'm pretty sure the content is identical to the one found on mandingogirl.
-There is very little info about the videos or phototsets so you have to open the file to find out what you'll get.
-They are still updating with new content but quality is so bad that I'd be willing to bet that it's just recylced content from years ago.
Bottom Line: *Dawn is not your typical bone thin young woman but is instead a pretty chubby all natural red head woman who has a southern accent and likes enjoy having sex with multiple partners at the same time. She seems to favor IR perfromers.

*This site could have been something good but the videos are so bad that tube sites wouldn' bother using them. There is no reason for anyone else to get taken in by their less than honest preview. Videos in 320x240 resolution should not exist today and any site that offers only this type of resolution should close shop right now instead of stealing money from fools like me.

**I'll post a comment about mandingogirl as well because I suspect that they share content or may even have the exact same content. I can't be 100% sure and I'm not joining them to find out. One bad decision is enough for me. Neddless to say avoid mandingogirl because it's not going to be any better than this one**
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Visit Mandingo Mama

7. Mandingo Mama (0)

marcdc1 (174) 04-22-13  03:51pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (38), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Lady D operates another site and there she says she's in her early 60s. On this site there's no reference, but she is very attractive no matter how old she is
- Weekly updates to pix and videos. A commentator said other wise in March, but as of this review there is newly posted content 1/week.
- good mix of group, one-on-one, interracial, girl/girl and solo action, cuckolding, gangbangs.
- dedicated camera man so you go where the action is
- network of sites included (however most of them are small and suffer from the same poor quality video/pictures)
Cons: - Only about 30 videos. Many videos are incomplete they start well into the action and finish with obvious content not included.
- About 100 picture sets with about 15 pix in each set.
- organization is only chronological and layout is poor (reminds me of late 90s web development.)
- videos are 480X360 1.5 mbps; which makes me thing all this was filmed a while ago and just doled out weekly.
- no real way to interact with Lady D (just email)
- no zip downloads available.
- videos are only .wmv
Bottom Line: This site is part of a network but it's really not very good. The same models maintain multiple sites with different content in them - so it looks like you're getting more than you are. Finding all of the videos you like by a model is a pain.

The other site Lady D operates mature sex heaven is much better (it's also included with a membership to whoringoutmywife.com). But I haven't found much her to like. The sex is hot, I really wish they'd put some resources into this site - maybe even go back and re-encode some of it, but right now it is not worth a membership. The lack of quality and quantity are abysmal. Granted I got a year membership to the network for $30, but I hardly spend any time looking around because the quality is so poor and the navigation is worse.

Lady D is hot no doubt about that. She has great sex on camera that would burn up your screen, if you could see it that is :(
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Visit Dog Fart Network

8. Dog Fart Network (0)

tonguey (1) 12-06-12  01:53am
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (4), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -This network is a must for people that enjoy interracial porn.
-You get access to different sub genres of interracial interests that cater to specific fetishes. There is hetero, gay/lesbian, some scenes blur those boundaries. Some very hardcore fetish acts and some tame scenes.
-Their signature site is 'Blacks on blondes' but you will find sites within the network that will appeal to you specifically, then you can branch out and check something out that is new to you. -The Actors are the best in the biz and all the greats come through.
-If you can't find what you are looking for, just ask. I wrote them and the next update, it was like they used my letter for their script.
-The site works great and looks great. I was a member for years and had only great experiences with their many various sites. They are worth every penny!
- It is Massive!!You will love it! something for everybody into interracial!
Cons: -I give the great dogfart network a 100 according to this chart that says there is LITTLE to improve. I guess they could improve their search tags some, but it still works, or maybe it was just that they improved it. Even if they didn't there is so much to enjoy or discover that you really don't need to search.
-They have great pictures too BUT they could add a slide show feature to it to make it extra rad!
Bottom Line: I think it's a must see network. Definitely a must for interracial fans.
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Visit White Ghetto

9. White Ghetto (0)

pr0n addict (9) 07-10-07  06:16pm
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (15), NO (1)
Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -Vid Quality Is Great
-Great Selection Of Different Niche's To Satisfy Almost Any.
-Choice's of Streaming or Downloading Of Videos
-Choice's of 56k or Broadband Streaming Of Videos
-Update's Are Queued To Show When The Next One's Going On Site.
Cons: -Vid Selection Is Relatively Small, Even Though Site Is Still Growing
-Download Speed Is Average/Slow
-Site Update's Are Not Everyday
-Cost Is A Bit On The Steep Site
-Site Can Be Slow Loading/Sluggish
Bottom Line: Very Great Site, Well Worth At Least One Visit For 30.00 Bucks. Download Speeds Can Be Slow, But They Are Well Worth The Wait. As The Quality Of Resolution For The Videos Are All Very Nice.

