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Visit Saffron Taylor

1. Saffron Taylor (0)

Latex Addict (1) 03-15-12  09:34am
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (3), NO (2)
Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: I have joined a few latex related sites over the years, but there was something lacking in most of them. I found Saffron Taylor and just couldnt resist joining her site to give it a try. I am not big on girls with piercings and tatoo's, which a lot of latex models seem to have. Saffron has a class of her own, perfect body and a beauty unmatched in alternative modelling. When I first logged in, I was pleasently suprised with the modern, clean feel of the site. Navigation was all content, videos or photos and you could also search by subject. I was overwhelmed at the quality and content here. Videos are in full HD, professionally made, with great angles, they are crystal clear and can be downloaded to keep. Galleries are superb, highly professional, great lighting. I have to say that Saffron Taylor is the most beautiful model I have ever seen in the latex fetish industry. Outstanding and second to none. I highly recommend this site! awesome
Cons: If I have to point out one small con, its the slight disappointment is that her old videos are in standard def, although not really a complaint from me as the videos were still really good quality and subject. Plus the HD content makes up the majority of the site anyway.
Bottom Line: Awesome site! An MUST join if you are into latex, kinky outfits, fetish boots and hot blondes!! Best site I have joined in the last 5 years.
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Visit Rubber Passion

2. Rubber Passion (0)

Ergo Proxy (21) 10-24-09  10:32am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Trusted User TRUST USER?   YES (30), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Some decent amount of videos:

47 videos (18 .wmv, rest .avi), resolutions are mostly 640x480, some .avis are in 1024x768,
running times approx. 5-10 min each (some less)

-Good amount of 40 galleries:

50-60 pictures each gallery, resolutions are 800x1200

-Charming Lucy is a real fetishistic beauty and looks great in rubber and latex garments

-Very personal and ambitious site

-Lucy likes to play with both women and men ;)
Cons: -All her new .wmv videos are DRM protected (I really, really hate this)

-Updates come about every week or so, maybe too less for some people

-No zips for the galleries (DownThemAll or some other program works good here)

-Resolutions of the videos and the pictures could be a little bit higher

-The plain site design may not be everyone's taste

-Some watermarks are reducing the fun of enjoying the pictures (they are often too large)

-A little bit pricy (25.95$/month)
Bottom Line: First of all I have to mention that I was a member for the last years every now and then (not continously), but I just signed up again a week ago, or so. OK, now the final remarks ;)...
One should know that Lucy is really into catsuits. She also wears dresses, leotards, stockings and (especially) hoods etc. but full covering catsuits are her favourites (mine too ;)). The locations for the shootings are various places, ranging from seasides to woodlands or her kitchen (doing the washing-up,covered in latex under her daily attire, for example). As I already mentioned, Lucy likes to play with girls, boys and herself. There is no censorship here, so if Lucy's pussy is displayed, you see it. I note this here because this is not always the case (at least in this immediacy) for other latex sites. The scenes in the videos feature her kissing other women and exercising mutual masturbation, giving blowjobs, fucking in latex and playing with huge blow-up dildos and strapons. She also likes bondage and a good whipping to her ass until it is red. This looks great under transparent latex! Most of the time she assumes the submissive role, but sometimes she also shows off as the dominant part. What I like most about the videos is the inconspicuous style. There is no background music, the camerawork is efficient and minimalistic and the scenes are intense beyond believe. Lucy is extreme quiet before she orgams but when she gets there it's an intense experience for the viewer. The other women are very attractive and they really knock the stuffing out of each other. It's like a glimpse into the intense secret sex life of real fetishists. As a concluding remark I would strongly recommend this site to any true latex fetishist. You will find some real treasures here, which are quite rare out there. (As I have not mentioned this before, the galleries are all unique and presented in a sharp and professional quality).
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Visit Rubber Eva

3. Rubber Eva (0)

LatexRyan (17) 05-15-12  10:42am
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (14), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: No more DRM-ed videos! The site formerly used DRM on all it's videos however they now appear to be free of DRM.
HD Videos
Lots of hot models (some well known) and Eva
Regular updates
HQ Galleries in Zip format
Scenes show some fantastic creativity
Long scenes
Lots of content
No download limits
Cons: Uncommon flash video format (f4v) that is not easily converted to more common video formats (.wmv, .avi, etc.)
Segmented scenes and galleries are spread out over one long page.
Heavy Rubber element may not be to most peoples liking.
Navigation can be tricky on some pages due to number of items available for download.
Bottom Line: The bottom line with RubberEva.com is that this site has improved a lot from what it used to be.

I have been a member of the site several times, and in the past I have found myself being disappointed
by the site due to the use of DRM in videos.

The videos now no longer feature DRM but are still in the uncommon format .f4v which is not easily converted to more common formats for easier viewing which is a slight negative.

This site is similar to Rubber Eva's other site The Rubber Clinic in that all scenes and galleries are segmented and split into multiple parts.

However unlike the aforementioned other site, the sets and scenes share a common title only distinguishable by the fact that it features a suffix which displays the part of the series within. The sets and scenes also feature a date of publishing to further aid identification.

The sets and scenes often show a great degree of creativity in a variety of settings, from outdoors to the clean white tiles of a clinic with many different kinds of latex outfits in a variety of colours.

Although the scenes are segmented once an entire set has been released then the sets can last up to an hour sometimes longer than that.

Overall this site is very good, and maybe a little bit on the expensive side at nearly €30 per month but now that the DRM-ed videos of old are gone the value for money has gone up in my eyes.

