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Visit ALS Angels

1. ALS Angels (0)

plan b (15) 12-12-09  11:17pm
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (23), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Very, very attractive models
- High quality & professionally shot
- Newest videos are HD (some 1080p some 720p)
- Newest photos are very high resolution
- Photos are zipped for convenient download (caveat below)
- Slight discount compared to ALS Scan site
Cons: - Limited amount of content when compared to sister site ALS Scan
- Comparative price to ALS Scan site is not competitive enough for the amount of content (should cost less)
- Older zip files are a pain in the butt to download
- Lots of recycled content from photo shoots several years old
Bottom Line: All the quality you expect from the ALS crew is here. The only problem is that there isn't much in the way of "new" updates. There are a lot of video posts from older shoots and they're just 720x540 max resolution. 5 years ago, that would have been cutting edge but many of their competitors have gone to all HD.

The main issue is that it's a limitation in the type of content they're posting. Way too much of it is from models they shot several years ago and are posting as "remastered" footage. This is fine and dandy if it wasn't being the main update content and just a side project. If the models weren't shot in HD years ago, then they have to make do with the footage they have. But it doesn't feel like they put much effort into seeking new models that fit the Angels image, which I much prefer compared to all the ultra-petite models on ALS Scan.

Their older photo sets are a pain to download too. There's no unique naming convention to all the zip files. They're all generically named by model and number of photos (max of 30 photos per zip file), so you really have to be on top of organizing the JPEGs as you unzip them. Fortunately, the newest shoots are downloadable in one big zip file.

I focus a lot on videos since that's what gets me to join. The visual quality of the newer HD stuff is fantastic. The older stuff, even the remastered videos are just average. But at least it has all the quality of ALS style shooting you come to expect. And they don't skimp on the footage. Many of their videos run 10-20 minutes.

Download speed is good. Not great, but not terrible. The download manager I use on the Mac works fine with their site so I'm happy there. I configure it to download with two connections per file and it has no problem letting me do so. On slow nights, files will come in at around 200Kps. Faster nights get me up to around 700Kps so if I have a couple of files coming in at once, I can fully saturate my Internet connection.

They had some downtime in November and added 2 days to everyone's subscriptions. The migration to a new set of servers caused a few broken links, however. I'm glad they did the right thing but it would have been nice to get a proactive email telling their subscribers about the outage.

All in all, if you like the models they have on their site (Andie Valentino, Eufrat and Lexi Belle are by far my favorites), then it's probably worth a one month subscription to get what you want. Don't expect too many "new" updates though, half of them are recycled and use the older resolutions.
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Visit ALS Angels

2. ALS Angels (0)

exotics4me (463) 02-23-09  02:55pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (85), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - The bustier, curvier sister site to ALS Scan
- High quality is the norm here, a discount is available to drop the price to $19.95.
- Picture sets are some of the largest I've seen, expect 3300-3800 on high end and around 200 photos, some have over 300 even! One of the newer picture sets of Angelika Black is 426 MB! That's getting your money's worth.
- Newer videos come in the beautiful 1920x1080 True HD and those are also huge, over 1 GB per movie on some of those.
- Download speeds are very good and using browser's DL manager allows resume if broken or paused.
- Most of the top models are here and some I haven't seen before too.
Cons: - This is a pet peeve con of mine that might not be a big deal to others, the older picture sets are broken into pieces, takes 4-5 separate files just to get one full set. Newer sets have the option to download full set.
- Site can still be a bit confusing, will explain in Bottom Line
- Some videos are just photoshoots, but in their defense, they do list the videos as "masturbation" or "photoshoot".
- Update schedule isn't very clear or consistent
Bottom Line: I had been a member on ALS Scan several times back in 2005, and was one of the ones that sent emails to Alex asking where models like Eve Angel, Sandra Shine and the more curvy models were. As a result of the emails that many sent in, they decided to open this site ALS Angels that is of the more curvy models than ALS Scan would normally have.

Since then, I usually join both at the same time, and really wish they would just make that an option, instead of needing to join each separately.

The picture sets are downright huge. Near 4000 high end on pictures and 300 pictures in the set, you are looking at close to 500 MB for a picture set. The videos might be the most crystal clear I have seen. Technically, very few sites come close.