Also, you will get access to a few networks sites that are worth alittle of your time as well.
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Visit White Ghetto

10. White Ghetto (0)

Toadsith (48) 03-05-08  11:34pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (47), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * DVD-Quality WMV Video (720x528 at 2148kbps)
* 140 Full-Length DVDs (Video Available Per Scene)
* Average Video Length 20~30 Minutes
* No DRM
* Streaming WMV Video
* Screenshots of Every Video
* All Content Categorized By Action, Model, Model-Type, Series, and Title
* Searchable Using Gamma VIP parent site
* 14 Included Bonus Sites
* Updates Approx. 1 DVD per Week (One Scene Every Two Days)
* Shows DVD Cover Art for Every Movie
Cons: * Slow Downloads (270kbps)
* Trouble with Some Download Managers
* Shaky Camera Work and Lens Vignetting
* Harsh Lighting
* Many Less-Than-Attractive Models
* Watermark on Videos
* No Photos
Bottom Line: White Ghetto treads the border of erotic and grotesque. Unfortunately for me it often falls into the latter; which is really saying something.

As a catalogue of White Ghetto Productions’ DVDs – the site houses three main niches: Cream Pies, Transsexuals, and Squirting. Each are divided into numerous sub-niches – from standards like MILF and Asian to fetishes like BBW and Hairy. The site is easy to navigate with its category system and is searchable via the Gamma VIP parent site.

While it doesn’t give you photos – you get plenty of full-length DVDs (split by scene) with DVD-Quality video. Screenshots or the streaming option makes previewing each video relatively easy.

The problem for me is the content itself. The models are extremely variable – some are lovely, a great many are average at best. And the lighting and camera work don’t help – bright direct light highlights every flaw and the camera bounces around, never steady and often finding unfortunate angles.

I feel as though they push for an unrefined look, and it works – at times I wonder that they found the record button at all. The general idea behind their content choices isn’t flawed – it is quite simply the final product that falls short of its potential in every way for me. So you have a fine site with simply unattractive content – fear not though, their sister sites fair much better.
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Visit White Ghetto

11. White Ghetto (0)

lk2fireone (196) 07-06-09  02:38am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (72), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -no DRM
-no download limits
-search engine: can search by movie title, category, series, or model
-visual quality of the videos is ok to good
-advertises exclusive content
-updates each day with one video scene/clip
-White Ghetto niches:
--curry (models are supposed to be Indians from India)

The site also has videos of older men with young women, lesbians, heavy MILFs, heavy models, older women (I think of MILFs as women in their 30s or 40s, but this site has videos of women in their 50s+), etc.
Cons: -Files download as WMV files only, no other format available
-Personal taste varies, but the models that are supposed to be from India, are not attractive. I've seen gorgeous Indian models, but these models are not good-looking.
-The same for the transsex models: they are mainly on the plain-to-less-than-plain side of looks.
-Actually, I looked at vid caps of every single model at the site, and I did not find a single model that I thought really attractive. The best that could be said for any of them is that some of them are OK looking.
-I did not download a single video clip from this site.
-That is my personal taste. Maybe other PU members might find some of the models attractive, or the action interesting or exciting or whatever.
Bottom Line: White Ghetto is part of the netFameSolutions network of 19 sites. Access to any one site gives you access to all 19 sites. The PU/TBP special price is $14.95/month recurring, which is a nice discount from the $29.95/month recurring regular price. The network has some very nice sites, some sites that have less value, and some sites that have very little value.

"White Ghetto Films was built on one principle; give the fans what they want!" That is a nice idea, but what this site serves is not my cup of tea.
This site is built on non-glamor models, non-glamor sex. If you like a little kink in your sex (like squirting or transsexual) or favor plain-looking models or heavy models or older models, you might enjoy some of the videos at this site.

I'm giving this site a score of 87 for its network value. As a stand-alone site, this site personally has zero value for me. But tastes vary. Some PU members might find it worthwhile to visit.
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Visit Dog Fart Network

12. Dog Fart Network (0)

rearadmiral (380) 08-12-12  01:42pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (73), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Large network
- 21 sites (including a relatively new BTS site)
- All interracial
- Some unusual niches
- Older scenes are being remastered
- Easy to use network
- Supports download managers (IDM)
- Easy access to download and viewing options
- Streaming is available
Cons: - Not all sites are updating
- Older remastered scenes may be dated and posted as a new update
- No effective search function
- No (that I could find) high-res or HD scenes
- More expensive than comparable sites
Bottom Line: Dog Fart Network (DFN) isn’t a network that I’d normally have joined, but I’m glad I did. I joined specifically to access one of their unique sites but I found many of the other sites quite good too.

DFN has 21 sites that cover a wide range of niches. The overall theme that runs through the network is interracial sex, specifically black men with white women. One site does feature white men and black women. The sites range from fairly standard porn, straight b/g, b/b/g, anal, etc., legal teen oriented sites, cougar sites, through sites that feature glory holes, and a couple of sites with some unique themes – Wife Writing and The Minion. Both of these are unique sites.