Things that this site could improve on are:

1) Changing videos to a more common video format
2) Releasing parts of videos and scenes one after the other instead of being released over course of several months.
3) Improving navigation by making several pages of content split by year/month rather than one long page or by

If all of these improvements I have suggested were implemented then in my opinion this would probably be the perfect site. It's a damn good site as it is but a few improvements would be gladly welcomed.
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Visit Saffron Taylor

4. Saffron Taylor (0)

Smegma (1) 10-07-12  03:45pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (6), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: As the other reviewers pointed out, the images are professionally taken. The site also provides very high bandwidth thus downloading her content doesn't take a long time. She very beautiful has a great body to match; 9/10 on looks alone. She also has good taste in latex attire and invests in high quality material. She's very classy so if looks is all you are interested in, you'll like Saffron Taylor. The option to subscribe only one month non-recurring is a plus.
Cons: I find that the images are highly photoshopped as she appears older and less attractive on motion movies. In her movies, she doesn't move very much, doesn't smile often, and loves to show her backside which isn't one of her strengths. Most pictures are shot at the same location; a mansion that she probably owns. In most of her content, she strips but stops after she's topless. There are no crotch shots. She doesn't do role-playing games either so you'll have to let your own imagination do all the work.
Bottom Line: She's a high class softcore model in latex. Her website is updated twice a week. Most of the content is separated into three parts, each one progressively exposing more nudity. If you have a penchant for beautiful women in latex, then subscribe asap.

I voted 90 because I didn't find her videos satisfying but having a gorgeous, statuesque woman in latex is quite a rare thing which was enough for me to go bonkers ;)
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Visit Rubber Eva

5. Rubber Eva (0)

LatexRyan (17) 08-11-13  06:28pm
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (14), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: *Videos are now fully DRM-free
*Vidoes can be viewed by freely available open-source media players
*Choice of resolution for videos (1920x1080/1280x720/640x360)
*Updates every 3 days (appears to alternate between pics and vids for each update)
*Galleries available for download as zip files
*Large variety of latex outfits worn
*Site now includes Boy/Girl content
*Large amount of videos and sets to download
*No download limits
*Site design is much improved compared to past
Cons: *Videos and galleries are split into multiple parts
*The download pages for the multiple parts of each video or gallery do not feature links to other parts of the scene or gallery
Bottom Line: It has been a while since I was last a member of this site, but it would appear that this site is much improved compared to what it was like the last time I was there.

First of all, the site has undergone a complete redesign, with all videos and all photos going into their respective sections, without any subsections as there were previously.

The video and set lists are now spread out over multiple pages compared with the single long page that was there the last time.

I do realise that I have given the site a lower score than I did the last time (I feel now that the figure I gave last time was not what was truly deserved). A score of 89 is fair considering that there are perhaps a few small things that could be improved upon that would boost the sites score into the 90s.

I'll state it again now for everyone, all videos on this site are DRM free, yep, no DRM what so ever. The site even recommends users use VLC media player to watch the videos, and I know that VLC cannot handle DRM encoded videos at all.

The site now also features proper Boy/Girl hardcore content in it's sets and videos, something I found odd considering the sister site The Rubber Clinic featured Boy/Girl for quite some time.

Now as for things that the site could improve upon:

1) I feel that finding different parts of sets and videos would be easier if the download pages for sets and videos also featured links to other parts (and it doesn't even have to be all parts, maybe just a small text link saying 'Next Part' and another saying 'Previous Part') so as to help the user find what they are looking for without having to search through several pages to find what they are looking for.

2) I would personally quite like to see an upload schedule featured somewhere on the site, it doesn't even have to give a specific date, maybe just have the previous 3 updates and a list of the next 3 updates to come so that we can look forward to what is coming.

In short the site is much improved compared to a year ago, and with a few small tweaks this site could realise it's full potential.
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Visit Bianca\'s Latex Lair

6. Bianca's Latex Lair (0)

LatexRyan (17) 05-17-12  04:51pm
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (14), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Plenty of content to choose from (395 sets available in various categories)

Pics are very good quality and very well shot. Latest sets all feature High Resolution images.

Decent selection of videos.

Sets always show a great deal of creativity.

Frequent updates (3 new set/month, split to 4/5 parts)

Visible update schedule

Good mix of heavy and glamour-type latex shoots

Relatively easy and straightforward to navigate
Cons: Expensive

Only 74 video clips (small when compared to number of sets available)

Videos generally quite short.

No download options for sets
Bottom Line: First off I'd like to say that site is a bit over priced normally, however from time to time there are periods when initial membership fee is lower.

Every time I have joined I have been sure to join during one of these periods. The current period has been ongoing since January at least (last time I signed up, prior to this time).

So when considering singing up for this site, do not be immediately put off by the information provided with regards to the first charge, check the join page and see if there is a reduction in price.

Now as for the actual bottom line, I'll say this, this site is very good, especially when you get cut-price membership, the sets are incredible and often very sexy, very creative and each has a story behind it.

Sets have on average 100 pics, some sets might have more, others less but you will get at least 80 pics with each set.

There are unfortunately no download options for the sets so you are probably going to have to go through each set downloading each pic individually.

There are videos, more than 70 of them, however they are mostly just clips and aren't particularly long. Most of the videos available are about 640x480 in terms of resolution with a small number being bigger or smaller overall resolution. Videos can vary in terms of length with most recent videos rarely being longer than 5 minutes.

With regards to videos there is no apparent standard, and only one file type on offer for each one, with MPG, AVI, WMV and MP4 all making appearances.

So, Bianca's Latex Lair gets a respectable 85.

This is a good site that could be improved upon by reducing the price of membership as it is currently too high for most to consider.

Improvement could also be had with regards to videos, featuring videos more often (every couple of months would be perfect), making those videos at least 5 minutes long and standardising the video format and upgrading them to at least 720p HDV.