Now, ALS Angels really is a very select site of top models. Thing is, I really don't know that I've seen all the models. On the main page there are these tiny "covers" that really do me no good, so I end up going to "featured models" which has roughly 100 models in it and each has multiple picture sets and videos. I think it kind of gnaws at me, wondering if I am missing some of them, but these 100 or so feature some of the best, Eve Angel, Sandra Shine, Andi Valentino, Angelika Black, Silvia Saint, Regina Ice, Tea Jul, Stracy, Eufrat, I mean if that isn't Heaven, I don't wanna go!

There also is a feature that they have been running for a while where they offer a DVD of theirs of one of the models to download. Luckily for me, I joined awhile back and they had the Eve Angel DVD as the featured one. I'm not for sure on what schedule this changes. This is a nice bonus to their regular content though.

There is the problem with the update schedule. Just going to read directly from it right now. From February 1st to 20th there was 9 updates, next update is listed as February 27th, so that was an update every other day, now it will be a week. Not for sure what is going on there.

I almost feel bad saying 92 since there are a few questions with the updates and when the DVD changes, but the content is just too good to not score it high. I'm not for sure but some of these models are real knockouts that I have never seen, like this new one Jennifer Love, not the same as the Latina hardcore model of the same name.

Their content of my favorites is some of the best I have. Eve's content with them is some of the best I've seen. Regina Ice's content with them IS the best I've seen of her and they do take these models to more kinkier actions than most do. I personally could do without the speculum play, but that is really the only complaint with the content.

Consistent updates, better interface to find models, and it would be one of my top 2 or 3 sites, maybe even top if the updates followed a normal schedule and the DVD switch was consistent, and full zip downloads on all picture sets. Those aren't unrealistic and would match the already incredible quality! Recommended, especially if you like curvier models!
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Visit ALS Angels

3. ALS Angels (0)

turboshaft (24) 02-03-09  11:06pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (41), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + ALS Scan quality: hot girls shot beautifully
+ Fast downloads
+ A bigger breasted version of their original site
+ Primarily solo girl content, but it's not soft
+ Girl-girl content is very nice too
+ Same insertion, speculum, Rocket, peeing, fisting standards
+ All Ladies Shaved: that makes them Angels to me :)
Cons: - Videos only archived since Feb 2007
- Updates are not daily, average 3-4 times per week
- Same prices as ALS Scan, yet far fewer models and content
- Too many Euro models
- Yes, content can be repetitive and clinical
- Continues bad practice of not fully releasing all of a model's content if she's not "popular," thus some models have very few scenes or videos
- Same director's blog as ALS Scan
Bottom Line: The bottom line is I love ALS Scan, but Angels...is just not the same.

I think the score of 80 is common because these guys just know how to shoot well, and make great choices in who they shoot. These are not bargain bin babes, or well-worn veteran models with decades under their garter belts, but gorgeous, and frequently amateur, models who only get as nasty as they feel comfortable doing. The action is not forced, and it helps to produce a fun and happy mood.

Despite their choices in models, I prefer the American ones over the Eastern Europeans. At ALS, about 1/3 to 2/5 of the models are Euro, but here, at least 50% of the 88 models are Euro. Don't get me wrong, these women are gorgeous, but I would love to see more Americans. It seems there should be plenty of choices in our 300 million+ population, but they still have a lot of Euro girls -- not nearly at the levels of other sites -- but still too many for my specific perverted tastes.

Newer hi-res photos get as big as 3800x3500, and new HD videos are available in 1280x720 DivX or MP4, or big 1920x1080 WMVs. Older pics and vids are considerably smaller, and sadly, they only started archiving their video releases subce Feb '07, so there is nowhere near the amount of video content as on their sister site, and the releases only come about 3-4 times per week.

Other reviewers have adequately explained the routine monotony of photo shoots, but these can still produce hot content. It's just that a lot of stuff is BTS and you can get lost in the repetition of it.

This site says it "presents the more mature looking models with generally larger breasts" in comparison with ALS Scan, but beyond that there is little difference, and "mature" is frequently only a few months more so, and the "larger breasts" are about the only thing that keeps these models out of the petite teen pack found at the original site.