The network is simple in layout and operation: the homepage shows all 21 sites. You enter each site through that link and all the sites share the same simple layout: five scenes are listed per page and there is easy access to all the pages. One thing I particularly like about the sites is that on each page, beneath a large thumbnail of each scene, all the viewing and downloading options are available. So many other sites require the users to click through several pages before getting to the download or viewing links; DFN’s choice to keep it simple is appreciated.

Speaking of the downloading and viewing options, DFN has more than most other sites. While only two formats are offered (WMV and MP4) those are usually offered in more than one size. I download WMVs and those are offered in two ‘sizes’ – both come in at 640x480 with the only difference being that the larger ones are 4500kb/s versus the smaller ones at 1500kb/s. Both play at 30fps. Some of the older videos are a lower resolution. Oddly, for 2012, the site still allows users to download the videos in segments. While I’m sure that few people still need to do this, I’m sure that those who do appreciate this option.

While the resolutions are somewhat below standards, they still look crisp.

Streaming is also available in two resolutions that appear to be similar to the WMV downloads.

Speaking of older videos, DFN appears to be moving to remaster a lot of their older scenes. This is both good and bad, depending on how you look at it. The ‘bad’ is that they seem to use the remastered videos as updates rather than posting new videos as often. I don’t hold the opinion that this is necessarily bad because it gives access to fairly decent quality videos of stars from the past decade. I consider that to be good.

The site also offers photos, and like the videos there are several options. Interestingly, the options are for good resolution photos (1067x1600) taken during the video shoot, lower resolution screencaps and these things they call ‘panels’ which are photos that contain four smaller photos. The higher resolution photos are available as zips but the other two sets are singles only.

The site supports download managers. I use Internet Download Manager and had no problem with links dying on me over a period of over an hour.

One glaring problem with the network is the lack of an effective search function or the use of tags. There is a search function, but it has serious flaws. It allows you to search for a word or words in the title or description of the scene but that can be a rather blunt tool. For example, I searched the term “anal” and got a number of hits but many of the scenes had no anal sex in them. The site producers frequently refer to a woman’s “birth canal” in the scene descriptions and that phrase was captured in a search for anal scenes. This could be solved by a smarter search engine, but it would probably be better solved by tagging scenes with niches.

Any potential member is obviously going to make their own decision on value, but in DFN’s case some people may jump to a conclusion based solely on price. The issue is that DFN charges $35 per month, which is more than most comparable sites. Is it worth $35? My opinion is that it is. I think we’ve become accustomed to lower prices but the market has changed and we all may need to rethink the value equation. In this case, you get access to over a thousand exclusive scenes with decent production values and fast downloads (with no obvious limits, I might add). I think that’s good value. (As an aside, I’m not sure where the upper limit on pricing is, but I note that last week TBP posted a review of a BDSM site, Infernal Restraints, that commands $65 per month. I’m a BDSM fan, but that seems a bit steep.)

One potential concern that has been expressed before is that several of the sites do not appear to be actively updating with new material. I’m fine with this as long as the network is updating and the remastering continues.

The bottom line is that I certainly recommend DFN. Its top-quality porn, and specifically interracial porn, with top porn stars that’s well produced and easy to access at a fair price.
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Visit Black Owned Wives

13. Black Owned Wives (0)

pat362 (373) 08-19-13  05:15pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (68), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +You get access to 21 sites.
+The processor is CC Bill
+Cancellation was a piece of cake
+Join price was cheaper than for some of the other sites.
-Site design is simple so it's easy to find everything you are looking for(Of course you won't be looking long since there is nothing worth finding).
Cons: -The content is not exclusif and can be found on other sites.
-I don't think a single one of these sites has updated in many years.
-All the videos associated with the network are broken into multiple clips. Some of which number in the high 30's.
-The quality of the vids is bad to awful and is also getting older all the time.
-The only single file videos are leased from other sites.
-The vast majority of the videos exist as single files on sites like clip4sale so why not make them available for their own sites.
Bottom Line: *I'm going to make this short and sweet. If these sites were only a dollar then it would still be one dollar too many. There is nothing that can be found on these sites that is worth looking at or let alone download to your computer. That's not to say that there aren't some decent videos because I saw some of them on clip4sale and they looked a 100 times better than anything that can be found here but the awful business practice all of these sites perpetrate is why some people say Tube sites is the way to go.

*I Googled some of the videos and I found some of them on a few Tube Sites and I even checked part of one of them and the quality was better than what I paid for with these sites.

*Here is the list of sites you get with your membership so that if you're ever in the mood for some interracial porn then you'll know which sites not to pick.

-Black man's cum dump(what a great name...Not).

-I cuckold my husband.(He wasn't the only one who got cuckoled here).

-Whoring out my wife(I'm sure she would prefer to be called something else than a whore).

-Black owned wife(Yeah who doesn't like that)

-Black men's use my wife(I'm seeing a pattern forming with these titles).

-Black man's whore(white mean's angel).

-Black cock whore(Yeah I'm definitely seeing a pattern).

-Florida Mandigos (I wonder what kind of bird this is).

-Wife's sloppy seconds(Mmm who doesn't like that?)