I'd also like to see a zip download option for each set as that would mean that users don't have to spend a large amount of time downloading each pic individually or have to rely on programs such as Bulk Image Downloader to do all the leg work instead.
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Visit Code Fetish

7. Code Fetish (0)

anyonebutme (14) 12-17-09  03:17pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster TRUST USER?   YES (22), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -unique style
-daily updates
-no drm, no download limits
-new videos at 1280x720
-all updates are visible from the preview pages
Cons: -short single-girl videos
-the large releases are spread out over many weeks
-not a whole lot of nudity
-some models are repeated in a large number of updates
-a tad heavy on airbrushing the photos
Bottom Line: This is an all-girl site, with a mix of British and Czech girls. It is a fetish site, where the focus is on the clothes, uniforms, boots, nylons, stage sets, to build a fantasy in the minds of the viewer. There also is a heavier focus on the breasts, and not so much on the other naughty bits.

There are two different types of updates, sets with one girl, and sets with multiple girls.

Single girl updates release one day as a photoset, then the next as a video, typically about 40 images and 3-5 minutes of video, and usually involve a sexy tease.

Milti-girl updates are divided up into 4 or 5 groups of photos, and about the same number of video segments (~15-20 min in total), released out over about a two month period. It's not an ideal situation for releasing a set, but this is just what they do. Typical scene involves a little bit of plot/setup, then moving into licking/fingering/toying, while playing into the role of the scene.

The uniqueness and creativity is the heart of this site. One release plays on a employer/secretary relationship, another may be two girls alone at a military outpost, others have girls on the Star Trek Enterprise. The full range of updates are available in the preview pages to view what the site has to offer.

I feel the multi-girl sets are the strength of this site, although they seem to be moving more towards solo girl updates, with fewer multi-girl updates.

In the end, this is a fetish site, and focuses on the elements I highlighted above. Do not expect to see the videos presented as other websites would.
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Visit Rubber Passion

8. Rubber Passion (0)

carteresque (Suspended) 01-21-10  09:00am
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (4), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Exceptionally beautiful and sexy star in Lucy

- Good range of scenarios in the videos and pics (from simply admiring Lucy's rubber-clad or tied-up body through to full sexual activity with male and female co-stars)

- Videos are good quality (1280 x 960 for latest clips)

- high-res pictures

- a good quantity of material with regular updates
Cons: - videos are DRM protected

- videos do not seem to be Mac compatible? (see below)

- Design of site is poor
Bottom Line: On the face of it, this is one of the best fetish/rubber sites around. Original content, a stunningly sexy star who seems to be fully into the activities, and good quality videos and photographs with a touch of originality and imagination. There's everything from inflatable buttplugs to fucking machines, cumshots to bound-and-gagged scenes, all wrapped up in a beautiful latex package.

The design is not good - for example you have to keep returning to the Members' Index page to go to different video/gallery pages - there should really be a sidebar on each page to access any page at once. I suspect the site is home-designed and would be better designed professionally.

The main gripe for me is about the DRM protection on the videos, which uses EZDRM. First, this means that (as far as I can tell), you can only watch the videos while your subscription is active. I have never before been a member of an adult site (and I've been a member of plenty) where this was the case, from the biggest like BangBros to individual amateur sites. I understand why they do it - to stop people uploading the videos onto forums or torrents - but I think it's counterproductive and will put off legitimate paying customers, who may even be driven to see illegal DRM-free versions of the videos online, thinking, "Well, I've already paid for them."

Second point on the DRM is that it seems to make the videos unwatchable on an Apple Mac. I emailed the webmaster about this and he/she suggested that I could partition my Mac hard drive with BootCamp, but I don't want to buy a copy of Windows just to watch these videos (and only while my sub is active!). It's not clear to me whether this is a teething problem or a permanent issue. If I get any further clarification from the webmaster I'll post a reply below.

All in all, this is a site with great potential because of its superb high-quality content, but is let down by some aspects of the structure and design.
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Visit Rubber Passion

9. Rubber Passion (0)

LatexRyan (17) 02-18-12  05:50pm
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (14), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -HD Videos
-Boy/Girl Hardcore Scenes
-Girl/Girl Scenes
-Fantastically beautiful and sexy star in Lucy
-Lots of Latex
-Some light bondage, which works well with the latex theme
-Hi Res Pics
-Generally at least 2 updates per week
-Personal Blog from Model
-Interaction with Lucy via email, always open to suggestions for ideas for updates.
Cons: -DRM Protection (videos only viewable with current subscription)
-Not suitable for Mac users
-No zip downloads for sets
-Site design isn't fantastic, can sometimes be difficult to navigate
-Full head to toe latex can be turn off to those who are not big fans of rubber.
Bottom Line: The bottom line is that this is a fantastic site for any serious latex lover.

There is much that this site has to offer, including some very good HD videos, older videos are often smaller, but still watchable and of a decent standard.

This site is of a surprisingly rare breed within the Latex/Fetish Genre in that it includes full hardcore Boy/Girl scenes.

However there are a number of problems which this site has, which I feel are fairly major.

The first is the DRM protected videos, this is a nightmare for any porn fan, you download the video so that once you are no longer a member you can still enjoy the quality content.

Sadly that is not the case, these videos are DRM protected and the videos can only be viewed with a current subscription to the site, so if you were hoping to have some good videos to enjoy once you left the site, you're gonna have to think again.

Unfortunately the site design isn't overly great either, each page of the members area has links to all sorts of pages, including one dedicated to Lucy's (extensive) wardrobe of latex and another to take you to the first members area page, at the top of each page.

Sadly there is no next page/previous page button at the foot of the page, which would come in handy and would save users having to change the page number manually through the URL or by going back to the front members page.

On said front members page there are links to each of the 15 other pages of content on the site. However they go from page 1 to 15 with page one being the earliest content, so it can be a little confusing.

