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Visit Craving Carmen

1. Craving Carmen (0)

Jeffrey99 (29) 03-13-09  08:40pm
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (26), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Carmen is very hot
+Images are decent quality (792x1200)
+Super HD videos are decent quality (1280x720 @5000 kbps)
Cons: -So called regular HD videos are fine if there isn't a "Super HD" option available. For some reason if there's both a Super HD and HD option, the HD version is 16x9 that's been zoomed out and made 4:3. So even on a widescreen monitor it's only 4:3 with huge black bars at top and bottom. Why they done that, I have no freaking clue.
-Site is pretty much dead. Pictures haven't been updated in over a year (March 5th 08) and the videos haven't been updated in 6 months (10-22-08). The only thing updated in 09 has been webcam archive.
-Expects you to pay another $18 to get two seperate video zip sets. Not sure if that's for both or only one. I have no interest in that BS.
Bottom Line: CravingCarmen is another site that could be soo much better then what it is but the people behind it appear to be more interested in just raking in money then actually putting out a quality side.

The site appears to have turned into nothing more then a ad for SpunkyCams.com. A webcam site that charges you anywhere from $3-12. For how long or for what, I have no clue. I'm not into webcams. Quality is always horrible.

The photos and the so called Super HD videos are good quality as mentioned in the Pros. As mentioned earlier, if there is both a Super HD and a HD option, the HD option is 16x9 zoomed out to 4:3. So even on a 16:9 screen, it'll actually be 4:3 with the black bars on top, bottom and sides. If there is no Super HD option, then the HD videos are actually widescreen, 1280x720 @ 5000kbps.

Her earlier sets are non-nude. She has roughly 76 movies on her site and 36 are non-nude. So just under half. Her older videos are available in mpg format. Unfortunately right clicking and properties doesn't show me any info on what quality it is, however it looks comparable to VHS tapes.

She also has archived webcam shows, which is the only thing that's been updated in 09. Those are available in 320x240 @ 447kbps. So not any quality worth keeping.

The site also try's to sell you other zipset galleries, one is a webcam video with her and Ashley and the other is a HD video of her, for $18. Not sure if that's for both or only for one but trying to charge me additional for extra content for a site that's non-updating doesn't settle well with me.

The site could easily be summed up just by looking at her journal, which hasn't been updated since 2007. This site is evidently of no priority to Carmen or Spunky Productions. The fact that they still charge $24 is ridiculous.

Carmen is hot but her site is a sure fire miss. It's nothing more then a one month hit and run at best. And that's as long as you go into it knowing that you are pretty much spending $24 for what could be a months worth of update content for other sites.
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Visit Jana Rocks

2. Jana Rocks (0)

Monahan (44) 11-18-08  06:02pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (55), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Jana Jordan is the featured model, needless to say, and even when fully clothed she's still a "dy-no-mite" babe.

She is listed on the iadf.com data base as being 5'2" and 96 pounds, but she has the prettiest eyes and puffy nipples on top, a perfect pussy and an elegant pair of legs. And she loves to show off.

Jana, as far as I know, just does solo and lez stuff, but some of the lesbian material I've seen has been pretty nasty and never fails to transition Little Richard into Big Dick.

That's about it for the "pro's" ladies and gentlemen. The babe is the only thing going for this site. It sure ain't the content!

Worse, if you join this site to check out Jana's fine body parts, you'll be sorely disappointed. Go to one of the many "preview material" sites like freeones.com and you'll see a whole lot more of Jana than on this site.
Cons: The site has a total of 9 short videos (the same number as stated in the TBP "site facts" page for this site). There are 4 wmv's, 3 mov's 2 mpg's totaling about 25 minutes of Jana showing her car, magic tricks, bunnies and silly crap but no pussy, no boob.

There are 61 photo sets (nothing zipped, but in this case who cares) where TBP's "site facts says there were 55+).

All 9 movies and 61 photo sets showed Jana fully clothed, a few in semi sexy poses in bikini underwear. There are about 5 photos where she has wet toilet paper squares covering her nipples in a manner that suggests that hers are a bit on the puffy side (one of her main assets).

The TBP "site facts" was last updated on 12-24-05, which means the site has been dormant for three years.

There are 5 G-rated photo sets of her "friends" as well, that left limp Little Richard asking me why I bothered. I had no answer so I went back to my FTV Girls download to make the poor little guy turn back into Big Dick.
Bottom Line: This site is suitable for kids because there is no, I repeat, no material that isn't available on basic over the air broadcast TV. I wondered as I went through the material if it wasn't, in fact, created before Jana Jordan turned 18 because it wouldn't bother a censor or a lawyer in the strictest of situations.

This site got my cancellation about 1 hour and 45 minutes after enrolling because I had completed a review of all of its content in about an hour. That was, for me, the fastest time from sign up to cancellation ever. (My last record was with the Shay Laren site that has a whole Helluva lot better content. That one took me about two days to drain everything and be done with the site.)

The only reason I scored it a 51 is because, although they had the usual check box option to sign up for another of their sites, Lili Jensen.com, they had the decency to have left the box unchecked rather than the usual trick of pre-checking the box.

That should earn them 1 point over the minimum.

FINAL COMMENT: If you had any thoughts about signing up for JanaRocks.com, you should reconsider. Give your $15 to that guy standing at the bottom of the freeway off ramp with the cardboard sign. You'll at least feel like you accomplished something with your money.

(Boy, I need an attaboy for wasting my time and money. But it shows what torture I'll put myself through in my quest for the PU team! ;o))
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Visit Kate\'s Playground

3. Kate's Playground (0)

squirrel (8) 08-17-08  06:32pm
Rookie Badge TRUST USER?   YES (17), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Kate is fine.