-Mandigo mama. (Is that the mother of the bird?)

-Black owned wives(I guess they found more women so they needed a new site).

-Black magic xxx(Nope same old shity magic).

-Mandigo blonde(bird with bleached feathers).

-Brooke Lauren(I guess she didn't want to be part of the wives group).

-Alice in blacland(It has to be because this is no wonderland).

-Mandigo Candi (I don't think bird flavored candy is all that appealing).

-Florida Domme(They tried to copy the astrodome but they were sued and had to change the name).

-Mandigo redhead (bird on fire)

-Mandigo max(maximum crap more like it).

-Hubby humiliates me(paying for this crap humiliated me).

-Gerri's darkside(we told her to put some pants on and now it's hidden from view).

***If you ever see any of these sites or any with similar names then please stay away. It's your money and you can do what you want with it but don't come complaining to me that you were cheated because I bite the bullet so you didn't have to.***
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Visit WCP Club

14. WCP Club (1)

pat362 (373) 01-15-14  11:33am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (68), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Content is all exclusif and it's dated.
+You get access to 95 dvd or 565 scenes.
+They offer more than 400 models that showcase different ethnicities and age groups.
+One of the few sites that has all interracial content.
+You can use a download manager.
+Videos can be downloaded in 3 format from low to high def. Resolution for SD is 720x404 and HD is 1280 x 720.
Cons: -Downloads speeds are really bad becasue a 500MB scene takes about 5 to 8 minutes to download.
-You only get access to a tiny portion of the entire WCP library.
-No clue what their update schedule is because I haven't seen one new dvd in the last 8 days.
-They don't update with a complete dvd but add scenes over many days.
-Surfing the site is not easy because the back button always brings you the main page and you lose your search options.
-For some reason their pages down resize to fit the screen so you have to scroll left to right to see everything.
-Part of all their pages are dedicated to advertising.
Bottom Line: *This is the second site owned by Manica Media that I have joined and both have the same cons mentioned above. Luckily this site has one thing the other didn't have and it's that their content can only be found on streaming sites so joining this one is a great deal on that front. Of course the downside for anyone wanting to download all their movies is that one month is not likely to be enough unless download speeds increase. I don't need hyper speed but it shouldn't take 5 minutes to download a video.

*I'm a huge fan of West Coast movies so getting access to part of their library is good news but it also really sucks that you only get access to a small part of it. If they at least added 2 or more movie per week then I would be happy but if this site does what Pinko did then I don't expect to see any new movie while I'm a member. I'm not even sure if they will add a new one each week. They certainly haven't done so since I've been a member.

*They should take some time and do some major tweaking to their site design. I shouldn't have to scroll left and right to see everything, the most recent stuff should always be on the main page, you should be able to use the back button from any page to the previous one as opposed to be sent to the main all the time and I shouldn't have to push out of the way a window to cam sites. You want to advertise cam shows then do it on a separate page.

**If you like hardcore interracial porn and you don't mind staying more than one month(that or you are only looking for part of the library) then you should be happy with this site. Of course you also have to be okay with the cons.**
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Visit Blacks on Blondes

15. Blacks on Blondes (0)

Tom22 (6) 03-05-11  11:56am
Rookie Badge TRUST USER?   YES (19), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: * Good quality (but not super high-res) pictures in Zip files
* Full download speed for cable connection
* No problem using download manager
* Server seems well tuned, never ‘dropped’ a download
* Easy Navigation, old style but no problems with site set-up
* Almost all male stars have huge tools and are often matched with petite girls
* Very large network, you will probably need all 30 days to select and download
* Network includes 19 sites
* Video quality is ‘only’ good (camerawork is not so good, resolution is too low)
* Several very cute girls, Kitty, Kennedy Kressler, Alexia Skye, Amai Liu and others
* Good Lighting in most scenes
Cons: * Poor camerawork, face & ass style, hardly ever see action from proper distance
* Video resolution is too low, best quality is only 640x360
* Logo/watermark too big, very obstructive of view, badly placed and distracting
* Almost every video is about 70% nonsense, 30% action worth viewing
* Way too much emphasis on oral sex, leans toward being a BJ site
* Far too many unnecessary “fades” and shifting to different angles
* Camera movements are mostly way too fast, zooming is at warp speed
* Cameraman sometimes tries to be the star, talks too much
* Girl’s movements into new positions often edited out --- why?
* At $34.99 the membership price is too high considering the competition
Bottom Line: Seldom have I seen a site that focuses on the face as much as this site. This is supposed to be a porn site --- right? I can see girls faces at the grocery store, I don’t need to pay money and join a site for that.

I, like many here at Porn Users, like to see a girl’s entire body, NOT just her face and her ass. But this is the old porn paradigm that refuses to die. I notice that sites that finally figure it out and break away from this type of camerawork consistently get much better ratings, (from the users anyway).