The galleries are pretty good but sadly there are no zip sets, so you're going to have to save each pic one at a time or get a program like Bulk Image Downloader to do all the legwork instead. The galleries have at least 30 pics but never more than 100 pics.

In my opinion it's a good site, but it sadly has a number of drawbacks, which will put off some, but others won't be.

A solid 85, with some work this site could well be a 90 IMO.

UPDATE: Having been a member for several months now, I've decided to give the site a better score as the updates have been getting better and better with each successive one that passes. The extra 5 is also because Lucy is no actress, she is going at it for real because she enjoys what she does.
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Visit Bianca\'s Latex Lair

10. Bianca's Latex Lair (0)

BostonPJR (Disabled) 03-22-07  03:23pm
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (31), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Bianca is busty, sexy, just plain awesome.
- Website is slick, well arranged and easy to navigate.
- The photo content is well shot, high quality and professional.
- Bianca's outfits cover a fun and wide variety of fetishwear and themes from flirty favorites (sexy cheerleader, sexy teacher) to hardcore latex.
- Growing number of 2-girl sets. Bianaca has some attractive friends too (whose sites you'll be tempted to also join)
Cons: - A little buggy. Upon first login I often have to right click and open in new window to get to the members section or else it won't let me in.
- Expensive! And you prepay for first two months.
- Video section needs a total overhaul. Too few videos. Most are behind-the-scenes style with terrible audio. Few vids are are of any quality worth talking about.
Bottom Line: Bianca Beauchamp is already practically a household name in the world of fetishwear; and a true beauty. The sheer variety and quality of the pics here combined with the fact that Bianca doesn't look bad in a singe one of them would make this a great site. But the price and the lack of good video content means 1. a waste of some great outfits that would have looked so hot in motion and 2. a site with content that, regrettably doesn't stack up against the price. It hurts to give this low a rating.
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Visit 66 Latex

11. 66 Latex (0)

LatexRyan (17) 03-01-12  06:15am
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (14), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: -High resolution images
-Regular Updates
-Good looking European models
-Zip download of galleries
-Multiple resolution choices
Cons: -No videos
-Photoshoot backgrounds are rather simple
Bottom Line: This site sets out to give us young, sexy models, wearing a variety of latex outfits, and it delivers and does so well.

The site updates regularly, but I have noticed that the site may not update with new sets for more than 4 days at some point, but this is made up for by having a number of sets posted on consecutive days.

The sets are offered in a couple different resolutions, the highest being 2000x3000, the photos are always crystal clear and are of a very high standard of quality.

The back catalogue isn't the biggest but there are still plenty of updates to be had.

Some sets give a more pornographic edge than others, but for the most part the outfits the models wear are transparent to an extent and when they're not the outfits often barely conceal that most precious of parts.

The sets that are pornographic range from simple pussy showing to playing with toys, with one model, Katja, having a fondness for anal play with said toys.

Things that let this site down are the fact that there are no videos, if they had videos that were even just behind the scenes type shoots, then I'd be pleased.

The backgrounds for photoshoots are often fairly simplistic, a simple monochrome background. I suspect that for most though, that is a minor concern, as the models are what this site is all about.

In short, if you like young, innocent looking girls wearing latex and getting naughty in said latex, then I advise you join this site.

I give this site a solid 80, the site sticks to an idea, runs with it and does it well, it may not have the fanciest settings, but in most cases it is secondary to what the model is doing.

If they offered videos this site would be a good 85, simple but solid.
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Visit Latex Veronica

12. Latex Veronica (0)

Ergo Proxy (21) 04-05-12  02:54am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Trusted User TRUST USER?   YES (30), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Previews for non members show absolutely all available galleries, 10 videos can be watched for about 1 minute each, that's nice

-The new galleries feature extensive and hot descriptions from Veronica with nice insights into her kinky mind, quite a turn on to read them

-All videos in HD, old ones 1280x720, new ones 1920x1080, currently a total of 30 vids available, running times vary between 7-30 min.

-Galleries have resolutions of 1067x1600, zip files for each gallery, average of 90 pics/gallery (varies from 40-160)

-Some guest galleries with 20 pics each (modest resolutions, no updates here), Ancilla Tilia, Bianca Beauchamp, Susan Wayland, Manuela from Rubbervita

-Some interactive content with votings for new shootings or outfits

-Plans to do custom videos?(it's announced on their main page)
Cons: -Only one video format (.wmv), no streaming, some videos contain music (maybe a pro or con, depends)

-Galleries could use a higher resolution, there was no change here since the site started

-Download speeds are rather modest

-Updates are coming slow (about one update in 2 weeks)

-Site has a very basic design

-No hardcore scenes (like at Rubber Passion for example)
Bottom Line: Since the site changed its name my old review got obsolete but at least this one is a chance to look at some improvements they made. I really liked it that they offer .zip files for the galleries now! As I remember I downloaded the old ones per hand and all the filenames where random with no order whatsoever. Also the new HD video format is quite nice. The rest is basically the same as before. You will see colourful and rubbery pictures of Veronica doing sports like skiing, diving, cycling and swimming. There are also nice sets with dressing scenes or applying shiny silicone oil on her suit. Most scenes are shot outdoors. Furthermore you get to see her wearing casual clothes over her latex suits which gives a sweet touch to it (the hiking gallery for example is quite adorable). The main focus lies on catsuits which is after my fancy. But there are also some slightly more kinky galleries like bondage and ballgags. The most recent one features a ballhood and bondage mittens which is always cool to look at. After all, the site didn't lose its original character and charm. Veronica is quite the rubber gal and it seems she is comfortable about doing her modeling in latex attire. The main shortcoming is (as usual) the slow update schedule. I quit some time ago and didn't miss really much since then. But the actual galleries are quite an eye-catcher. Because of their improvements I give a slightly higher rating than before (which was 75).
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Visit Saffron Taylor

13. Saffron Taylor (0)

LatexRyan (17) 05-18-12  06:45am
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (14), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: HD Videos in a variety of settings.