There is lots of content.

Picture quality is good, and the "free sample" images you might have seen don't really do the rest of the content justice -- you've seen all of the "hands hiding the assets" shots, but the other shots are really quite good.

I'm not really "into video" that much, so bear in mind I'm primarily talking about still pictures in this review.
Cons: Gosh, if only you could GET that content downloaded to your computer.

I'm sorry, but while the content is fine, the web site really needs to be docked significant points for making it more than extremely tedious and difficult to download that content. The lack of zip files is just totally unexcusable in this market -- I think this will be the last site I'll join that doesn't offer them. I wound up having to make extensive use of an automated downloader in order to download the content with any efficiency.

The automated downloader did, though, help me find the site's undocumented download limit -- please add this to the site information please -- 4 gigabytes in 24 hours. Quite a lot, actually, but TELL your customers about it!

Another problem is the lack of unique file names -- I spent quite a lot of time renaming files so that I could make use of them after downloading them.

These are "customer unfriendly" issues that we shouldn't have to hassle with.
Bottom Line: Bottom line? Kate is good, but the site is extremely customer-unfriendly. I'm not happy paying a bunch of money when I've got to work my butt off just trying to download the content and make it useful for my needs.

It's simply time to add issues like these to site rankings. It's time to ding these sites when they have unpublished download limits.

What I would recommend to others would mainly be "give your money to the sites that make it easy for you to download their content." And you can sure find far better ones than this one. Let's reward the webmasters who make it easy for us, until sites like this one do something to improve these issues.

This may be "one-sided," and weighted heavily towards one issue, but I see this as something that's not showing up in thebestporn.com's ratings at all, and it goes far, far beyond "site navigation." I hope the good folks here will consider paying a lot more attention to these issues.

Finally, I didn't find the "additional Spunky sites" as having enough content, nor high enough quality, to make them worth enough "added value" to pay for this site. I certainly will be cancelling my membership long before my first month ends.
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Visit Southern Brooke

4. Southern Brooke (0)

don de juan (1) 12-12-07  05:26pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (2), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: 1. Enjoyable videos
2. Tons of pictures
3. Some bonus sites
Cons: 1. Video quality could be better
2. More PPV content
Bottom Line: SouthernBrooke is an extremely attractive girl with lots of content and a great personality. Updates are rather slow, and is the reason why I eventually left the site, but the videos that are already there are excellent. Site itself could use some work and more social input from Brooke herself.
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Visit Craving Carmen

5. Craving Carmen (0)

troglodite (69) 05-26-07  02:37pm
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (34), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: * Video Quality - Things look really nice here if you go with the highest resolution vids.

* Vids are offered in multiple bitrates so you can download a lower bitrate version if you have a slow connection or don't care for the highest resolution.

* Carmen - She's definitely a hottie, and you get to get to see all of her. There are a couple of amateur-looking BJ vids on the site, but most of the fare here is solo or girl-girl.

* Camshows - Several archived solo shows to d/l
Cons: * A couple of the vids are split into episodes, which (gasp!) are split among 2 sites. One girl-girl scene is actually split into I think 7 parts, with 4 on Carmen's site, and the rest on Barbie's. I hate upsells.

* Non-nude vids - There are 64 vids here, but several of them are multi-part, and her older stuff is non-nude (about half).

* Picsets are not easy to navigate and as usual, no zipset options. I didn't bother due to inconvenience.

* No vid updates in a long time.
Bottom Line: It's hard to give this site too high of a rating. nabbed a membership way back when the site first started over a year ago and saw enough promise that it made me want to come back again. Unfortunately, she was on episode 62 when my membership ended the first time and is on episode 64 now. The number of camshows hasn't grown significantly either, and she really touts her camshows as a big reason to join her site on the tour.

I know a lot of people prefer picsets too, and hers will prove frustrating with no good download options. The thumbnails span multiple pages (sometimes 10-15) and each one must be nabbed individually.

All that said, despite the site's shortcomings, Carmen is still super hot, and a lot of her personality does show in her videos and archived camshows. She seems to have a lot of fun in her shoots, and that's refreshing when you compare her to some models who seem disinterested or bored. Her girl-girl scenes with Barbie are extremely hot, and it's a shame you'd have to purchase a membership to Barbie's site in order to see the whole things - I'm sure some people will, but Barbie's look just doesn't do it for me...sorry :(

With the lack of updates, I'm gonna have to suggest that this is a one-time one-month membership at best. As it stands, there's not much reason to join again.
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Visit Kate\'s Playground

6. Kate's Playground (0)

juanchopancho (12) 04-06-07  08:33pm
Rookie Badge TRUST USER?   YES (9), NO (2)
Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: Kate is smoking hot.
Lots of content (photos, videos)
Cons: I'm only interested in the videos. Most of them are stripping and tease videos. The only 2 good ones are her O-face videos where she gets off on her own. Personally I would be a much happier customer if she did less soft-core. I want to see her having sex and more solo action. Too much soft-core for me.
Bottom Line: Although Kate is unbelievably hot I really can't recommend this site. If you're really into her and only want soft core then you may be interested. I really wish she was bit more adventurous. If she started sexing it up a bit more then I would gladly subscribe again.
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Visit Kate\'s Playground

7. Kate's Playground (0)

dusty004 (1) 01-24-07  12:59pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (1), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Kate is hot. Ok, very hot. Picture sets are great. Webcam videos are pretty good.
Cons: There are links to other paysites inside the members section that are of additional cost. Most of the videos are taken while the photographer is taking pictures. REALLY GAY.
Bottom Line: I would like to see some great high quality vids of kate with the video camera by herself. Things would get much more interesting imo.
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