In my opinion, this type of camerawork is the curse of modern porn, they are still doing it just like they did in the 1970’s. Wake up guys, move the camera back and keep the camera steady. I know YOU can see everything YOU want to, but WE can only see what comes through the camera lens. It’s not that there is never a time for a close-up --- but that time is NOT all the time. And it should not be nearly all the time either.

One silver lining with sites that practice the face & ass camerawork style, is that you at least get a full length glimpse of the girl’s body when they move into another position. But not at this site, they normally edit that part out.

The best thing about this site is it has a good number of petite girls staring with some of the most well endowed men in porn. Its a shame they don’t back the camera up so WE the viewers can see it. Oh well, I guess this old paradigm will never die in the American and Euro porn industries, so I’m off to the Russian sites again where most of them know how to run a camera, like Teen Mega World for example.

Porn camerawork is not rocket science but considering the small percentage of sites that get it right, you would think it was.

1) This site lost 20 points for poor camerawork and editing

2) And lost another 10 points due to a large logo, cameraman won’t shut-up, too much nonsense, too much oral, not enough action and the video resolution is too low

If these things were fixed, it would be an awesome site, as it stands now, its pretty much run of the mill.
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Visit Exploited Moms

16. Exploited Moms (0)

delta69 (2) 10-25-07  12:38am
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (6), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: Unique Niche content.

A handful of hot mature women doing the "dirty deed" with black men.
Cons: Horrible download speeds.

About 20% of the episodes have corrupted files, you won't see the money shot, or you will see it and the episode won't have any sound.

The webmaster will not answer you (nor fix the files) when you point out which files are corrupted.

80% of the woman are so old and unattractive that you won't want to download any episodes for weeks at a time.

If you are locked out of your account, the webmaster will NEVER help you re-gain access to your account.
Bottom Line: Extremely unattractive women dominate the site.
Poor quality of videos.
Broken links mean that 1 in 4 of the episodes are unviewwable or there is no sound.
Completely unresponsive webmaster. Nothing will get fixed and you will be frustrated.
Pay for one month only and RUN!
Check out the Darien Ross episodes or the Anjelica or Mrs. Fun episodes and tell me you're happy with no sound or completely distorted video episodes!
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Visit White Teens Black Cocks

17. White Teens Black Cocks (0)

MargulisAZ (84) 07-28-09  06:00pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (42), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Very attractive teen girls not seen all over the internet.
+ 114 updates to this point.
+ Full movie download option.
+ Acceptable download speeds (300-700 kb/s)
Cons: - Only 1 pic size (853 x 1280 px) and set per update.
- No option to view all pics on one page, must cycle through multiple pages.
- Monotonous shoots with same position change cycle, locations, etc.
- Camera position and angles can be annoying, not really showcasing the action at times properly.
- Unpredictable and slow updates.
- No video previews and not enough preview pics per video.
- Too much anal focus.
- Only one movie file option (960 x 540 wmv)
Bottom Line: Meh, this site is a site that could be great, but it's only mediocre in all honesty. If they did some tweaking it could definitely step up a notch, but don't count on that happening since the site is still going in the same vein that it has for the last 3 or 4 years. Some points of interest:

1. To this point there is a decent amount of content since the site has been out for a long time but the updates are very slow so don't expect to join and get blown away by the amount of updates you will get in a month's time. I'm pretty sure there was a stretch for a few years where it barely updated at all. There are no dates to tell or set schedule, but my guess would be about 2 updates per month.

2. Scenes are VERY monotonous, especially in the older updates. Depending on which male actor is in the scene, you can pretty much tell before the scene even starts what cycle of sex positions they are going to do and in what order. You'll also know which positions will have anal and which ones won't.

3. This site focuses heavily on anal so keep that in mind, which I don't quite understand since almost all the other sites on the network this site is in do the same thing. Must be a euro thing since they seem to focus on that more. Might get annoying for people who aren't anal fans.

4. The girls are pretty damn hot for the most part, and thankfully they aren't girls you've seen on a billion other sites before. The only downer is that a lot of the girls don't really seem to be into the scenes and just sit there and take it without really getting any enjoyment, or at least acting like it.

5. Camera guy is annoying. There are many times throughout a scene when I was thinking "move the damn camera over THERE!". That doesn't happen too often to me so when it does I know something is wrong. For example, male actor is having sex with chick doggie style, pulls out to do a gape shot, and instead of focusing on the gape the camera guy moves to look at something else. Just one example of what I'm talking about, and it happens a decent bit.