Good resolution images, crisp with no blurring, good lighting, looks professionally shot

Variety of latex outfits worn, in different colours

Site is not too difficult to navigate, when you click on a set/vide part you are directed to a page dedicated to that set/video where it is possible to download each individual part and read a small description about each set/video
Cons: All updates are segmented and are often released over the course of several months.

Model is often static or moves very little for extended periods in the videos.

Videos feature no sound, just a music track over the top (so we don't hear the creaking of the latex)

Videos are downloaded in zip files, leading to slight compression within the video

Each video part is barely longer than 5 minutes

Not a very big site in terms of updates compared to some others that have been around similar lengths of time
Bottom Line: Ok then so here is the bottom line

All updates are segmented, both videos and sets, split into 3 parts. Completion of a set or video series can sometimes take a couple of months.

The videos promise a lot but I feel that they fail to deliver as the model does not move very much within the videos, with several minutes often being spent looking at the model from several different angles with nothing really happening.

The videos also do not feature sound from the shoot itself instead a music track is played on top.

People joining this site and hoping for nudity are going to be disappointed, as the model only exposes her breasts.

At some angles and in certain lighting conditions the models face can look angular and a bit plastic.

The pictures are decent sized and are well shot but show limited creativity, featuring standard modelling poses and a variety of simple (although sometimes colourful) latex outfits.

Saffron Taylor has a large collection of latex outfits, however she does not mix and match different items to create new outfits.

I've given this site a 78 as I feel that at first glance as a non-member the site looks as if it could be a very good site.

As a member though, it's a bit different, as mentioned earlier videos have only a music track, and sometimes feature little movement from the model. The videos are the main draw for the site with sets being a lesser draw.


Avoid spreading updates over the course of a couple months.

No music in videos, use sound from shoot instead, also in videos get more movement from the model instead of having her stand still sometimes and move the camera around.

Start mixing and matching on outfits, be a bit more creative.
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Visit Rubber Passion

14. Rubber Passion (0)

brucelee (8) 11-27-09  09:13am
Rookie Badge TRUST USER?   YES (13), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -beautiful girl in magnificent latex
-exclusive content
-excellent photos
-high resolution pictures and videos
-regular weekly updates of galleries and videos as well
-online blog
Cons: -only one main model
-mostly she is alone on pictures
-design of site and navigation is a little bit outdated
-DRM protection
-subscription is not cheap
Bottom Line: The site is one-model site. But Lucy, the model is splendid and impressive girl, an adorer of latex and rubber toys. There are beautiful Lucy’s photos in different, but permanently very stylish, latex clothes with diverse toys. Sometimes may find there real chef-d'oeuvre.
Currently there 47 photosets with about 50 photos in each one, and more than 50 video clips. The updates are issued regularly each week. Quality of photos and video is pretty good, photos – 1200 x 800 and video now – 1024 x 960. And site has few exclusive options – online Lucy’s blog, which unfortunately is updated not so frequently and Lucy’s rich and elegant (sure, only latex) wardrobe, but .. only with previews, few guests galleries.
As in real life there are few drawbacks – poor design, not easy to use navigation, not small annoying copyright notice on pictures and clips.
For conclusion: very interesting site with gorgeous model for latex lovers.
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Visit Alt Exclusive

15. Alt Exclusive (0)

otoh (54) 04-10-11  12:08pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (39), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Genre-leading models
- Genre-leading photographers
- Genre-leading fetishwear
- Subscription includes access to PDF of magazines
Cons: - Relatively slow updates
- Videos are short and BTS
- Some glitches, a few zip sets missing
- HD videos are streaming only; downloads are lower res
- High-res pictures are additional cost
- Regional pricing
Bottom Line: Been quite excited about joining this site ever since I first saw it... so much so that I half knew I was letting myself in for a fall.

What's good is the content - although I'd argue that Alt Exclusive is a bit of a misnomer; Alt makes me think of Suicide Girls, God's Girls, Joanna Angel etc - whereas this is more fetish/pinup, which is exactly what I like. I think Holly Randall hit on the best description for this kind of content with her Forever Vamp site - it's subtitled 'Ultra Glamour Fetish' which pretty much sums up what we have here.

Anyway, names aside, Alt Exclusive is a fairly new magazine, and the site features more, and more explicit, content than makes it into print. And somehow they've managed to get the best of everything in the genre - models like Mosh, Darenzia, Jade Vixen, Angela Ryan, Masuimi Max... and more. Similarly with photographers - new sets are shot by Viva Van Story following some great sets by Shannon Brooke and more. And all in and out of a great selection of retro lingerie, custom latex and nylon - even the plain background studio shots, which usually do little for me, look great in this context.

It's fairly new and there's not much content, about 70 sets of about 20 pictures each and 30 or so 3-5 minute videos - the latter being short and behind the scenes, but again in the context, this is what works. It's really great stuff, and fair at $15 (or a little more here in the UK, grrr!).

The problem arises from something a bit of a bait and switch when joining. We're promised zip downloads of sets, HD videos, downloadable videos and 3500px photos. Once a member, the videos stream at 720p, but download quite a bit smaller... this is annoying but actually not a big deal since with a download manager, you can easily grab the HD swf. Similarly, some zip sets are missing, but point a download manager at the page and it will grab all the pictures no problem.

The biggest one, though, is that zips are 1200px pictures. The promised 3500px versions are only available to buy, $1.99 each - each picture, not each set. I could be missing something, but nowhere is this stated in the tour and I didn't see any terms stating it. This is such a shame since photography this great really begs to be seen at high resolution.