Devout ALS fans have no doubt checked out this site, and it is worth it for at least a month to collect stuff from models only mentioned on ALS. Those who are brand new to the world of All Ladies Shaved may want to check out ALS Scan, unless larger breast sizes are an absolute must in a membership.
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Visit ALS Angels

4. ALS Angels (0)

IKnoPorn (22) 09-26-08  10:33am
Rookie Badge  Pollster TRUST USER?   YES (24), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Updated: 09-26-08  09:35pm  (Update History)
Reason: Add more details.
Pros: + Gorgeous Models
+ High quality videos
+ Remastered content from a few years back
+ Realistic, "what you see is what you get"
+ No music in videos
+ Long videos (15-20 minutes on average, some almost an hour!)
+ Inexpensive
Cons: - Very clinical, lacks seduction and passion
- Repetitive photo layouts and videos
- Not alot of content, roughly 75 models
- ZIP files for photosets are broken into several files with the same names, requires alot of folder management when unpacking to keep the sets from getting mixed up
- Updates are very infrequent, maybe 1-2 per week
- Slow download speeds, does not work with a download manager
Bottom Line: The other reviews here are pretty accurate about this site. There is high quality content, and hot models, but the site is rather clinical and can be repetitive.

Almost every model has the same sequence of photosets: one or two speculum scenes, tongs, the "ALS Rocket" (a device for examining the cervix), and an occasional cucumber or fisting scene. You may get the impression each model is following an instruction manual, with the same "routine" of poses from model to model. To the photographer's credit, the photosets are amazingly consistent, and professionally shot.

However, seeing each model do "the same old thing" can get boring pretty quickly. This is especially true of the speculum photosets, personally these are a bit too "up close and personal" for me, plus the models just sit there as if they're in the doctor's office, although they always have beautiful smiles.

Unfortunately, the videos also seem contrived and follow the same formula, the videographer asks the model the same questions: "so you're going to masturbate for us? Well you just go ahead..." and then the model lubes up and gets busy. There is no build up, no flirting with the camera, and the videographer always makes his presence known. Once he stops talking and the model gets into herself, the action can be pretty exciting, most models appear to really enjoy themselves and there is no faking.

If only there was more intrigue and build up, another reviewer here likened the experience to coming out Christmas morning and finding your presents unwrapped. The videos lack passion and seduction, although obviously that's not the videographer's goal. Personally I like the seductive, fantasy aspect.

One huge plus I give this site above others, is that they re-master and re-release older content. Alot of people don't like this, but personally I think it's great. If you've been "collecting" for a few years, you probably have alot of vids that are 320x240 (or worse). Don't you wish you had some of your favorite old vids in HD? Even going back into the 90's...One day someone is going to make alot of money remastering old porn classics.

Bottom line: Great quality. If you ever had fantasies about being a gynecologist, then you'll love this site.
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Visit ALS Angels

5. ALS Angels (0)

MargulisAZ (84) 03-05-08  11:41am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (42), NO (1)
Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: Gorgeous girls.
Great video quality.
Easy site navigation.
Exclusive content.
Fisting and other extreme content.
Large amount of content.
No more content rotation.
Cons: Updates aren't as regular as Alsscan, only 2 movies per week (Tuesday and Thursday) and a pic set here and there.
Not as much content as Alsscan.
No specific director's blog. Alsscan's director's blog talks about Alsangels updates.
New models not added as often as other sites.
A single model's content is released over a very slow period of time.
Bottom Line: This site is basically Alsscan Jr. in a way, although the emphasis is supposed to be that these ladies are a tad bit thicker, or have bigger boobs. It seems like they don't always separate the models precisely due to this criteria, but for the most part they do.

Simply put, if you like Alsscan and have never joined Alsangels, you should definitely give it a shot. But if you're trying to choose between the two I would suggest Alsscan, as it has much more content and more regular updates. Only 2 new videos per week with Alsangels, and I find that disappointing since some of the updates are just remasters of old content. Since I've been a member off and on with both sites for years, it is common to see movies I already have on my hard drive released as "remastered", when I would rather see new material altogether. On Alsscan it works well, but since updates are just 2 per week with Angels, it can lead to infrequent updates of interest. However, someone brand new will not have that problem, so it's all positive in that situation.

Model quality is excellent and all content is exclusive. You will not see Alsscan content on Alsangels or Angels on Als. Since they stopped rotating content there is a decent amount of videos built up, but it still pales in comparison to Als. All pic sets are available as well.