Overall I give this site a very minor recommendation. It might be worth joining once but don't get too excited based off of the preview page, most of the scenes are way less exciting and interesting than they look.
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Visit Cum Bang

18. Cum Bang (1)

tobi (13) 11-16-08  06:55pm
Rookie Badge  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (19), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - amazing cum shots
- horny bunch of rednecks
- some nice background stories
- some very hot girls
- nice black skin covered in cum is beautiful
- very good vid quality
- server is very fast
- download manager works
Cons: - only 32 vids
- high price (probably too high for the limited content)
- no extras
- no network
- only one update per week
Bottom Line: This might become a great site eventually (in 1-2 years). The content is already outstanding and delivers a new experience for all cum and facial lovers. The basic story is always the same. A very hot black chick has been cheated by her boy-friend and wants revenge. The revenge takes place by meeting a bunch of horny, cum-filled redneck digs, which give the girl a cum shower after some nice blowjob action. There is not much fucking (nothing at all) but to fullfill the sites' promise, namely to cover a girls face with sticky semen, it really provides some intensive scenes. A great moment is when the girls asks for even more cum to embarass her boy friend (this really delivers). Unfortunately there are only 32 vids available, however in great quality (wmv 640x480). No extras or an additional network access make you stay for longer than 2 days. You need aprox. 2h to download al vids which are not DRM protected. I will definitely come back in 1 year. However the money was well spent.
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Visit African Fuck Tour

19. African Fuck Tour (0)

BenThruston (11) 12-30-10  10:21am
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (15), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Fills a niche, genuine African girls. Some cute, some alight neck up. Nice bodies.
+Offers MP4 up to 1280x720, WMV only 720x540 though
+Fast downloads (usually got about 1-1.5 MB/s on my connection)
+Has DVD extras if wanted
Cons: -Site is no longer updating it seems, and doubt the network its a part of is either. Probably about 20-40 vids per site and can't tell if active due to misleading dating the site uses that automatically changes the date of videos to make them look like recent updates.
-Noisy, grainy video in some cases
-PiP in some vids occasionally would wind up blocking some action in the main video
-Photos here are just screenshots
-Download cap, but a reasonable one, about 12-13GB
-Lighting issues in some vids
Bottom Line: Only 35 vids, not updating (seemingly) and really don't care much for the network that came with it, though the DVD extras (budget/older dvds) aren't bad for the 9.99/mo, but other sites better for that. Sex is ok, rarely really hot (to me anyway) and couple cases near the end, girls pretty much let him know they don't like the money shot, but he does it anyway. Not my cup, but sure some love the MS.

Site is ok on its own for a month or so, but don't bother with a long term deal here. Would probably give more towards a 75-78 or so if site was really active.
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Visit Cuckold My Husband

20. Cuckold My Husband (0)

marcdc1 (174) 04-01-13  07:27am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (38), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Candy is a hot MILF who seems to be videoing her playtime. In other words this is a woman who loves sex; not a model who's trying to maximize profit.
- Whole site is interracial content (I don't care one way or the other, but know it will be either a big plus or big minus to some).
- Each scene has a small description with it.
- Screen shots available for videos (I like this because it helps determining if something is worth downloading).
- Looks like a rather large network (maybe 15 sites?). I'm not sure because my password won't work with some of the "bonus" material. Also a lot of the content is cross shared so I'm not always sure what belongs with what. I can tell the model for this site (Candy Christopher) is also the talent in at least one of the other sites. So it's very confusing what exactly are you getting
- Nice price: right now there is a special to pick up the whole network for $30/year.
Cons: - Videos are only available in .wmv
- Most videos are under 10 minutes (only 2 are long; one 20 minutes, one 30 minutes)
- pictures are not available as .zip
- Broken links. All of the dildo shoots were inaccessible. Clicking on them would ask for password, only to have password rejected.
- picture quality is 300X200.
- only 6 dildo videos (which I could get to), and 13 hardcore. For a site that's been up since at least 2000, that's really poor.
- Copyright on the website says 2011 so they haven't done new shoots since at least then
- 480X360 0.3 mbps is got to be the lowest quality video I've ever seen.
- Cinematography is hurting. For example in the longest running video there's a pillow block most of the action - despite the fact that her husband is camera man - this doesn't get fixed
Bottom Line: I've never given such a low score. But between the small number of updates, the password problems, and the abysmal quality I feel there's no choice.

Scenes start in the middle of the action, there are times when the audio cuts out.

Candy is an attractive MILF, there's no doubt about that. I'm really hoping that some of the other sites on this network that feature her are better than this one.

To be fair I have not contact the webmaster about my issues (then again the fact that I will have to speaks about the sites upkeep as well). For $30 for a year's subscription I figure I have time to mess with it if the mood ever strikes me. Right now I'm not impressed enough with the content to be bothered.
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Visit Blacks on Blondes

21. Blacks on Blondes (0)

pat362 (373) 09-27-09  09:30am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (68), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Membership gives you access to 14 other sites.

-Download speed is quite good using I.E and no dowmload manager.

-They have over 1000 videos in the network.

-The sex is all interracial going from mild to intense.

-There are quite a few videos with a little scenarios which adds to the fantasy aspect.

-A good choice of models with a greater emphasis on milf.

-Blacks on Blonde appears to still be updating.
Cons: -Blacks on blondes and Glory Hole seem to be the only 2 sites still releasing new content. It's difficult to tell because although they give you the release dates on the sites. I don't believe that they are accurate.

-The quality from site to site or from older to newer material is of varying quality.

-The more recent videos can be downloaded whole or in 3 parts but quite alot of the older material on the other sites is in multiple parts.