So, as always seems to be the case with me, a difficult one to score. If the high-res pics were included, I'd score this 90 for the quality of content - regardless of the limited amount of it or other minor issues. If they'd made it clear that the high-res pics were an additional cost, I'd still probably give it 85 - I really enjoyed Stagg St, where the pics are only 1080, at the same price of $15. As it is, I think they are pretty cheeky... for which I feel it has to be less than 80, amazing though the girls look.
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Visit The Rubber Clinic

16. The Rubber Clinic (0)

LatexRyan (17) 02-29-12  12:37pm
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (14), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: HD Quality Content
Lots of Galleries
Large selection of Models, who all seem to enjoy latex.
Several Updates per Week
Lots of Videos
Cons: DRM encoded videos
Videos done in multiple parts
Galleries done in multiple parts
Videos/Galleries not dated
Browsing can be confusing at times
Uncommon video formats
Bottom Line: I have been a member of The Rubber Clinic for at least 3 months on and off and as such feel that I can deliver a fair review.

If you enjoy latex, enjoy the medical theme and don't mind a healthy dose of pissing then you will really enjoy this site.

The galleries and videos are all shot to a high standard and are high quality, with videos coming in HD. Pics are a little on the small side though.

Although the videos are great they are DRM encoded in the very uncommon flash .f4v format, it would be far easier to watch videos if they were in a more common .wmv format.

The DRM can be VERY restrictive, the site claims licenses last for 5 years, and I have read from some people that they do indeed last for that length of time, but I have struggled to watch videos in the past after having left the site.

I have been told that this is due to a problem with Adobe Media Player which was used before to watch the videos and due to the fact that I moved them, so don't move the videos from their original save location or you won't have access unless you rejoin the site.

The site now uses EZDRM AIR Player which is a far better and far simpler player compared to AMP as was used previously.

The videos are split into multiple parts of between 4 and 8 minutes each, these parts are not uploaded together at the same time, instead being uploaded over a period of time, so if you join for a month, you will only have a few parts of newer videos.

Once all parts have been downloaded though, the series can last the best part of an hour, and sometimes more.

The videos are also not dated and do not have visible titles until downloaded (in which case it will be downloaded in the form: Series_Name_Part_X) so finding earlier parts of videos can often be a confusing and time consuming process.

The same applies to the galleries. An entire gallery will have more often than not more than 100 pics, split into parts of between 30-60 pics in each part.

Unlike videos, galleries all have their own names, so always try to download all parts of a gallery available into a folder before extracting the files. Again it can be a long, laborious and confusing process to get all the parts of a gallery.

Despite all the negatives I have outlined here, someone who is patient and who enjoys this type of Porn will like this site. As far as I am aware this site is unique in terms of the content it offers - A mix of Hardcore Porn, Pissing, Latex and Medical Play.

If the site did away with DRM encoded videos, went to a more common format and grouped videos and galleries together as part of a series rather than spread out across several pages along with other series, this site would be damn near perfect.
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Visit Rubber Tanja

17. Rubber Tanja (0)

Ergo Proxy (21) 04-29-12  12:40pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Trusted User TRUST USER?   YES (30), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -updates are currently quite frequent (about once every 2-5 days)

-high definition videos (.f4v, 1920x1080), version for mobile devices (.flv), sreaming option

-the models are very pretty with nice firm bodies

-vast range of different fetish outfits and settings
Cons: -only 5 galleries with pretty old sets

-no model list or background infos whatsoever

-only one video format, streaming option shows the whole picture only in full screen mode (strange)

-videos are split into many parts, unfortunately the video names are just numbers which makes it impossible to find the matching parts afterwards

-plain site with not much to explore
Bottom Line: At first I was impressed by their humongous range of fetish wear they are using in the shoots. They obviously use made to measure catsuits which fit the models perfectly (and are pricey), bizarre suits like the doll suit with condoms for each orifice, realistic doll masks, masks with dental dams, piss masks, gas masks, nurse outfits etc. It's also nice to see some of the girls dress up in the suits (from naked to completely rubberized). The scenes are usually two or three girls licking or caressing each other or using dildoes or strapons. There are also two pissing scenes if I am not mistaken.

Up to here it's all fine and I am quite happy that I have seen these beautiful girls dress up and polish their hot bodies. But there are some downsides which piled up after watching the videos.

First of all the splitting of the videos is awful. It feels like they did it to manipulate the update schedule since it naturally leads to more frequent updates. And, as I said, the videos are numbered so you have to sort them carefully by hand. I have already mentioned that the models usually look gorgeous but I have some problems with the shoots. I will give some representative examples.

First, most of the licking scenes are exhausting for the viewer because the active woman (mostly) BARELY touches the pussy with her tongue which in turn produces pre-orgasmic noises from the other woman. I don't exaggerate here. In one scene I was on the verge of a heart attack watching a string of saliva going back and forth but the tongue never touching anything.

Second, the slowness...usually I like shoots which are sensous and build up the tension with some steamy ending but in some scenes you have the feeling the video runs in slow-motion and (which is most problematic) the climax is missing. There is this huge contradiction between the kinky settings and the relatively tame action. If I have a smoking hot girl in the most kinky rubber outfit which sucks on a strapon I want her to deep throat it and not just lick the tip and pretend it's her most exciting moment. If I have a piss mask I want to see all the piss going in and give the girl some trouble breathing and not dribble out mostly at the sides.

I really missed the element of exhausted and satisfied girls after an orgy of ecstatic flesh (or rubber) here. All the ingredients are there but they are not combined in the right way. I had no problem with this if they would have stayed softcore but doing it like this it's neither flesh or fowl. I don't really blame the girls which appear to be amateurs and not pros, so maybe it's just a consequence of their inexperience or shyness. Maybe I had the wrong expectations here.