Content is the same as Alsscan, with solo models and some lesbian action. Lots of fisting and extreme insertions. Also, Alsangels is cheaper than Scan by a bit.
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Visit ALS Angels

6. ALS Angels (0)

exotics4me (463) 06-17-07  05:49pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (85), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Most of the videos are 720x540, the older ones are being remastered if they are lower.
- Content is 100% exclusive
- As of right now, in the video section there are 3 full very high production DVDs, besides the video of clips. The DVDs each focus on one starlet, with masturbation and g/g clips. Also are sold on ALS DVD site for upwards of $25 a piece
- ALS has a micro-thong that most of the women wear in at least one set that looks very nice
- Only the very best of models on here
Cons: - I guess the rotating content could be a con
- The video section looks small, 36 video clips plus 3 full DVDs (8 chapters each), on the other hand, I liked each video clip enough that I have yet to delete any of them.
Bottom Line: I had never heard of ALS Angels, but had heard of ALS Scans. I had always heard of the rotating content, which changes every month or every two months. The thing is, I happened to get in on the content rotation in the right 4-8 weeks. As the 3 DVDs are of Breanne (really pretty), Sandra Shine and Eve Angel. Those 3 alone equal 24 clips that range from 12-25 minutes each. Then there are 36 other clips, a few more of them are of Eve Angel, another of Sandra as well. The rest are almost all major Euro stars, Angelina Crowe, Britney Austin, no skip over clips for me.

Pictures, this can be a little frustrating. The zips are divided into 3 sections 1-30, 31-60, so you have to download 3 separate zips.

I guess the hardest part about reviewing this site is that I have been a member for a little over a month, but the rotating content hasn't changed yet, so I can't guarantee if you go there, say next week, that this same content will be available. Having said that, I still have to think that with the overwhelming quality of pictures and videos, and the impressive list of models, there would be something for everyone.

On those DVDs, each one is cut into 8 chapters, on ALS DVD site $20 at least per DVD. The free ones that come with this site are a lower quality, 1MB+ 720x540, yeah, they consider that a lower quality, same exact clips as the DVDs which go up to 5MB HD. I've really enjoyed it, when the rotation hits, I will post a comment to update what is new. Recommended!
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Visit ALS Angels

7. ALS Angels (0)

Robare (6) 04-10-07  04:41pm
Rookie Badge TRUST USER?   YES (13), NO (1)
Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: Photos: low res: 1600x1000 900x1400 High res: 3000x2000 3500x2300 1900x2700 2200x3300
Individual photo sets generally range from 80 to 100 pictures.
Presently 74 models in 358 photo sets.
Videos: DIVX @ 320x240 in full or in clips
Windows Media @ 640x480 w/newer at 720x540
Presently 96 videos on site: new release, bonus DVD, and directors choice.
Videos typically range from 12 to 30 minutes.
Updates of at least 2 videos and 1 photoshoot/wk.
No download limit and no DRM.
Cons: Front members page is a bit of a bandwidth hog.
358 thumbs on that page requires approximately 8MB to download.
Bottom Line: I was a little perplexed why the owners of ALSScan put up a similar site such as ALSAngels. But, after going through the content, I've found some distinguishing factors. It's the models. Yes, (as with ALSScan) the women are lovely and obviously enjoy themselves. And, yes, there are no pubes, artificially augmented breasts, penises or stretch marks. And, yes, there are, toys, fisting, fingers, tongues, smiles, a little peeing, and orgasms in a variety of indoor and outdoor scenes, all served up in original content. But, the more voluptuous models with whom the staff at ALS have worked will appear on ALSAngels. And, by voluptuous, I don't mean rubenesque. Think of women like Sandra Shine and Eve Angel, instead.
Judging by the thumbs of the photoshoots, you might think there's almost no girl-girl on the site. But, approximately 20% of the videos feature girl-on-girl or girl-assisting-girl interactions. And they do it better than any site who's initials appear on the compass rose.
Few of the women who've appeared on the ALSScan site appear ALSAngels. And, after browsing both sites, I've yet to find any duplicated content. Given the production values of excellent clarity, lighting, framing, volume levels, no banners or watermarks in the videos, and no spam or pop-ups on the website, ALSAngels presents their product with the same concern for quality of the viewing experience as demonstrated on the ALSScan website, but with a slightly different focus (no pun intended...).
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