-Some of the sites do not have the option of downloading the complete set in one file.
Bottom Line: The main reason why I joined was because you got access to Spring Thomas and Katie Thomas with the membership. I've had my eye on the 3 sites for a long time. I wouldn't have joined them individually but in a package it was difficult to pass up.

I think this a very good join, download all the content you want and then don't comeback for a long time. I'm pretty sure Spring and Katie are no longer updating and most of the other sites are variations of black on blondes.

If you like IR, gangbang, milf, cum swallowing style of sex than you should give these guys a try.
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Visit Exploited Moms

22. Exploited Moms (0)

magoo1957 (0) 01-22-07  12:36am
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (5), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: Fair overall sight. Has a good amount of content.
Cons: Slow infrequent updates. Some of the women are a little if not alot rough, but a few are quite nice. I'd just like to see more updates. Quality for price is little poor.
Bottom Line: Not a great site overall.
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Visit Black Bachelor

23. Black Bachelor (0)

somekindofsmell (2) 08-19-08  06:31pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (4), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Exclusive content.
- No DRM.
- Similar content sites are very hard to find.
- Download managers work with several files at once.
- No download limits.
- Access to several bonus sites.
- Weekly updates on Wednesday.
- More recent content is pretty good quality.
Cons: - One of the worst layouts I have ever seen, unbelievable!!
- Early video quality is quite poor.
- Some videos broken up into way too many pieces, sometimes pieces are missing.
- Pictures look good, but are not available in a zip format.
- No trial subscription, especially important since you have no idea of the quality at the time of sign up.
- May movies uncompressed making downloads long and storage space an issue.
- The tour before joining is misleading in that; many girls/scenes I saw could never be found as a member.
- No forums for requesting, questions etc (with this layout and design there should be)
- No search feature
Bottom Line: Blackbachelor can be one of the best sites you've ever seen, or the absolute worst. If you are looking for real amateur (or at least close to amateur) interracial and not just established girls pretending as they do on sites like Blacksonblondes this has some of the best and most raw content I've ever seen. There are a enough gangbangs, cuckolds (without the hubby around), facials, real wives being used.

If this isn't exactly what you want, then you should turn around and run for the hills. Firstly, the layout is abysmall. The new content is organized the best, all together on one page. Still, for some reason pictures and video of the same scene aren't kept together. Often times the pictures from one scent are broken up into several pieces and kept apart from each other.

The real problem though is any of the archived (greater than about a year) content. It is all over the place. There are no sections or categories for content. Instead you have categories such as Movie Vault 1-4 which each lead you to a page with 1000's of different screen caps of movie clips. The same for pictures. The layout of each 'vault' is a different format as well. You never know what to expect. Some 'vaults' link to other undocumented vaults that in turn lead to others. Movie Vault 3 lead me to the Extreme movie vault which led me to Old Mpg Vault. It is maddening.

They also have a hall of fame on the main members page with a lot of scenes that look great. The only problem is they don't like to anything or tell you where to go to find them. There are some scenes I spent hours looking for to no avail.

As mentioned above content is of variable quality, newer stuff is a lot better. Older stuff is uncompressed which leads to a lot of disk space (I downloaded 80 GB of video from the site). Luckily, the servers are high speed and you can use a download manager. I would recommend using a manager with a site grabber feature and let it loose, it will save a lot of time.

The extra sites (Asian interracial, cum shot, hip hop porn gang bang), are nice too, but to me they really just server to separate some of the newer content into niches which should really be expected. I also did not see an update on several of the bonus sites the entire time of my membership.

In closing I can't stress how great this site can be if you look past these shortcomings, however only true interracial fans should apply.
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Visit White Teens Black Cocks

24. White Teens Black Cocks (0)

joekramer08 (12) 12-30-11  02:26pm
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Top Monthly User TRUST USER?   YES (17), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - The scenes have spectacular camera angles. They keep the camera nice and zoomed out so you can see the girl's whole body and face. It's so refreshing to find a site where the camera man zooms out and lets you get a good view of the girl's entire body.

I find the camera work on most sites annoying because they focus too much on closeups. It's a shame when you have a beautiful girl but never get to see her body because the camera man just wants to zoom in on her ass and vag. Not a problem on this site.

- The girls are amazing...tight, young, and natural. I didn't find a girl on this site that looked over 19. They use girls who have the look I like - thin, petite, tight bodies with perky tits.

- Spectacular lighting. They really know how to light a porn scene. They film every scene in a very brightly-lit room, so there are no annoying shadows concealing the action.

- Nice slow sex. No hardcore pounding.
Cons: - The frame rate on their downloadable WMV's is 25 frames per second. This is lower than the standard 29 fps that other modern sites offer.

- The site design is fairly simplistic and out-dated. I know this is a big problem for a lot of others who have reviewed sites in this network, but it doesn't bother me that much. As long as the scenes feature hot girls and good camera work, I'm willing to overlook site design issues.