In conclusion if you want to watch some awesome girls dressing up in slick rubber and don't care if the action is limited and there are nearly no galleries or options this site could be for you. Since the site is very young it may turn out to be really great in the future. With these girls at hand I surely hope so. Until then I think "might recommend" is a fair rating.
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Visit Code Fetish

18. Code Fetish (0)

bebelover (4) 11-09-11  05:55pm
Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (7), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Great Pics!
- Nice poses in leather and boots.
- Lots of boot wearing if that's your niche.
- Beautiful models and photography settings.
- Videos are better in quality since last I joined.
- Frequent Updates
Cons: - Images are too small (most are 800x1000)
- Small galleries
- Not easy to navigate.
- Videos are low in quality until the latter yrs.
Bottom Line: I would recommend this site to someone who has a serious leather or boot fetish. The content is absolutely excellent and it's a shame that the quality has not been as good as it should be. I do give props to the photographers as they have a good eye and ambitious direction.
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Visit Pvc And Latex

19. Pvc And Latex (0)

roseman (253) 06-22-07  09:36am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (66), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Network access.
- Exclusive niche content.
- Videos can be downloaded in multiple formats.
- High quality pictures.
- Cool request scene system.
- No download limit.
- No videos DRM protection.
- Full access trial.
Cons: - Needs growth.
- Updates are not daited and I am not sure when they come.
- Photosets can not be downloaded in ZIP format.
- Videos quality could be better.
- Website design needs improvement.
- Navigation is not so easy.
- Downloading was a bit slow for me.
- No streaming option for videos.
- Monthly sub price could be lower.
Bottom Line: PVC and Latex is a good fetish site which needs lots of improvement.
Members can download videos in multiple download formats (mostly in .mpg or .wmv). Photosets quality is pretty good but unfortunately you can not download them in ZIP format.
Site's content is mostly exclusive but it definitely needs growth as there are only a few videos and photosets to download (about 35).
Website's design is not so good and navigation could be better. When you sign in members area you go to a main network page and then you can join the site that you want to go and download photos and videos.A few annoying adds and links are confusing so you will need some time to pass them.
Downloading wasn't fast for me (maybe cause of hour traffic I suppose) and I think that monthly subscription price could be lower. From the other hand, full access trial's price is okay.
There is no download limit and videos don't have DRM protection. I really liked scene request system (when you go to a network site you can request a scene that you would like to see) though I am not sure if your request will be completed.
At members area there are 9 sites to choose from and some bonus feeds as well.
In conclusion, sites content is good but it needs growth and general improvement.
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Visit Latex Heaven

20. Latex Heaven (0)

LatexRyan (17) 05-18-12  06:16pm
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (14), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Large selection of models

- Site is simple and easy to navigate

- Photos appear to be well shot

- Photos come in 3 different sizes - described as Small (800px), Medium (1024px) and Large (2000px)

- One update every 3 days (2 updates per week)

- Members get half price on joining the sister site which deals with videos (Latex Heaven Video)
Cons: - Some models look like they aren't all that into latex.

- No download options for sets

- No videos available, available on a separate sister site (Latex Heaven Video)

- Lack of variety in outfits shown.

- No model biographies
Bottom Line: OK, So I've been a member of this site several times for a total of about 8 months now and when I first joined it (after closure of old Latexotica) I was excited at the opening of a site with apparently similar ethos.

The site continues to stick to those ethos however the site is starting to become a bit tired for a couple of reasons.

Over the last few months a sizeable percentage of sets made available were of one particular model who goes by the name Natalia K.

Whilst Natalia is decent enough model, at times it felt like she was the only model working for the site.

Second is the outfits, whilst all the outfits are very nice, for the most part they all come from the same designer and a lot of the outfits they have are identical in design but differently coloured.

It would appear that there is little originality left when it comes to investment in new outfits, choosing not to take a risk on new kinds of outfits.

With regards to outfits, for the most part it's a top, pair of hotpants and a pair of stockings, sometimes with a pair of capri pants and the odd dress making an appearance.

I am also sometimes a bit baffled by the choice of models, Latex looks best on a girl with curves. There are several models on the site who have virtually no curves, with parts of outfits hanging loose and most certainly not giving a second skin effect.

The site does a few good things though, it offers high resolution images, has 2 updates per week and isn't overly expensive

It's also pretty easy to navigate, featuring a model page (so that one may view all of a certain girls sets) as well as the normal update page. The standard update pages feature 6 updates per page and a bit at the bottom where you can go to the previous/next page.

I originally intended to give this site an 80, but after careful consideration I have instead awarded it a 70.

I am a fan of this site, but if I'm honest, I would only recommend this site to someone who liked latex along with a number of other things.

I would not recommend this site to someone who has a serious latex fetish, as this site does not cater to those who are serious about latex.
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Visit Lovers In Latex

21. Lovers In Latex (0)

lyncher (2) 12-16-12  09:13am
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (7), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Good looking models (including Kloe Kane :-) )
+ Nice outfits (if you like latex)
+ HQ images
Cons: - Video Quality not as promised
- Downloading Images is VERY time-consuming
- No regular Updates
- No answers from Customer Service
Bottom Line: I joined the site 3 weeks ago, because I simple love all videos with Kloe Kane (who is in some of the videos on this site).
The site is quite new and seems to be a partner-site of latexheaven.com.
The site promises on the Join-Page (among other things):
# Latex Girls Fucking Each Other
# Full HD Movies
# Regular Updates

The content so far:
# 20 videos, around 10 - 14 minutes each
# 20 galleries, 1328x2000 pixels

The site promises FULL HD (which means 1920x1080). Actually, the videos are 1280x960 and have HUGE black borders. So the actual video-size is around 1200x750, which is far from Full HD.

The resolution for the images is good, but downloading them is a pain in the ass. There are galleries with around 100 pics each and you have to open each pic seperately to download it. That means you have to open 100 pics, right-click, Save as. You can´t even use a downloadmanager like Flashget. How about zipped galleries?

The site is quite new, so the content isn´t that much, 20 videos and galleries today. BUT: There hasn´t been a single update since I joined 3 weeks ago. For a site this new you would expect at least one update a week. I don´t think you can call that "Regular Updates".

I tried to contact the customer support after joining the site because of these "problems". I never got an answer from them.

The site has a lot of potential and I was very happy to see its launch. The models are great and the acting and action in the movies is quite good, but they made so many mistakes with the site, it ruins the overall experience.
Don´t get me wrong, the content so far isn´t bad, but it isn´t fair to charge $29.95 a month for 20 videos and make false promises about the video quality. Please try to fix these points and it could be a fantastic site.
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Visit Hot Rubber Babes

22. Hot Rubber Babes (0)

Ergo Proxy (21) 12-22-07  06:31am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Trusted User TRUST USER?   YES (30), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: The quality of the pictures is quite good with (mostly) 2240x1488 pixels, few are 1024x1536. The average number per gallery is about 80 (more or less). From a latex fetishistic point of view the pictures are great, especially the catsuit shoots which are quite a lot. The photographer knows how to catch the details of the material and the beauty of the girls. Over 90% of the models are very appealing. They have a natural beauty and are real rubber lovers I think.
Cons: First of all I've found at least 9 galleries (they have 28 total) which are identical to the pictures on www.fetishworlds.net. This is a site which features panty girls, large vs. small girls, latex girls and flexi girls (similar to Zlata). To my knowledge the last update there was about 3 years ago. The monthly cost for that site is nearly the same as the current site (26.95$ per month, CCBill). Same goes to fets-fash-girls.de.
Biggest Con : Old galleries, possibly nothing new in the future.
Bottom Line: First of all the monthly cost of about 30$ per month is FAR to high. I only joined one month in order to search for sets which were not in my collection (call it nostalgic or something?) Even if the few galleries were superior to other sites the cost would outweigh the gain. Time will tell if there will be new stuff in the future. I am afraid the chance is very low. Concerning the date of the last galleries they may be update every two weeks or so. If you are really into latex and rubber it would be interesting to join for a short period just to check out some of the beautiful rubber girls. For others I would not recommend it. Perhaps check back in one, two months. I will defintively observe their work on this site in the future.
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Visit Rubber Models

23. Rubber Models (0)

LatexRyan (17) 02-29-12  12:59pm
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (14), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: Good looking models
Large galleries
Good quality videos
Hi Res photos
Cons: Promises 720p videos - but fails to deliver, explained in bottom line
No zip sets
Appears to recycle content
Limited back catalogue
Advertises sets/videos that aren't available
Bottom Line: I was a member of this site for 2 months, about 4 months apart, the last time being over Xmas/New Year.

I am disappointed in this site, it promised a lot but often failed to deliver for me.

The site offers galleries with large numbers of photos, but does not give the user the option of zip download, and Bulk Image Downloader is incapable of downloading full sets.

As a consequence, I often had to download more than 200 photos, individually, photo by photo. Whilst doing so I often found numerous photos were broken or only displayed partially.

The site promised HDV (720p) videos, and to an extent it keeps true to that, the videos are 1280x720 in resolution, but are not HD quality and are most likely up-scaled from a smaller size.

The site appears to have a very limited back catalogue only going back at most 18 months, it also appears to recycle sets which are no longer accessible to users, this to me suggests that the site is no longer shooting models.

This site does provide some very good quality content, some with a slight pornographic edge, but for the most part, it's non-nude.

Bottom line is - it appears to offer a lot of quality content given the previews, but often fails to deliver on it's promises.
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Visit Valentina Fetish Doll

24. Valentina Fetish Doll (0)

BostonPJR (Disabled) 01-11-07  08:01pm
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (31), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Marquis fetish model Valentina is exotic, sexy and disturbing.
- Photos are High quality: bright, vivid and colorful.
- Regular updates with a lot of variety. Great costumes, fetishwear.
- Exclusive fetish content.
Cons: - Video quality falls way behind the impressive photo quality and clean site layout.
- Photo archive is still modest in size.
- BIG ONE: There is no, repeat no video archive. Two videos are kept on the site and replaced at each update. A "videoarchive" is kept, featuring only stills from previous videos. Nowhere will you find the older videos themselves.
- For the high price, all the good photos in the world don't make up for such poor video options.
Bottom Line: Upon first glance, the site has everything a Marquis magazine, fetish model fan would be looking for. After closer investigation (and a mad search for videos) the content and the price just don't add up. Maybe the site owners will wise up and just include a video archive, but in the meantime there are cheaper sites with equally good photos.
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Visit Bianca\'s Latex Lair

25. Bianca's Latex Lair (0)

Rubbergas (1) 09-26-08  01:00pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (1), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Bianca and her friends are beautiful women who clearly enjoy their fetish for latex

-Quality of photoshoots is good
Cons: -The PRICE! This is one of the most overpriced websites on the internet

-Pictures could be higher res

-Buyer beware: This is just straight-forward women wearing latex outfits: The "kink" value is very low
Bottom Line: If you're interest in latex consists entirely of looking at hot women in great outfits and you have an unlimited budget for internet fetish, this site may be just for you. Most true rubberists will be disppointed, and even the wealthy will find it expensive. Bianca`s is great, but this site is overpriced for what it is.
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