- A drawback to this site is that it seems to update a lot less than the other sites on this network. During the month I was a member, they did not add any new scenes.

- unfortunately it appears in their more recent scenes they started changing their filming style to be more "gonzo" like major studios. this is a bad thing in my opinion. in their older scenes they kept the camera nice and zoomed out, but in the newer scenes they move the camera around too much waste too much time on closeups which crop out the girl's body.
Bottom Line: This site is part of the Teen Core Club network. There are various ways to access the Teen Core Club sites. The package I went with gives you access to 3 main sites for 30 bucks: tryteens.com, whiteteensblackcocks.com, and hardcoreyouth.com. They offer another set of sites that you can join separately, also for 30 bucks per month (with the other package you get their other sites like maketeengape.com, girlsgotcream.com, assteenmouth.com, etc). The package I chose offers fewer sites, but I really wanted access to whiteteensblackcocks.com, so I went with this option. You can also get access to all of the Teen Core Club network sites at once for the higher price of 50 bucks a month.

I have been intrigued by the style of the scenes from Teen Core Club for a while, and I'm glad I finally joined. What has always drawn me to their scenes is the excellent camera work and lighting. I just love how they shoot their scenes. The girls are also spectacular. Very young and tight with perfect bodies. This site uses one male actor in all of the scenes, but he does a great job...keeps his dick hard and doesn't go limp. That's about all you can ask for from a male porn actor.

The older scenes from this network are unique for their great "zoomed out" camera angles....but they recently made some slight changes their filming style at this network, so their newer scenes lack the awesome camera angles that made their older stuff so great. The newer scenes are still good, but now they move the camera around too much and waste too much time on closeups (It appears they are now trying to emulate the style of other European sites like firstanalquest.com - meaning more closeup and less far shots). This sucks, because the Teen Core Club sites were to only sites that had the kind of camera work I liked. When I watch porn, I want to get a good view of girl's entire body...I don't just want to watch a closeup of her ass. The newer scenes are still good, but the camera angles just aren't quite as good as they were in their older scenes. The best scenes are the ones from around 2009-2010.

In addition to this new filming style, they have also also recently started filming on different sets. They stopped using their typical set, which used to be a white room with a low bed. In the new scenes they use a couch rather than a bed. I liked their old set better because it allowed them to get great "high" camera angles where you were looking down on the girl...so, maybe these changes are a sign that there was some kind of leadership change at the Teen Core Club network. Perhaps they are now being run by a different crew...I wonder if they are now being run by the same crew that runs various other European teen sites like firstanalquest.com, because in their recent scenes they are using the same female actors from those other sites, as well as a similar style of camera work.

The video files may not be "HD" or whatever, but they are plenty big for me. I don't like huge video files anyway, because they take up too much hard drive space. The newer scenes are 950 x 540 and are about 600-700 MB in size. This is a good size for me...big enough, but not too big. It also kind of sucks that the videos are only 25 fps (frames per second). This causes the motion in the videos to appear slightly less smooth than the usual 29 fps file...but it's not too noticeable.

The hot, young girls and great lighting make the Teen Core Club network definitely worth checking out...they don't update whiteteensblackcocks.com very often, but there are still almost 100 good scenes available. Since they don't have many scenes and don't update very often, I recommend joining for just one month. That is plenty of time to check out all of the scenes here. Another note: about half the scenes feature anal.

Despite some slight changes in their set and camera angles in their newer scenes, I still consider the scenes from Teen Core Club to be the best out there. Their scenes offer great zoomed out camera angles that other sites don't...these zoomed out camera angles really give you a good view of the girl's body, as opposed to other sites where they will annoyingly zoom in on the ass and vag the whole time. They are one of the only sites out there that utilizes good camera angles - that alone makes them a precious and rare commodity in the world of online porn.
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Visit Lex Steele

25. Lex Steele (0)

Boobs4ever (22) 06-13-07  09:22am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (24), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Lots of content
+Lex Is Cool ^^
+DVD Store for you that want the newest
+Info who is Lex? Nice feat.
Cons: -Half of all content doesnt exist in one big file
-Date on when file was realesed on site doesnt exist
-Site Design doesnt look good in my opinion
Bottom Line: So why do I not give this site higher score? Because some things I didnt like as the stiff site design.You know how you some times gets the felling of the site is like wait a minute ive seen this clip else where? The quality is there no rong with normal but again in someway the clips feels old even if its just updated to the site and a 2007 production i get that feeling some how. But Lex is Cool and b4 I joined BPass I havent seened so much of hes stuff but im fan now. Even tho I dont all the time like hes lady choices I respect the dudes acomplesment in the pornoworld. If you are new for porno and like all types of girls Lex is a man that gives loads of nice babes, In hes videos.

been a member here awhile now tho and Lex steele gives you good variety of girls white-black, curvy-petite, busty-petiteboobs if you understand what I mean
Updates 1-3 times a month the vidoes are 25-50mins long, Lex can cum more then ones infront of camera
Seems more real sex here, so i have to give this site a boost :P
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